Worst Superhero Movies

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1 Batman & Robin Batman & Robin Product Image

1- Batman And Robin (What is this? A comedy? 1.8)
2- The Amazing Spiderman 2 (75 longest minuts to seen two couple saying stupid things, 5 minutes of action 2.2)
3- Catwoman (Aren't closer to the story of Selina Kyle or the story of batman 2.5)
4- Superman IV Quest For Peace (Very boring and weak production 2.8)
5- Elektra (Just... Boring and weak 3.0)
6- Hulk (2003) (The version of 2008 is better and closer with the comics 3.2)
7- Superman Returns (Just like the amazing spiderman 2 3.3)
8- Daredevil (Very overacting and so many errors 3.5)
9- Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (... What?... 3.7)
10- Steel (Shaq never been a good actor, and this superhero never seen the light in the big screen 3.8)

You know what's interesting? We can blame both of the Schumacher movies on the box office failure of Batman Returns, if Batman Returns was a box office hit and people responded positively to it, the studio would never have kicked Tim Burton off the franchise and Schumacher would never have been brought on board, so yeah, the failure of Batman Returns is the main cause of this disaster

Worst Movie Ever.
Bat credit card, the costumes, stupid puns, this movie is one of the worst movies of all time!

I'm trying to count how many budget cuts they had in this movie. I still haven't finished.

2 Catwoman Catwoman Product Image

How to make a terrible superhero movie: Take a step forward by making a female-led superhero movie, then take eight steps back by having her do battle against MOISTURIZER. I mean, this movie doesn't even honor its source material. Catwoman's name isn't even Selina Kyle! I hope they someday make a good Catwoman movie that actually has to do with its source material.

This movie is just unbelievably terrible, I can't even explain it. All that you have to is watch it, it has to be seen to believe. Not only is it the worst superhero movie I have ever seen, but it is the 5th worst movie I have ever seen.

Do they even have the rights to use the title? Her name is not even Selina Kyle in this movie! Also the dominatrix outfit just doesn't fit the Cat. Halle Berry should just stick to being Storm.

The basketball scene which is 1 minute and 47 seconds long, has a total of 137 scene shots in total which is just dreadful.

3 Fantastic Four (2015) Fantastic Four (2015) Product Image

What a bad movie. It has enough problems to fill up a quarter of the earth. Firstly, it should be renamed 'What Happened before the Fantastic Four became the Fantastic Four' because that's what most of the film is about. Either make it longer or make the 'get ready the machine' part shorter. Oh and after they get hit by the meteors and gain their powers they become totally cool with it 1 scene later? Why? This film could have been at least decent judging by the trailers but it was wasted. Well at least they tried. But other than that this movie was baad.

Completely horrendous. Anybody who hates this film has an excellent taste in movies. It doesn't even stay true to the title, most of the film is virtually 'build this machine' and the actual action not only lasts a short amount of time, but is also just unspeakably bad. It's just awful all round with bad pacing, plot, forgettable characters, and like I said, has a misleading title. My current least favourite film, coming from someone who almost never tends to hate movies he watched.

The plot of this thing is basically 'make this machine and go inside'. No seriously, it is, they might as well rename the movie that. The action altogether lasts at most half an hour. And don't get me started on the boss fight. Or the ending. Seriously, either make the film longer, or cut down the make the machine things. And why would they be content with their powers straight after getting them. Not just the worst superhero movie but also my personal least favourite movie ever (tied with another superhero film that I won't mention for now) as well as what I feel is the worst structured/written film I've seen.

This movie was by far the worst superhero movie that I've seen. Fantastic 4 was so dark, gritty, and boring that it almost made me fall asleep watching it. There are really no good qualities of this movie and it makes the 2005 Fantastic 4 look like a masterpiece.

4 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Superman IV: The Quest for Peace  Product Image

What a horrible movie, I loved the first 2 superman movies, but then the 3rd one came out and I said "please don't tell me you're going this route" and then this steaming pile of crap came out, it's so cheap that they use the same shot of superman flying for every flying scene, also, nuclear man? Really? What kind of dumbass villain is that?

Remember when you were watching your favorite Superman movie and you heard about this, watched it and was disgusted at the awful quality? Yeah, me too.

It's really bad if the first few seconds of the movie gave me nasty headaches. And it didn't stop until the end credits began rolling

Worst Superman film ever. Nothing else with Superman even comes close to be this horrible.

