Worst Phineas and Ferb Episodes

One of the best children's cartoons of the 21st century so far, this show wouldn't afraid to aim this for every age. Although these episodes aren't "bad", they are the worst of the bunch.

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41 Steampunx
42 A Phineas and Ferb Family Christmas

I Love This Episode best Episode...

43 Knot My Problem

The plot is untying a knot. - RalphBob

44 Last Day Of Summer

Very, very disappointing finale. I was pretty much 100% sure they would have them get caught and also Perry getting discovered (not any dreams/memory erasing/time reversed etc.). Couldn't they have it happen? It was fun to see all her failures throughout the summer and the creative ways they disappeared. It was destined to happen on the last episode (better yet the Last Day of Summer! ). Linda could've found out about all their adventures and they could find something else than her sending them away (that was just a dream, anyway). Something could of happened where everyone got their memories restored from the 2nd dimension day and they touched on knowing about Perry. But none of that happened, and I really felt like it was destined to. It just seemed like a normal special episode (like the Last Day of Summer.. Saving the universe again! ). The most OBVIOUS way to end the show with a bang is for those 2 things to happen. It was 45 minutes long, how about inserting a 5-7 minute time ...more

But they did get their memory restored. Remember the song at the end? - BrotherOfWolves001

8 years... 8 years... 8 years waiting candace REALLY bust phineas and ferb... 8 years waiting the secret identity of perry was discovered (and no, the episodes and movie don't count) 8 YEARS... ONLY FOR THIS?

45 Let's Take a Quiz

It was boring and bland, and, it was just unoriginal.

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46 Run Away Runway

I hate the episodes when things go bad for Candace and nothing good ever happens to her in the end. But this one is at the top, because of one reason: Candace loses her dreams!

I hate this episode. All of the Phineas and Ferb episodes should be on this list. I'm serious, and I mean it!

47 The Doof Side of the Moon

The moon does rotate, but its rotation is as long as it's orbit, and doofenshmirtz thinks the phases are because one side is covered in white paint, but no, he should have learned from the beginning that it was reflected sunlight bouncing off, also if he really rotated the moon faster, there would be no effect on the phases, also it's orbit is elliptical, so the building Phineas & Ferb made would have been detached from Earth immediately, and if he tried to change the sun's rotation, the sun wouldn't look any different, it's almost equal in every side, whoever made this episode has stupid ideas.

If Albert wasn't in this episode, it would have been a mint!

48 Candace's Big Day

Candace is so annoying in this episode. I really hate how she's a total jerk to phineas and ferb when they are just trying to help. It's not even her wedding and she's acting like a lunatic. This episode is so unrealistic I don't care who you are there is no way in hell that a wedding could be planned in a few hours. It is not possible.

49 Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo
50 Boyfriend From 27,000 B.C.

I forgot this episode right after I saw it.

51 Spa Day
52 Elementary My Dear Stacy
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