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1 East Bengal (India)

East Bengal Football Club was established on 1st August 1920 as a Sports and Cultural association of people who primarily hailed from the eastern provinces of Bengal before partition. Since its inception, many legendary players and coaches have been associated with the club, thus making it one of the oldest clubs carrying a rich heritage in the entire history of Indian Football.

East Bengal Club is the best club in India and has the best fan base in the world. It's not just a club. East Bengal Club is a dream in Indian football. They were the first and last club in India to win the Asian Cup in 2003. East Bengal is a historical club, 100 years old. I love East Bengal. Joy East Bengal!

The color 'Red' signifies the 'Revolution' or the amount of 'Bloodshed' required to bring a 'change', and 'Gold' resembles the 'Fire' of 'Spirit'. It manifests the wound, deprivation of a race that's capable of conquering probably the entire world. We, Eastbengalians, hate to remain a "Destiny's child". Rather, we deserve to set glorious examples that others follow for decades. Becoming the "Asia-topper" is just a 'block' to build the "Monument of Triumph".

2 Mohun Bagan (India)

This club has a rich history of football and the strongest presence in the Indian football circuit. Recently, FIFA also recognized this club for their pre-independence win against a much stronger English club in the final of an international shield. This is the time when Indian football started its presence from the elite class to the masses. From then till now, it is the most successful and consistent club, which is the best supply line of talents in Indian football. No other club can match this.

Mohun Bagan is not just a mere football club, but an integral part of the footballing heritage of South-East Asia. The club, which added fuel to the fire named Indian struggle for independence, won the IFA shield in 1911 against all odds. In its eventful history of 130 years, it has managed to win more than 250 trophies, which speaks a lot about its rich legacy. Often dubbed as the 'National Club of India', it continues to create magic and inspire young talents even today.

3 Kerala Blasters FC (India)

Best football club in Asia. In three seasons, the Kochi stadium has hosted over one million fans. Kerala Blasters' passionate fans are the highlights of the Indian Super League. The way Kerala fans supported their home club and kept cheering the team despite a heart-breaking loss, exemplifies the strong bond they have established with the Blasters. Such gracious fans, with unmatched enthusiasm and passion for the beautiful game, will take Kerala Blasters to the top of the world in the near future. Football has a unique place in Kerala's soul.

The Club has become an integral part of the Malayali community (locals of Kerala State) since their entry into the league. The two-time runners-up have a huge fan following wherever they play. Match days in the Blasters' home city are full of surprises.

The best fan-followed club in Asia with huge numbers of supporters. Fans are all around the world and have created a unity named Manjapada. You can see them everywhere with yellow colour t-shirts in the stadiums of other teams' matches also!

4 Persib Bandung (Indonesia)

I'm proud to be a citizen of Bandung because of its football team, PERSIB, which unites all people. Children who were once motorcycle gang members are now faithful Bobotohs, supporting PERSIB in every game. This has created a safe and secure environment, free from motorcycle gang delinquency. Bravo Persib Bandung! Hopefully, they will be champions next season.

Simamaung is the nickname for Persib Bandung. Bobotoh is a term for staunch Persib Bandung supporters. Persib Bandung has thousands, even millions, of fanatical fans around the world. Their fantastic power is not only shown through support on the field but also as a pillar for the survival of Persib.

"Persib Bandung is the real Champion."

Persib is not just a football team. Persib is an icon of Western Java, where people would prefer to watch the match from the moment Persib goes to school, going out, working as Persib is part of us, our identity as Sundanese people. Persib, bravo!

5 Esteghlal F.C. (Iran)

Esteghlal is not only the greatest football club but also the greatest sports cultural club in the history of Iranian sports. Anyone who searches about the origin and authenticity of this club will find out the facts. Don't believe any lies you read about the greatest club of Iran on the internet from other clubs' delusional fans. Go and search about it yourself. The truth is obvious.

East Bengal Club is the best club in India and also the best in the world. They have won the Asian Cup trophy. East Bengal Club is a 100-year-old club with the best fan base in the world. East Bengal is not just a club. It is like a mother to me.

Esteghlal F.C. is the oldest and greatest club in Iran. With 36 trophies, it is the most honored club in Iran. It has 2 AFC Champions titles, making it the third most honored team in Asia. Additionally, Esteghlal F.C. is the most popular team in Iran, with over 40 million fans.

