Worst Rae Sremmurd Songs

By the end of this, you'll wish you can vote for everything. Rae Sremmurd can't rap or sing, can't write, can't get a good producer, and can't even bother to make songs sound fun. Even Jason DeRülo could make his songs catchy and fun.

The Top Ten

1 My X My X Cover Art

My dad likes this group. He is black. - DynastiNoble

Before I listened to one Lil B song Rae Sremmurd was my least favorite artist of all time. Congrats Rae. You officially stink - AlphaQ

Rae Sremmurd is just horrible. I don't know about one good song that they have. - Martinglez

Worst song ever from the worst album ever. Need I say more? - AlphaQ

2 Unlock the Swag Unlock the Swag Cover Art

How is Blase, which is okay, above this terrible song? - venomouskillingmachine

The 2nd worst song from the worst album. - AlphaQ

I am trying not to laugh at the chorus - Hotheart123

3 No Flex Zone No Flex Zone Cover Art

Don't get me wrong. I like this song but it gets bad real quick - AlphaQ

The only songs I like from Rae is No Type and No Flex Zone because of the catchy beat - FerrariDude64

4 Come Get Her Come Get Her Cover Art

Shut up WonkeyDude98. - ProPanda

Shut up ProPanda. :P - Swellow

5 Throw Sum Mo Throw Sum Mo Cover Art

Nicki Minaj >>> Rae Sremmurd. CONFIRMED. - AlphaQ

6 This Could Be Us This Could Be Us Cover Art

This is good stfu

7 Up Like Trump Up Like Trump Cover Art

He's Your President Now,

So Deal With It Sremmturds - VideoGamefan5

8 Over Here Over Here Cover Art
9 Black Beatles Black Beatles Cover Art

This is their best song - venomouskillingmachine

Just saying, all of you who says this damages the legacy of the Beatles, Paul loves this. He even did the challenge - ProPanda

Just letting you know I'm not tryna be negative or rude or anything but if anyone hates this...I'm sorry but you won't survive SremmLife. - AlphaQ

10 Yno Yno Cover Art

The Contenders

11 Blasé Blasé Cover Art
12 Lit Like Bic Lit Like Bic Cover Art
13 By Chance By Chance Cover Art

Whats that honking sound I hear in the back of this crap?

14 Set the Roof Set the Roof Cover Art

Lil Jon+Rae Sremmurd=Another Crappy Song - Moorefamval

15 Do Yoga Do Yoga Cover Art
16 Swang Swang Cover Art

I hate the "HOP OUT HOP HOP HOP HOP AA" part. - venomouskillingmachine

17 No Type No Type Cover Art
18 We We Cover Art
19 Look Alive Look Alive Cover Art

Nothing worth caring for lyrically and production wise, but a decent atmosphere and good vocals save this otherwise mediocre song
3.5/5 - ProPanda

20 Shake It Fast Shake It Fast Cover Art
21 Pole Code
22 Patti Cake

The beat is godawful here. Its screeching sounds and stuff!

23 Buckets Buckets Cover Art

The autotune used on the verse from Future sounds horrendously off key…and about that instrumental………"look at me” is that you?

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