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awesome beer I can drink it whole day
its just portugal magic that whenever I drink I feel cool and refreshing...
the best beer money can buy in the world I guess! other beer doesn't have the taste and the tingling in between of hops and lots of fizz but in bud u'll find both in equivalent proportion
Smooth like lotion which directly hits the throat that gives a satis
[Newest]Awesome beer it's absolutely great
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I drank Budweiser everyday I drank every beer on the list, there all good in their own unique way, and whatever fits your taste. None of them have anything on Heiniken, other than a cheaper price. You can drink Heiniken all day, literally, you can drink massive amounts and you just get that perfect beer high everybody wants. They put so much time and effort into producing it, there the real deal. Now I know the rest of you beer drinkers probably won't listen to all that, listen to this though, you can continue to drink your beer whatever it may be you can continue to fund your beer company while they pocket millions you can continue to stay stubbourn and stick to what you know, I can tell you I literally tried on a regular basis every beer on this list, there all good beers, and any beer will taste good, it's beer. It's like saying there's no good vodka all vodka is good it's vodka, and it's not about the price yeah Heiniken is expensive that sucks, is it worth it? Absolutely, you can drink this at the bar although sometimes the bottles are ***** looking, it tastes good in cans, girls at first don't drink it cause they grew up on other beer that's weak, you can drink it all day no hangover. I've been drinking beer forever I know when someone likes a brand, look at the mickeys reviews, trust me I used to be that stupid, look at the Budweiser reviews they have been baby fed that beer their whole life literally they know nothing else, I'm not here to pimp up Heiniken, I have no loyalty to it, it's a beer and compared to every beer on this list it's the best. I don't have time to drink other beers that I know aren't as good, I dare you to find a Heiniken drinker that acts out of control drunk when there drinking you can't find it, compare that to Budweiser and company the only thing there the king of is hangovers and DUI's trust me I know from personal experience. I'm not going to waste anymore of your time, cause I know it's valuable, if you want the best time drinking a beer that gets you high and it made only with quality in mind, drink Heiniken, it's better than Budweiser and any Bud drinker that's thinks otherwise there all broke asses every Budweiser drinker you see is broke, cause there wasting all the time drinking Budweiser, I know I been there! You are what you drink, do you want the best or you want to settle for less? Your choice
This is a real beer! Budweiser is water with color!
Heineken stands high above the KINGS and QUEENS of beers!
[Newest]Their is no opinion, just a great beer

3Corona Extra
Best beer in the world, pronto! If beer came out of fountains, it'd be Corona. Bud is good, but nothing like PABST BLUE RIBBON! Belgians also have some of the best strong beers, check 'em out, you'll find it worthy.
Best Beer Ever! Only beer I drink.. Nothing like a nice chilling corona on a very hot summer day.. Or even just to be chilling in your couch with a corona by your side.. Ohh and don't forget the wedge of lemon..
Corona feels very smooth and strikingly very strong at the same time... Mates whenever you are planning for going on beach.. Take this with you.. It very add up to your fun quotient.. Enjoy
[Newest]Tastes like skunk piss squeezed in a bottle worst beer I've ever tasted miller lite it way better

If you can't drink a Guinness draught, then your just a little boy drinking 4/5 water-beer. Guinness draught gives you the perfect head every time these guys from Dublin are the real deal. If you can only drink a light beer, at least leave bud light out of the question.. Its nothing but a huge marketing gimmick. Every blind taste test I have seen between light beers, miller light wins for the overall favorite every time. Budweiser is good.. But bud light is nothing but water. You can almost watch T.V. looking at it through a glass of it. Try doing that with a guinness
My goodness my Guinness! Your not a man until you drink it! Surely the best drink money can buy! Guinness is the best! Cheers and Guinness from Dublin! Guinnes at its best. If you can't drink a Guinness draught, then your just a little boy drinking 4/5 water-beer. Guinness draught gives you the perfect head every time :-) these guys from Dublin are the real deal. If you can only drink a light beer, at least leave bud light out of the question.. Its nothing but a huge marketing gimmick. Every blind taste test I have seen between light beers, miller light wins for the overall favorite every time. Budweiser is good.. But bud light is nothing but water. You can almost watch T.V. looking at it through a glass of it. Try doing that with a guinness
It's a Stout.. and it separates the men from the boys.


