Best CreepyPastas Ever


To people who don't know what a CreepyPasta is, let me explain. A CreepyPasta is a short story that is posted on the internet that is designed to unnerve and shock the reader. I looked high and low for the best of the best, and here they are. Let's begin. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer was the first creepypasta I'd ever read, and boy was that a mistake for the first time. When I read it my mom and brother were at the park, I am almost never home alone so I took this as a chance to read something scary. Well I didn't mean horrifying, when I first read it I stood there and thought this isn't scary and then turned to Jeff Returns, that's where I started to get freaked out. I imediatly shut off the computer and ran into my bed room (taking my three dogs, two of which were very large and guard dogs) Then I turned on childrens T.V. and read some romance novel, anything to get my mind off of it. Because the more you think of it, the more it haunts you.
By far the best creepypasta I've read, the picture is pretty creepy as well... GO TO SLEEP
Jeff is the best! His story almost made me poop my pants! The picture traumatized me! I haven't been able to sleep for more than 3 months! I'm always afraid that he's in a dark area waiting for me... He's in my nightmares. I even think I've seen him once! He cut a scar into my arm that made me pass out! He must have thought I died from it! He's tots the best!
Three simple words the best ever
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2BEN Drowned
BEN is a figure who takes on the form of the Elegy of Emptiness statue of Link's human form in the title: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The writer is terrified by this entity because it seemingly haunts the game cartridge in a way that makes the victim of this pasta feel alone, hopeless and trapped. The reason this creepypasta belongs near the top is because it is a good read, it is very believable (contains videos), it is quite lengthy, and it goes into great detail with the characters, settings and events, allowing you to paint a vivid picture in your head. I highly recommend reading this one.
The first creepypasta I ever read, and might I say the best. This thing creeped me out for a long time due to the fact I am a big legend of zelda fan. Because of that fact (and the fact I had recently beat Majora's Mask when I read this thing) it scared me even more to know it could be haunted. It is also one of the most realistic ones I've seen. In my opinion it should be the top. All thanks to Mr. Alex Hall (aka Jadusable: aka the writer of this creepypasta)
A very long but amazing story with a whole bunch of videos.


I love his story... Its very interesting. ^. ^
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3Slender Man
The ongoing series by the Marble Hornets creates an atmosphere of a documentary, making it seemingly more believable than many other creepypasta's I've seen. With well done filmwork, and a very interesting, mysterious, and unnerving story, this will leave you looking out the window, fearing something is watching you, overall, making me like Slender Man the best.
Really love this story, got me into creepypasta and is more believable than others
Is the best creepypasta in my opinion, there are so many stories about it and seems to span over hundreds of years. Sure some of the things about it are fake, but I still believe it is one of the better ones out there, and is more believable than most.
By far, the scariest creepypasta. None of the other ones took a toll on me, but this one actually had me jittery and scared. There have been actual slenderman sightings, you know? Pretty scary. The story really is believable.
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4Squidward's Suicide
O. O Of all the mind-numbingly creepy material I have seen and read over the years, this creepypasta disturbed me the most. They describe the scenes in this story so well, putting brain-assaulting images in your head that are difficult to remove. One of them being the picture. And, having seen many episodes of Spongebob as a kid, all those memories of our good spongey friend and his aquaintences have been pooed all over. I will never look at Spongebob and Squidward especially the same way again, and after reading this creepypasta, neither will you.
This is the first one I've ever heard, and I never read a better one ever since. Scary, yet a good quality read.


