Best Bruno Mars Songs


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I LOVE & ADORE this song it is the best song ever, but of course I LOVE BRUNO MARS more than that song in MILLION TIMES! He is the BEST singer I LOVE him the most!
Correctly in the #1 position...!
I just love it and had listened to it more than a 1000 times...
Just listen to the song and try to derive the meaning and you will love it too...
Also check out the video on youtube...
Amazing is the word that comes to mind when listening to this song
[Newest]Those who love bruno's voice, this would be the best to hear
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2Just the Way You Are
This song just touches my heart every time I listen to it.
its a song that any girl would love to hear from their boyfriend/husband. it truly makes you feel special. I love grenade too though but this is my fave!
Grenade has a stupid moral, because I think it's dumb that someone would say all that stuff about saving a woman. Just twya isn't about that stuff and it has a good lesson: stay the way you are. The lazy song just isn't as catchy as this song! I love it!
[Newest]This song should be on top...
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3It Will Rain
This song is amazing and most definitely the "Grenade" of 2011! The chorus is extremely catchy and the versus to great with there awesome meanings. Bruno Mars sure showed off his talent and creativeness in this song. He is definitely the top new artist and will be remembered for a long time for his awesome songs!
I have heard this song 400 times on iTunes. Totally love it! Please listen everyone. You will start loving him if you don't. this song is even used in the movie of the twilight saga. - Breaking Dawn
My favorite song of all time!
Such awesome lyrics, nice song, and best of all, bruno mars did incredible! No question about that.
[Newest]The only song by Bruno Mars that I like.
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4The Lazy Song
This song is indeed great!
Sounds like funny but its the reality!

Its indeed LAZY!
Specially the setting
this is the song that never expires! its playing on my mind all over and over! its soothing, the melody, and bruno is phenomenal!
... BRUNO"you're THE BEST
[Newest]That is my favorite song because I always get lazy and put that song on

5Locked Out of Heaven
Best song from Bruno mars ever
Best song love this one vote this up this song should be number 1 by miles and miles and miles vote this song up
Please people out there it is one of the best songs of the year 2012 topping many charts in many countries please vote for this song guys you won't regret it am putting my precious vote on this song out of many precious songs of Bruno Mars because this song deserves to be in top ten!
[Newest]And you make me feel like, I've been locked out of heaven!

6When I Was Your Man
There are some cheery songs which everyone enjoys to listen but this is the sad song that touches the heart of people and they can't help listening to it again and again such is the magic of bruno mars and this is that song.. Started listening to it a month ago and can't stop listening to it at least fifty times a day.. Guy vote for this song you won't regret it..
This song I s amazing it's the best one from his new album it should be higher place!
I love this song! It's my favorite song and this song is my number one song of the year for me! I'm in love with this song! I have listen to this like 20 million times this week! I love this song and how it touches my heart with every beat, every lyric and every why he does the song! GREAT JOB BRUNO MARS!
[Newest]My ex boyfriend could have written these words. Just a wonderful window into a man's regrets.
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7Talking to the Moon
This song is beautiful. The lyrics and the melody are just perfect. I listen to it over and over, never get bored. Too bad it hasn't a video clip yet.
I love Bruno Mars and everything he does, but Talking to the Moon is by far his greatest song.
So talented and this definitely shows this off. And the lyrics have a real meaning
Love you with all my heart Bruno mars I wanna be a song writer like you when I'm older you inspire me I look up to you
I agree that 'today my life begins' should be in too! 'Talking to the moon' is really one of the best emotional songs I've ever heard!
[Newest]Thank god this song is here. I was about to rage about how this list is mostly the "most popular" Bruno Mars songs, but Talking to the Moon gives me chills.
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8Marry You
this song was very refreshing.. I love it.. I swear!
Love this song.. you can never get tied of listening to it.. Its really good...!
My friend recommended this... Never stopped listening to this ever since!
[Newest]His best song, just so catchy

Great song I really liked it, the beat the lyrics, everything its just great I didn't think rap and pop could make such a great song
It is one of his brilliant songs, his voice was superb. The combination of bad meets evil with bruno mars is excellent... I love it...
Really nice song, I just like to listen to the bruno mars part that's the best!
[Newest]I just love it

I think it's da best song with an awesome rapping and fantastic music
Awesome... Just love this song... The guitar is also pretty good... I don't know what people have against travie mccoy and mars...

