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1 Gideon

Even if he acts cute all the time, it seems a bit stupid. *Coughs* Sorry, excuse the language. Gideon is a fat, overweight pushover who doesn't know when to stop acting dumb. You want Mable, dork? Well, sure, just let this evil triangle guy lock her in a prison bubble! You know she wants that! Seriously, though. Gideon doesn't exactly care about other people. And, sorry man, he's just not as cute as he thinks he is. But, hey, this is all my opinion. Some people may love Gideon! I don't. The end.

Gideon is honestly the most annoying character on the show.

I don't think anyone is bothered by this because Gideon was literally made to be a nuisance to Dipper and Mabel. I'm quite sure that's why the creators brought him in, to be annoying.

HOW DID MABEL GET SECOND?! Not to mention she was secvond on best

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2 Mabel Pines Mabel Pines Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the ...read more.

Mabel Pines is selfish and self-centered, with massive control issues hidden behind a cheerful and loving smile and nearly no redeeming qualities and no lasting development dealing with or working towards correcting for her critical character flaws. Worse, these flaws cause more problems for the characters around her as the show goes on - yet characters continue to insist she's a good person- better than everyone else, in fact. And she never learns, continuing to make self-centered mistakes that bring harm to others for her own benefit without thinking them through.

Many defend her by arguing that she's a kid, and thus expected to make mistakes. To that, I say yes, but offer a counterpoint: Children's mistakes are acceptable because they're supposed to be in the learning process, making mistakes so they can learn how to correct for them. Children learn by recognizing and being held accountable for their own mistakes - maybe not the full brunt of the consequences, but enough to ...more

Don't get me wrong, I like Mabel. She's sweet, and fun, and goofy, and that's great. In season 2 however, she does a lot of selfish things and it seems like everyone ignores them. She gets just as much screen time as Dipper, and yet she's undergone practically no character development whatsoever since season 1. I know people make mistakes, and she's just a 12 year old kid, but I really wish that the show would put more focus on having Mabel learn from these mistakes and become a more mature (yet still silly and fun) character. Mabel doesn't have to be perfect, no one does! I'm just tired of her seeming to learn something, and then causing another problem because of the same selfish reasons.

Honestly, Mabel is really annoying to me. Sure, she's cute and all, and I respect her character. But throughout Season 1 and most of Season 2, she's been way too immature for me. She pushes Dipper out of the way for everything, like for example, Sock Opera, just because for her own "Boyfriend/Crush". She whines if things don't go her way, and cries her face off if the slightest thing bothers her. She doesn't know how to be happy for her siblings and family - she just cares about herself. Mabel is pretty selfish, to her friends and family. If the whole world was at stake and there was a phone call from her crush, she'd have probably shrugged and said, "You know what? I don't care, I'm gonna grab cookies with a guy I don't know but love already". And no, don't scream and try to kill at me for that, because with all the episodes smashed together, Mabel is annoying. She didn't develop throughout the series like the other characters, is way to immature, selfish and easily upset. She pretty ...more

Mabel should be Number One! She is conceited, entitled and has absolutely no chill. In The Time Traveller's Pig, she flat out says, "I'm always right about everything! " She reminds of what Papyrus from Undertale would be like if he was more of a selfish spaz. Irrational Treasure and The Last Mabelcorn are my least favorite episodes because Mabel's supposed greatness justifies terrible morals ("Being silly is okay because MABEL IS AWESOME, NOT ANNOYING! " and "Morality is relative and screw character development because MABEL IS AWESOME, NOT ANNOYING! " respectively)

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3 Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest Pacifica Northwest is a character in the cartoon Gravity Falls made by Alex Hirsch. She's known for being rich and hating Mabel.

At first, Pacifica is mean.

She and Mabel were enemies.

Also, did you know that on that Bill wheel thingy the llama from Mabel's sweater is backwards? That has something to do with Pacifica.

But in "Northwest Mansion Noir", Dipper realizes that she isn't really mean; she's afraid to go astray from her parents' teaching.

Luckily, Dipper tells her, "Just because they're your parents doesn't mean you have to be like them."

Pacifica listens to him and saves Gravity Falls.

After that, she and Dipper are friends.

(By the way, she and Mabel became friends in 'The Golf War'.)

So don't be hating on her just because she's rich!

The only person who deserves to be on this stupid list!

Why she is the most popular girl in the gravity falls? Because of her rich? Because she thought Mabel was the outcast? (I am Mabel fan! It is very can not forgave to her I think! ) I am very hate her! I hope she will have some changes in the seasons 2 otherwise I will put her in the blacklist of the kid show.

Really overrated. Strange seeing how mean she is.

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4 Candy

She's pretty traitorous to Mabel sometimes not loving that

She's sometimes extremely rude to her friends how can they her

She's boring, not funny and pretty much the flattest character in the entire show. - Organ

I REALLY dislike her. But I do like her voice actor. BEEMO! - dipperpinesfangirl618

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5 Robbie

He might be a supernatural creature because his car his car says zombies rule, he has a bleeding heart on his hoodie, he's on the bill cipher wheel, so there's something up with Robbie, and vampires are often mistaken as TEENAGERS!

And the fact that his parents are funeral directors who can talk about dead people while keeping their cheerful... That with all the info he has to be an undead creature. - AnnaOfArendelle332

I think he is a zombie.

I like him. He's funny. He will works at manchester's restaurant.

The biggest loser in Gravity Falls.

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6 Waddles

Why! Why waddles! Waddles is inspiring, adorable, silently humorous, and is mabel's soulmate.

