Most Beautiful Female Korean Idols


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The Top Ten

Seohyun's beauty transcends her physical beauty, which has been praised repeatedly by doctors for it's natural elegance. Her childhood photos and videos indicate she has been a beauty since birth. A sweet, doll-like face and long flowing hair coupled with a tall barbie-doll proportioned body that is close to perfect. But beyond that she is humble to a fault, wise beyond her years, talented in everything she puts her mind to, and most importantly, a gentle and giving soul. No level of hate and vitriol get at her because she's long maintained that 'the one who wins in the end is the one with a pure heart'. She's an example to anyone who wishes to be more than what they are, a true timeless beauty.
She is one of a kind! She changes a lot during the last 2 years. She is not the same shy and awkward Seohyun anymore. She is much more flexible right now. She is smart, she has perfect figures, and most of all, she sings very well!
She is pretty in and out! And also sexy unknowingly. Her pale skin, shapely nose, twinkly eyes, pretty smile. I can't defind her beauty just look at her and see it with your own eyes^.^
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2Park Shin-hye
I think her beauty is natural with her own positive attitude make her sunshine like princess. She always smile and never show her pain to her fans.
She have a lot of friends that I hope to be one of them, she is humble, modest and wonderful personality that make me admire her as a person.
Park Shin hye I hope to meet you someday and I wish you to be happy and healthy
She is the actress who less make up!
She really love her fans very much.
In Asian Tour, she must play with her fans!
The first actress I like very much!
I love her very much, first time I watch her drama when she is still young I fell in love to her and I begin yo be her no. 1 fan, I see her natural beauty inside and out, no plastic surgery gone.natural beauty indeed
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3Sandara Park
She looks young despite her age
Tiny little girl! She's turning 30 soon, but looks so tender and innocent! And has so beautiful face!
I voted her because of her natural beauty we all know that she's turning 30 soon but looks like an 11 yr old gal playing with her doll. And also she has a kind heart that someone can't try to have <3 love you dara. You're one of a kind.
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4Yoona Im
I think she has natural beauty. Sometimes she can be so gorgeous, other time she's so cute and innocent, and she also can be so sexy. And her dance and acting ability are so stunning. I think she is the one we're looking for!
Needless to say she is the real beauty her. Her physical appearance is so radiant that whenever you see her she'll definitely brighten up your day. She has charming personality. She's never afraid of making herself look ugly because she always turns out to be cute.
Undeniably gorgeous inside and out. Her beauty is just flawless. Her beauty is simple and so natural. Whenever I see her I feel so relax. She is the living proof of that old saying "Simplicity is beauty".
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She is beautiful, natural and cute <3 she is my girl <3 is the most beautiful
Suzy is the best (? ) e_é ♥
Most prettiest. Others are plastic!
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Sulli is really and very cute even without make-ups"!
Sulli unnie is the most perfect girl in the whole world.She is cute, gorgeous, simple, and has a pure heart...She is the perfect girl for Minho oppa...I hope they will be married someday and have a beautiful and happy family.
Her appearence isn't typical (comparing with Yoona and Krystal). She is just memorizable. Honestly, she is the most beatiful girl I've ever seen. No matter what people say about her I will love her forever!
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7Krystal Jung
Most beautiful~She is perfect with infinite L~
The best face I thought... I think she look beautiful every time
She looks pretty in the heirs drama as lee bona. And I like when she speak.
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8Kim Tae-yeon
How come no one vote for our SNSD leader who is beautiful, cute and with a very good voice!
Taeyeon is the prettiest member in snsd in my opinion.
She is perfect¡ she is the most beasutiful idol