They both ARE awesome
I am 7 and Bruno Rocks!
I always rock the house singing his songs at talent show.
If you ever need a song to listen to travie and bruno are the ones to look for

[Newest]That is my dream

The Contenders

11Count On Me
bruno has really done the 1-2-3 part beautifully love it
very nice song. I love the lyrics, it's so friendly and heart touching
:D Love this song, I could listen to it for hours on end.. Well I do anyway aha, it's really good, quite amazing actually. Love the way Bruno Mar's sings it, If it was any other singer it just wouldn't work. I Love Bruno Mars, such a brilliant singer
[Newest]Helped me express my feelings to my friend.

Awesome song! It's very catchy and I can't believe it's not it the top ten list!
Treasure that is what you r Bruno
One of the best song of him
This song deserves its place in the top 3 vote for it guys..
With this 70s-80s funk resurgence in 2013 from Daft Punk to even Chris Brown, I'd have to put this at the top of my list above all else this year. I treasure this song.
[Newest]It's so upbeat and makes you feel amazing! Should definitely be in the top 10

13Nothin' On You
Absolutely superb...
I love this one & this song is fun to listen again and again...
Gr8 work frm bruno mars
This song is just so catchy and you can sing a long to it without even thinking about it. B.O. B's voice is just perfect with the rhythm and Bruno's voice is just so hypnotizing, he is just perfect in every way.
[Newest]One of Bruno's great hits

Mirror on the wall, here we are again
Through my rise and fall
You™ve been my only friend
You told me that they can understand the man I am
So why are we here talking™ to each other again

You just listen to that chorus and you know that this is a legendary song.
Its only works on bruno's angel voice and this part is like so emotional
This song is just amazing! It is not just Bruno Mars' greatest song, but also Lil Wayne's greatest song. This song is also pretty new so hopefully have heard this song and will vote for it because it is awesome.
Awesome, Great, Amazing, Spectacular, Unbelievable, Superior, Cool, Unbelievable... The lists goes on about how good this song really is!
[Newest]It's underrated... deserves top 5 :-/

15Runaway Baby
I love this song so much! Love how upbeat and awesome it is! Everyone should agree with me! BEST SONG EVER!
Its a very good for listening... Although its still new song of bruno mars, but I like this song... This song (MAKE ME MAD)...
To all bruno mars's fans, please listen, listen, listen it. Listen this song everyday, every moment, every time.. And you'll be like me, be a (MAD PERSON)
Finaly, this song is VERY GOOD
This song is a great up-beat tune. Now I'm not a huge Bruno Mars fan but I really like this song. For a While I didn't know that it was by him. Sure he has some other good song but this one wins by far. I love listenig to this song when I'm feeling down.
[Newest]I can't believe this is #14. It should be #1!

16Young Girls
I don't know why this song is number 32, I think it is great. I'm sure many people will agree with me after listening to it. Come on, make it into the top 10 at least. Great song, great voice, great music.
Great song, great tune. This deserves to be at least in the top 10. An added plus to this song is that it also sounds great live. Check out bruno mars performing this song in the victoria's secret show.
I can't believe that this song is here :S especially demo version is perfect one, not belong this number..
[Newest]This songs so good! The demo makes me love for this song

Love it sexy and dirty my style
Wow, so sick, cool
It accomplishes all the requires needed to be a pop song, making it to certain point cultural.
[Newest]So cool and awesome beat! I love it

18Young, Wild & Free
A very very catchy song that you will song along to even though the lyrics send a bad message. Bruno Mars is great in this song and I was surprised that worked so well with two rappers.
AMAZING! Bruno Mars makes this song. Just kills it. It shows off his talent. With Wiz and Snoop this is legendary.
How do you think that snoop dog and wis kalifa are young wild and free when they are in their late 40's. But who cares awesome song though with the help of bruno mars.

