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1 Growl

Even my sister and mother like this song, and they don't care for K-pop. The melody is so smooth yet upbeat. It stays in your head after you hear it. It's number one for a good reason. Remember that, it's seriously good. The video only adds to the classy vibes and attractive atmosphere of the song. So good.

Here's my take. Growl is the best K-pop song I have ever listened to. It's a mix of different genres like hip-hop, RnB, and pop.

I have never heard any K-pop song that sounds like Growl. It's one of a kind. I personally think that EXO was no longer able to produce this kind of song because there were 12 members when it was created. Both the vocals and the choreography of this song are also great. Very iconic!

2 Overdose

The best song from EXO, hands down! This song was the first one that made me fall in love with them. It has a great flow and doesn't sound weird to the ears, whether or not you understand Korean.

Need a song that has great singers, an addictive beat, and an awesome dance? This is the song you're looking for!

This was the first song I heard by them and is tied with Call Me Baby as their best song, hands down. Nothing compares to the rhythm and breakdown of the song. The singing is great and the music video is amazing. I don't understand how Wolf can come close to this. That song was horrible.

3 Call Me Baby

This was the first song that I found by EXO, and I just fell in love with it! I can't express how amazing this song is. It just makes me feel very happy every time I listen to and watch the music video!

This song is just addicting, and the feeling is as well. Also, Chanyeol is just so hot with his grayish-blue hair, and I can't get enough of him in the music video! All of the EXO guys were just too hot, and their dance was so awesome! This is just their best song ever!

Personally, this is one of my favorite EXO songs. Call Me Baby is a fun song with great vocals and presence. The flirty nature of the song, paired with the confident vocals, makes it an excellent listen.

The use of vocal harmonies and chant-worthy lyrics is excellent.

4 Monster

Why isn't this song number one? This song was their comeback. It showed the public that EXO was capable of more than what they believed.

There are many more EXO and, in general, K-pop fans now because of this song. This song is not just good. It's amazing and addicting. It's nothing like I have ever heard before. EXO beat their old record with this song for a reason. Go EXO, fighting!

Monster is EXO's latest song and it's amazing. In just 24 hours, it had 4.5 million views, breaking their old record. I have personally listened to it over a billion times. The song itself is incredible, and when paired with their choreography, it's just breathtaking. This should seriously be number one!

5 Wolf

WOLF is actually a great song. A lot of people say that the song is too much, and I would agree. But this song is great. This is the most difficult K-pop song to cover, both in singing and dancing!

The vocal runs of D.O. and Baekhyun towards the bridge part are lit! And Chen hitting the highest note? Yes! The rap parts are also on fire!

Just love everything about the song, from the beat to the dancing. I think the style that EXO brings is very unique and different from what other groups bring. It's more hard-hitting, and I LOVE the dance moves as well.

6 Mama

MAMA is no doubt a masterpiece. It was such a brave move for EXO to debut with a non-radio-friendly song. Despite not gaining appeal from the general public, I think this is one of the best songs that SM has ever produced.

From the message, the arrangement, and how the song affects you in a creepy and baffling kind of way, no one can pull this song off aside from EXO.

I'm such a fan of EXO that I always subscribe to them. One of the music videos I like is Mama. I don't know why, but it keeps singing in my head. Maybe it just shows how great their song Mama is, that I can't get it out of my head!

7 What is Love?

How can you not love this song? It has this laid-back, chill "cowboy-riding-through-the-desert" feel, and it's just such a sweet and genuine song with beautiful lyrics. It's definitely one of my top 10 EXO songs!

It's their very first released song, and my bias, Baekhyun, along with the vocally blessed D.O., sings it. The two of them make a perfect mix. Just listen to the song "Moonlight," which is another song with only these two members singing (another one of my top 10 EXO songs), and hear how good they are! They always sing with such passion and sincerity. I love them so much.

8 Baby Don't Cry

An endearing song about a mermaid, according to live interviews with the EXO boys explaining their songs. I love how the song has a mellow tune, and it's easy to listen to. Not overpowering, just genuine and nicely composed to catch an audience's attention.

I really like this song because it's a masterpiece. Every lyric is meaningful, and when I listened to it, I felt so much emotion that my heart beat fast! EXO is really amazing!

Baby Don't Cry is the best song of EXO for me! It sounds very good to the ears. And I like hearing it every day.

9 Black Pearl

This song is so beautiful. There's no other way to describe it. It's just absolutely gorgeous and powerful, and it is definitely one of my favorites, if not my favorite song by EXO.

This deserves at least 5th place. I love this song, the smooth lyrics, the adventurous and overwhelming beat, just yes.

I love this song. It gives me quite a mysterious atmosphere, and I love the chorus part.

10 Miracles In December

This song is amazing! It is absolutely beautiful - the tune, lyrics, and the boys themselves. I was reduced to tears when I first heard this song, and every time I listen to it, it still does.

Chen, D.O., and Baekhyun's voices are so beautiful together and individually. But it was the music video as well. When all the guys' eyes are teary, like Chanyeol and Tao, it just pulls the heartstrings and turns on the waterworks. I feel it's one of their best. I absolutely love it!