6 Persepolis F.C. (Iran)

The most popular team in Asia, Persepolis F.C., also known as the Red Army, has registered the highest number of spectators in a stadium worldwide, with 120,000 persons. Persepolis has the most honors, cups, and championships in Iran and the Asian continent. It is also the only club in Iran to have earned a real star after winning its 10th championship, a feat #FC_KISE has never achieved.

Referring to the AFC, Persepolis F.C. of Iran is number one forever in terms of fans. With 40 million fans in Iran and over 10 million abroad, Persepolis is the top club in Asia. The Azadi Stadium, with its hundred-thousand capacity, is full when they play at home. As stated earlier, the best reference is the AFC reports.

With over 30,000,000 fans, this is really rare in Asia.

7 Al-Hilal FC (Saudi Arabia)

- Most titles
- Most wins
- Most appearances
- Most goals
- Most fans in other countries
- Has won the century's best team in Asia (Google it if you want)
- Has the most fan attendance
- By stats, there is no team you can compare to Al-Hilal.

Al-Hilal FC has the most fans in Asia, as their fans are not only from Saudi Arabia but also from all Middle Eastern countries. When they play away games in these countries, their fans surpass the home team's fans. Also, they have won the most Asian trophies.

The highest club in playing in the Asian Champions League and won the championship 6 times. The most club of all has reached the finals.

8 Johor Darul Ta'zim F.C. (Malaysia)

Boys Of Straits is Malaysia's best community, consisting of supporters from three different nations: Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

The first Malaysian team to win the AFC Cup.

9 Bengaluru FC (India)

For me, Bengaluru FC has to be in the Top 10 Asian clubs given their consistency and ability to learn from mistakes. Being a young club in terms of the number of years of its existence, it has shown some tremendous results.

This has to be in the top 2. Best doesn't just mean attendance. Bengaluru FC is about winning trophies. 2 times league champions, 2 times federation cup champions, and current super cup champions.
5 trophies in 5 years of formation.

Professionalism is the most important part of this club. It is the club that wins trophies.

10 Al-Ittihad (Saudi Arabia)
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11 ATK Football Club (India)

Deserve a higher spot. Have already achieved 2 titles in just 4 years. The best club in India. Emerging high with a good grassroots program for a great future.

The most underrated football club in India deserves more respect. This club has already won two ISL trophies in five years.

One of the best clubs in India with a huge fanbase. It is the strongest and most balanced team to ever participate in the ISL.

12 Tractor Sazi F.C. (Iran)

I am proud of myself because I am one of the fans of this wonderful club. The Barcelona of Asia is the best title for this team.

There are more than 40,000,000 Turkish people in Iran, and almost all of them love this team.

We are champions.

13 Chennaiyin FC (India)

One of the best tactical teams in the ISL. They won the trophy twice and produced some young talents for the country's football.

Good team spirit.

It is a good team.

14 FC Goa (India)

It has quality football.

One of the top clubs in the ISL. It is from the historical and amazing city of Goa.

Good fan base.

15 North East United FC (India)

One of the most popular clubs in India (ISL). This club is based in the 8 states of the North Eastern part of India. The fanbase is also very high in the North Eastern part of India.

The Northeast can be referred to as the motherland of Indian football.

It has a larger fan base than most of the clubs in India.

16 Sepahan Isfahan F.C. (Iran)
17 Gokulam FC (India)

The best football team in Kerala. Defending Champions of the Kerala Premier League. In their first season itself, they defeated champions Minerva, East Bengal, and Mohun Bagan in the Indian Top division.

A team that hunts hearts.

18 Mumbai City F.C. (India)

The city of dreams! Yeah, and the club of dreams! For all footballers of the future! Mark my words, pal! FC Pune City and Mumbai City FC are like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

A very good team and my favourite.

It is the best club from India.

19 Al-Nassr FC (Saudi Arabia)

This is the best team.

20 Guangzhou Evergrande (China) Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club is a professional Chinese football club that participates in the Chinese Super League under the license of the Chinese Football Association.

Respect from Morocco.

21 Persebaya Surabaya (Indonesia)

With the best supporters.

22 Al-Ain F.C (United Arab Emirates)
23 PSIM Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
24 Sriwijaya F.C. (Indonesia)

Go Sriwijaya. Get the second AFC Cup for Asia.

It's all about the pride of Sriwijaya, the pride of Sumatra and Southeast Asia. We are Wong Plembang, Wong Kito Galo, Katek Wong Lain... Bravo Sriwijaya Football Club!

25 Persija Jakarta (Indonesia)
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