5 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Product Image

Are you kidding? This movie was AMAZING! Great visuals, great concept, and I loved how Wonder Woman made her entrance (that theme song though)!

I also like how this one gives a slice of cake for Batman. He came prepared and practically almost killed Superman by exploiting his "weakness" (kindness) against him. Of course, Superman got back at him in Justice League, but nevertheless it was a good movie.

So bad that I've given up watching another live action DC movie ever again. Stick to the animated movies; which are much more faithful to the source material.

Snyder took 4 great DC story lines, threw them in a blender without concern of timeline or the universe associated with them, drank it, pooped it out, then polished it into this resulting turd.

One of the commenters, that more than likely voted for Batman v Superman as the worst, said "I heard it goes for something like 3 hours". This just shows how people bandwagon hate. I bet many people voted for a movie on this list even though they have never even seen it. I myself ALMOST voted for Fant4stic, even though I never saw it. This move has flaws but is not an awful movie.

Way too over hyped and tries too hard to be a good movie. At least most of the other movies high up in this list knew they were bad movies in the first place and don't try to hide that fact. Add in the fact that this was to be a starting point for the DCU, it created a complete disaster for subsequent films to try and fix.

6 Elektra Elektra Product Image

This movie is terrible it should be 1 but they have Fantastic Four which is a terrific movie up there. It is just stupid

It's not that bad, definitely better than fantastic four (2015).

Hey look! The spinoff nobody asked for!

Gotta admit, that kiss scene was hot!

7 Green Lantern Green Lantern Product Image

Nah this movie wasn't as bad as everyone says.

This is not a bad movie at all!

In retrospect this movie was mediocre but I enjoyed it for the most part

This movie was eh

8 Howard the Duck Howard the Duck Product Image

It was the wrong time to make this movie, considering it relies heavily on special effect, now with the success of all their other movies, if done right, I think Marvel could make a good movie out of this character, or at least make him a side character, his design in GOTG was great. And even if he only said 3 lines they sounded like they were something iron man would say. But if they're gonna make a movie about him, make it about him fighting against his villain not just living a normal life in the human world, cause we don't wanna rehash this crappy movie again, seriously, the 80's was a crappy time for movies based on cartoons, ex. Masters of the universe, and for comic book movies, ex. This movie

You guys honestly think that Superman Returns, Suicide Squad, Batman vs. Superman, Daredevil, and Green Lantern are worse than Howard the Duck? You would rather watch a movie with duck boobs, cheesy effects, and a romance between a duck and a human (that almost involves sex), than watch one of the other movies I listed above? They aren't masterpieces, but they aren't without redeemable qualities. Howard the Duck, however, is just an embaressment to everyone involved and an embaressment to watch.

UGGGH! This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Marvel was in a dark time, with only one movie under their belt, spider man 1977 (which is almost as bad as this one), and this movie didn't help at all. Things in this movie aren't action-consequence, like good movies. Things just happen at random here.

Can't believe it isn't rated the worst ever. Maybe, because so few people sawit? How bad is it? I'd rather eat kale every day for the rest of my life rather than watch this movie ever again.

9 Steel Steel Product Image

This is an example of DC having a character who's a major ripoff of a marvel character, seriously this guy ripped off iron man in every way, and he even rips off robocop, it's so weird how the majority of the worst comic book movies ever are DC movies. Catwoman, Batman and Robin, Superman returns, Batman forever, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman, Batman Begins, Batman Returns, and Steel, Marvel had a few bad ones but there were only 4 of them. Elektra, Daredevil, Howard the Duck and Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance. That's all. And I'm so sick of the way they make black people talk, newflash movie studios, just because someone is black doesn't mean they talk like rappers, plus it takes like 30 minutes before he becomes the superhero, also this is the most pathetic superhero on the face of the earth, he can't run after a car, he gets beat up multiple times in the movie, he has a hard time climbing a ladder, he has no idea how to use his weapons and he doesn't know how to ...more

AKA: How to not be super, how to barely be a hero, and how to not write a script.

The steel from the comics is not pathetic but the one from the movie is pathetic

10 Suicide Squad Suicide Squad Product Image

Yep I knew I would find this movie in here. The "plot" (hahaa I called it a plot) was messy and totally forced, most of the characters were underdeveloped, the villain was... wait �"... there was a villain in this? I literally forgot about that character (the villain is forgettable for those who didn't got it) and not to mention that the music is awful. The only good things about this waste of a movie are Margot Robbie and Will Smith. They are the highlights of the film and they are probably the most developed characters in the whole movie (maybe El Diablo too). Now I know what you're thinking: "What about Jared Leto's joker? ". Well honestly... I actually appreciate that Jared Leto tried to bring something to this character in THIS movie. And I don't think he's that bad at all. I just wish we could've gotten more out of him. He is clearly not the best joker (played by Mark Hammil) but he is ok.

