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Which Army would win if they were all the same size? No nukes or chemicals. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Pakistan army is the best among st all armies even much better than US army. Thumbs up For Pakistan army.
Pakistanis are the champs and every one knows Pakistani win the war games in Britain
No other nation has the spirit, will and determination like the Pakistanis. You don't mess around with the ruthless killers known as Pakistan and you can't deny that
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2United States
Why the USA Army is the best?

Please note that a (INSERT:... ) is meant for humor, not serious.

1. ) Military budget. US's military budget is HUGE. It is the most in the world. Allowing the US to buy all the guns, ammo, armor, etc. it needs to do just about anything. Seriously, in comparison to the rest of the world, USA's military budget is bigger than the next 9 countries with the largest military budgets.

2. ) Better battle doctrine. Centuries of war involving different scenarios and WINNING them has given the US extensive knowledge on the art of shooting people. The US invented the SNIPER. So every country out there with snipers... yeah took it from the US. We all know how important snipers are at providing support.

3. ) The US has superior technology. This comes from the big budget. The US has droves of high-tech Abrams tanks. Then droves of soldiers. Then droves of medical supplies for wounded. Then droves of hot-blooded teenagers that would probably like to shoot some baddies. (INSERT: if we threw the school shooters into the army the US would win any war. Why? Well, fearless soldiers help. ) Satellite + GPS allows for better field communications.

4. ) Diversity of armaments. Once again, this comes from the big budget. The army has its own "personal" air force. These fighter jets do not use runways... they levitate and fly. THEY LEVITATE! A good example of this is the F-35 or the F-22. Seriously, the F-22 flew under a Pakistani jet plane and looked at the Pakistani jet's weapons load out, then flew next to it and told the pilot to go home... and the Pakistani pilot never even realize that a F-22 was flying under it. While this doesn't necessarily reflect the army's abilities, the fact that the ARMY has jets, ships, infantry, and armored vehicles at its disposal means that fighting the US Army is equivalent to fighting a complete military.

5. ) Manpower. The US has the second or third largest army. China has more manpower (obviously). In a battle of attrition, the US will win because we have more trained soldiers. Non-trained soldiers can complete training in less than a year. (INSERT: Note that some civilians have 5 years of shooting experience via Call of Duty. US soldiers are complete crack shots... )

6. ) The other parts of the military. The army doesn't fight independently from the US Navy or the US Air Force. Superior technology and fighting ability of the Navy and Air Force means that the Army has better support. In a full blown war, the US will obliterate just about and adversary. Additionally, dropping a 18,700 lb (almost 10 tons) of a MOAB (Massive Ordnance Aerial Bombardment) on a enemy will "shock and awe" them. A MOAB is so powerful, it can be mistaken for a small scale nuclear explosion. Mushroom clouds help.

7. ) Allies. The US has enough allies that they can buy extra guns or newer technologies from. The big budget helps. No offense, but why would a country sell a technology to Pakistan when the USA will buy it for $10 to $50 million more?

I can't think of any other reasons. While nationalistic pride in one's military is great; not facing reality will not help. The Japanese didn't understand this until 2 nukes were dropped.


No doubt that U.S.A. is the best out there. But the countries we are invading now. We are not going to win those wars. My Grandfather, Uncle, And Dad said this "The invaders will never win". So even if we have the greatest army we might not win the wars that is going on now.
The United States of America!
End of Story!


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worlds fourth largest army man...


