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21 Bad Episode naming

The episode titles are named after minor and irrelevant things, the titles have nothing to do with the plot whatsoever.

I really HATE the episodes! None of them make any sense. Hose Water?! Seriously? The people who make this show are probably blind or deaf! - Stazemar000

Don't forget Mr. Butt and Some of Their Pants!


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22 It's basically "The Robin and Starfire show"

I feel like it's about robins obsession over starfire, beast boy and cyborgs love of food, starfire loving kittens and stuff when she's so much more than that, and Raven liking my little pony. I miss the action, I just want it back. I miss having minimal amounts of funny episodes. That's how they maintained the chemistry of the show.

No, it's more like "The Cyborg and Beast Boy Show".

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23 Horrible animation

They seem to be inspired by anime perceived characters. However, it's all just lazy Flash animation crap that no child would understand.

They went from cool attractive animes to little chibi people.

They went from anime inspired characters to mentally ill chibis made in flash.

I really miss the hand-drawn animation 😭

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24 Cartoon Network plays it way too often

Nearly 6 hours worth of this show every day what

More people like Steven Universe so why do they play this all the time?

This crap stain show is the main reason why I stopped watching CN.
Well that and Uncle Grandpa (shutters) and Clarence. (barf-o-rama)
Great job writers you ruined the good name of Cartoon Network!

25 Bad animation
26 Raven likes ponies

This is just Tara Strong going over he stupid pony obsession, which makes me realize that she is the worst voice actress in the world and Raven (who I'm refusing to call Raven) is the worst character in the show.

This joke is the worst because it's overused and stupid! We get it! Raven likes ponies because her voice actress voices a pony! Knock it off already!

Raven shouldn't like ponies just because her voice actress voices one! That's both shameful and unforgiving.

I watched the episode "Friendship" and discovered that Raven actually likes ponies, even though they're only for little kids (I think mostly little girls like them) I went through the episode and I just couldn't stand Raven talking about that "friendship crap" over and over, we get it!

This is basically just Tara Strong (who voices Raven on the show and in the original) going over a stupid pony obession. Tara Strong also voices a pony in My Little Pony, but "Pretty Pretty Pegasus" is a ripoff of it, which aggravates me.

Knock it off, Raven! We all get that you like ponies! - Stazemar000

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27 Beast Boy is a whiny baby in Teen Titans go
28 It's overrated

It's the same deal with SpongeBob over at Nickelodeon. Both shows are overrated but yet have more airings in their respective channels than any other shows. Their writing style sucks and I don't know why Teen Titans Go! is still on everyday in Cartoon Network when it's supposed to end with all of the hate. What kind of world do we live in?

Yes! It Is Very Overrated.

While overrated doesn't mean bad, despite Teen Titans Go! being massively hated, it still maintains its status as the most popular show on Cartoon Network as of now. Courtesy of Saberspark. Yeah, pretty sad this crap is more popular than good shows like Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Steven Universe. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Just like The Little Mermaid - Stazemar000

29 It copied Steven Universe a few times

SU is my all time favorite show

Copying stuff from a much better show isn't going to make you more popular, TTG.

30 Bullying

I would blame Robin for this one to be honest - Stazemar000

31 It only panders to kids

To me, I feel like Teen Titans Go! only tries to pander to kids just to get those ratings in for Cartoon Network and make lots of money. In the words of Saberspark, Cartoon Network is going by conformity, but in the wrong direction. The dude is right that the show could have appealed to both fans of the original Teen Titans and people new to the franchise. So pretty much, this is just one of Cartoon Network's piss-poor cash grabs. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

32 Robin treats the titans like dirt

That's A Horrible Leader - JPK

Worst leader ever! - Stazemar000

33 Ripoff of Avengers
34 The titans are just lazy

Teen titans don't follow Robin. They are always too lazy to do anything

35 It already has over 100 episodes

Ugh, last month, they just reached 100, now they are going to have 110 episodes.

How is the show even still going? I really want a season 6 of the old show

36 They call it "Your New Favorite Show"

I bet that's what the guy who wrote this was telling himself when he released it to the public. I know it's not the show's fault but Cartoon Network should stop shoving these crappy cartoons down our throats.


Voiceover B: Uh, excuse me, sir...

Voiceover A: What?

B: Are you really saying that this dreck is the American public's new favorite show? I mean, what if they have different new favorite shows? Like that 9-year-old in Mobile, Alabama who favors Gravity Falls or that lonely teenager in Hackensack, New Jersey who claims that The Good Wife is actually his new favorite show?

A: Get out of here! I'm trying to record a promo!

B: But sir, you're clearly trying to make people like this! I mean, the animation sucks, everyone's a jerk, and--


B: "Your new favorite show". What a tightwad.

I hate how Cartoon Network calls it "everybody's" favorite show. How about the worst show on the planet?

More like... "My Least Favorite Show" - Stazemar000

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37 Horrible lessons and morals
38 Dubbing clips from the original Teen Titans

I also saw the episode "Dreams" and the one I didn't like was Robin's dream, because it showed the original Titans, which took me back to my childhood (PS: I used to watch the original show when I was little and I was fond of it) Cartoon Network is basically just trying to set a booby-trap on me or something. - Stazemar000

One of my least favorite episodes is the "Dreams" episode 'cause of Robin's dream. "Ew! you have gunk allover your face! " is what poor Scott Menville has to say. >:(

39 It's taking over Cartoon Network
40 Cyborg is now fat
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