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Heineken is one of the best Beer's in Canada. And Canada is a major beer drinking land. We are 5th on the list of "Top Beer Production Countries" and Heineken is number 2 in Canada. Number 1 is Alexander Keith.
Best Beer Ever, Amazing Feel, Amazing Taste...
I Like The Brand, the colour of its cans and bottles, its like it is connecting with its customers, the Green.. The writings the overall image..

Heineken is the Best as I believe it is Number One
Heineken; Dutch Pride! Heikeken is really serving the Planet!
is everywhere.. you can drink it anywhere, in a bar, in the club, on the beach, but honestly, I love to drink Heineken home, when I watch my favourite team playing football.. this beer is orgasmic!
A good full flavored all around lager. kudos to the Netherlands for upbringing such fine brewers as to develop such a good lager as Heineken
This is my personal favorite. If you know anything about beer you would know this should be in the top 5 AT LEAST!!!and if you vote for a light beer i suggest you go drink a glass of warm milk
It's Great Beer, tastes better than most out there including bud, Corona, dos equis, a little on the expensive side but it's a good feeling knowing that you are not drinking the same stuff as everybody else you definitely stand out in a bar with heinekens.
Best beer in the world. Just because it's Dutch. The Netherlands is a country with a lot of great beers. But of course there are other countries that also have amazing beers.
I do not drink alcohol but I see the process of making of heineken because I m food-technologist I can say whole process and the testing is best in all other beer in the markets and my heartily wish that heineken will became no. 1 in world
Just simply the best. I never had a beer that remains a great taste and buzz after years of drinking it. never a watered down taste and is the best ice cold
It is nice and smoothy beer.
Very very taste...
Difference taste... Low quantity of alcohol and very average mixed components
Preferable choice in Vietnam, 13th in population. Passionate and stylish.
It's what Beer should be, bright, great tasting and full of flavor. It has a clean sharp bite, that goes great with whatever you have on your plate.
I went to the factory in amsterdam its the best beer
this taste is amazing. Change's the person.
Dutch rule! Heineken is nr 1. Biggest brand in the world. It's also the beer that tastes like beer should! Not like all crapy American beers. Bottoms up!
Heineken is the best beer in the world and it is my favorite beer
Compared to Heineken everything else is inferior. Believe me I've tried it all. This is strong enough and yet not too bitter or too sweet.
I've tried lots of different beers, this one is my favorite.
It's from my country: The Netherlands! So hell yeah!
Heineken is the best ever, you can find any where on earth, even in non-alcoholic...
Sorry to say this but NO beer is better than German beer, that's a FACT. But since Heineken is ALMOST as good I'd vote for this.
We Belgians call this beer "urine of a cat", well check out for yourself, there are hundreds of much finer beers than this... Heineken is a merchandising product, nothing more and nothing less.
Even at twice the price it's a bargain over domestic North American crap, - I'm in Canada and I would never drink Alexander Keith's or budwanker
All hype, skunk pee. Disgrace to their region of outstanding beers.

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