Pakistan? What the hell are you guys thinking? Look at! India is number 4, while poor little Pakistan is way below at 12.
India have biggest army she don't show her power india shows it dignity among all country if it will show it's power all country will on more live they lose power
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The number of soldiers and nuclear weapons
China would win just because of the sheer number of the military.
If there were nukes involved, America would definitely win because of the Military advanced infrastructure.
But lets say in numbers, China has at least 2,200,000+ People in their Chinese military
America has only 1,600,000 in their military.
Experience and that would not matter, sure maybe a little bit but if it was 15 against 1 you would lose no matter what kind of experience you have.
Therefor my answer is China.
They would win just because of their sheer number and military power
I am from Iraq but I rate china number 1 in the world. It may not have the best weapons of all time but why I rate them number 1 is because they have 3 million on duty, and all America has is 1 million. That is why I rate china no1
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Has thousands of nukes and could flatten the entire wrld. It owns every other country in the world. Plus it has the spetsnaz, the deadliest fighting group every, it should at least be second
It has pushed back the evil German forces in WWII with an outstanding 2.5 Million Men while fighting Japanese forces with 1.6 Million. I think Mother Russia deserves a 2
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British troops are known for being well trained; that is why the British army had the biggest empire, especially the navy! The British army is Scotland (known for their worriers) England (known for their weapons and planing tactical moves) and wales (that if great at defending as they did with the English and french that tried to invade wales and britain and is a is the loyalest guard the rest of the British know) they all work in the army together and others from Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and people from Asia etc can join in the British army and the only ones that beat-ed britain was the British colony that became America, however it had French, Spanish, German and fellow British going to help. The other reason is that the Americans could not win a fight until they united with Britain in ww1, ww2 and onward with British help and technology.
We have the hardest trained soldiers we fight side by side with many countries such as USA, Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand I could go on and on but my point is we might not be the biggest army in the work but my god everyone knows we are the most experienced and highest trained Amy today Pakistan shouldn't even be in the top 20 they have proven nothing to earn than rank Britain is ruthless in battle but at least we show compassion and would never leave a man or woman behind. The Taliban will regret ever starting a war with us and out allies. To all the allied troops of England thank you for what you are doing.
British military personnel have the best training possible, from the royal marines to the army air corps, the men and women are pushed to the limit, then further, most of the training itself is developed by our experience in the battlefield, we have thought in most places across the globe for one reason or another, our equipment is fairly good, but it all boils down to the skills of the men and women in the situation, as British, we have a particular way of resolving and handling problems that is unique, the British forces are well known for being able to keep coll in hostile situations, and to stay professional when the going gets tough, very good at problem solving, we manage to overcome any obstacle. Obviously in the real world size does matter, and that is our main downfall, but against equal numbers we all know who would get through.
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Since Israel's independence in 1948 all the neighboring Arab countries have constantly tried to destroy her through war, but Israel kicks their butts every time despite being ridiculously outnumbered.

It's all air superiority and elite commando units. The Israel Defense Forces have a clever strategy of quickly winning a war before it's escalated to a deadly scale.

The Six-Day War lasted six days because when the Arabs tried to mobilize their air forces against Israel they quickly found out and bombed all hostile Arab airbases, destroying every plane on the ground and preventing Arab air superiority... the Egyptian pilots were still eating their breakfast.

Imagine if the Israel Defense Forces were the same size as her neighbors... that would be interesting...

Am Yisrael Chai!
Israel commandos are trained for two years before there put into combat they are one of the smallest countries in the world yet it is against the worlds deadliest countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Jordan, and Palistine. And I don't agree with the U.S. Even being in the top 15 anymore and belive me I loved my country, I used to have the biggest American flag outside my house but now I fly a skull and cross bones because I have lost all respect for MY country.
Israeli army has the most trained air force and for such small country you can compare the israeli air force to french air force or to british air force
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Most achievements made nowadays, have been made by the Germans. I don't think it was all made by the German army but was made by German scientists. Like the atomic bomb, the you boot technique ( still in use by Soviets and USA)... and so on. They have stolen most of their technique of Germany. So I don't think they are still loser of a big war ( They weren't; they fought bravely and should be recognized as one of the best armies there ever was, but they had the wrong side and wasn't fighting in the right attitude because soldiers can't be that stupid), so German army was the best in many periods; only the leaders made strategies to them. What developments have been made in German army is a secret, so there is no possibility to say which army is the best. In my guess it is Germany...
By the way. German army is able to produce nuclear power in 5 minutes. Thankfully they don't need to Americans own them on German teritorry.
Not by men, not by nuclear powers but by development of new military weapon, the german army is one of the best on the planet. They still are an important partner to USA and all other countries in the western world. As an enemy I rather fight the US Troops as an enemy, than the german forces, cause there is more known about them and their progress depends mostly on german technology. The germans may have aquired stuff nowadays none knows about as it always was in their military history. So as an american citizen I go with Germany.
Best equipped army in the World, forget the US-Army, they are nothing compared to the Bundeswehr.
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The Turkish Army dates back more than 2,000 years. The modern day Turkish Army is one of the few notable armies that stayed neutral during World War II.

