Greatest Artists and Bands of the 90s


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One of greatests of all time... Gods of GRUNGE... I was very confused between them and radiohead( most innovative in 90's). But I think in terms of influence nirvana have slight edge... In my opinion...
How could one honestly hear "greatest bands of the 90s" without just automatically think "nirvana"?
No way in hell any artist from the nineties is anywhere near Nirvana. They inspired a revolution among teenagers. Had it not been for Kurt Cobain's tragic death in '94 Nirvana would've been one of the best if the 2000's too! Nirvana isn't just the best artist of the nineties. They're one of the best artists of all time.


[Newest]I am so happy nirvana is number one because they had other great songs we should appreciate and that they rocked the early nineties hardcore!

2Alice In Chains
Alice in Chains is one of the most underrated bands period. And that's talking about a band that sold millions of records. Layne Staley was one of the most amazing poets in music. His material was dark, and that does not appeal to everyone and perhaps that contributes to them not receiving the recognition they deserve, but I challenge anyone to read up a bit on Staley, his life and his struggles, and then read his lyrics. They are incredible.

Jerry Cantrell is a musical genius. He is an amazing songwriter and guitar player and the combination of he and Staley was like lightning in a bottle. Its unfortunate the way things went with the band, but I suppose that's rock and roll for you.

PS - If you are an Alice in Chains fans - specifically Layne Staley era - check out Mad Season's 'Above' album. You won't be disappointed.
Not only the greatest band of the 90s but of all time. All their songs are amazing. Everything they wrote was with such quality and diversity.

This band had two musical geniuses. Layne Staley had the most amazing and unique voice you'll ever hear and Jerry Cantrell was one of the greatest guitar players in rock history. Together they wrote history.
No one possessed the amazing voice that Layne had period. The passion, pain and sheer amazement of his vocal range in each and every one of their songs, are second to none. Between jerrys guitar skills and their dual harmonization make them the top band of the nineties and one of the greatest of all time
[Newest]Rooster need I say more

3Green Day
When I come around
All their albums make me cry because they're so good.
My all time favorite 90s band
[Newest]Do you have the time to listen to whine about why you should vote for Green Day?

Impossible to see this top 90s band trailing so many unfit to be among the best decade in music history.


5Pearl Jam
Seeing a-ha at number two would have to be the EXACT moment I lost faith in humanity. Seeing Radiohead and the Chili Peppers outside the top ten was the nail in the coffin.
I don't know what all those pop artists are doing so high up considering they were more predominant in either the 80s or 2000s. I love MJ, but his 90s work should not earn him the number one spot.


A-ha? At two. Pearl Jam throws a-ha on a grill, overcooks it, then hands it out to people who don't listen to good music
[Newest]I agree with you.

Ok, so you only know "take on me".
What a shame! The real a-ha are so much more than catchy eighties synth-pop-tunes - deeper - darker - better - 90s! Go and get their extraordinary 1993 album "memorial beach" and be surprised! a-ha rock!
A-ha the best band of all time. Best Lyrics, best compositions, best songwriters, best sound, best male vocalist... And the most beautiful frontman of all time
A-ha is the best band on earth. Real musicians.
[Newest]Great band, great musicians. Not only take on me...

Love Metallica, but by the 90's they were getting more mainstream and boring. Gotta go back to Ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and And Justice For All if you want real good Metallica.
HAHAH! Can't stop laughing! 9th?! This must be a joke! They sold most albums 1991 with Metallica or "Black Album" and you don't see that great? God this world is getting more weird by the days!


Yes they were certainly hot. Had the most albums stolen by this group... and heck... it was always the same one!

8Red Hot Chili Peppers
I think nirvana and red hot chilli peppers are both awesome but where is smashing pumpkins? or pearl jam? or tool? and why is backstreet boys on here they suck bad!


Blood Sugar Sex Magik is the best album of all time, what the hell are the backstreet boys doing at number 1?!?!


With awesome songs like Californiacation, Breaking the Girl, Under the Bridge, Scar Tissue and Give it Away this band truly is diverse with their music. Not one of those songs I listed sound alike in any way.
[Newest]Flea is a demi-god of bass guitar

9Our Lady Peace
Underrated, most likely due to lack of recognition as a Canadian band in the United States. "Somewhere Out There" had some popularity, but the entire Gravity album just sounded like a marketing ploy. The true gems came from Clumsy/Happiness/Spiritual Machines. Naveed was amazing, but still sounded like a garage band trying to find their niche. Gravity wasn't a horrible album, but really didn't flow with the progression that OLP had developed. Still, one of the most amazing bands and one I'll never forget.

