Top 10 Best Turkish Rappers

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1 Sagopa Kajmer

Sagopa is the king!

I'm already listen Eminem, 2Pac, Vinnie etc. But Sagopa is really the best rapper of all time.

Best of the turkish rap

Sago is the best ever and nobody will replace him. Sago is nr. 1 and he will remain forever!

2 Ceza

The most admirable lyrics writer in Turkey... when he talks you muse into deep thoughts instead of love you think world other side

Born to do this job, he is a true master! Writer of some of the most meaningful lyrics I have ever heard.

He is very fluently and faster than the others + He is oldschool + Realistic and his storytelling tracks teach to us real life. Thank you Ceza

The list is ridiculous. Ceza is the best in Turkey. Not the ones who haven't made a regular album for 10 years

3 Norm Ender

Norm is one number! Sago second. Ceza 41289749812.

Because dude he is norm

Norm Ender best rapper.

Because he is the best

4 Sansar Salvo

Very Underrated. I think it has a place in the top 3. Sansar Salvo has written wonderful pieces from the past to the present. In 2007, this man's songs used to be heard every minute. The lyrics and the beats were in the foreground in his songs. Their songs included meaning. In time, they dissolved with Sagopa Kajmer. They challenged. And Sansar officially announced Sagopa to his limit. But still he did not fail with respect. Bombalar Hedef Bulur, Ağır Roman, Ölürsem Bugün, 180 KM songs are the most beautiful.

Sansar Salvo is Turkey's most cheeky. It draws attention with its enormous flows. The periods of 2005-2010 were especially extraordinary. sometimes he answered sagopa. It has already passed Ceza.

He is one of the oldschool rappers. He has 30+ Diss tracks, he dissed to many Mc and some of Mc disappeared from the song community

He dissolved Sagopa very well with the diss piece called "Parani Verdim". Turkish was one of the best diss of the rap, in my opinion.

5 Allame

Allame is the best turkish rapper of all times.

Allame is the leader of turkish rap. Incredible beats,lyrics,creativity.

Allame is number one

6 Joker

Joker famous for his disses. He has got really amazing style. Norm Ender crying.

Diss of the King

7 Fuat Ergin

My point is 9 bro

8 Tankurt Manas

He is really fast but he is new. You will get to know him.

He is doing amazing fast rap songs with a great quality. You need to listen

9 Hidra

Freestyle Rap master. I'm sure he will defeat Turkish Rap Underground and his style will legend.

He will best on the world. He is Turkish Eminem

Hidra best of rapper. Hidra will be king!

Writes the best lyrics

10 Saian

He is studying engineering at ITU. his brother, boss flex, also raps. originally from sturgeon. No record label, label etc. is affiliated. He also records in his own home. He took the stage at hiphoplife s parties. His latest album is called 'being' and is of very high quality. The song "in the colors" by saian, who does a great job underground, is amazing. There are also some feat he did with mc such as raziel, reproach, and gorse.

This man is the king of Turkish rap who writes horrible words and reads them hard.

He is the king of the turkish protest rap.

He is not a protest rap, he is a revolution.

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11 Karaçalı

He is best on the World. "King of the Spoken Word Rap! ".

12 Saian Sakulta Salkım

Saian the best writer ever.

13 Contra

What? He is 11? But he is best.

14 Şehinşah

Deserves 1st place, He's an Idol for the Turkish youth and he's been in this business for a long time.

Rapper with the best vocabulary.

Best freestyler in Turkey.

He is original

15 No.1

You write amazing lyrics!

If norm ender is the third best rapper then NO1 has to find a better spot than first place

16 Ais Ezhel

One of the most unique voices of rap in Turkey, stunning in a way.

He is one of a kind, the best in my opinion.

He has good lyrics and has an other style of rap as the other rappers

17 Mode XL

The real best!

18 Hayki

He is the king of the protest rap.

Real fantastic king

19 Gazapizm
20 Dr.Fuchs
21 Massaka

36... Underground... Diablo... He is Massaka.

He has throat cancer

Never been dissed

Real gangsta rap

22 Patron

The Patron is very good

Patron is the best.

23 Defkhan

Rhyme and flow king

24 Arsız Bela

Best scream ever

25 Enes Alper

"Best emotional rapper"

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