Although the Turkish Army was involved in the Korean War, the largest conflict in the 1900s was in the Turkish Independence War where it fought Russia, Britain, Greece, France and Italy along its borders.

Military service in Turkey is required with few exceptions and it has resulted in Turkey having the second largest ground force in NATO.
Turkey faced 10 other nations in it's war of independance including rebellions taking place across the middle east during world war 1
Why turkey at the 12 of list it s weird that you say turkey is the second biggest army in nato after usa it's true so after usa russia and china turkey is the fourth best army in the world
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Nuclear power, special forces, best tanks and jets, good training, aircraft carrier... Etc what else?
How many countries can laucnh nuclear missles from nuclear-propelled submarines, and therefore hit ANY city in the world? Only 4 can, and french army is one of them!
The UK always borrow the French military aircraft carrier and boat so are army (UK) would fall very quickerly
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11North Korea
1/10 of the people in north Korea is Army.
When they are 15 years-old the north koreans receive regular millitary training with the Ak-47 automatic rifles.
And after 20 years-old they can manage to use the cannons and AA guns.
So most of the people in North korea is army excep the childrens.
Brave army against usa

The British armed forces are the best trained of any fighting force globally, fact. It is also worth noting that the Briish Empire was built by the armed forces and lasted for over two hundred years and covered one quarter of the world. No other nation in history has ever done that! To be British is to be, quite simply, the best. Oh and as regards the US military, what do they say, "all the gear but no idea" laugh out loud.
History is on our side we never been invaded since the normans in 1066 and never been subject to over seas rule since then besides that the brits train most western special forces regulars (officers R.M. A sandhurst) navy and airforce personal.
We have hands down the best trained soldiers in the known cosmos such as the S.A.S.S.B.S. paras royal marines just to name a few and to say we are ranked 16th on this ill informed website is nothing short of an absoulte insult never mind being beneath egypt iran north korea pakistan and india.
In short this list is very very wrong
They may not be powerful as the top guns but the British Army is the best army as they are the best trained army in the world alongside Israel