This is honestly the worst comic book movie I've seen in my life. I'm not exaggerating. It is absolutely baffling how incomprehensible, poorly edited and outright repulsive this pile of garbage is.

I though BvS was bad, but this is just another level. The editing feels like it was done by a 9 year old for a school project. Almost all the performances are either too bland or too over the top, which is shocking, since these are almost all very talented people (aside from Jai Courtney and Joel Kinnaman). Almost all the characters are wasted and have almost nothing to them, and the ones who we do get to know about are characterized through obnoxious flashbacks that feel like they were crammed into the film without any thought story structure or pacing.

The movie had potential to be something new and interesting for the comic book movie genre, and also had the potential to be a genuinely good movie. Jared Leto had the potential to be a good Joker. But that's all wasted in ...more

If you think that critics are giving the movie bad reviews because they're Marvel fanboys, then you have no understanding of the word criticism. It's a bit ironic to be so sore about the critics being sore, isn't it?

This movie straight sucked. The only thing I liked was Will Smith being in it at all, and captian boomerang. If the best part of your movie is Captain Boomerang, you're doing something wrong.

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11 Daredevil Daredevil  Product Image

I personally don't hate this movie at all, but can understand why some do. The clichéd origin story, the corniness of some parts (especially some of the 'romantic' dialogue) & how underwritten it all feels can turn some people off. That being said, it is at least entertaining enough to make up for its flaws (something films like Catwoman can't boast) while the good parts (very stylish, good action scenes, fine acting) makes this worth a watch.

It's just so generic

I'm tired of people hating this movie it's so great I can watch it for hours its just so amazing

Best marvel movie

12 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Product Image

I think this movie was alright, but the only thing I hated about it was Electro's death. He had POTENTIAL to be a reformed villain, yet the writers just killed him off the storyboard. He just wanted to be respected. And his death wasn't even done in a good way. He just died, a few seconds of him laying on the ground and that was it. I'm disappointed.

This was noticeably just made for money and sequels, they marketed Rhino, even though he's in this movie around five minutes, tried to rush the Green Goblin and had God awful CGI to Electronic, Slams that together with no real motives at all and bad directing and you'll get this piece of crazy movie.

I don't know anyone who wasn't totally disappointed with this film. One of my best friends, who thought the 2012 film was the best of the series, absolutely hated it. I know the negotiations are just in the early stages but I seriously hope Sony gives Spider-Man back to Marvel.

The whole thing could have been avoided if mark wasn't a douche and just shut off the power so max could fix the wire.

13 Ghost Rider (2007) Ghost Rider (2007) Product Image

The only thing that prevents the Ghost Rider films from entering my worst comic book movie list is Nicolas Cage's overracting which is always fun to watch.

That movie was awesome, It's one of my favorite superhero movies. The sequel however, it was just horrible.

The first one was a decent movie, the second one was trash man..

Cage seems to have 2 performances that he gives, the 'I'm gonna act as over the top and goofy as possible' performance or the "I don't give a crap, I just want a paycheck" performance

14 Captain America (1990) Captain America (1990) Product Image
15 Fantastic Four Fantastic Four Product Image

Chris Evans is horrible at playing human torch.

The new one is the worst movie ever.
I think so.

Plain boring? The 2015 film was a milion billion times worse than this.

This movie deserves more respect even if this is not a masterpiece

16 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Product Image

It would Have at least been an ok movie if it wasn't for that annoying editing, like who thought that was a good idea, the most used one is for no reason the film speeds up for 2 second, but the worst was when he gets shot by a rocket and that causes him to float in the air and spin around, what were they thinking? And ghost rider is barely in this movie, in the first movie he was in it a lot, but in this movie he gets his powers taken away, why? We want to see ghost rider, this is one of the worst comic book movies of all time

The best parts of this movie we're the ones involving the Ghost Rider. The rest was hot garbage.

This is the epitome of sequels that should never have been greenlit. This movie just shouldn't exist.

Did Marvel and Cage just get drunk 1 day and decide to make this movie?