[Newest]I am 45 and I love Guinness

5Efes Pilsen
taste once.. choice of the beer fans.
"Thirsting of life" - it is true after you taste it!
c incisiker c good beer feels very smooth and strikingly very strong at the same time
[Newest]Best tasting beer out there and so refreshing on a hot day a ice cold efes on a hot day in Turkey it heaven

6Kingfisher Premium Lager
"SAVE WATER DRINK BEER" Don't only say it Just do it.
The great indian beer... A perfect blend of taste and power. Just try once and you will fall in love with it. Beer of indians. Don't dare.
He great indian beer... A perfect blend of taste and power. Just try once and you will fall in love with it. Beer of indians. Don't dare.
[Newest]Excellent in test, say Wow

7Sam Adams
World class. Their Summer Ale is exquisite. They also have a fine array of tastes for most beer drinkers.


I really love DogFish. But you wanna know the truth. I have never tasted a Sams Adams beer that I didn't like. I cannot say the same for other Brands on this list. For over 30 plus styles of Sam Adams I have drank, Nothing and I mean nothing or no-one has delivered a time after time enjoyable and un-disappointed experience than Sams.
Drank a dozen Busch lights on the weekends finally gave up the crap piss. Tried Sam Adams. Cherry wheat and maple pecan.. 1 per evening.. Never going back again. Excellent beer.. I guess I finally grew up.
[Newest]It is a world class beer

THIS should be at the top.

Bud is hype. A perfect example of throwing millions into advertising to buy popularity with an inferior product.

Heineken in North America is crap but I give the original a solid top 5.

Any Corona = more hype and I challenge anyone "loving" this beer to leave it out, overnight and take a sniff. Smells like it was brewed in a sewage treatment plant. That's why you need a lime to drink it.

Guinness? Try 'Black Wych' from Wychwood. Unlike Guinness, it's a great dark stout without the bitter tones. Far superior!

Coors of any style: even more hype. There was a mystique in the east (US) when you could not get this beer. Rocky Mountain water my ass. They wanted a brewery in Asheville, N.C. but the city wouldn't cut them a break on their water usage.

Sam Adams. Very good, simple, clean lager. Just not quite as good as Yuengling, IMO.

Don't be sheeple!
Yuengling... From a woman who drank pale beers for almost 30 years... Absolutely the best. I started with Lager, then moved to Black and Tan, now I purchase Porter whenever I can find it. Wonderful flavor. Smooth. Simply the best beer I have ever had the pleasure to drink. Once you switch to Yuengling, the others taste like horse pee!
I believe it is the most smoothest beer out there, along with flavor! Beats Bud. Then again anything does.
Coors Light beats Bud and dush (bush) ANY DAY!
This country needs to get back to American owned and made! When it gets right down to it!
[Newest]American, reasonable price, superior taste. Both regular and light.

when I drink this beer I feel cool really cool, its taste is best in world.
drink drink drink drink and drink only Carlsberg & feel
Brilliant beer always. Beats Bud, Corona, Heineken, all of them! Perfect for Summer parties!
This is by far the most excellent beer made. It's taste is so smooth, you have to be careful not to drink it too fast, or you'll catch yourself half drunk by surprise. I don't understand people who like the American domestic beers that are fast-brewed and bitey. Especially, lite beers really suck.
[Newest]Outstanding beer, can drink it all the time

10San Miguel Pale Pilsen
best beer in the world, best priced beer, and friendlies people in the world to share them with in the philippines.
the best beer endorsed truly by the no. 1 boxer of all time! pound for pound king PACQUIAO!
Yes a its is really tasty as always everyone loves it...
[Newest]Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! Aah... Cheers! Best among the best!
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11Coors Light
Coors is amazing drank it all the time through college and am still drinking it today
Every high schools kids dream!