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Persians believe in Allah, they are always ready to fight for their country and what they believe in, In the iran/iraq war, 14 year olds ran way from home, changed their ID cards, just to be able to fight for their country
Iran's armed forces are very well trained and extermly viscious and the wide variety of iran's topography makes this army ready for all terrains. I think Iran should be placed higher than pakistan and Israel. And The fact that Iran mortal enemy is the USA and Israel makes it's army an outstading force to fear!
Iran makes its own missiles without even buying different parts from others.
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Ok how is Canada not in the top 5, we do not have civil wars over boundaries. Also how can you over look the fact that we never lost a war and that in WW1 the Germans called us The Stormtroopers. As well in WW2 US says that the Nazis would have won if it weren't for them. That's a bunch of BS. Americans so easily forget that Normandy would have been an occupied country for the whole war, am I wrong but tell me how is the US the "brainiest" they almost killed how many people by dropping TWO nukes on Japan. TWO NUKES! The only reason that the US win any wars is because they just charge in with bombs and shoot as much as they can. Also in WW1 and WW2 France and Britain handed us battles that they were losing then we'd cream the other side and then hand it back to them so they could win. Now I don't mean to offend anybody from the US because I'm not trying to and I am sorry if I do but US is not the best army in the world though I'm saying Canada is but I'm also saying that the US shouldn't either I'm just a little PO'd because I've bee on at least 5 of these already anyou are the only one who mentioned Canada so thank you for that and as you probably guessed by now I am Canadian but I am sorry if this offends you in any way but I just want to state my opinion.
First off I've served Canada's army and they do not care what trade you are they tell you straight up that your a soldier first and foremost and everyone keeps talking about JTF2 yes they are an amazing unit and they are extremely well trained but what about CSOR they are far better trained even by Canadian standards and are far more secretive as even the regular force are slightly secertive as we are not even aloud to post pictures of our selves on Facebook with out permission of the high ups. The Yankees are so useless while they are on marches they are known to drop munitions on the march if it gets to tiring for them and their military is only feared cause of the fact that they have money behind them to buy wmds people are afraid of their equipment not the actual army in 1812 they invaded or at least tried to invade until we pushed them back so far into the states that we were able to burn the white house down and all they did was steal some club type thing from parliament which they only gave back a few years ago do to the fact that they held a grudge I like to compare them to a pissed off sister other countries fear Canada for the fact that we are the best we go where the other countries militaries are unable to go look at D-day we were the only army to actually reach our objective and we had one of the best held beaches
The Canadian military is by far #1 in my opinion. Think about it we never lost a war. We won the battle of Passchendaele and we also took Vimmy Ridge when no other military could. We fought in WW1, WW2, Korea and Afghanistan. I have no hate against the Americans because we are brothers in arms. We are brothers in arms because does anyone remember "the devils brigade" or "black devils". In my opinion Canada has the best infantry in the world. We are well trained and we don't use brute force but strategic offensives. We are the better army because as I said earlier we've never lost a war! That goes to show something. Who helped Britain when they were getting overrun by the Germans? Canada. Who took Vimmy Ridge? Canada. Who's special force has the most kills and captures and hasn't had a single member death yet? Canada. Canada is the greater military there is no battle we can't face and no war we can't win. But we're all soldiers in this right? So I have nothing but the upmost respect for every other country!
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Adlof hitler (was genius person but so evil) said :- I Need Egyptian Army and German weapons and I will rule all the world... He is right.. Know why?
Read about the egyptian soldier if you don, t believe actually they are so brave.. Read the stories of 1973 and you will know it the egyptian army is the best army in the world but not the strongest army..U. S got a stronger army, China got stronger army, Korea got stronger army


The history of egypt army is the best in world
Egypt! I love Egypt I think it's one of the most strongest in the world. It should be one of the best after the United states of America and the Chinease. Egypt should be before their enemy Isreal. Cause my country Egypt will never forget that war vs Isreal ( October 6 1973 ) we beat the crap out of Isreal, they surrendered painfully and badly. Cause I think Egypt can be the best in the World and will be the best in the World! EGYPT!
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16Great Britain

17South Africa
South Africa used to be one of the best trained and most combat experienced armies in the world man-for-man, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, the SANDF is now just an embarrassment.
I am South African and I say we suck we was good before 1994 but now just a joke sorry!
I am soth African and I think we do a good job with the r5 rifle

Australian army have proved many times that they're the best small army in the world.
The best skilled army in the world are always from small armies for example Australia & Canada.
Because their budget is bigger than most countries and their armed forces is rather small, which makes them able to train & deploy to gain experience 5 times more than large size or medium size armies.
The australian have an SAS which have the exact same skill like the British SAS. The British SAS & SBS often send Personnel to serve for Australian SAS for 1 or 2 years, and so does Australia. ( prove read Keith Fennell's book )
In the Iraq war, not 1 Australian died.
The Australian SAS manage to saved 36 US Special forces From being killed.
67 Australian SAS took over al Asad air base that was guarded by more than 1.000 iraqis spec op, and not one Australian SAS even got shot.
Australian is proved to be hard to invade. Prove : the Japanese tried to invade Australia with larger and more equipt force but fail. Australia only send 15.000 diggers ( Infantry )
So from my experience the best army in the word is 1. Australia 2. Canada 3. UK 4. US Marine 5. NZ.
And that is why US want to be Australian, Canada, UK & NZ's ally.
Although small, the Australian defense Force maintains a powerful force capable of not only defending the homeland but deploying overseas as an expeditionary force or conducting peacekeeping operations overseas.