The photo was creepy and the story was even more creepy
He is not creepy
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5The Russian Sleep Experiment
While reading The Russian Sleep Experiment I felt myself get physically unhealthy. I grew dizzier and my breathing seemed to grow difficult, possibly as and attempt to hold back vomiting. Repeatedly I said "Oh my god. " It's literally horrifying not only the gore described but for me more some of the things said through those undergoing the experiment. I don't know if I'd recommend reading it or never reading it but it's the best creepypasta.
Not the first creepypasta I've ever read and not the last, but certainly one of the best. The descriptions of the victims are wonderfully nauseating. This is certainly worth a read if you don't want to sleep at night (or should I say, DO want to sleep... )
I love this creepypasta. It's extremely descriptive and gross, but never bores the reader. It's not as scary as some others I've read, but it's the most disturbing (tied with 'Cupcakes. ')

Give it a read! It's worth your time
Elwhen I read this I had one of those fake cigerret litter grenades and I kept it by me all night just in case I needed to throw it at something or someone who doesn't belong in my house 😌 I was delirious.
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6The Rake
I couldn't sleep for nights after reading this. I just kept looking at the end of my bed the hell out.
WHY IS THIS NOT NUMBER ONE? Hell I'm scarred... I mean they have proof... Video proof... News prove... That's just insane..
I was scared to death, especially the pictures.
I am hoping The Rake isn't real!
We were surely going to have insomnia for the next 2 weeks.
Not scary but I'm immune to scary after years of creepypastas😐
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7Eyeless Jack
I LOVE Eyeless Jack :P I think he needs to be in the top ten :) I don't know why but I just love Creepypasta and all of these stories... You can thank my friend for getting me obsessed in these stories! Anyways, I really want this story to win but my choice came down to Slenderman, The Rake, and Eyeless Jack :) All of them need to be in the top ten!
Eyeless jack is just AMAZING he can be just as good as all of the other Creepypastas if the writer didn't do such a bad job... He's my personal favorite and all of my friends favorites! We all had a fight over who got to be eyeless jack for halloween! And we ate kidney beans in tribute to him (laugh out loud it was gross)
He's just so awesome and he needs more credit for that! Even if the writer didn't give much detail, you can let your mind roam and make it up yourself, use your imagination and you can make it (whatever you think is best) just use your imagination... And he's just so huggable I mean seriously!
And he loves fighting
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8Laughing Jack
Laughing jack is by far the scariest creepypasta I have read
Laughing Jack is by far the most excellent and CreepyPasta character I have seen in from the time I started reading the stories if he exsosted I would shît briks and run away
I love laughing jack, very creepy
I personally found this to be one of the more well written creepypastas that I've seen, as well as one of the creepiest!
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Personly my fave creepypasta scary yet awesome I scared someone loads with this story easily should be in top ten
Very creepy picture and creepy story it deserves to be here.
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10Lavender Town Syndrome
Lavender town maybe a littlebit creepy like the ghost and others but the worst part is the song. They say it cause suicides. CREEPY! And this song has been stuck in my head for days until it stops every time I listen to it it will never get out of my head until I ethier wait until its gone or listen to some other music or watch some T.V. to get it out of my mind. Oh yea one more thing I know this is not a real creepypasta but its called creepypastaphoebia. Its where if you read a certain creepypasta you will be scared. The common ones are you can't sleep, nightmares, look everywhere, and other ones. Some are exclusive like for an example say if you read a squidwards suicide creepypasta and if you look at the photo and you ethier can't look at squidward or if you see a toy of him you use something to destroy it. And that's why I like the pokemon lavender town creepypasta.
It is the most creepy one. Really!
After reading this and hearing the song, I could not sleep for a bit.
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The Contenders

11Smile Dog
The most awesome dog ever
If he did not kill people I would keep him as a pet
Smile dog is a really good creepypasta because it is actually a real image.Smile.jpg Is haunted, look at it if you dare!
1st one I heard about. Scary. Scary, scary, scary.


This one is one of the most famous and pretty creepy as well. There are tons of parodies as well.


Wow, I don't know if the one I saw was a parody or not, but it scared me to death! Don't even try to imagine waking up in the middle of the night and having that bloody mickey head staring at you right in the face! I MUST SHOW ALL MY
The creepiest creepypasta ever! I mean come on! This is the best creepypasta... I wanted to vote for hypno's lullaby but it wasn't in this list so freak it. I couldn't look at mickey mouse the same way after my 'friendly' encounter with this creepypasta... Good luck for those who haven't read it yet..
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13The Tunnel
It's a little cheesy, but it's pretty scary, especially what happens during and after the encounter of the tunnel.


