Top 10 Worst Things About Teen Titans Go!

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41 Batman is Stupid

He is pointless all he do is laugh - jbella9000

Batman is AWESOME but in this show he just laughs like a douchebag

I can actually agree. Batman points and laughs like a douchebag - Stazemar000

42 Cartoon Network is milking it
43 Stupid gags

Teen titan go gags sucks some reason why
1# Ripoffs of the teen titans, my little pony, ninja teenage mutant turtles and etcs on this poor, excuse of a comical, cartoon show!

2# Some episodes contain the hate vide toward the dislikes of this show and like the old better like one of the episodes : Return of slade ( Spoilers! Their's no Slade but a " clown" joke)

And 3# Inappropriate jokes like one of the episodes, a ripoff of my little pony and making it my little pegasus their on one of the episodes you get horse's butts cracking the teen titans' T.V. ( also in the other episodes more butts and fart jokes). Their sexism jokes too like one of the episodes you see beast boy in his underwear in raven room laying on her bed, raven opens her door,sees him and close the door. I'm not lying their's really part of the episode exist of beast boy in his underwear being a perv, if want to find out yourself go watch episode called real magic.

44 Has inappropriate jokes

True - Stazemar000

45 Robin can sometimes be sexually inappropriate

Especially with Starfire - Stazemar000

46 Cartoon Network thinks it's the best show ever

High ratings don't mean nothing if the quality of the show isn't the same amount as the former. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I think is the worst show ever - jbella9000

Well, guess what?! This is the WORST show ever! - Stazemar000

47 It got Star Wars: The Clone Wars cancelled
48 The plots are stupid

The episodes are named off of minor things or irrelevant things. (I don't know which one is better)

My boyfriend absolutely HATES this garbage! He & I watched 3 episodes of it!

"Breakfast Cheese", "The True Meaning of Christmas", and "The Dignity Of Teeth"!

He thought that The Dignity Of Teeth was a giant vomitfest! I wish I could beat the living crap out of these Titans! What kind of person would make-up a joke... "Hey, lets make jokes about eating teeth! " Or... "Let's trick The Tooth Fairy! " Disgusting!

Breakfast Cheese was stupid, my boyfriend & I thought of it that way, because it had nothing to do with the plot, whatsoever!

The True Meaning Of Christmas, was far more WORSE!

Moral: If Santa doesn't get you any presents, Go to his workshop at night! Get an Elf kicked-out, Make fun of Rudolph, Eat Gingerbread houses, Kill an elf. Then, RAGE at Santa!

Well guess what, Titans! That was NOT okay at all! You just had to ruin the most ...more

49 It Replaced Batman: the Brave and the Bold
50 It Replaced Young Justice
51 Contains animal cruelty

The only episode I saw containing animal cruelty was "Squash and Stretch" - Stazemar000

52 They Act Like Toddlers
53 Raven Uses Magic to Beat Up The Titans
54 Ben Gruber is working on the show.

No surprised, he also worked on OTHER awful shows like Breadwinners and co-created Superjail! - SpaceGoofsGeekerBoy

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