The SASR are among the most elite Special Forces Operators in the world, capable of surviving for weeks on their own. They are renowned worldwide for their elite Reconnaissance techniques.
The Australian army is the most well trained army in the world. Prove : the US copy how to fight the vitnamese from their Australian counterpart.
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19New Zealand
New Zealand has proven to be a very effective fighting force for a small country, we have very highly trained soldiers and our SAS is among the best in the world, and even though NZ has a small military we have been involved in practically every War the US has been in since WW1.
NZ is has the most intense training program and could easily beat the US on an even playing field

We may not be the most equiped army but, our land warfare doesn't require equipment and large numbers... We have the best tactical advantages over many strong army... Which makes us very strong in these conditions...
Our "East Bengal Regiment" is the 2nd best regiment all over the world after Gurkha Regiment of U.K. indian Army as like as our women police.
Bangladesh Army I think would be 3rd position.
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21Sri Lanka
They eradicated a whole bunch of terrorist. They even didn't care about what international saying specially US and WESTERN Countries to stop the war.

And there not advance equipped army all they know is environment and all they have is sense how to fight.

They say a Sri Lankan special forces doesn't use any computer and computer aid in high covert missions
Best army in the world which defeated terrorism
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Battling against opponents for thousands of years against better equipped and larger armies including fighting guerrilla battles against Serbia
Kosovo KLA army has experience in the war against larger and stronger yugoslav-serbian army the qar tKosovo won
This country has a good defcon and in the past, has defeated Germany and Italy (When it was part of greater Albania), it also defeated the KFOR and Serbia. But it basically defeated Yugoslavia too.

A good army but poor commanders
The Folgore brigade is the best of the world
Alpini best mountain troops!
Monte Cervino rangers motto: "Mai strack! " (Never tired in western Lombardy language)


It has been around for twelve thousand years and in the 1500's fought against the Ottoman Empire ten to one and still defeated them if fought in a battle they will not surrender to the last man

26South Korea
It's probably the hardest working military in the world. This country's military has keen senses on everything that is threatening to them.
South korea military is strong
They have one of the world's best artillery and technology. One of the best of anti air, anti tank, and many things.
For example, many high tech weaponry is made in South Korea.
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Why don't you think Vietnam army is the best when they won a lot of countried in the world?
Vietnamese people don't like war, but they will fight if they must. They have won a lot so far.
21st century Vietnamese can now focus growing economy after epic confrontations with France, Japan, China, & U.S. all within 30 years. VN had leading role that led to end of colonialism of Asia and Africa.

28United Kingdom
The best army in the world because it has got best soldiers 'Gurkhas' who are from nepal but they are with the uk soldier. Before talking about the best army in the world, people should look on the history, ww1, ww2, european civilwar and iraq ops, afghan ops, and then decide how great gurkhas were, are and will be. Even the greatest dictator like Hitler has appreciated the courage and brevary of gurkhas soldier saying 'if I had only one battalion of Gurkhas soldier, I would rule over the world. And the greatest warrior like Nepolian Bonopat also wanted to have soldier like Gurkhas.
Best training quality in the world.
Amongst the best equipment.
Best pilots in the world (fact)
If 1,000 SAS soldiers went up against 50,000 Chinese soldiers, they would easily crush them.
They train the elite US special forces (Rangers, Navy Seals, Delta Force etc)
Original modern warfare machine.

Not sure why the hell Japan is under South Africa, Sri Lanka, North Korea, South Korea...

They basically destroyed China in WWII and fought a ton of countries at the same time.