Holy crap, that was surprisingly good...
I read it, and I didn't want to go into any more abandoned tunnels.


14Abandoned by Disney
Pretty creepy. Not going to lie though, I liked it better up until the very end when they went overkill on the blood.
Oh so scary at first then it wasn't scarry, " "Hey, " it said in a hushed, perverted, but perfectly executed Mickey Mouse voice, "Wanna see my head come off? "

It started to pull at its own head, working its clumsy, glove-clad fingers around its neck with clawing, impatient movements similar to a wounded man trying to pull himself free of a predator's jaws...

As it worked its digits into its neck... So much blood...

So much thick, chunky, yellow blood... " THAT was my favorite part when I first read it.
The feeling of foreboding left me unprepared for the ending. A recommended read for anyone who wants to read quintessential creepy pasta.
If you try looking up this location, its pixelated...
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Not scary, but disturbing. All the gore and cutting you read makes you unconfortable. I've read it many times and I don't think it's scary, I love it! Love the way that a cute happy pony can be so mad and sadistic, in my opinion it suits Pinkie Pie. But that's just me, I love twisted things, good become evil.
When I first meeted CUPCAKES it freaked me out... But when I saw it again and again now in my opinion is not creepy is good it maybe creep you out but not to me...
WHY THE HELL IS THIS NOT NUMBER! I feel sick and I can safely say I will never look at pinkie Pie in the same way. It's not scary but it is creepy and if you like gore this is your pasta!
No this isn't going to scare you at all but it does give you a lot of gore if you enjoy those kind of things but it was written well and it is definitely worth checking out


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16Lost Silver
An amazing creepypasta about the inevadibility of death. It truly raises questions, not to mention has several alternate endings.
I love this story so much! It deserves to be first on tip ten. It is creepy, exciting and when it ends it leaves thoughts and questions bouncing around in your head.
Amazing story. It really scared me to wet my pants. It had a lot of excitment to it. What scared me was the unknowns spelling and lost silver's limps coming off
I seriously love this creepypasta. I mean like one of my favorites right under Jeff & Jane.
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WHY ON EARTH HAS THIS NOT BEEN MENTIONED YET?! Let's take a look, shall we?
So Tom gets a game, blah blah blah note, don't play it, he's coming, yadda yadda yadda. But then the game... OH THE GAME!
The first button he press sends him to a strange title screen for a split second, already making him wonder about this. Then, he selects Tails from a select screen. He moves, and soon sees MUTILATED ANIMALS! And then there's Sonic, who's not really Sonic... Oh boy.
He sends Tails to a burning field, then chases him down, and get this, WITH THE DROWNING MUSIC. Afterwards, he does who knows what to Tails. Oh, by the way, Sonic has dark eyes with red glowing pupils that bleed. Just FYI. Then, Tom chooses Knuckles. Knuckles goes into a room, and sees Sonic. So, he tries to punch him. You know what happens afterwards. Teleporting, Knuckles is tired, death, and now Tom takes a nap, where Sonic haunts him in his sleep and Tails and Knuckles mourn about their deaths. Then, Tom finally chooses EGGMAN. Yes. Eggman, who is already nervous. Sure enough, after a few stairs, BOO! Sonic gets him too, leaving Tom to see a few disturbing images. Tom turns, and sees his Sonic doll with dark, bleeding eyes with red, glowing pupils. Other than the ending, this is GENIUS. It's disturbing, creepy, and doesn't use too much of the blood cliché. In short, Sonic. Exe is a creepy story indeed, and if you mess around for too long, he WILL FIND YOU.
I got nightmares after reading the story, because of that I never played sonic the hedgehog ever in my life again. And what makes it creepier is that there's a game of it, I've seen game plays of Youtubers like PewDiePie and Markiplier and I got really creeped out and the ending is just scary as hell... When Sonic just popped out on the screen saying 'I Am God' with that laugh I can't remember that character he laughs like plus... You can't escape the game, even if you press escape it won't and whatever button you press it just shows Dr. Eggman, Knuckles and Tails' heads on a wooden pole and their bodies are laying on the floor and also in another picture it shows Sonic was levitating behind a wallpaper saying creepy stuff. By far this is one of the most scariest creepypasta stories ever.
This is way scarier than Tails Doll, and this is an actual game that can be downloaed or even be played on disc! A friend of mine has played the game on disc and got so scared, he sold the game to someone else and luckily, he did it before he saw the plush!
This is cool I played it before its really scary
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18Spongebob Bootleg Episode
Screw that picture! Don't look at it unless you plan on not sleeping!
The only thing creepy about this is the picture. The ending of the story said if you stare into it long enough, you'll see Spongebob blink. I never want to see that picture again.


