RRF: Crazy Shipping Experiences

One of my posts for called "RRF: Crazy Fandom Troubles I've Experienced" was a fun post I made about some of the insane people who loved certain anime. This time I decided to do a part 2 but a little bit different. This time it's about crazy shippings taken too far that I've witnessed. Now keep in mind that I love lots of anime couples and do support lots of them. But just because I like certain ones, doesn't mean I support all of them. I don't care what you ship but harassing someone who doesn't agree with your ship doesn't make it better. In fact, it paints the ship in a negative light.

Levi X Eren Ship: This is one ship that honestly caught me by surprise. Levi and Eren don't have any romantic chemistry together in the manga or anime. He's the boss and Eren's the subordinate. But those rabid Yaoi fangirls saw something that my brain couldn't wrap around and sunk their teeth into this ship. This ship was also weird to me because Levi is 34 and Eren is 15. That's.....that's just wrong. Now of course my experience happened on Tumblr. A place that I used to think wasn't too bad but I eventually realized how bad it truly was. Some crazy user we'll just call Miko was raving on and on about this couple. Posting lots of lewd fan-art and some badly written fanfiction. Seriously, you couldn't get through three sentences without a bad grammatical error or weirdly structured sentences. Eventually, she asked if I shipped anyone in the show and I tell her no. That's when the crazy yaoi persona she had blew up. She kept going on about how I should ship Eren and Levi because the anime was all about them working to stop the titans so they can be together. Did she even watch the first episode of Attack on Titan? She even made up random and excuses as to why they loved each other. Like how Levi kicked Eren in the courtroom because he wanted to save his lover. I was already getting sick of the people on Tumblr at this point and just left my account to rot.

Gray X Juvia Ship: Back to old Tumblr, hello darkness my old friend. The Fairy Tail ships are the most ridiculous and sometimes laugh out loud moments you'll ever witness. Like you can't help but wonder how many hours people waste on defending fictional characters that may or may not end up together. I was berated by two users we'll call Jade and Jessie. Both of them were hardcore shippers of Gray X Juvia and this is just one couple I personally don't support. That's when they found out and immediately started harassing me. How dare I not support the best couple in the show! You probably have never seen the anime or I'm a troll were some of the things they said to me. Like I said earlier, they're some laugh out loud moments and some really bad ones. Because while I ignored those two another user was being bullied for the same reason. Except their comments were much more severe. Like telling this individual to kill themselves and sent them a link to website on how to commit suicide and even threatened to find them so they could assault them. Once I saw that, I instantly reported them and I haven't heard from those two ever again.

Weiss X Ruby & Blake X Yang: The RWBY fandom is slowly starting to have the insane shippers train that other anime have. I decided to add in two ships for this one because they're from the same show and both suffer the same problems. Team RWBY consists of four characters who are all friends. Yet those crazy shippers think that they're forming a relationship and are going to end up becoming couples. Even though it's pretty clear that RWBY's strongest point is on friendship and action. People hated one character named Neptune because he interfered with their ship with Weiss and Ruby. People did the same thing with Sun with their Blake X Yang ship. You can find YouTube comments dedicated to those ships and on RoosterTeeth's website. Some people have gone out of their way to not only hate characters for interfering with ships but hate the writers of RWBY for not making the ships happen. Calling them homophobic because they won't let their ship happen. But those people don't understand that it's not their show. It's RoosterTeeth's. And hating certain fictional characters for existing and the writers doesn't make the ship any better. If anything, it makes it worse.

Naruto X Sakura: This was a ship that caused loads of arguments and discussion. Some people worshiped this couple like it was the second coming of Christ and didn't handle them not being together well. While I don't personally like the couple, I can't believe Kisimoto went out of his way to try and fool people that they would be a couple. Only to baton switch on them in the last few episodes of Naruto Shippuden and Naruto: The Last Movie. That not only feels like a cheap twist but it leaves a lot of bad characterization. The Naruto and Sakura fans took it upon themselves to literally make a petition to try and ban the Naruto manga from the US because Naruto and Sakura didn't end up together. The petition is still up and has gone past the 1,000 signatures it wanted but it's still absurd. You can't just force the author to write a story based on your ideas. We can criticize the choices that the authors make but we shouldn't try to remove it. I mean come on, that's Youtube's job.

I have a sentence I stand by when it comes to shipping characters. I think it's an important one to stand by too. Now listen closely you insane shippers.
Hope for the best but expect the worst.
Don't always expect for your ships to go through. Don't always think that one touching moment means your ship will come true. Lots of the shounen based series, for example, focus more on friendship than romance. So don't be surprised if the couple you ship doesn't end up happening. Authors have their own story and we should expect it to always remain that way. And if you can't take criticism because a certain couple you like doesn't get together, than do society a favor and get a new hobby. There's nothing wrong with shipping characters if it's just for fun. But the moment you start harassing the authors (like the author of Tokyo Ghoul) or other fans, that's when the ship you're trying to promote becomes less tolerable. We always say that bad fandom experiences shouldn't ruin our thoughts on anime or their characters. However, sometimes it does and we need to be responsible enough to act mature about the choices we make.


1. Yikes! That fangirl needs time off the computer. Imagine if the author killed off Levi or Eren, her world would come crashing down.
2. That's why I stay off Tumblr. Too many psychos.
3. That's the thing with shipping, they try to force their own opinions and block out all rash thoughts.
4. I hate this one most. I already despise Sakura's treatment of Naruto but the fans are treating Naruto's author like how Sakura treated Naruto. It's disgusting.
Good last words to live by too. - HoneyClover

I never understood the Ereri ship. Levi is an adult and Eren's half his age, and they never have struck me as romantically attracted to each other.

About Gruvia...I've never watched that much of Fairy Tail but seriously, ASSAULTING someone over an opinion? what?

Oh, RWBY...I hate the ship wars too. What I hate about the RWBY fanbase is that since the main characters are female they should all be paired up. RWBY is NOT a romance show. Personally, I don't think Monty Oum wanted to give Ruby a love interest, and this is why for 5 seasons unlike Weiss, Blake and Yang she's never shown interest in anyone (I like to believe she's ace) and why I hate pairings like Oscar/Jaune x Ruby. But you're right about what you said about certain fictional characters existing *claps*, it's a shame those fans won't listen.

Oh God, the NaruSaku fans. BANKISHIMOTOFROMAMERICAJUTSU! - TwilightKitsune