But I guess right now because of the pact of WWII, Japan barely has an army left...

Never mind, you guys!
They should be 14 not north Korea

Malaysia is the only team that defeated the komunies... American cash grabs and Britain. But ATM choose Britain as bonds of friendship that has for so long prevailed, but did you know that ATM has established a military school FORT BENNINGS? Here are the greatest military said SAS (Britain), followed by Malaysia (ATM) and american U.S. aRMY. Believe it or not?
Malaysia the best army
If even us and uk train jungle warfare with malaysian army what can I say more? Find carat malaysia 2009 in youtube if you don't belive me

Best special ops training in the continent. Even better than US
Some US special forces even get shipped to colombia to train

The afghanis drove out A LOT of countries from their home, including the british and the russianas. I may not be afghani but I'm sure they have quite a good military reputation, even if it isn't very good right now
Its the best Army of the world isnshallah with the passage of time afghan army will prove my these words practically...
Afghan army is best
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2007 Air force Red Flag winners in the U.S.A. constant dog fighting over the Aegean with the Turks keeps pilots fresh and highly trained. Defeated Turks when British and Australians were destroyed in Gallipoli. Special forces always in training around islands that have been threatened by Turkey.U.S. A, France and Germany provide us the best weapons.
Considering it exists with all its border/enemy countries they must be doing something right!
Weel I think is the best army in the world because who have courage spirit soul
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Indonesia must be at least in the 20th place! Idonesian military is a kind of really hand-to-hand combat! They are lacks of techology but well, they train hard and they play hard too, ask every dutch that ever go to indonesia! Indonesia also have a big amount of people that makes them win in number. Plus, at the old time indonesia ever be friend with russians, so what you guys thinking about? Number? Check, skill? Check, Weapons? Check
Actually the best troops in the world are located in the Indonesian Kopassus, uniform nato its truth also made ​​Indonesia
In TNI we trust

In general I would say that northern climates tend to produce a more self reliant and harder individual. I remember sitting at my grandfathers knee and he would tell me stories of how his unit would sneak in to Russians camps during the war and kill every other soldier in bed/sleeping, then they would leave, destroying the morale and will of the rest to stay in finland.

Having served in the Swedish, French and US army. Also having been in joint operations and exercises with various forces around the world, most armies tend to stress a strict obedience doctrine/no emphasize on personal initiative and innovative thinking. If all other factors are the same doing something different might be the deciding factor. To beat the US army buy their manuals online and learn how they fight. To beat Pakistan, show up.

Let's face facts the time that any Muslim army was a serious fighting threat ended with the invention of gun cartridges. Just because a child wants to fight. Does not mean that he can.
Stood against Soviets red-army with few casulties. As Stalin thought it was only going to take a week to crush Finland, little Finland stood against the 750,000 soliders, 4000-6000 tanks, 3500-4000 planes for 105days with only the 300,000 soliders, 32 old outdated tanks and 100 outdated planes. Killing over 300.000 russians and destroying over 3500 soviet tanks. Finland is a living proof that an massive army against a little one is not always a direct victory, you gotta have team spirit and "SISU" and a huge will to fight for your independent country. Thumbs up for Finland!
Crushed Soviets in winter war, underrated military country.


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22th? Wow that's not even close to what number the danish army should be, the Danish army has some of the best trained soldier in the whole world, and have some of the best equipment, even though the danish army isn't big, it surely is one of the best armies in the world, also I'm not danish, I'm norwegian.