Coors Light is a light beer produced by the Coors Brewing Company. It was first produced in 1978.
The beer has a "Cold Certified" label which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue when the beer's temperature is lowered to 4 degrees Celsius
[Newest]It rocks! Perfect beer for a red neck party!

This beer is not liked where it comes from in Australia - yet the world seem to love it! To piss weak for Aussies, but anything would be better than that crap they serve in America - it is like a glass of mineral water with a twist of light beer!
You dun know 'bout this beer. If you know, you didn't vote for another beer. It's unique, ultimate beer.
Had 2 guys ask me to get Fosters beer when I owned a bar in the USA. Liked the extra large cans it came in.
[Newest]It's so comfort in drink

13Miller Lite
Miller Lite AWESOME for low carb diets and losing weight! 3.2 carbs per bottle! Tastes GREAT and LESS filling! By far my favorite beer!
Ever notice, for the most part, the only people that you see drinking Coors, Bud products or any kind of beer that you have to put a piece of fruit in are either women, or men who want to be seen as beer drinkers? Very few of these people are seen with a Miller in their hand.
Miller goes down the easiest. The taste is great taste in lite beer. Once you get use to them, It's like drinking water
[Newest]Best beer ever the first and best lite beer

14Dogfish Head
Dogfish knows how to brew a real beer, not just an American light lager like almost every beer on the list. People should know that beer is more than what they're told to drink from advertising!
Brewer from Delaware, I especially like his 22% beer. 1 is more alcohol than 4 Coors lights.


One of the better beers I have ever tried and it has now become one of my favorites to drink while either watching UFC ppvs or tailgating at football games I have the 60 minute and 90 minute in my fridge
[Newest]Wow what a snazzy beer just every time I drink it my feet practically explode!

A Belgian white wheat beer. One of the best.
totally addicted after discovering this gem, the flavor is very unusual and distinct but especially enjoyable, love this beer, my absolute favorite
Please try... Do not go by my comments alone.. The best beer..
[Newest]Very nice I love it

The best beer by far hands down!
This is my favorite beer! Next one is Heineken! It's the same company who makes them but Amstel is my favortie in the World!

17Stella Artois
It's an awesome Belgium lager. Better than Heiniken, in my opinion. My favorite!
Really? Some of the 13 that are higher than this aren't worth a top 10.
It is known that Belgium is the country of beer.
Do the test: First drink Heineken, then Corona, then Budweiser and then drink Stella Artois. You will wonder yourself why you wasted money on the previous 3 "beers".
Best belgium blonde I've ever tasted. Its just awesome! Nothing else to say about it
[Newest]One of the best every day beers in the world

18Sarajevsko Pivo
This is not a beer,
this is The Beer.
Long lasting taste, smooth, very clear. One of the best lager beer
ever made.
Top beer ever made, because of the water quality in Bosnia.
I have tried many many beers, but Sarajevsko is something special, especially Sarajevsko Premium Beer with thermal cover so you can literally see (letter M in word premium is glowing red on right temperature) when it's cool to drink.
[Newest]Have you ever tried premium that is top

19Dos Equis
I define this beer as "The" Premium imported Brand, it has all you want in an imported brand. Taste, recognition, sophistication, etc, etc.
Full of flavor goes easy and separates you from the herd... Intriguing beer... Definitely "the most interesting beer in the world"
Honestly we all just like the commercial, let's be real here.
At museums he's allowed to touch the art.
He is the most interesting man it the world.

After enjoying this beer it makes me wonder how "Coors" and "Bud" even made the list. This beer is full of flavor but a little heavy. Love the taste but can't drink more than a few without needing a long nap.
What the hell? It is way too good not to be top 10, nevermind top 100
Rich and strong. A real man drink!

Its real enjoyment when I feel sad... It's my cute buddy... No one justify this effect... Its amazing feelings... Be a male... Be a dare male tiger...
A big beer from a small country. It has also won more awards (and repeatedly) than just about any beer out there. Budweiser? Meh - Maybe if you can't hold your alcohol.
Very refreshing in a hot Asian country at the end og a working day. Severe ice cold in an iced chilled glass.
[Newest]As for me best beer I ever drink

From abbey of leffe in belgium, second best after la chouffe.
Blonde is my favorite
Abbaye de Leffe at 135? But Leffe is easily among the top ten, if not the top three, for any drinker with taste. What happened to all the Belgian beers, the best in the world? The only two I can see are Stella Artois and Amstel, but they are industrial beers. Where are the artesanal beers? Where are the Chimays for instance?

23Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
This fine Californian hop-soda deserves more than a mere honorable mention in a top beers list.
This beer is truly phenomenal and just downright amazing.. It deserves WAY better than 40th!
Best tasting beer on tap or bottled. Seasonal or not, beats the rest. Never a bad choice with Sierra Nevada

One of the best Italian beers. Tried it in Rome. Very different and easy to drink
Easy to drink beer. Tried it in Naples. Love it.
Best beer in Italy!


It's not only in Bali, you can also find it in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.
It is only in Bali I know but it tastes so good!


People just know about bali. Well, bali is a part of indonesia. You can find bintang beers at nearby stores in every cities in indonesia
[Newest]The only beer taste best in Indonesia

27Warsteiner Premium Beer
this beer is under rated its the only beer I drink hail to the germans!
There isn't really a bad beer made in Germany. I've spent the last 50 years traveling back to Germany, and tried them all.
[Newest]The best on this planet

28Miller High Life
Surprisingly one of the better American mass produced beers, it is often over looked by image conscious fools who only drink what is "cool" i.e. Bud Lite.
I've drank Miller High Life for 35 Years. And yes many people look down on this beer but it is one of the best tasting beers out there. Maybe not the coolest beer out there but drank by real beer drinkers.
hell yeah and not too mention the cheapest beer out there and good too
[Newest]I try the micro brews, but if I'm buying-Miller stands clear

29Heady Topper
So far I have 3500 lables under my belt. Heady topper kicks them right in the can! The cans are coated inside. You won't find it on line or in a store. You must go to vt to get it. Am on long island and some bars go to get it. Best ipa and
Once you try it you. Will understand!

I'm not expecting anyone to give the slightest bit of notice regarding this entry, however this family run brewer from Sussex in the South-East of England creates the finest beer my body has consumed! (Their best bitter, old ales and are my favourites)

Paulaner wheat has to be the best beer I have drank in my life. Most do not know about it. Guess marketing is not there for it yet. Always remember to leave about a 1/2 inch or more in the bottle and swirl to get all the yeast out the bottom. Try not to burp the beer as you pour it out... Just let it poor out slow enough... Then the taste will be there completely.
fantastic beer i'm dutch and I like a real refreshing bitter taste...
absolutely the best beer I've tasted while drinking truckloads of beer for the last three decades!
LOVE This stuff, Can't find it anywhere except for fancy restaurants :(

32Peroni Nastro Azzurro

33Anchor Steam Beer
Outstanding beer that started the microbrewery revolution in the US.
Great beer that is just better than what you have.
Each brew is virtually handmade from an all-malt mash in a handcrafted copper brewhouse.

Best beer in the world. Just too bad it's hardly available as the monks make just enough as needed to finance their abbey.
I've been to the brewery and came home with 12 bottles of #12. It's great! E.

35Heineken Light

Drink 1 for 5 days and you'll hardly ever drink anything else ever again.
That's the truth about Duvel.
Please, not simillar as a Stella! It's the perfect belgian blond Ale, well balanced, with force & charachter. The one.
I think this is the best beer there is. Smooth, but hearty. Its not cheap, but it is worth it.
[Newest]The Best! Of the best.

37Bell's Hopslam Ale
Huge IPA, a real celebration of hops in a bottle! I also love their "Oracle".
Bell's has been brewing world class beers for a long long time, and this one is a real treasure.
Any bells is awesome beer

38Old Hooky

39Rolling Rock
Angry Video Game Nerd's favourite
Son-in-law gave me a couple of cans yesterday (4th) at their campsite around the campfire excelent tasting beer! Plan on buying a 30 can cs. tomorrow


41St. Bernardus


43Bell's Two Hearted Ale
Worth the drive to Kalamazoo- FROM ANYWHERE!