EXO's powerhouse vocal proved themselves. In the Chinese version, even though Luhan quit, and the parts sung by Lay, the feel has not changed. This song shows how good and well-controlled EXO's Chen is.

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11 History

It's just such an amazing song, and the way it symbolizes how all of EXO is united as one. It deserves to be at least number two.

This is actually one of my favorite songs from EXO concerning dance routine and song composition.

With their supernatural powers, I felt like they are the guardians of the galaxy!

12 Xoxo

This song is typically for youngsters or high schoolers, suiting a campus crush or their first crush. They're so cute in this video. No high notes, and it's so refreshing.

13 My Lady

I LOVE THIS SONG! This is definitely one of EXO's most underrated songs. Yes, people may say the lyrics are a bit sexual, but have you heard the songs out there these days? I choose to say the song is more sensual.

I love the beat, the harmonies are amazing, and the lyrics and the rap are great.

This song is so underrated. Honestly, being a fan since the beginning, I think this one is really good. I genuinely think it's better than some that are more popular. But anyway, all of these songs are pretty good in the end.

This song strikes just the right chords! Was floored since the first time I heard it. The melody is easy and smooth and just the right amount of flirty.

14 3.6.5

This song makes me feel fresh.

15 Thunder

I honestly don't know why this song isn't in the top 5 because it is the BEST song ever. The members' voices, the great lyrics, and the awesome beat create this total masterpiece.

This was the first song I showed to some non-K-pop fans, and they instantly became EXO fans. They LOVED it!

It really is one of the best! It should be in the top 5! One of those precious gems you can find in albums!

The beat and the beginning. Ugh! So amazing.

16 El Dorado

One of the best songs lyrically, vocally, and musically from EXO is El Dorado. The premise of finding happiness in a fabled golden city, using it as a metaphor for the pursuit of happiness, is genius. The song uses metaphors of adventure: traveling through high waves of desert sand, walking as one under the same sun and sky, all in search of that fabled golden city. This provides a deeply engaging experience.

The theme of happiness and perseverance makes the song thematically perfect. The vocals are as adventurous and thrilling as the narrative. There are exciting dynamics in the verses leading into the choruses, culminating in the climax of the song. With vocals as regal as the lyrical content, Baekhyun hits an F5 at the very end, perfectly concluding the Bb4s and D5s that maintain the song's excitement throughout.

17 Love Me Right

This song is actually so amazing. The beat is catchy, and it just gets you addicted! How can anyone say no to this song?

Really catchy song. The MV is really cool, kind of video collages, dreamy look, kind of retro. The feel is great! Can't get enough of this song.

Nice melody and cool lyrics, "You are my entire universe." The best song ever. Because of this song, I began to love EXO and especially Kai.

18 Let Out the Beast
19 Peter Pan

This is a real heart-warmer. If you know the lyrics, then you will be touched. I love how all of EXO's songs have extremely meaningful lyrics and beautiful rhythms. This rap is just an art, and I felt the devotion of the members fill me up.

I really like this music of EXO, especially the lyrics. It makes my heart beat really fast, especially since it was sung by my favorite member of EXO! More power to you! May you create more amazing songs for us! I will always support you, no matter what happens!

I love this song! Even without knowing the lyrics, I thought it sounded wonderful. I really love this song! WE ARE ONE!

20 Don't Go

I can't believe this is lower than Growl! Yes, Growl made EXO popular, but right after this era, EXO went downhill (in a way). Growl is mediocre at best.

While this song, this is a masterpiece and what you call music. I have been an EXOstan since the very beginning, and this song, ever since it was released, deepened my love for them.

Not only do I love the song, but also the instrumental and piano covers. The instrumental and piano covers just make the song even more lovely. It totally gives it the whole "Farewell" feeling to it.

21 Promise

I CAN'T listen to this song without crying. It's a really beautiful song, and the fact that Lay produced the music while Chen and Chanyeol wrote the lyrics makes it so much more real. It's so sad how many fans left EXO-L when Luhan and Kris left (and later Tao).

This is a song that comes from the hearts of EXO, about what they actually feel and felt (check the translation of the lyrics if you haven't already). This is not for entertainment only. It's real. And still, it's such a good song in all possible ways.

22 Lucky

I feel totally addicted to this song. It keeps ringing in my head after I listened to it a few times. Well, I just love it.

This song is really amazing. I truly enjoy the music. I've played it over and over again.

This is the most amazing song I've ever heard. It always makes me feel good.

23 Cloud 9

This has to be their best song ever! All their voices fit perfectly in this song, and Chanyeol's part was heaven!

24 Heart Attack

Thanks to this site, I found my new favorite! Listen to Heart Attack!

This song is amazing! The instrumental is great, and I love the vocals, especially in the EXO M version. Very soothing but thrilling at the same time. It's definitely an underrated track!

I get a heart attack every time. It's so perfect.

25 My Answer

This song is very good! Oh, God... Not good, this is perfect! This song makes me cry.

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