10System of a Down
I have every album they ever came out with, never been to a concert cause I wasn't old enough then they went on this Hiatus which I'm still not sure if they're back together, till then I bought Serj Tankian's solo album that he made completely by himself playing every instrument (impressive) I'm not saying I'm a more hardcore fan than you I'm saying this band oozes so much talent that every song they wrote is amazing. seriously other bands albums might have one or two hits and the rest of the music I skip through but with System of a Down? Nah man I listen to every song over and over to the point I memorized every single lyric of every single song. Chop Suey was a little hard to catch at first, haha. War I is my favorite song from the group though I love Sugar as well for its absolutely psychopathic sound. The first Album I listened to was "steal this album" which was the third I think. I Love this group
System of a down offers so much, beautiful vocals, thought provoking satire, and some of the craziest yet most intriguing songs known to man! "chop suey" and "lost in Hollywood" will melt your heart.
Still brilliant today fantastic, different nobody like them

The Contenders

11Guns N Roses
Still awesome in the 90s, better than Michael Jackson for sure, get back together.
Guns N Roses and Michael Jackson are tied for first.


Impressions like this band cannot be replaced
[Newest]Guns N' Roses is like amazing why isn't it at least 10 😈😈😈😈

12Bon Jovi


A guy who started out in the 80's (if not in the 70's) and is still Vibrating those vocal chords!
I like a person who knows what he or she's taliking about.

13Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness are masterpieces! These albums alone should make the Smashing Pumpkins above Backstreet Boys (who, while having catchy songs, haven't really brought influence to music) and A-Ha (weren't A-Ha an 80s band? Plus I never heard of a well known 90s song from them)

The best artist of the90's
2pac is the king of music!

15Backstreet Boys
One of the best pop vocal groups of all time. Their harmonies are fantastic. Dominated the late 90's era.
What?! I can't believe these guys are 4th, they should definitely be second (as no one defeats the king), backstreet boys are legends in music history, and they're as good as Michael jackson, they play a very unique kind of music different from today's music, they created a new kind of rare pop which ruled music history, I bet if you can find someone who could create something like "incomplete", I will be a fan of this guys forever, because I like good music
Backstreet Boys are definitively one of the best pop vocal groups of all time. They ruled the late 90's music decade in pop genre. Their harmonies are the best.
[Newest]Love them, they're so good
More comments about Backstreet Boys

I would say Nirvana but I'm not having Britney Spears over Radiohead. Thom Yorke's singing is angelic and the raw emotion in songs such as 'Fake Plastic Trees' and 'How to disappear Completely' is just so connecting to the listener. Fantastic band.
These voters clearly haven't heard Creep, Paranoid Android, and Idioteque. Radiohead is a top 10 band without a doubt. Their influence is incredible and their musical style is honestly one of a kind. Similar can be said of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Seriously? Westlife above Radiohed? Wow. Which band is manufactured so 12 year old girls like them and which band made Paranoid Android, one of the best songs of all time? Radiohead changed music and the emotion they give off is just amazing. Listen to No Surprises, Let Down or Fake Plastic Trees to see what I mean. Awesome band!
[Newest]Dude Radiohead should at least be in the top 5.

In my own opinion, I think Westlife should be at #1... Bec. we all know that they sing comes from the heart.. Furthermore their songs was really really inspiring, and it is really good too. They are the best, the greatest band that I have ever encountered... esp. their hits songs like WHAT MAKES A MAN, WORLD OF OUR OWN, CLOSE, SOMETHING RIGHT, A FRAGILE HEART, and so forth... then if you are not convince, then why don't you try to listen to their songs that I've mentioned... Sure you love it too.
Great pop singers one the finest the music ever had just love their music. Maybe some don't like them because of their remakes but take note they make good version of songs
Westlife makes us feel happy and brand new with the meaning songs. Great pop singers one the finest the music ever had just love their music
[Newest]Great boy bands of the world... Especially the song!

18Garth Brooks
He won the American music awards artist of the decade for all music and sold more albums in this decade than anyone. Shouldn't be a contest
The Dance
Thunder Rolls
many, many more...

19Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's music and influence encompasses the whole Earth. In Every square mile of Earth, you would find a man who knows Michael Jackson. His Legacy and Transcendence is eternal and immortal. I hope no one has forgotten his fabulous and larger than life DANGEROUS WORLD TOUR, AND THE HISTORY WORLD TOUR. At a time when artists wrote about girls, money and sex, he came up with essestial contributions to music with songs like " Heal The World", " Earth Song", "They don't care about us ". He not only entertained us, He Sustained us. They is no one like him, there will be no one like him.
MJ is what a entertainer is, he sings, he dances, he greets his fans with love and thoughtfulness, some singers now you have to dam near grab them to get autograph, Michael just gave it to U. Some say Michael was weird and crazy, but if you sang in front of people for all your childhood, you would be weird to. I miss him and loved him.
He was probably 2nd to Elvis in the 1970's. Then he utterly dominated the 80's. He dominated the 1990's. And was actually still very successful with Invincible in the 2000's. He is Number 1 of the 80's and 90's, and now that he's given all he can, we can say with ease that he is the number 1 of all time
[Newest]The greatest entertainer of all time. The man was a true gift from God.

20Mariah Carey
Come On Mimi dominated the 90's from 1990-1999 with number one hits and albums. She also won grammy's, american music awards, and billboard music awards including artist of the DECADE!
She has a 5 octave range is the most successful artists of the 90s
She has the most #1 for the 90s come on
[Newest]Come on! She has the longer position on Billboard with "One Sweet Day", 16 WEEKS in #1 men!

21Rage Against the Machine
#1 all the way
One of the best bands of all time in my opinion

22Britney Spears
Britney is the best
Her debut single alone (... Baby one more time) puts her right up there!
The ultimate pop star right after MJ. Beautiful young talent (iconic debut song and video), ruled the world in her prime last popstar to do so in that way, had the huge fall from grace and had the successful comeback which as given her more signature songs too. Won't truely be celebrated till her death sadly.
[Newest]I love Britney Spears


24Stone Temple Pilots
One of the bests



27Shania Twain

Tool all the way.
Best band of all time!
Deserves the #1 spot

29Bryan Adams
Really one of the most popular artist who has fan all over the world. That shows his greatness
everything i do
summer of 69


Best of 80 and 90s


31PJ Harvey

32K.S. Chithra
She Started to rock late 80's and continued in 90's and still now

33George Michael

34Spice Girls
Even if they were not sexy as some have said, to me they were the sexiest thing (not just beauty but the whole package). Boy bands dominated the music industry so it was nice to have a change. Coupled with their beauty, the chemistry between them in terms of the music was heavenly and they produced some friggin awesome tracks (I listen to them today and still haven't lost the feeling). Most of them being hits and they dominated the world for some time in the 90s. I mean even people hiding under rocks would have heard of them lol.
They were awesome and dominated like noother. They had the moves the personalities, and great songs. That's why they are the best artists of the 90's
Because they are the best fenomenun pop of the 90's and the biggest girlgroup of UK and of all times, 80 millions sold albums, and others.

35Better Than Ezra

A truly fantastic rap artist that smashed his way into the rap game with a unique sense of style and expression, who demonstrates confidence, strength, focus, drive and passion through his music and performances without fear.

This band revived metal in the 90's in a time dominated by grunge. Their down tuned guitars, heavy drums, hip hop inspired bass lines, and angry, pain ridden vocals created a genre very popular in the 90's, nü metal. The fact that this band is not in top ten amazes me.

38Whitney Houston

39Christina Aguilera
YOU ALL DON'T KNOW THE 90s AT ALL! The 90s was dominated by pop music. It's hard to admit but it was the truth. Just face the facts. And Christina Aguilera deserves to be on the list. But if there should be a No. 1, I think it's pretty clear it's either The Backstreet Boys or Madonna.



41Belinda Carlisle

42Big Sugar

43Def Leppard

44Ricky Martin
He is the sex symbol of music. Baby

Pinkerton and the Blue Album are the best.

46The Notorious B.I.G.
Come on! Did everyone forgot about rap at the 90's! Him and Tupac ruled the whole world at that time either him or tupac is supposed to be at the top 5 list

47Blind Melon
Favorite band ever rip Shannon Hoon

48Robbie Williams
Superb entertainer who possesses a very sharp mind - ask anyone who has worked with him. He's overcome some very tough personal battles, not easy in the business he's in and is today a very blessed man both professionally and personally
Became massive in the 1990s and just kept on going
A major music artist

49Jeff Buckley

50Avril Lavigne
She's so wonderful and pretty

51Days of the New

52Nine Inch Nails

53Celine Dion
She has hugh success in both US and Europe zone.

