Lori is awful. Its her fault that Shane became a bad guy. She turned hostile on him when SHE was having an affair with him. She told him not to be around Carl even though he was a father figure to him. She's just a muni manipulating woman. Kind of glad she's dead.

Lori is one of the worst Walking Dead Characters, followed by the Governor. She is selfish, asking deadly favors of the survivors, manipulates both Rick and Shane into hating each other, causing Shane's eventual downfall. (Loves Rick, Loves Shane, Forgets Rick, Remembers Rick. Hates Shane. Loves Shane, hates Rick. Tells Shane to leave, wants him to stay, tells Rick to get rid of Shane, and is furious when he does.? ) She's sexist, screaming at Andrea about not doing her womanly chores like laundry or dishes, claiming that the MEN can handle it. Can't keep an eye on Carl and doesn't realize he's missing until Carol tells her so. Her fights with Andrea are pointless. She always has a shocked expression. I wasn't that happy when she died, but I wasn't really sad either.

Lori was such an annoying character in the show. She constantly gave out mixed signals to Rick and Shane, thus completely destroying their friendship. Of course this later meant that Rick killed Shane because of her and she suddenly turns on him because she's no longer got an obsessive boyfriend anymore to always lead on. It was a great shame that Rick was forced to kill his best friend because of his wife who waited all of 2 seconds to jump into bed with him, as Shane could have been a valuable asset to the group come The Governor, Terminus, Negan and the Saviours etc. I felt no remorse when she died, I was just happy that after Rick dealt with it, he could finally move on without his wife holding him back.

Ah Lori. Probably one of the most annoying characters I have seen on T.V.. Sleeps with Shane, Rick comes back, tells Shane to stay away from her obviously oh-so-precious family. Later, as Shane attempts to talk to her, she becomes a snarling brat, and scratches the man. Like. What. Later gets into many fights with Shane, and tells Rick gruesome things, causing them to butt heads and eventually causes Rick to murder Shane. Then again, Shane pulled a gun on him first, but that was because of Lori, too. And her excuse when telling Rick how she got pregnant is, "I wanted to feel something." In season 2, during the herd at the farm, she does not even notice Carl is missing until CAROL points it out! Barely there for Carl anyway, and tries to act like she controls him. Berates other women for not doing things like laundry and the dishes. Sexist, if you ask me. She has lines like, " the MEN will take care of it." "Stop trying to be like them," when talking to Andrea. Oh, and wow, the way her ...more

Well, Lori is definitely the worst character in the T.V. series... I tried to like her but I just couldn't. I absolutely hate her. She is just too emotional. But that isn't the problem. The problem is, she often makes situations worst than they already are. Seriously? Just get pregnant and have a baby when it's a zombie apocalypse? Crashes the car when there is no one else on the road except a frigging walker? Thinks that women should only be doing housework and not fight? Thinks that her own son shouldn't learn how to wield a gun and protect himself just because she's not comfortable with the idea of her son having a gun? One heck of a stupid, selfish, useless idiot. When she died I felt no sympathy for her. Because she deserved it.

#1 could technically be the sum of all the characters. This show probably has the worst character creations that I've ever witnessed. None of the characters even closely correlate to the human reality that we know. They're like this science fiction category of human. There personalities are essentially whatever will further the plot in whatever direction the writers want to go and that's the show in a nutshell. Here we need Rick to get upset about something no human being would ever be upset about, but we need him to fight with so and so, so we can go this way with the plot. - dingleberrie

She's annoying she turned Rick and Shane against each other and is an idiot cause she forgets things she just said like when she told Daryl that rick would show her where his brother is and then asked him why he had to go she a terrible mother the number of times that carl has left her side is literally ridiculous she she be glad that it's the end of the world or social services would take him away

Since the first time her name is mentioned on the show, we can feel she's no good. When she appears on the screen, and keeps the same face expression during every ocasion, manipulating everyone to satisfy her will, and making every situation much worse than it had to be, I hated her so much I can't even describe. When Lori died, the only thing viewers could feel, was relief. Her ghost kinda made me think "Oh no, there's more", but it thankfully didn't last. The worst character and the one we least care about. Actually, I never cared about her at all.

Selfish and dull character. Couldn't stand her. If the walkers don't kill you, Lori will, by boring or annoying you to the point you head implodes. The only list that the character Lori is ever going to be number 1 of are 'worst of lists' and those are the lists that she truly deserves to be number 1 of.

Andrea and Shane are my two favorite characters, and Lori hated them both. She drove Shane to insanity, and she yelled at Andrea for looking at her weird when Lori gets a gun. She put the group at risk every time she has a little temper tantrum, so I'm glad she died.

She decides to date her husband's best friend because she thinks he's dead right. It seems like she doesn't even care where he is "dead", She just runs to Shane and he gets her pregnant, like who does that and who wants to get pregnant during a zombie apocalypse

I'm watching the reruns and I can't stand her even more. She's the reason a whole lot of them are killed. Did she EVER watch her whining son? EVER? He roamed that farm all of the time. And she's always pissed at Rick. How long did she think Rick was dead before she started banging Shane, a month maybe? Gawd, can't stand her or Carl.

She was the impetus for the Rick-Shane-Lori love triangle nobody asked for, she stopped anyone from ever having fun, and then the writers screwed with us by putting her in a car crash in season 2...only to survive and then be killed in season 3

Lori makes an apocalypse worse than it already is. She was just terrible

Let's see... My husband's dead, the world is falling apart, I have a child to protect, and my husband's best friend, a capable survivor, is hot for me. Do I need to bang him to get his help? No ' way!

The only thing I can't stand is her forever lasting shocked expression. Whatever situation, always the same... And I'm not only talking about the character but also the actor...

Very very annoying, I was honestly happy she died because she always wanted to be annoyed at someone for something but was always so weak and useless

Lori was a really bland character. She just kind of agreed with everyone else and never really developed as a character. This made her really annoying and boring to watch.

Who do you think you are getting emotional about the dishes? Lori. She's runs around doing nothing but asking favours(deadly ones at that) and not knowing where Carl is. On top of all the annoying things she does is get pregnant after not knowing where Carl is.

She as annoying with the whole pregnancy thing and she made Rick weaker. I didn't care when she died because I didn't hate her but I don't like her either.

She is the stupidest character agreed! She caused Shane's death! Shane wasn't even bad, but she made him look like the worst.

Wish they would have killed her off like in the comic. Shot by a sniper that killed her and judith.

She was one of those reason why Shane died. First she messed Shane's mind. Shane sacrificed himself for rick and his family because of Lori.

She complains to people that they don't do anything while she doesn't do crap. And she complains about the dumbest problems ever.

Have always been surprised by the huge amount of hate for Lori! Still, I agree that she was manipulative and pitted Rick and Shane against each other.