Guys, I figured out this theory that is very good. Waddles is a spy. The reason he wasn't covered in mud when Mabel first found him is so he would look appealing, and Mabel want him. He was sent by someone, but I don't know who. Whenever he is offscreen, he's wandering the Mystery Shack looking for the journals.

What's wrong with Waddles? Why is he even on this list? He doesn't really have enough character to be here.

Why waddles.. What have u done to deserve this?..

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7 Grenda Grenda

Learn to spell

Who the heck is Grenada? It's Grenda. Lol

8 Blendin Blandin

Blendin is fabulous, but I can see why he's bad..

He's so annoying

Blendin, you contributed to Weirdmageddon!

It's not Blendin Blandin. It's Blar Blar.

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9 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He ...read more.

Bill is probably one of the funniest characters on the show, not to mention the most powerful. Bill is probably the best villain ever! He's adorable! The only thing people are saying they don't like about Bill is that he's creepy. Yeah, Sure. He may creep you out sometimes, but honestly, THAT'S KINDA THE POINT OF A VILLAIN! Do you want him to not be creepy? That would take all the fun out of the adorable, little nacho. Who ever says they hate Bill Cipher got payed by Stan to say it or ate too much smile dip.

I'm not surprised he's on here- I mean, sure, he's a great character with plenty of potential, but the fandom portrays him HORRIBLY. Vote yes for the dream demon, vote no for the pretty-boy blond anime dude.

Bill Cipher is amaze-balls. Take him off the list. Always watching.

I hate Bill Cipher because, apart from his minions, he is the only villain. Actually, blame Stanford because he created this illuminati of doom.

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10 Gretchen

She is so dang underrated! At least better than Candy. I love Candy, but I just think Grenda has more to her, you know? :3 She's pretty funny and just overlooked. A fun character, and people shouldn't diss her all the time. Give her a chance. - TheAlbinoWolf

Wow, the person who added GRENDA to the list couldn't even get her name right. Sad.

Between her voice and being that overly unattractive best friend I don't know which is worst

You mean Gretchen from Mean Girls?!

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11 The Love God

Bit of a jerk though it was mostly Mabel's fault

A person acting like a cupid =P

12 Dippy Fresh

I hate him so much. I was kind of shocked when he appeared because Mabel of all people prepared a backup of her brother, as if the one that 1). Sacrificed so much for her and 2). Is the only person she can count on through thick and thin won't be adequate.

You all should know that this should be #1

When Dippy Fresh first appeared I screamed burn in the flames of hell demon.

He is annoying

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13 Manly Dan Manly Dan
14 Wendy

I know everyone loves Wendy, and I honestly think I am one of the few people that doesn't like her. I don't hate her, and I agree she shouldn't be in this list. I do not like her because she seems like someone who can't be trust to me, if I were Dipper or Mabel, I would not trust her. She's like the typical girl character, the main character is in love with her and they want to make her look cool, not sweet like other shows and that's really great. The show didn't make me appreciate her, I do not care about Wendy.

Wendy is the most badass character ever. She should not be so high up on the list. Enough said

I don't want Wendy on this list, but is the only major character that deserves to be on it. Wendy is that character that is laid back, slacker, and badass teen. I love the badass side of Wendy and she is my second favourite female character after Mabel. But they didn't give her any story arc. She is a red head teen daughter of a lumberjack family. You can do so much with such little! She fills the place as the laid back slacker, but other than badassery, it feels like she is only there to play the main part in the whole love-triangle of the show. Such potential wasted..

WHAAAT? Wendy's epic! Slacker!

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15 Bud Gleeful

He is mean. He deserves to be on. The list

16 Sheriff Blubs Sheriff Blubs

I don't really get why he's on the list... I have nothing against him. And if you're posting this because the two seem gay, you're homophobic. So what? You don't own Gravity Falls, and if one thing in the show tells you something, it tells you that you can't stop who you love. So if it's all about those two showing affection for the two of each other, they may be close friends, adopted brothers, brothers by blood or lovers. It doesn't matter.

Lol I ship them 2


I hated the two police officers. they acted all loving and they seemed gay at points - Murrkip

17 Deputy Durland
18 Dipper Pines Dipper Pines Dipper Pines is the main character in Gravity Falls which the show aired from 2012 to 2016. He is the brother of Mable Pines

Whoever made this list is the dumbest person I have ever heard of. Delete this list before I ask the staff to take it off for you. - maddyparrot22

Why in the world is this adorable kitten sneezing socially awkward little angel on the list? He's intelligent yet has issues. Dipper is just a wonderful character who we all can relate to. Also, he is like such a dear to his family and friends, especially to Mabel, who by the way also rocks.

Dipper is awesome! Why is he on this lit? Did the lists creator hate the show? Dipper is the BEST Gravity Falls character, you hear me the BEST! - AnnaOfArendelle332

Not the best but the the worst a bit boring but most real people are boring

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19 Stan

Stan is an amazing character and should not have even been considered for this list. He has gone through so much pain and suffering, and he loves his family so much and would do anything for them. Honestly, we all need a Stan in our lives,

Stan is an underrated character. He loves the kids and even though he doesn't show it that much, he still does. He sacrifices his memories to save them. That kind of thing deserves recognition, but not this kind.

Even though Stan is pretty low on this list, he shouldn't be here AT ALL. Stan is my favorite character in Gravity Falls. He's a very complex and interesting character who has gone through so much and is extremely selfless. He loves his family and would do anything for them, and that's what makes Stan so amazing.

Which Stan? Stanford or Stanley?

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20 Shmebulock

What's wrong with Shmebulock! This list is impossible to take seriously!

This list is ridiculous!

He's just stupid

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