19Uptown Funk
The lyrics are so cool and confident. In the song it seems like Bruno would rule the world. Besides his voice fits amazing for this song and he really shows of his talent. I also really love the music video it shows pretty much all I described before. So this is my favourite song and Runaway Baby is in the second place! (sorry if I made any lamguage mistakes I'm from Germany)
This deserves to be #1! This song is so catchy, and you could listen to it forever! I'm actually singing this with my friend for Dessert Theater. It's such a great song!
Why is this not number one? I'm actually listening to it right now. It's amazing! It should be higher!
[Newest]This song can make me dance in my chair in the library when I'm studying. Now that's saying something. Absolutely love this song...

20The Other Side
Amazing can't stop listening BRILLIANT the combination of the 3 is great. This is what music is about. Well done Bruno, Cee-lo and B. O. B going to be huge I think you should make more in the years of your career
This song is just legendary... it has what I believe to be the 3 best (or 3 of the very best) artists of modern music.
how can anyone not like it? its a no. 1 4 me DEFO!
I keep listening to this song all day long.. more than 100 times.. great song..
[Newest]No arguments. One of the best.

It's got the same sound as runaway baby, which I really like. I think this is one of Bruno's best songs, it has a really sexy jazz hook that I know people would like.
Epic. Reminds me of Michael Jackson.
36! This song deserves to be among top 20!
[Newest]Best song from him. Why is this no.20?

22Today My Life Begins
Really great song... The best song to be heard during leisure times, this song just makes my mind free...
Such an inspiring song. I listen to this when I feel stressed out! The tune and lyrics are amazing, one of my favorite mars songs!
I love this song. It will totally lifts your spirits up. Take my advice and listen to it when you are travelling. It sounds the best then. Really great lyrics and we all know how great singer mars is. If you need some motivation, this song is what you need. Awesome! Just listen to it once, and you will fall in love with it..
[Newest]I just love this song, can't understand why it isn't in top ten!

23Somewhere in Brooklyn
This song is the best! It's so fun to sing along to and it has a catchy upbeat tune. I love his voice in this song!
LOVE THIS SONG! AWESOME CATCHY UPBEAT TUNE! This song, Count on me, just the way you are, talking to the moon, grenade, marry you, it will rain, the lazy song, BEST BRUNO MARS SONGS!
Somewhere in brooklyn is a legendary song! It is fun and I just adore it!
[Newest]Second best next to Uptown Funk. It should be second. This song is underrated.

24Money Makes Her Smile
I don't wanna talk too much. ! Just buy this song and dance with it all day long!
This song is amazing, dunno why is not on the top, I like songs like this, PLEASE LISTEN IT '-'

25Move On
I know this song does not deserve to be in the top 10. But I still like this song the lyrics of this song is so good that it can make me cry sometimes. I've been trying to listen to all bruno mars songs out there on the net so I found this to be a really good romantic song
One of his personal best in my opinion, altough I think it has not taken its deserved credit
I love this song it made me cry for some reason and I keep on hearing it a lot

26All About You
This song is perfert for couples or anybody who's in love. I just love this song it just makes me wanna dance and smile all day imagining myself married to the man I love and this song played on on our wedding. you ve got to listen to it guys its an amazing song

Am I the only one who likes this song. Please if you have not heard this song listen to it if you like grenade then you will love this one too. Awesome song, thanks bruno mars keep making music.
Wow I love the beat and lyrics to this song! I love Bruno! Its beat is so zesty your going to want to sing along to this song every time you hear it!
This Song spells A.W.E.S.O.M.E. ! Just wanna listen to this song again and again. Bruno Mars has a lot of talent, wish this song would go higher.

