Worst Songs to Play at a Funeral

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1 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

This song is by far the worst one to play at a funeral. You're telling the person you're going it he'll.

I want this played at MY funeral! Thanks for the idea. :-)

A classmate once told me that her phone rang during a funeral. And the ringtone was Highway to Hell! This isn't a good song to play at a Funeral. It's like you're saying that the dead person will go to hell. - TheFourthWorld

Hahaaa! GOLD!

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2 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj

Under no circumstances EVER play this song at a funeral. You'll need a funeral after the family are done with you. - PositronWildhawk

What a song to play at a funeral.

Everyone else will die - Neonco31

This song shouldn't be played at all much less during a funeral

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3 The Best Day Ever - SpongeBob SquarePants

I'll play it at Bieber's funeral. - Goatworlds

For hitler, trump, osama, stalin, kim jong-un, and isis member it's the perfect song to play at a funeral

Not Trump he's not that bad and what bad things did Justin Bieber do except comment extremely minor crimes? - venomouskillingmachine

It's pretty funny that people are listing out names for which this song should be played for. - isaaonrtdmtr

Should be # 1

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4 Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

Haha! The song is really great but as the title suggests, don't ever play it at the funeral. - Kiteretsunu

Just the base line playing low in the background...

I think this should be 2nd.

Honestly, I would love it if this was played at my funeral. - LarryLarrington

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5 Celebration - Kool and the Gang

If Hitler had a funeral this would be playing - Himalayansalt

What are we celebrating? Are we happy the person is dead?

I want this played at my funeral. - isaaonrtdmtr

Celebration to JB's funeral for his retirement.

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6 Ha Ha You're Dead! - Green Day

You're just making fun of the person that's dead

...who in their right mind would play this? Hitler? - Gehenna

Defiantly not something to sing at a funeral. - egnomac

Yeah no.

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7 Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees

Just imagining the last Bee Gee standing over the graves of the others singing along to this. Poor bugger.

This will be truly ironic

Good one! :D

8 Happy - Pharrell Williams

This is a similar one to my other one, Don't Worry Be Happy.

That would be so offensive.

Inappropriate for a funeral. Maybe a for a celebration if someone's back on their feet.

My guy, who is happy.

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9 (Don't Fear) the Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult

Don’t fer the reaper Buck!

10 Ding Dong the Witch Is Dead

Only if it's played at Trump's funeral

I don't even... I'm crying! - bunnyluv070

I want this played at my funeral - idontreallycare

Yea if it's at hillary or Obama's

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? Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton

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11 Problem - Ariana Grande

I got one less problem without you... No - ToptenPizza

12 Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Glinda and the Munchkins
13 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

Don't play this... Just don't...

If you played this, then prepare to get killed while your at it. - Gehenna

Everyone else will die! - Neonco31

Who in the right mind would play this

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14 You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
15 I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

Bwahahaaha! - Gehenna

Jk I'm dead lol - codydoestuff

16 Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) - Silento

If this was played at a funeral it would be disrespectful to the dead - christangrant

17 Loyal - Chris Brown
18 Friday - Rebecca Black

This song should not be played in any circumstances

Especially of the person died on friday

Especially if that person died on Friday - Neonco31

But...it's Monday. - isaaonrtdmtr

19 Hells Bells - AC/DC

Almost as bad as highway to hell in terms of worst funeral songs AC/DC is a good band but don't play their songs at funerals

I mean obviously its bad if it includes anything to do with hell or excitment about persons death...I mean look at Highway to Hell..

We played hells bells and higway to hell and its was fantastic..the person was a acdc fanatic. All dressed in acdc clothes. Whats wrong with you people...play what the person loved

20 A Little Piece of Heaven - Avenged Sevenfold

Oh my god.. just imagine this.

21 Don't Close Your Eyes - Kix
22 Why Should I Worry? - Billy Joel
23 Let It Go - Idina Menzel
24 Sweet Victory - David Glen Eisley
25 Thriller - Michael Jackson

It will be bad, because the dead person will rise from the grave and attack the living. It's still a good song though. - Gehenna

26 Dominion / Mother Russia - Sisters of Mercy

I like this song, but I would not dare have it played at my funeral, or anyone that I respected. - PositronWildhawk

27 As Deep as the Knife Will Go - Cannibal Corpse
28 Dance (A$$) - Big Sean
29 The Stroke - Billy Squier
30 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Oh my God! This... at a funeral?!?! - PositronWildhawk

Too offensive - malamJONES

Who'd play this at a funeral?

31 Don't Wake Me Up - Chris Brown

Jesus christ - venomouskillingmachine

32 Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

That would be so stupid and quite offensive

Try playing the music video on the side of the coffin

33 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown
34 Sex Bomb - Tom Jones

Funny story regarding this. A local church used to let you pick what songs you want at a funeral but because somebody picked this song they don't allow you to choose anymore.

I've never heard this song, but the title. Oh, the title. - RiverClanRocks

35 Bumbag - The Zutons
36 Best Day of My Life - American Authors
37 Down With the Sickness - Disturbed

Well, at least it's catchy. - RiverClanRocks

38 Burn - Three Days Grace
39 Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson
40 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

When I used to listen to Smells Like Teen Spirit and when he first said "Entertainers" I thought he was referring to strip clubs. No offense, I was just curious back then.

But yeah don't play this at a funeral because of the line "Entertainers."

For the record, the line is "Here we are now/ Entertain us"

Just listen to the lyrics. "Entertainers"? That's not something you should have at a funeral.

I want to Play that Song in my Funeral

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41 The Final Countdown - Europe
42 The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - Ylvis
43 Bye Bye Bye - NSync
44 So Happy I Could Die - Lady Gaga
45 Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin

I'm surprised this isn't on here to be honest.

At a funeral?

46 Chop Suey! - System of a Down

I love this song but not at a funeral.

47 Shake It Off - Taylor Swift
48 Don't Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra
49 Teletubbies Say Eh Oh! - The Teletubbies
50 We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus

That would really stupid and offensive.

Don't. Just... just don't.

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1. Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
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1. Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
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3. Celebration - Kool and the Gang
1. Loyal - Chris Brown
2. Highway to Hell - AC/DC
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