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61Di Giorgio
62Greenfield Guitars

Andy McKee, probably don Ross, and other great musicians all use greenfield custom made guitars. The tone is so Chrisp and if you like to use dynamics when you play, greenfield guitars will compliment your playing so beautifully. You should always try to use dynamics.


Come on man it is something you would love to play. can compete fender acoustic and way cheaper than that


It is awesome and has a beautiful sound and it is beautiful

Very beautiful sound and beautiful looking!


Best guitar and nice tone quality..


I like the sound of a blueridge, but paying the same money as a Martin, Gibson or Taylor for a guitar made in China is ridiculous. Especially considering they don't sound anything near as good as a Martin, Gibson or Taylor. Blueridge sound good, but so do those Washburn acoustics for less than 500 made in China.

Great value for your money with outstanding quality and sound.

Blue ridge beats out Martin and Taylor I have all three

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Love the full rich sound and the ease of play fingering is precise and easy on the fingers, l have a fender and a Gibson too but my go to guitar for just relaxed playing is my loan.

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68Watson Co.

A hard working friend, Big sound

69Danny Davis

Custom guitar builder out of Huntsville Alabama. His guitars are reasonably priced and sound unbelievable. The guitarist from the Black Crowes owns one.


Great if you're looking to blow 150 Canadian on a guitar


Made in Montreal hand carved in Thailand. Both sound brilliant and each is a piece of art.

73First Act

Got this for Christmas lasted for about 5 years then one day it fell over and the neck snapped right off of her.. SOB
Now I'm looking to get a Epiphone!

74RJ GuitarsV1 Comment
75Composite Acoustics

These things are indestructible; they're made of carbon fiber. Absolutely amazing sound. Check these out.

76ESP LTD Xtone AC30

My music store has these and they are amazing best part it cost nothing get one now


Excellent sound and guitar designs... You 'll love to play in this guitar


Budget and best guitar for beginner

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