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Mabel Pines is one of the lead characters of the Disney XD animated series Gravity Falls. The character is voiced by Kristen Schaal, and designed by the series creator, Alex Hirsch. She is inspired by Hirsch's own twin sister, Ariel Hirsch. She is a caring, boy-crazy 12 year old girl that moved to the more.


I just thought she was a little shellfish. I mean I know she's a child but dipper was able to show certain qualities Mabel didn't have. Even if dipper had a shellfish moment he learned from it and we never saw it happen again. Though I saw Mabel make some of the same decisions 2 or 3 times in the series. Also I thought around the end of the show she because WAY to obsessed with romance. All her matchmaking and couples make her forget to notice other people's feelings. And I think she got hardly any character development. And some people might say "well Gideon didn't get any character development." And that's true but he's a side character and was made to be that way. And I actually quite liked Mabel in the first season. I thought that her and dipper would start out happier and more innocent and change over the course of the show. And in season 1 it was mainly comedy so Mabel was pretty funny and cute. But then dipper started changing because of all that was going on around him and I ...more

I don't like Mabel either but for me, it's for different reasons besides character development. I don't like her because her character in general. At first I liked having her in the plot, a weird, and geeky, yet feminine and girly character felt really out of the box. But around the ending era of season 1 and season 2 as a whole, I started hating Mabel. She was selfish, childish, and inconsiderate. Here are some examples:

Little Dipper- She makes fun of Dipper's height just because he got happy over winning board games.

Into the Bunker- She pushed Dipper and Wendy into the bunker just for a puppy love romance.

Weirdmaggedon Part 1- She acted like just because she had a bad day, that Dipper had to pay for it too.

Weirdmaggedon Part 2- She made Dipper quit an opportunity as Ford's apprentice just so they could be together.

Even if she faced development, I still wouldn't like her, she needs to realize that life isn't about her, and that others face ...more

Mabel has the best and worst character traits in an animated show I've seen for a while.

She has an adorable affable nature to her that you will not associate with her negative characteristics and the adorable nature of her is so strong that it can - and does - blind you to the more malicious nature of her as a person.

As a person Mabel shows all the worst signs, every single thing has to be about her and her alone. Every one around her needs to accommodate to her whims and desires, anything anyone else wants is irrelevant and arbitrary to her life.

The simple fact of the matter is that Mabel shows all the signs of being exactly like her Great Uncle.
Selfish, Self-Centred, Manipulative, Deceitful, Cruel and worst of all, very very Strongly Motivated on keeping things her own way.

And while Grunkle Stan shows that he is doing something for another, Mabel hasn't shown that at all except on the small and useless occasions the plot needed her to.

She ...more

I'm definitely not a fan of Mabel. I feel like she's had the least amount of character development. Here. I'll list Mabel's character (What she's made of): 1. Humor 2. Happiness 3. Fun 4. Silliness 5. cute 6. Romantic 7. Trusting Now let's list Dipper's character: 1. Intelligence 2. Adorable 3. Bravery 4. Selflessness 5. Paranoia 6. Thrill-seeking 7. Funny 8. A self-thinker 9. Heroic 10. Awkward 11. Untrusting I mean, I like Mabel an all, but she's got nothing in her that's really special. I feel like the show needs her for Dipper, but over all, she's kind of annoying and makes the show less interesting. If you saw the episode "The last Mabelcorn", it had a cool plot with Dipper and Ford trying to block out Bill from Dipper's mind, but I feel like Mabel finding a unicorn was just a way to fill in the extra time they had in the episode. The parts with Mabel and the unicorn where really boring to me compared to the parts with the machine and Ford's backstory. - dipperpinesfangirl618

She literally does not develop at all and anything that comes out of her mouth is nonsense.

Mabel would not stop making fun of Dipper, and when he used the flashlight to try to get her to stop, she tackled him so she could continue to make fun of him, and then attacked him with the flashlight. She later said she did this because dipper bragged about being better than her but this is wrong for two reasons. 1. we saw Dipper brag to Mabel, he barely bragged at all! Much less rub it in her face and 2. Even if he did that's no reason to constantly make fun of someone, steal something from someone, and then attack them. Mabel is selfish, and maybe even a little evil.

Woah Woah WOAH. Have you guys forgotten? Mabel DID develop as a character, she conquered one of the worst fears: growing up. Unlike other fears, growing up is something you can't escape. It's going to happen no matter what. But she triumphed over her own fears and is ready to grow up. And before you say, "The only reason she got over it is because of Dipper," think about yourself. No one can overcome fears on their own. Even with the help of other people, facing your fears is hard. Also a second thing, (sorry) Mabel also developed as a character in earlier episodes too. Like in "The Society of the Blind Eye," She realized that she can learn from the past. I love Mabel, there's more to her than most think.

While Mabel is selfish, she realizes all the sacrifices Dipper has made for her in Sock Opera and sets out to be better. Then, in Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future, she undergoes quite a lot of character development. Then, in Escape From Reality, Dipper promises to come home with her. This seems like a huge sacrifice, but I think Dipper's better off this way. He wouldn't be happy separated from Mabel. Then, when they escape the bubble, she offers him a chance to take Ford's apprenticeship. He then realizes he loves her more than he wants to be Ford's apprentice and denies the second chance. Dipper is more developed than her because he is the main character, but she's plenty developed.