Gafes one of the best special forces in the world

Best army ever and a perfect training and
It's the best in the has a good technology and a lot of brave soldier.
It's the damn best
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Ireland is a country of peace and they are going to war for the united nations court this is a nation build from war with england and self war such as king eoghan o devlin of tyrone vs the oderarty and many more so Ireland has had kings vs kings clan vs clan easter raising the troubles and the hundreds of year of war with England and they maybe northern Ireland and the republic of Ireland but they will never give up on a united Ireland because we have strong heart and spirits and we may have only 6 million in northern Ireland and republic of Ireland but world wide we have around 100 million irish people
Fought the might and power of the British army for 800 years out numbered out maned still won there freedom there's no other country with the fighting sprit of the Irish...
Ireland may be small but are experts when it comes to guerrilla warfare. The Viet Cong studied an irish book on guerrilla tactics during the Vietnam War.
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Cyprus has one of the most trained armies in the world. Managed to hold up against the first Turkish invasion in 1974. If the Turks didn't broke the truce the would have never got into the island.


Can't be much good. Good for plugging dijkes

The Serbian army shouldn't be messed with. They are supposedly the strongest army in the Balkans and it has the ability to conquer the nations around it. Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, Serbia has regained it's former military might (Yugoslavia's) and in that time Yugoslavia's army was one of the strongest in Europe During the Cold War. Even though Yugoslavia has broken up and the nations army has been the divided, the technology and weaponry has remained with the Serbian people and let's not forget Arkan's tigers, a deadly paramilitary team made by famous Serbian criminal Zeljko "Arkan" Raznatovic. After Spetsnaz, these guys come in.
The longest the capital Belgrade went without being attacked was 40 years. I read that about 10 years ago. Can you say that about any other euro city? These guys have been fighting wars forever...

Kenya should be somewhere in the list because it single handedly liberated Somalia marked by the capture of the strategic port of Somalia all within less then a year. Countries like USA deployed in numbers but failed to liberate yet the KDF with less than 8000 troops did the job
We dare the USA and Israel to combine forces and have the privilege of fighting Kenya but losing squarely!
This one came to me as a surprise, am a Kenyan & 1 thing I know about KDF is that they're very secretive when it comes to showing their military might. I was so surprised when I learned that the same country has more than 15 Dronnes
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He best army in the world because it has got best soldiers 'ETHIOPIA' who are from but they are with the EGPTE soldier. Before talking about the best army in the world, people should look on the history, ww1, ww2, and ops, afghan ops, and then decide how great were, are and will be. Even the greatest dictator like Hitler has 'if I had only one battalion of soldier, I would rule over the world. And the greatest warrior like also wanted to have soldier like

Who is the Iraqi now. I am
Iraq best no doubt
Iran is my life...
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The Norwegian Armed Forces are known to have an extreme competence in international operations and on own soil. Their special forces are of the best in the world and is most likely "the" best in arctic warfare.

Although it is an extremely secretive organization, those who try to complete the recruitment program for FSK, have less than 0.3% chance of passing. Leave alone the 1 year FSK training course you have to go trough after the recruitment program, which is said to be the hardest part of it.

As well as good trained soldiers, a regular soldier in Norway has an extreme level of advanced equipment in comparison to other nations. It has the highest military expenditures of any nation in Scandinavia, including Finland.

I think armenias army is very powerful
The have a good army with strong commanders
The armenian army created MiGs which in my opinion are better than Lockheed Martins cause they are cheaper than American jets and the MiG 35 foxbat is faster than any american jet according to Guinness world records + the
Armenian DIs have K-3 guns and armenians have created an outdoor militarymuseum called mother armenia which has a 22 meter statue
That looks like athena carrying a
Sword and in front of the statue their at all the tanks aircraft the armenians have created and the how much armenia cares of its army

I don't know why... It's just an awesome army with a great defense.
Also: project tannenbaum

Must to be in the first 20-30 countries of the world!
Romania indeed faught al of the above mentioned and did not perish as a country, that is a feat.
Defeated Alexander Macedon, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, the otoman empire, the russians, the AustroHungarian Empire.
We kept the Otoman Empire at bay.
During WW2 fought the americans, russians, british and germans.
And we are still here.

52Principality of Sealand

Best army in South-East Asia and one of the best armies in the Asia-Pacific.
It is the best army in Asia after china... Any idiot knows that

Croatian soldiers are one of the toughest on a planet, although this is small nation they are real fighters with long and quality tradition, Croatians fought under different flags through history

Libanon has got the strongest military and there name are hezbollah
So true!.. Labbaik ya Nasrallahh!