44Three Floyds
Brewed right here in good old Indiana


46Innis & Gunn

47Molson Canadian
Clean, smooth, flavorful without being bitter or too think out of Canada since hockey!!
Just simply the best. American beers crap drink the real stuff.


Top of the tops
Best beer I've ever tasted! Very hard to get in the U. K unfortunatly, but I just found some in the supermarket! YES, should be number one!

Good Brazilian beer. Got better since Heineken bought it.

Stronger and better taste than corona no need to stuff a lemon or lime down its throat just to make it drinkable
Good beer. The taste defines it.
Better than Corona for sure.

51Stone India Pale Ale
Stone is by far my favorite brewery. I have to drive over 100 miles for this IPA, but I do it willingly.
My favorite beer. The crisp, hoppy flavor hasn't been matched by the many microbreweries that have spung up over the past 15 years. They all owe Stone a huge debt of gratitude, for turning the world on to the strong ale. Always will be #1 in my opinion.
Best beer in the world

52Cigar City

53Pabst Blue Ribbon
Just a good old fashion American beer. It's what you drink when you want your beer to taste like beer! There's a reason a lot of people from our greatest generation drank Pabst, because great people know great beer!
it does have the first place blue ribbon right in its name
Kid rock baby. My first lay high school all over again with every can love it love pabst. An I'm Canadian way better than Budweiser. And it's cheap as hell.
[Newest]Not as good as miller light but still pretty good my 2nd favorite beer

54Magic Hat #9
Sublimely smooth with a taste that is refreshing and truly enjoyable. Not overly sweet like many fruit beers, but the subtle taste of apricots goes perfectly with a summer day

55Natural Ice
Strong, cheap. Enough said.

56Red Stripe
Best beer from the caribbean!

57Keystone Ice
My favorite, tastes good, 5.9 and is priced right.

58FIX Hellas
Best greek lager in Greece
Nicest I've ever tasted shame lager ain't in the same league in the uk

59Russian River

60Blue Moon
Add an orange and this beer is amazing. Draft is better of coarse! But the bottles aren't awful.
The best beer I add a lemon with mine. Sweet taste and great with tequila too. Treat yourself don't cheat yourself
Presently pleased with this beer. Just the right admit of crisp with an orange peel.

If you have never tried moosehead you have never had joy in your life. Don't talk about the taste of Bud if you have never tasted moosehead. Most of you americans have never tasted a real moose because you get watered down garbage beer in the U.S. come to Canada for real beer and taste the tears of god.
Lifetime Budweiser drinker then a friend introduced me to moosehead. My friend and I have talked 3 stores into stoking it and now they have rows of it. Definitely should be further up the list!
Moosehead Light is head and shoulders over Bud Light. I agree with the poster before me, the Moosehead they sell in the States is not the same as Moosehead in Canada.

Crisp and Golden color and a perfect accompaniment to a Chinese or Japanese meal, it's an amazingly refreshing beer. The flavor almost like crisp spring water
Best beer in international brand
Most popular premium beer in Japan.

63Red Horse Beer
extra strong beer, the beer that kicks you back..
I been looking for this beer here in Singapore, most of the beer here is 5% alcohol volume. Red horse beer is 7.6% alcohol. 1 bottle of it for a 6 or 7 dollar sg is very worth of your money. It can really satisfied your thirst and the aftermath is like you are kicked by a HORSE.
the best beer I've ever tasted.. the money that you're spending is worth it. party!
[Newest]The Best. I want one now.

64Shock Top Belgian Wheat
I could drink this beer all day and night the way the brewed this was ingenious, even give you directions on how to poor the beer in your glass to enjoy it more. Light and smooth with a little thickness but not over powering
Great beer glad I picked some up couldn't be more pleased.

65Breckenridge Brewery Lucky U IPA




69Holsten Pils

70Newcastle Brown Ale
I grew up on German beer and this is superb substitute. Flavorful, a nice bite and goes wonderfully well with roast beef and cold tomato on cream cheese, green onion and black olives on pumpernickel bread.
All black beer comes from England, Stout, Porter and ale
The first time I bought this, I bought it in a pony keg for about $22 which is the only way I'll even buy it now. so smooth and warms you right up on a cold winter day.