Mabel should be Number One! She is conceited, entitled and has absolutely no chill. In The Time Traveller's Pig, she flat out says, "I'm always right about everything! " She reminds of what Papyrus from Undertale would be like if he was more of a selfish spaz. Irrational Treasure and The Last Mabelcorn are my least favorite episodes because Mabel's supposed greatness justifies terrible morals ("Being silly is okay because MABEL IS AWESOME, NOT ANNOYING! " and "Morality is relative and screw character development because MABEL IS AWESOME, NOT ANNOYING! " respectively)

I will kinda tell the truth. I need to be honest.
She is a psycho.
Please do not hate me for this and respect my opinion.

OK,she is getting on my nerves so much. Like in the episode "Boyz Crazy",she acted like a spoiled and started to lie to her favorite band. The band believed this brat and kicked poor Grenda and Candy out of the house. Candy and Grenda should have killed her in that episode.

In "Boss Mabel",she bossed everyone around in the Mystery Shack(Honestly,It kinda looks like Foster's home instead of ripping off it).I wanted to lock her in the closet forever. When will she learn she needs to stop stalking boys 24/7 and learn to act better?

In "Little Dipper",she was bragging about how tall she was than Dipper. You know what? YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW WHAT? She needs to get kidnapped and then get murdered.

In "Sock Opera",she cared for this stupid blonde boy instead of helping Dipper. See how dumb Mabel is? She needs to learn how to help people ...more

Mabel is fun loving, optimistic and a reminder that there is some humanity left in this world. She makes people smile in her own little way and she may be insane, but that's what makes her adorable in a unique way. Like please, why is she so high on the list. Whoever did this must've been eating Smile Dip while voting.

Lol I agree :3 But, I have gotten fed up with her a couple times, such as when she bullied Dipper in "Little Dipper". That took it a little too far :/ - TheAlbinoWolf

She's just SO selfish towards her brother, qnd she never considers anyone else's feelings. When someone doesn't agree with her opinion, she just completely ignores it and keeps a closed mind. Also, I think they went way to far with trying to make her a "tween." She follows every stereotype for a 12 year old girl and has no originality, and there's absolutely no character development for her. She just stays selfish the entire show.

Mabel has got to be the most obnoxious character I have ever seen in my life. If she were my twin sister... ugh...

"I would rather tear out my brain stem, carry it to the nearest 4-way intersection, and skip rope with it...! "

Now, at first I thought Mabel was just annoying, like a little girl version of SpongeBob. But Weirdmageddon Part 2 made me realize that I have genuine contempt for Mabel's character. She thinks she is right about everything (she said so herself), goes out of her way to annoy and troll people (which nearly got Dipper and Wendy killed in Into the Bunker), never stops to seriously acknowledge that her actions might be selfish (name three times she does that if I'm wrong), and blows people off whenever they try to give her advice or criticism that involves her being wrong (Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future is the most extreme example of this).

(Weirdmageddon Part 2)

Dipper: Mabel, you can't honestly think these ...more

She is terrible, in the bill cipher crisis she agree to abandon her brother for her delusion fantasy if her brother haven't save her the plan would of bill cipher could of succeeded, don't forget the crew must sacrifice themselves for mable pig who got kid napped by a teradactyle A PIG, not mention mable drugged her friend with love potion, literally quote saying and paraphrasing I'm the most inoccent, again she believe that every truth is good which is hypocritical since she lied to her brother many time, also she is insanely naive saying there are good of everyone despite there's evil, she also is idiot despite few lucky moment of her finding clues she is no planner and not even an average common sense thinking that the unicorn can see your purity that constant of happiness can help you guess what no pain no gain,

I hate this girl! She's adorable, but she's the most selfish person on this show.

I love Mabel. Sure, she's childish but that is why I like her! She offers a break from all the seriousness, which is important in life! She's like a glittery projection on confidence and fun, but she is insecure about growing up and I can relate to that.

Oh and I forgot she also DRUGGED some teenage friends in "The Love God".

She gets every thing she wants, and Dipper give up everything for her. Wendy, his pool job, even his apprenticeship with Ford (who is totally secretly Cave Johnson) Its brought up in universe and it never gets resolved.

I respect your opinion if you dislike Mabel, but saying she never cared for Dipper is stretching it. She loves Dipper, and that's canon.

I can deal with a character having flaws but my biggest problem is that in the end she learned nothing.

She is the most selfish person on the show

Why is she on here she has undergone some (quite little but SOME) character development in season two in season one her episodes were good in season two her episodes goodish she is cute, funny, clever (but as clever Dipper) and much more she's an outrovert and dipper is an introvert I like the way they work together and the show wouldn't be complete without her.

She's never really made me laugh too much. She's cute and all but she comes off as selfish sometimes and rude to dipper

Oh and I also forgot that in two of those weirdmaggedon episodes she was whining to Dipper to come to her new school together. And then she REPLACED Dipper with stupid Dippy Fresh.

Not Mabel! You wonder the episode name "Not What He Seems". Without her, we will not know the author! I just waiting all this time to know who (it was Stan's brother)