Damn that picture! Ugh, couldn't sleep for NIGHTS after looking at this picture!
Jesus I just looked up the picture and almost had a heartattack!
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19Jane the Killer
Jane The Killer is the best of the best and deserves to be number one because in almost every story she kills jeff and her story creeped me out but she is the best go jane if you don't agree remember this is just my opinion
She deserts more credit. She nearly kills Jeff the killer and gave birth to his child!
In my opinion Jane the killer was better than Jeff the killer for many reasons and the story is very well written and the way she looks a lot more awesome and she just has more character once more this is just a opinion
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20Jeff is Back
What the hell? Why is it right down at 114? It's a good Creepypasta In fact, I daresay it's better than the original. It makes a lot more sense, and is a lot creepier. But it's easier to get creeped out by the video, rather than by just reading it.
This was one of the best what I don't get thought is the Jeff the killer fan girls who have crushes on him? Personaly I love the story its self so horrifying almost as good as the first

Worth the read ten times over. If you prefer books to screentime, order the book by Dathan Auerbach (1000Vultures) off Amazon instead.

Thrilling the reader with its uniquely original storyline, Penpal repeatedly compels you to read more and more as you become infatuated with the narrator's story. To this day, I'm frightened of waking up in a place other than my own bed.

Penpal is, without a doubt, the absolute best Creepypasta I have ever had the pleasure to read.
This introduces a chill to the reader without the traditional gore and jump scares, while also keeping the story compelling and completely disturbing. Honestly, most creepypastas don't actually scare me, they just disturb me a bit. But Penpal... Well, let's just say that Penpal gave me a dose of paranoia and maybe a bit of insomnia. If you like reading stories that make you check under your bed and jump at every noise that you don't immediately know the location of, I highly suggest this creepypasta.
Penpal is something I would be proud to call a creepypasta. It's something that can happen to any of us and it just seems so... Realistic. It's long but if any thing's ever been worth the read, its this. I've read Jeff the killer, slenderman, squid wards suicide, BEN drowned... And nothing has given me the creeps like this story did. The only thing I've ever enjoyed as much as that was the books of sand if I remember correctly.
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22Normal Porn for Normal People
Incredibly creepy and underrated... The thought of a psychotic killer posting porn to the internet sends chills up my spine. Also incredibly convincing.
Very underrated... Bizarre and creepy as hell. Deserves to be in the top 10 for sure.
I read Normal Porn for Normal People a couple days ago... Still don't really know what it has to do with porn. It was rather creepy, and I might have a sudden fear of chimpanzees now...
Most disturbing creepy Pasta ever.


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23Phineas' Suicide
I probably just put this here because I'm a huge fan of the show, but this one is one of the few that still haunts my nightmares.


What the? Is this one even a real creepypasta?

I like him as a creepy pasta and I could just say ever girl out
There that likes masky always wonders what he looks like
Underneath that mask. One thing I don't like is that he is one of slenders
Goon. ( fact ) his real name is Tim
Masky is flipping adorable and hot! <3. X1000000
He is amazing and caring, at times. Others he is not nice... ;p
With watching marble hornets I got to say, Masky gave me a few jump scares. Love Masky!