I love this beer. It is a bit too spends for my regular consumption but it's a great treat. Very malty, very full bodied and smooth. The epitome of Belgium abbey ales.
This is the best the world has to offer. Especially Chimay Blue. Thanks Belgium!
Just try it and see you wont look back

72Pilsner Urquell
Pilsner Urquell is a wonderful beer. It is great as an aperatif, but it also goes well with light dishes. Truly, the czechs and the Germans produce the finest pilsners.


Amazing beer. One of the best. Try it and you will not regret! The taste it's very good, the texture is soft and an easy beer to drink. You will not feel full after it.
Pilsner Urquell has really a great taste. Czech, german and belgian beers are really the best
[Newest]The original & best!

73Victoria Bitter
I lived in Melbourne Australia in 2001 and this one is my favorite


VB is the Very Best beer. Refreshing with just enough of a bitter after-taste to make it memorable. But drink it cold!

74IPA Greene King

Superb beer, specially the glass bottle with the iron bottle opener, a very expensive beer here in Israel around 5 us dollars, but taste great, feel fancy, regular amout of alcohol and soda, I wish we can find it more here in more reasonable price, I Egypt I was cheap, the labatt blue and all canadian beer is very good and the Miller genuine draft also.
One of the best beers in the world. Better than Heineken in my opinion.
Definitely like this beer over all other European beers.
[Newest]Best beer I drank so far.


76Dogfish Head Aprihop

Smooth as hell. Great choice when feeling fancy and want to get away from the Keystone.
Try Beck's Gold. Takes you to heaven.
Becks the best I ever got in my throat! Believe it! 🍺🍺



80Labatt Blue
Labatt Blue, hands down, is the best tasting, smoothest, strongest, Canadian beer on the market! Once you taste it, you won't want any other beer!
Tasty delicious blue. As cold as I can get it without freezing, that's how I like it. I've tried them all, but. I'll bbq with blue every chance I can. Bleu #1, bud, becks,2+3...
Stronger than normal. Smoother than normal. mmm
[Newest]Blue & Blue Lite are # 1... Without question

81Krombacher Pils
this isn't fair, most people will never have tasted krombacher. it's the most delicious beer there is, but can't really be compared to becks because it's so rare.

This a great beer that has been the victim of AB's marketing department trying to keep up with changing consumer demand. They made it too light and have changed it repeatedly to try and get it right. Go back to the original style from 1896.
Lets see more of this refreshing lager! Especially in aluminium bottles
Ultra is really smooth, very little sting. I'm a light drinker and after drinking it a couple of days no hangovee feeling but its kinda tasting like water

83Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA
Great taste. Nice hop finish. One of the best beers around.


85Miller Genuine Draft (MGD)
Really good beer. Nothing fancy in its flavor, but its smooth with a good taste. Banana throwing rocketship (it wouldn't let me post till I wrote that).
After taking this beer I just felt relaxed and cool in the pub and in the morning I felt sober no matter that I had taken seven bottles and from then it dawned my quench for the beer. It sealed the fate
Just like it the only beer I drink
[Newest]Love the taste... So refreshing

86Killian's Irish Red
this beer should be in the top ten. its delicious.
I've been drinking this beer for a while now. It's awesome. Hard to find on tap though where I'm living.
This my new favorite beer its the bees knees and I would definitely buy another case of it

[Newest]One of if not the best tasting beer I've had

87Super Bock
Why the best beer of Portugal isn't on top 20? At least...
When you drink it, you never want another one... Its really really awesome!

For me, it is better than heineken, carlsberg, erdinger... Please try it!
Super Bock 49? Super Bock is for me the best ber that I have drink! I already drink all kind of beer, in France, where I live, we just have popo beer, but when I'm going to vacances to Portugal I'm so happy because I'm gonna drink a super book!
Least known because of being in the corner of Europe but certainly better than just 4/5 water-beer content...
One of the best Portuguese, if not the one.
Even better is the new Superbock Classic.