54Savage Garden
They're amazing I love their song truly madly deeply

The band your parents didn't want you too listen to but you had to

56Duran Duran


58The Verve

59Destiny's Child
Destiny's Child is one of the best girl groups of the late 90's- especially with the girl power man bashing songs they had in the 90's and I think Destiny's Child Say My Name song is their best 90's song from the 90's and
Destiny's child dominated the music scene in the girl band area and should totally be in the top five.


TLC are the best... and Little Destiny's Child fan.. "Say My Name" came out early 2000 but that was a good song... Anyways, TLC's CrazySexyCool came out in 1994 and been on the top 20 charts for 3 years straight... plus in the year 2014 that 20 year album is What? STILL ON THE BILLBOARD CHARTS SELLING!
The biggest R&B Girl group of all time!

Innuendo, show must go on, headlong... This single's are just from ONE album.

A very underrated band.

63No Doubt
Amazing Band, worked their way up to the top, every album is different and follows a different and well executed concept, nothing sounds the same and they always put very much thought and emotion behind their work and have a good sense for the little details that make the difference.
Gwen is an iconic figure and few female singers can match her energy and stage acting skills.

The 90s have loads of great Bands like Radiohead, Blur, NIN, Oasis, RHCP which are amazing and would equally deserve a vote too, unfortunately I only have one.
WHAAT number 54 is rediculous they helped bring an entire genre of music mainstream. Any song they made was better then any crap Gwen made after she left.

64'N Sync

65Goo Goo Dolls
How in the world is this band this low it's better than nirvanna by far just look at how many hits goo goo dolls (black balloon, let love in, here is gone, iris, better days, slide, broadway, naked, name, flat top, acoustic series in particular acoustic 3, sympathy, long way down, and more with 2 cds that got best disc of the year ( a boy named goo and gutterflower) yah good band better than nirvana but I do love nirvanna they would be 4th on my list becuase they put alternitive rock together in a way.



68Jane's Addiction

69Alanis Morissette
Best female musician of the 90s.
Such Great vocal talent

70Limp Bizkit


72Gareth Gates

I love you rip princess/baby girl

74Dinosaur Jr.


76New Kids On the Block
Hit the pinnacle of their carreer in 1990 with step by step, catchy tunes and nice lyrics.

77Dr. Dre

78Toni Braxton

79Sex Pistols


Great band. They are really quite mis-understood though. People sometimes don't give them a chance. But, those are also the people who have never heard of (or don't like because they also never gave a chance) sonic youth, Dinosaur Jr, Yo La Tengo, MBV and Built to Spill.
The indie-rock band to rule them all. From Slanted and Enchanted to Terror Twilight, each of pavements 5 albums is a masterpiece. Lyrically complex, musically innovative, they are unquestionably the best band of the 90's.


They started in mid 90's they were going to be a thing if they just kept playing that way
There a great band

84Counting Crows



87Dora Carofiglio

88Worlds Apart

Boombastic and Oh Carolina were HUGE! They were great songs that bought reggae and ska back into the public eye! Maybe not the greatest artist but certainly one of the biggest of the 90s

Debut album Dummy, won prestigious mercury award.
Band consists of: Beth Gibbons, Geoff Barrow and Adrian Utley
Other albums are; P, ortishead by Portishead and Third

This was THE band of the 90s, every album was a blockbuster in its own respect and their discography is something few can match today.

92Alicia Keys




96Take That
I would say they are the greatest boyband on england.

97The Cranberries
Not the best, but far too low on the list... Zombie is a better hit than half the bands in the top 100 have
96? Come on... Should be top 10, no doubt about it.
How were they not already on this list? They one one of the greastest bands of the '90s! And Michael Jackson, really?

One of the most heavy and influential metal bands ever!
They deserve to be at top 10, rip dimebag Darrell

Michael Jackson? Are you serious? Madonna was on the top in the 90's - hits You'll See, Vogue, Take A Bow, Justify My Love, Frozen, Ray of Light, This Used To Be My Playground, Don't Cry For Me Argentina. M. Jackson's songs weren't that popular in the 90's.


It is a joke she isn't even in the top tens. Why is she 134?


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