28Who Is
That's his best Song
Every time I hear it I cry

29Liquor Store Blues
so perfect! I mean... its bruno mars and then with the son of bob marley? its brilliant... thanks for this great song...
Its the best song ever! All my friends really like this song I mean all the other songs are great and all but this one is fabo! You go bruno you rock you should make more amazing songs like liquor store blues. I love you bruno mars!
Nice song... Thumbs up
[Newest]In my top 10 playlist love it

30If I Knew
Such a sentimental and over all great song! Relatable and has the best rhythm and beat!
If they only knew this song I'm sure they love it too.this is the song that touch your heart

31Never Say You Can't
Very emotional song, its about his dad
This song really touches me, it must be on top 5... guys you should try this out.

Best song of Bruno Mars, it takes me back instantly to the 80's
This song + driving at night = pure bliss

33Powerful Star

34All I Need

35Long Distance
When I missed my girlfriend, I just love this song, but it's so sad
Every words is Perfect. Love it!

This is a very emotional song. Bruno Mars has a very talented voice. The lyrics are so meaningful and the tempo is so right. I listen to this song on my mp3 player every time!
It's just AWESOME! The lyrics of this songs brings tears into my eyes. I can feel Bruno Mars' voice in my veins. My heart belongs to this song. And my heart beat belongs to Bruno Mars.
This song deserves to be at the top list of "most loved song". Best song by bruno in my opinion.
[Newest]Very very nice song!

37All She Knows
AWESOME! SPLENDID! ADDICT-ABLE! This song is his best and I mean it :-P. Well guys give it a try you all will definitely love it. And it doesn't deserve to be at 20. Oh! Come on.


His voice is magical!
I'm just shocked to see this amazing addicting loving song at such a distance... Hey guys, just listen to this song.. You ewill sure learn that this song deserves to be in top 5..
[Newest]That makes me crazy

I think grenade is the best but I think this song should definitely come 2nd its a great song! By the way I'm a massive fan of bruno mars!
This is a great song alone, but wit mars it's awesome!


This song is the most heart-touching song ever! It really reflects bruno mars's amazing style!
One of Bruno Mars greatest song ever! "all I went through led me to you so I'll do it all over again" I truly would do it all over again if given the chance!
Completely amazing. I could listen to it all day <3

40Rest of My Life
This is a beautiful song, where every women in her life wanted to listen from the lover, and I really loved the lyrics and the way he tuned it and conveyed it... Too good
My husband played this song for me at our wedding. I had never heard this song before that day. It had both of us in tears. Beautiful lyrics and melody.
Needs to Sing this. On his tour on Orlando fl! This. Is my all thine favorite song!

41Girl I Wait
This song is superb.. Just superb.. Could listen to it for hours and not stop. One of the best slow songs of bruno mars!

42Don't Give Up
Are you nuts
You didn't listen it
Just listen it
Then decide where it stands

43Our First Time

44Before It Explodes
Not on the top 10? Try this with headphones and read the lyrics

45Girl In the Window
Best bruno mars song I swear!
Very nice song can be the best song Bruno mars ever made in the world. Very very vet vey Ben ebb bug bydg jhbb gdfvbhd hfcb best song ever

46Watching Her Move
This is the most different song of bruno mars from all others. I think he did it very well. Bruno mars

47She Got Me

48One Love

49On Fire


51Turn Around

52Only When You Are Lonely
I don't know... I just like it

53Who Are You

54Where Did She Go?

55Killa On Tha Run

56Bubble Butt
I really like the song
A song by Major Lazer feat Bruno Mars, Tyga, 2 chainz and mystic

Great 80's sounding song with lyrics many of us night folks can relate to.
Now that I 'm at the end of the bottle she looks like a supermodel

58Trippin Out

59Her World Goes On
It's a very nice song... I would repeat this song a couple of times in my mp3 playlist... If you haven't heard of it yet then try to... It's a nice song


61A Stranger

62Mama's Worst Nightmare

I love this song but it's really just because I love love love Bruno mars.
I think it's a little old one.. But still his best

64This Is My Love
Really good song should at least be top 10

65Phantom Planet

66Sugar Cocoa

67Welcome Back

68Show Me
This is a cool song. Listen to it and you'll feel like you're in a beach with Bruon Mars. :D

69Ladies Is Pimps Too

70There I Go Again

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