I didn't want to play Minecraft anyways...
Herobrine is a dead person who will kill you and if you play and see herobrine you will die.
He's real, Notch had 2 brothers:a half brother that he never met before, and Herobrine. Notch lied about him not having a brother Anyone who dosen't believe in him needs to WAKE UP.
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26NES Godzilla Creepypasta
This was my third creepypasta, and I have to say it's the best. I'm having trouble believing this isn't in the top ten, since it's so damn good. Tons of pictures to accompany the story make it all the more believable and thrilling. I believe there's even music from the game you can find online. It's not exactly lose-sleep scary, but it's a great thrill ride and puts an amazing twist on the beloved original game.
WOW. This is one of the best written creepypastas ever. Add that to some odd screen-caps, odd gameplay and RED, this story is just amazing. Not to mention the fact that this is one of the only creepypastas with a compelling story. Happy Appy might have Forenzik, BUT THIS HAS MELISSA. There's a reason that Mullet Mike and Mutahar read this thing, and you should too!
A masterful creepypasta. it's tense, mysterious and (of course) very creepy. If you don't believe me then just take one look at Red and you'll know what I mean.
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27Dead Bart
Do not, and I mean do not watch the dead Bart video unless you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life!
Do you see him? I'm not sure. But that picture is actually from a whole different episode. It's an earlier episode when Homer Simpson forgets Bart at a soccer game and Bart hates him a whole bunch after that (there was a rain storm for 4 hours while Homer was gone). When Bart finally got into his dads car, Homer tried to apologize, but Bart was still mad at him and, in his mind, made his dads face look all decayed because he was mad at him. The picture being part of a creepypasta is a lie.


Apparently, I read if you watch it fully, Bart will stare at you in your sleep, he will appear everywhere and you will be cursed.
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I love hoodie! Even though he's just a proxy, he's awesome! He stalks you, then bashes your head in with a brick. And all you see of him is glowing red eyes and a stitched closed mouth. He is epic!
I love Hoodie because he a proxy and he has red eyes and a frown (IT SO CUTE! ) He has a brother name Masky. He the older brother. He kill by stalking and bashes heads with a brick.
I love Hoodie even if a proxy. He has a brother name Masky too. I love Hoodie because he has red eyes and a frown. (IT SO CUTE! )
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29The Scariest Video Game Ever
This one gets you be the throat and strangles you it's so creepy... until the awesome ending.


I gussed the ending before it happened
Best story evver! I love it. Laugh out loud, and the ending.
I really like this one, the ending was just, wow.


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Really awesome creepypasta!
The concept of a creature created by your own imagination is brilliant!
Also, this Tulpa thing is REAL. Just Google it, you can find tutorials on how to make them. After reading this creepypasta I gave it a try and I have successfully created one. Anyways, awesome creepypasta, good story and good build up.

31The Rugrats Theory
Falls into theory but makes you think twice about watching kid cartoons. They can make even adults scream in fright
This theory is so fake, one hole in the theory's logic is that there have been Rugrats episodes WITHOUT Angelica.


I wasn't impressed at all by this theory it had to many holes in it

32My Little Pony Theory
This really is a wonderfully creepy idea of what could be the basis behind an awesome show. Although it's a little heart wrenching for me to think that some of my favorite characters were based of these poor girls.
When I first saw this as a creepypasta I thought it was going to be bad but when I read it made absolutely sad because they all died in terrible ways definitely deserves to be higher it's my favorite creepypasta and I've read a ton of them
So sad, I cried. My eyes were bloodshot I cried so much. I've read a lot of creepypastas, but this wins the award for saddest.
Weather you are a brony or not I have to admit this was a great story and to be honest the best cartoon theory as well. That and this was one of the very few things that actually made me cry in life


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33Luna Game
Not scary at all! Suck it, bronies!