9Jessica Jung
Isn't she berutiful?
Beauty amazing she good breath-taking
Breathtaking beauty! Doesn't try to be fake just to please others! Always herself! She's soft and sweet on the inside!
Love her angel voice and she is perfectly korea barbie doll
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10Yuri Kwon
Just to see her in this list. Me, as her #0 fan, I'm flattered as well. I mean, Hello? She got on the top 10, even though she's a bit tanned or dark. Moreover, she's really natural. I mean, look at her photos when she was young. She's my ultimate bias. She's a goddess. She's so sexy and fabulous. She, being on top 10.. I'm proud of her.
Yuri is the prettiest!
She's so hot! If you want to know whether that girl/woman is beautiful or not, you better see them when they got darker.. The conclusion is.. She's a goddess, beautiful n perfect even she's not having a pale white skin. Just imagine her having a pale white skin guys.. Just, WOW! Right?
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The Contenders

11Park Bom
Her fluffy cheeks, pretty eye bags, cute eyes... Sexy body, and one of the best vocals of k-pop industry! BOMIE HWAITING!
BOMMIE is like a queen, I've been a fan of her voice for too long, her personality, her laugh, and her expressions are just super CUTE! , also considering her beautiful flawless legs and body, she deserves to be within the top 10
I like her vocals so much. When I watched "I love you" MV, I found that Park Bom looks a lot like my favorite doll.

She has the brightest smile. She has positive energy and spread the love to everyone around her. She is a hardworker idol who always do the best in every chance she had. I love her.

Beautiful with or without makeup^^ memorable face with charming characteristics~ Tall switch legs with go on foreverr
She has a different and fresh face that we need to see more often in the Korean entertainment industry.
She prettier than before,
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14Song Ji Hyo
Did everyone forget about her? Running man is already shows everything about her. And I deeply in love with her.
Running man shows everything about her. And I deeply in love with her beauty and personality.
She's a natural beauty.
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15Kang Ji Young
She's the true epitome of Korean beauty!

16Kim Tae Hee

Her smile is seriously pleasant
She has good look and good personality

Bora is pretty and cute though. And I love her skin


20Moon Chae Won
"Flawless complexion, radiant skin with bright eyes. Simply glamorous"
Loving all her dramas

The best visual for me. Everything about her is gorgeous.


23Han Hyo Joo
Hyo Joo is most beautifal.

24Son Na-eun
She's beautiful than any other else


26Kim So-eun

Serri is beautiful. Enough said.

28Park Ha-sun

29Han Ga In


31Lee Hyori


33Park Gyuri
I just love everything about her. She's a natural beauty, never a faker. Plus, she has the body of a model. Can be a Victoria's Secret babe.
I just love everything about her. She's a natural beauty, never a faker. Plus, she has the body of a model. Can be a Victoria's Secret babe.
She's sure a natural beauty. That beauty's been following her since she was just a little girl~

34Gong Hyo Jin
She's cute and funny...Loving her acting in "The masters sun" drama

35Yoon Eun-hye
She's the most beautiful celebrity in Korea inside and out.

36Go Ara
Those hazel eyes, they terrorize!

37Amber Liu
She's beauty, pretty in and out! And also sexy unknowingly. Her pale skin, twinkly eyes, pretty smile and different hair style.. I can't defind her beauty just look at her and see it with your own eyes^.^
She is my favorite pretty girl...

38Park Jiyeon
She's definitely beautiful. She should be at the top spot.

39Ha Ji Won
She is a multimedia star

40Goo Ha-ra

41Shin Min-a

Sexiest member of Secret.

43Kim Hyuna
Hyuna is most beautiful for me because she had a good voice and so pretty and cute face she also sexy...
She is the prettiest I ever saw in KPOP Idols others are just cute but she is Pretty!

Powerful voice, I'm waiting for her to sing Adele's songs.

Sexy performer. Pretty face. BoA is a package.


47Nam Gyu Ri


49Kim Dahee

She is very pretyy! And congrats to her for being the second most pretty in 100 top prettiest critics list. She should on 1st place in this list.
I think Nana is the prettiest among female Korean idol. She looks gorgeous. And she is very sexy

51Yooara - Hello Venus
She is completely perfect!
Her bambie eyes catch fans soon and lovely face she has.
Also a good type of body
And of course talented.
Why not to support ara n hello venus?

52Yoon Bomi

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