Jordan army is awesome my grandpa served in the arab Israeli war
The Jordanian Armed Forces (ا"قوات ا"مس"حة ا"أردنية), also referred to as the Arab Army (ا"جي' ا"عربي), with all of it branches, is under direct control of the King of Jordan who is the Commander-in-Chief. It is considered to be among the most professional in the region, and is seen as particularly well-trained and organized, [1] although lack of resources over the years has hampered the drive to modernize equipment. [2][3]
The current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces is Lieutenant General Mashal Mohammad Al Zaben since February 23, 2010.

Best Army In South America


Beat the Cubans soviets and the biggest military in Africa and in 2000 safeguarded her sovereignty by a U. S backed Ethiopian army with the agenda of regime change



62Ghana Army
I think they are the best army in West Africa. Respect

63Republic of Srpska
Army of Bosnian Serbs.



Its aviouse Yemen has the most experienced soldiers

The Austrian Army is simply the best!
Have you ever thoughtabout this? I bet not, and that's what it makes so dangerous!



Encountering foreign invaders and civil insurgets for six decades since 1948, the country's independence year, Myanmar (Burma) army has become an experienced force in Asia. It's army strength is about 400000 manpower and several aircraftes andMBTs. It had faced with a pretty great army of KuoMington Chinese Nationalists( White Chinese) supported by CIA and Burmese communists supported by China, also fought with Karen seperatists. So Myanmar army is considered as the strongest in Southeast Asia followed by Vietnam. Who defeated USA in Vietnamese War.


I think portuguese army force is doing a graet job supporting USA troops in the middle east and also having a great influence there
Portuguese troops are the best navy in the world ask that to the german olympics army
Promoting peace and hamoney around the world, but thoses people are way to chilled.

Nepal army is the best army in the world, Even india, singapre, britain import nepalese armies. Nepal army are known as Brave Gorkhalies. When all the countries of world were under the britain rule, Nepal was alone itself fighting with british armies and won the fight.
Once a major had said if a man says I have no fear of dying then he would be either lying or a gorkkha ( nepali) army. Read the history of gorkhas bravery..
One and only hidnu kingdom in the world. The first incomplete specimens of Ramapithecus were found in Nepal on the bank of Tinau River western part of the country in 1932. Lots of sacred & hidden civilization yet to be discoverable here.
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Can't believe that the Philippines is underrated at ranked 52. Filipinos are well trained and experiences soldiers and the Bravest. They are not well equipped but will surely fight until their last breath. The marksmanship of Filipinos were tested in WW2 and American War Veterans are a living proof of that. Our soldiers will even fight with a handmade gun.

“Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world. ”

― Douglas MacArthur
World war 2 documentary films had shown that the Filipino soldiers are the bravest, sharpshooters, hand combat and arnis experts. The American veterans are living witnesses of a Filipino soldier. They are the most underrated army in the world. They are in Vietnam war, Korean war, and UN support group in Golan Heights now. They are veterans of moro wars, spanish war, battle against the American forces in the early 1900's, Japanese forces, and lately they are well versed in jungle fighting as they continually battle with one of the world's terrorist linked with Al-Quada, the Abu-Sayaf terrorist group. They battle with MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) and the MILF (Moro International Liberation Front. Coffee talks and intelligence reports revealed that Filipino soldiers (mercenaries) were sent to Afghanistan to side with the Afghans to cause the ambush, defeat, of the USSR that led to its bankruptcy. The Russians were no match to the Afghans being backed by Filipino jungle mercenaries (NOT SANCTIONED BY THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT). - Melo
Greatest guerilla and hunter in the world, Check history even U.S. army and marines have their visiting forces to train in this country. Still underrated, MaC Arthur choose elite filipino fighter than anyone in the world. I'm italian working about war history.
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