I think he should be top 10
Zalgo is underdeveloped and thus under appreciated. Once he gets a few good pastas going for him, instead of just the short comics, he should pick up in popularity, especially since he already has a clear and menacing description, even if it doesn't explain much about him as a being.
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35Happy Appy
I just came upon this and had to make an account just to post this. I have never once read this article, heard of happy appy, seen it, been told about it, nothing. but I remember as a young child having dreams about this very character. it was accompanied by whom I don't remember but as soon as I saw that apple character, I remembered the dream that I haven't thought about in a while. basically all I saw was me sitting beside this apple character, it emotionless looking forward, sitting in what looks to be like a kiddy-train which went around a cul-de-sac shaped plaza. I have no idea why I would have dreamt about it but after reading the popular creepypasta, Candle Cove, I'm a bit shaken up...


Really long, but worth the read in my opinion. Really good details and really disturbing. This one kept me up all night.
I think that this was complete plagiarism of 1999, which is a way better creepypasta. Yet this is sitting here at 21 while 1999 is at 109! 1999 was convincing all the way through and had the whole Creepypasta community arguing over whether it was real or fake. Happy Appy seemed similar, but by series 2/video game it just got stupid with all that Danny and Miranda stuff. I would urge people to read 1999 before even voting for Happy Appy. Although Happy Apply is iconic, 1999 is a better pasta. Check out "Top ten Creepypasta" on Listverse to get a rough lowdown of the story before reading it. You'll never look at teddy bears in the same way...
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36Dear Abby
This by far is my favorite because it's realistic! The scariest things in life are actually the things that can happen in real life rather than fiction in my opinion. It starts off to what seems to be just a sweet compliment to a clumsy man. Then it turns into this horrible stalking obsession. After reading this, I try to be careful who I give my compliments out to now! Wonderful amazing story!
Made me feel absolutely sick to my stomach, very well written. But extremely disturbing.
One of my personal Favorites
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37Hope is Lost
That one creeped me out a lot
The only truly creepy SpongeBob pasta.

What makes this creepypasta so good is not that it's scary, but just so convincing and creates a sense that this story may have happened. It really dives into the realms of disturbing and the sick, demented mind of a pedophile that creates a local channel for little kids, just so he can lure them into his house, torture them, and sacrifice them. There are a plot holes, especially when the parents of these kids that are lured into the house don't even bother that their kids are missing. But it's a well-written story with great suspense and goes into the mind of a kid watching the show, almost being lured into the house, and how his childhood was much darker than he remembered it years later.
It's brilliant. Jeff is rubbish compared to it. Happy Apply copied this in a stupider way. It's a must read - the first one I ever read and the best. It's really convincing. Not for the faint hearted... Just remember. Never watch Channel 21.
I'm surprised this isn't higher. This one is creepy, disturbing and well written put those factors together and you got a good pasta.
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39Ticci Toby
When this wasn't at least in the top 10, I kinda flipped out. This one was my favorite of all the CPs, though now I think of it, I don't know why. It was just very easy to relate to Toby and the story was great. I always wondered what happened after slenderman/the Operator took/saved him.
My favourite CreepyPasta killer, I prefer him to the other slenderman proxies such as hoodie and masky and personally a better killer origin story than Jeff the killer but for me this is a more likely to be real other than Jeff.
Why isn't this here? This is my favorite Creepypasta of all time! Images by the creator may not be around anymore, but the Creepypasta itself is still there.
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It's long but its worth a read. This is a great story to show a journey to insanity. It reminds us how fragile the human mind is. You keep on thinking again and again if he was insane or if some kind of entity was after him and that if the whole human race was really all dead... Or worse. What makes this story so amazing was the twist of the ending but you have to think a little more to realize that twist. The thought of something after him, the fear and who to trust, the story really let me experience that. Not sure with everyone else. I'm not scared of it much thanks to reading it about more than 5 times. I recommend this story. It blew me away when I read the ending. I discovered this story while going through YouTube and I'm happy I did. When I first read it... At night by the way... Around midnight. I was scared. It was written with a talented use of grammar and words too.

*spoiler? *
*spoiler :P*
*last spoiler alert*

It's funny though...
How his insanity was the thing that "saved" him.