17 Hulk (2003) Hulk (2003) Product Image

I don't think I have ever seen worst CGI in a movie. The Hulk just looks horrible and the movie itself was just meh.

18 X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men Origins: Wolverine Product Image

Part of it is really good. But halfway through it becomes weird and overall bad (not to mention that they butchered Deadpool).

That video game though

So bland and boring

A horrible movie that butchered 2 of the greatest X-Men characters ever, Deadpool and Gambit

19 Hulk Hulk Product Image

I HATE THIS MOVIE! First off, the cgi, is HORRIBLE, hulk looks more confused than angry, 2nd off, why does hulk sound like someone smacking on their food and makng noises, 3rd, HULK BARELY DOES ANYTHING! Seriously all he does is either stand there or destroy stuff for no reason, 4th, what is up with the acting, 5th, why does hulk look like Shrek? 6th, the music is ANNOYING. 6th, barely has a villain, and OBVIOUSLY they know nothing about the hulk comics because if they did, then they would know that the obsorbng man is NOT Bruce's father, they would know it's Brian Banner, and they stated that hulk was created by Bruce's father? This movie is all types of DUMB!

20 Batman Forever Batman Forever Product Image

It's not that bad. It's just more comical. This movie is the reason I love superheroes so much. Let me tell you the cycle:

I love Jim Carrey because he's my favourite comedian > Jim Carrey is the Riddler > The Riddler became my favourite Batman villain > I got Batman: Arkham City because it has the Riddler in it > I read Riddler comics > Then I gave Batman: The Animated Series a shot > I love Batman and his rogues gallery > Batman was in Justice League: The Animated Series > I watched it and now love DC superheroes > I watched the New 52 movies > Now I am a major fan of superhero movies.

Should be higher on the list, only saved by the fact that Batman & Robin was even worse.

I'm sure it's nowhere near as bad as Batman and Robin.

This was a little...

21 Superman Returns Superman Returns Product Image

What what, this is thirteen on best, this is one of the best. I'm sorry you want explosions and punching, then sod off and watch mos. Plus no violence in superman one and it gets love.

Really? This movie is kindof boring but is not a bad movie. It had like 78% or something on rotten tomatoes for crying out loud. It does not deserve to be placed with these other truly bad movies in the top 10

No one could replace Christopher Reeve. The story was okay, but I just wish it came when the real superman was still around.

It wasn't that bad, Kevin spacey did a great job as lex Luthor. It wasn't phenomenal or anything, but it was pretty good.

22 Supergirl Supergirl Product Image

It was'nt really a gender-swapped superhero it was technically Superman's cousin. By the way, that DC Superhero Girls was plain awful.

Supergirl looks like superman with photoshop hair and boobs, we're in for a good movie.

Why isn't this higher? There's nothing good about it.

It's just a T.V. show but yeah, Supergirl sucks

23 Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Product Image

I hate them all! Their asss! Their not heroes! I want Luigi to kick their ass hard as he can!

I just hate what they did to galactus, seriously, that wasn't galactus it was a storm cloud

Come on guys, even though the first one was bad, this one is actually really good

24 Man of Steel Man of Steel Product Image

It's not your typical marvel movie but it's way better than all of them, heck it's box office destroyed most of Phase one's. people don't see how realistic it would be if superman actually came to this world, because this movie clearly proves it. Beautiful Soundtrack and not to mention the next two movies B.V.S and Suicide Squad destroyed the first 3 marvel movies so imagine how great the future DC movies will be

Bad screenplay, bad actor (including Henry Cavill and Amy Adams), poor OST, not soul. I prefer Superman Returns to this thing. They don't Know how show to superman in the cinema. I mean, Superman Lives not y yes for man of steel. I think what is the different between man of steel and superman lives? Nothing, the screenplays about two movies were destroy the history about superman. I think so.

This is not even a bad movie. It has some flaws and an overly long end series of fight sequences, but is not bad at all. Infact, it's pretty awesome and is even voted in the top 20 on this website in their top superhero movies of all time list.

Ok, so Superman is a "Superhero." If so, why did a bomb go off and kill millions of people?!?! See, isn't Superman supposed to save the day? Really people?!?! Like, it was a setup for Batman V Superman, but seriously. He's supposed to save the world!

25 Captain America Captain America Product Image

I didn't know that the reboot was a reboot this movie was so bad (yet it made a reference).

Batman and robin was bad, but it was bad in a fun way.

This is just disappointingly bad

Let's just forget this film exists, okay?

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