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1 They only performed for 10 years

They're old? Everyone gets older until they die. It doesn't diminish what they have done. And guess what... Elvis would be in his seventies if he was still alive and your boy Gene Simmons turned 61 this year.

They had no style? Look around. I'm not a fan of it, but look around and see how many people are sporting the mop top look today that the Beatles made popular 45 years ago.

People still listen to them? Heaven forbid a band create music that people still care about it has dropped from the charts. I'm sure Bach and Beethoven hate the fact that their music is still around today. I suppose you make it a point to only listen to music that will be irrelevant in a few years?

Not king of anything? They are widely regarded by music experts as the greatest artists of all time.

The only thing you can really hold against the Beatles is that they didn't give us more.

The only truly bad thing about the Beatles is that they flamed out too quickly so the world was denied the opportunity to see what amazing things they would have accomplished. The Beatles had so many transcendent albums that completely reshaped the face of music that it is entirely possible music as we know it would be different (and probably better) had the Beatles been able to keep it together and keep producing genre defining music.

They didn't "flame out" at all. They disbanded at a great height of popularity and to the disappointment of many - Billyv

It would have been awesome if the Beatles had made more songs, but in the ten years they were around they hit the number one in the charts twenty seven times. They have been awarded 6 diamond albums, 24 multi-platinum albums, 39 platinum albums and 45 gold albums (pretty good for a band who only made 13 studio albums). The Beatles are also the best selling band in the history of popular music. I think the only negative thing about the Beatles is that they only had ten years of albums. Fab four 4vr!

If they went on much longer, they probably still would've been great artists. Then again, they probably got sick of each other..

2 Ringo Can't Play Drums

Ringo knows how to play drums

Ringo is the fastest drummer in the world...

As Quincy Jones told today (8th of February 2018)

It's a fact. Worst drummer of all time.

3 Their songs

Should be number 1 - Lord28

4 They were overproduced
5 They aren't original

WHAT! Saying the Beatles are unoriginal is like saying abraham lincoln was a tyrant!

The Beatles are tnot original at all

6 They're average all around

Apparently you are allowed to post all sorts of things on here that have no basis in fact and without any sort of rationale or statements to support your idiotic opinion. It's a major source of irritation on this site. Although most know the difference between different opinions and blatant ignorance, it is annoying to see such absolute nonsense that doesn't appear at all to have a humorous intent. Lists like this are a waste and devalue the site. - Billyv

7 They produced a lot of rubbish
8 Their name

You people are idiots. The name BEATLES has nothing to do with the bug. They named them self BEATLES because they have beat in their music. They person who wrote this is a jerk.

And after they broke up, in 1980 John Lennon died. But in mid 1990's Paul, George and Ringo got back together and used a demo John used and with it. It was like John was alive with the other beatles.

You should not make fun of the name. And just because they were only together for ten years. They were successful. They met each other in 1957. And formed as The Quarrymen. Well expect for Ringo Starr. He met the rest ( John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison ) in late 1962. Ringo's real name is Richard Starkey.

Um, yeah, I am not a huge fan or anything of them but I guess their songs are okay or good but the name... Well, I have to say. SmoothCriminal is partially right, and so is most of the other guys. Really (sorry I have to say this) hideous name. :-(

9 They're old

The worst reason ever - DrayTopTens

They would be 60 if they were still alive lol RIP GEORGE

Must be in their late 60s by now ugh - SmoothCriminal

10 Not the king of anything

That's right. They were the GODS of rock.
This list is... Erg
Music is timeless.
If they performed for longer it would have been cool but most likely not as good.
Even the great Michael JACKSON, has WAY more flaws than the Beatles, laugh out loud!

Who is this person who made this? Just because the beatles are not the king of anything doesn't mean there are great. You have to listen to them if you think they are that bad. The Beatles sold 600 million records. Look at wikipedia to see that.

Not king is right. Queen earned that title. Even though that sounds weird. But anyway, Queen is the best that will ever be, I love them forever.

Actually, Freddie Mercury the most!


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11 People still listen to them

SmoothCriminal, the artist you take your name from, Michael Jackson, is dead. People still listen to him. Two of the four artists I take my name from, the Beatles, are dead. People still listen to them. Just because people listened to them in the past doesn't mean they're irrelevant. For example, both the Beatles and Michael Jackson express universal feelings such as love, sadness, and joy so well that they both still ring true today, as in Hey Jude or Man in the Mirror. I can't confess to be an MJ fan myself, but his music is very powerful. If an individual or group has the staying power for their popularity to continue after their death, then their music is significant. - beatles

What? This is a good thing! It's good that people still listen to real music after 50 years! This list is so ridiculous. - SammySpore

This proves everything else on this list wrong! LOL!

People still listen to them. So what! They actully are the best artist of all time. Get a life!

12 Their music

You are a idiot. You seriously need to listen to Imagine by John Lennon, In my life by the beatles and a day in a life by the beatles.

13 They had no style

They had no grace.
This Kong had a funny face.


14 Revolution 9

Yep this was their worst song

Although there exist good covers of it, some at least

15 The logo

The logo is legendary.

16 Ringo Starr

Ringo starr was a nice and peaceful man.

17 They did drugs

There is nothing wrong with LSD

18 The titles of their songs

I think some of their titles are pretty creative.

19 Yoko Ono

The Beatles were truly great. Yoko Ono? Not so great.

20 Paul McCartney's false death

People still believe this? Facepaulm... - Misfire

Was started by a bunch of stupid American dj's! Not them!

If you believe this, you are a...💩☠

21 John Lennon John Winston Ono Lennon, MBE was an English singer and songwriter who rose to worldwide fame as a co-founder of the Beatles, the most commercially successful band in the history of popular music. He was assassinated by Mark David Chapman on December 8, 1980 at age 40.

He beat his wife and emitionally abused his child

22 They said they were bigger than Jesus

John Lennon did. Not The Beatles. - Misfire

Well a lot of people burned they're Beatles records after john Lennon said this so..

23 They let ego get in the way of making music
24 They were arrogant
25 They treated fans horribly

They're nice to their fans, at lest they aren't like Justin Bitcher who spits his fans

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