Best American Pool Players

Who do you think is the best American Pool player? Only American Pool, no Snooker.

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1Efren Reyes - The Magician

Out of this list, Efren is head and shoulders above the rest. He has got to be the all around best player ever to have played the game. Where Earl would probably get the 9 ball as an individual sport, Mosconi the 14.1 individual leader etc... Efren would be all around champion.

In all of there primes as pool players Efren Reyes is on another planet as an all around player. I think the next two at all games for a long period would be Buddy Hall and Luther "wimpy" Lassiter. Just my opinion though the most dominant would be Efren because in his prime he was number 1 in one-pocket 8 ball and 15 ball rotation 9-10 ball he would be top 3. Banks is probably the only game you can pick 7-10 guys that would be favored over him! He is the GOAT. Greatest of all time. I also would put Varner in the conversation because he was a great all games player!

Reyes was The One who teach the world how to play pool, no one else. When he went international, the players who thought that they were already at pinnacle of pool playing technique suddenly became amateurs.

I'm proud of this guy. He makes the billiard popular in the Philippines and aspired many filipinos to pursue their dreams.

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2Shane Van Boening

Best in the USA as far as I'm concerned. He's proven this by being atop the money won board.

Best ever? My nod goes to Mosconi. Too bad there's no time machine for them to match up.

Daryl peach, you got to be kidding me laugh out loud.

Simply put. He's presently the top American player. He plays all games well and doesn't choke.

Best all around game. Run out master!

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3Earl Strickland - The Pearl

EARL "THE PEARL" STRICKLAND is very smart to adjust the placement of the cue ball, and a few times I watched the game with a big score as the Tar Podcasts and Color of money, he really has a resistance of game balance, for example, the second time against the best players Shane Van Boening world namely, Shane is very frustrating to see Earl and mental abilities. Then the World pool association is very stupid, do not see and calculate rankings based only ten ball games with a maximum score of 10-18 but 40 to 70, when only a small score game pool could say luck during a break, the term with score 10, young people can only be won when playing pool random origin or ability unsightly eye. But if the score 40 -70 mencaai expertise can someone look stupid smart or lucky miss.EARL STRICKLAND world player of the era to era...

-- Earl Strickland had a very unusual ability between players host of others, I was very impressed and Earl Strickland terrible looking game, he was the best pool player of all time are legendary. Especially he was very good at inserting balls and arrange the white ball, if we see him as very simple game once playing pool. The legend Earl Strickland --

When I see the nature of the controversy was a very common thing, like when playing in Masconi CUP, fans of Europe very sissy, and should be watered wear sewage, and when Toni Drago involved angry, when I was there, it was my word of billiard sticks and my face broke into toni bastard!. The best player was Earl Strickland, fast game style, not like the others, had long thought the ball did not go in the end, that's stupid, like ika immonen..

Earl the pearl is my HERO!

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4Johnny Archer - The Scorpion

Johnny the Scorpion from Georgia is an amazing player and definitely a role-model for many aspiring players in this sport. - georgefemic

Recently I met that legendary guy in Thetford Mines, Qu├ębec,
And he signed my cherry wood hand made cue case.
I was very honored to discuss with him and he will be back in may
For the "ARCHER CUP"and I hope he will win the tournament.
Good luck Johnny!

5Mika Immonen - The Ice Man

Mika Immonen, the Ice Man from Finland is one of the most talented players in this sport. With his amazing technique and stroke, he is in the high end elite. - georgefemic

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6Francisco Bustamante

One of the best ever. Very powerful break. His unique stroke. A World champion

I would put Bustamante 3rd and place Stickley 6th and leave the others in there places.

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7Ron Dooley

Ron "just like that" Dooley is the best money player I've seen

Trick shots all over Facebook and you tube

Seen him run many racks over 100 and great trick shot artist
Billiard instructor also
8 ball champion!

Ron is a man full of skill and experience!

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8Darren Appleton

He never gives in. He is mentally strong, he doesn't know when he's beat. He will get even better with time. A legend in the making.

Easy Darren has come in and won everything he is the new Efren beating all those americans on their home soil at their own game

Darren is a pleasure to watch. Smooth stroke and quality cue ball control. Very humble guy as well.

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9Alex Pagulayan

I consider Alex to be one of the best right after Efren due to the way he plays the game. He's a good all around player but don't let him have fun, keep him frustrated because once he starts to enjoy the game that's when he becomes unstoppable. If only he would dedicate his self to the game more he can surely become the next Magician.

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10Ralf Souquet

Top notch player and a great guy.

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?Mike Sigel
?Nick Varner
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11Thorsten Hohmann

A great person as well as great pool player.

12Willie Mosconi

You must be talking LIVING because any list that doesn't have 15-time WORLD Champion and holder of 526 straight shots made WILLIE MOSCONI is a fool and IGNORED.

Willie is my favorite paisan! :-) A true pool God & the greatest of all time!

I met him, and also played a few games with him when he had his pool room around Broad and Rockland in North Philadelphia. One of the best, I learned a lot just watching him stroke the balls.

When you ask all the top players on this list who the greatest of all time is the overwhelming response is Willie Mosconi.

The Babe Ruth, Jim Brown and Michael Jordan of pool and billiards

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13Ronato Alcano
14Mike Dechaine

One of the best players today

One of the best pool players to this day

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15Dennis Orcollo

Best player on the planet ought to be on the list.

On any given day!

16Louie Roberts - 9ball

One of the best to EVER play the game... EVER!

17Daryl Peach
18Rodney Morris - The Rocket

Rodney the Rocket Morris, fast player as the nickname suggests ;)! - georgefemic

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19Allen Hopkins

Clearly one of the best money players of all time against anyone.

20Skyler Woodward
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1. Earl Strickland - The Pearl
2. Efren Reyes - The Magician
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1. Efren Reyes - The Magician
1. Efren Reyes - The Magician
2. Mika Immonen - The Ice Man
3. Johnny Archer - The Scorpion



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