I love all the different varities of Leinenkugel. The original is really good but not the best in my opinion. I like their Honey Weiss or Sunset Wheat the best. This limited edition Golden Lager is really good though, similar to the original but better in my opinion
Not any of the specialty flavors... just Leinie's Original. Hard to find out of a certain area of the midwest, but the best beer made in America.


The summer shandy makes me want to take my pants off. I'll let you decide if that's a good thing or not
[Newest]A real beer made in the land of beer, not watered down like some others

89Castle Lager
The greatest beer quenchering mankind... Round the globe
The best thing since sliced bread. A true mans beer
Nothing beats castle lager when you are thirsty

From my opinion this polish make beer is the best in the world when you undertake the taste of the beer and presentation of bottle or can.
Great polish beer. Stronger than your average american beer. Very refreshing...

91Shiner Bock
I'm from Cincinnati, where beer is king and I've traveled the world. I've tasted more beer than most folks could ever hope to. Now we live in Fort Worth and Shiner Bock is my absolute favorite. This is a smooth, full body beer that goes with every thing from brisket, to Tex Mex to Mama's Pizza. (Also, a favorite! ) The reviewer above said it... all you have to do is taste it!
Taste it, it's all it takes. One sip and you'll find out Texas' best kept secret.
Some of the best beer I've ever had... Bar none... Try the family reunion 6 pack.. 6 different beers all simply amazing... Try it and you will understand my comments.. Only brand I drink

The best dry stout you can buy in a Utah grocery store. Taste of chocolate and coffee dry finish
Nitro ball works so much better in this than Guinness thickest most creamy head I've ever seen
It's like its topped with whipped cream. A little watery but still lots of flavor. Decent beer. Try it
I prefer Murphy's to Guinness better taste cheaper and come on Guinness isn't really as Irish as you think because Arthur Guinness was a protesant and was a pro brit he hated catholics and helped the brits in the 17 century during the uprising Murphy's wins all the time

One night, I was having a graduation dinner from AIT with some friends, and a close friend of mine asked me to try this beer. He knew that I didn't like beer, but this was the first beer I ever actually liked. Now, I actually like beer. It's hard to find though. I can get it at sushi restaurants, but can't find it at liquor stores to buy.
Best beer ever, I'm so happy it's sold in bottles now. It's just to bad you can't find it everywhere.
This was one of the best Beers I have ever had in my life. Surprised its not on the list.

[Newest]Delicious, refreshing, and wheat free!

No doubt the best brew on the planet! Should be exported instead of that Fosters garbage. For people to vote Bud as #1 is an absolute joke! They know nothing about beer and have no taste. You could drink 3 gallons and still not get a buzz.
Been drinking this from the day I turned 18, and will be till the day I die!
I agree, bud is no good, you get a bad hangover from it because they add formaldehyde to speed up the process so they can sell it quicker.
Can't understand why australia best beer not on list whats wrong

Kokanee is the best beer ever! It should be number 1. Only problem is I've only seen it in Washington.
Great because Canada beer. No BIG ads at the superbowl to "prove" that, just taste.
Kokanee rocks! Love Labatts but would pick Kokanee over all beers as # 1. I also love because, Canada

96Ballast Point


98King Cobra
Best drink in the world, always drink it with a smile in my face. It is the best thing to have on a hot summer day while hanging out in the sun

99Keystone Light
Stay Keystone smooth with the smoothest, crispiest, and most refreshing light beer on the market without spending too much. It's very well worth it.
Only stuff I can drink without puking, plus it makes you smooth like Keith Stone. That guy is a badass

I just got home from Puerto Rico yesterday. I had one of these, and was hooked. The first thing I did when I got home was try to find it somewhere near my house! DELICIOUS!
Nothing compares to slamming back an ice cold Medalla Light in the middle of a hot and humid island day.
I'm planning on moving to Texas soon and this beer is one of the few things I will miss about Puerto Rico. Light, refreshing, good taste that is not overbearing and does not leave any nasty aftertaste. Great bear to drink on a hot sunny day.
[Newest]Truly a poor example of beer. Headache for sure.

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