Or did it?
Not only my favourite creepypasta but also my most favourite short story of all time, I have so much love for it. You may not want to read it because it's long but I assure you it is worth it. You really feel like you are experiencing the character's spiral into utter paranoia along with him. It is written so well.
I can't believe that this isn't closer to the top. This is my favorite creepypasta of all time. It's a shame that most people won't read it because it's long. It's more than worth it. It's written very well and I've never read another creepy pasta that was this good.
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41Clever Bot
This is the most scary in my opinion I don't go on creepy pasta any more
Cleverbot sometimes know what you have been doing lately
Ok my opinion is I always go on cleverbot but that dose happen to me ever
Love the website!
It's a really cool.
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42Jeff the Killer vs Jane the Killer
I love this one. I always like when there is a girl version of something and they go against each other. I love how you can feel the anger of jane when you read her story. Well at least I did.
I read both there storys. I see why jane hates him. Both storys are actily around the same story in some parts. I love the story line.
I love the story but jane do you really think that killing people jeff will get mad but still a good story its awesome
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43Slenderman vs The Rake
Another good one with a battle between the Slenderman and another popular creepypasta, it's in two parts and gives very good explanation with the slenderman mythos, might seem strange at the begining but will all lead up the a very good ending, love the story.
These two are the best because the Internet has caused idiots to believe in them.
Anything that is a horror character vs a horror character is pretty funny to me. 2 killers battling it out. Hilarious.


44Tails Doll
It's not so much of the creepy-pasta, but more of the fan art. We know the basic looks from Sonic R. But the fan art is just adding blood, teeth, and claws. Boom. All of the Tails Doll fan art in a nutshell.
So I think it's very creepy.
Great creepy pasta needs to be in the top ten.


My personal favorite creepypasta it may not be scary but the tails doll have a really awesome design and curse
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One of the creepiest creepypastas I've ever read. I love how it builds up the suspense and then at the end just lets it all out. It's amazing
It's just a very good, interesting and very creepy creepypasta, definitely of of the best I've ever read.
Amazing pasta, but underrated sadly. Definitely one of my favorites. I still have nightmares about it. Should definitely be higher up on this list.
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46All the Papers Lied Tonight

47The Art of Jacob Emory
Great story and deserves to be higher on this list
Come on, how can you forget this one

48Username 666
Well, I heard that person went to youtube to refresh the page, the youtube page went hellish and the video were being very creepy, So I begin to watch video. While I'm watching the video, I see the women were drowning into the bloody pool and its nasty so I pause but its doesn't work so decide to go back page but its still doesn't work. So I tried Close page but its doesn't close. So I should shut down but it can't shut down, The shut down is always work! So I did several times but its doesn't work. All hope was lost. I couldn't get out of Explorer, and the video kept going on and on. And there was nothing to stop me. The girl in the video starring at me, looking at me with random sounds and beatings playing. So women hand pop up out the video and kill me!
This number is too dangerous to dial.Legend has it that if you call this number, you will die in 7 days.i have read about this online dozens of times.I even found information about it in a book.I don't remember what it's called but it says that if you dial this number, no one will answer.After you have already called this number, you will have strange nightmares about the so called "death" meeting you.But the book says that its not "death" that will be meeting you, it will be A...I'm sorry I can't describe it but it will be like something blck that's for sure.In the 7 days when your waiting, your nightmares will get worst and worst every night.So dial it at your own risk.(P.S. I don't actually know if this is real, or just a myth, but I have yet to known so remember my advice)
Just because of the suspense of the creepypasta, because there is currently another 666 account that could let viruses into your computer
The new 666 account is called Suspended666account
My friend said it was the devils number. If you dial it you will die. I never dialed it.
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49Candle Cove
I read this before I realized that it was fictional creepypasta. When you read of it that way everything just gets loads more creepy. Oh, and when accompanied by that candle cove video on youtube? Made it even more awesome.
It's really interesting. You can tell from the beginning that it's really odd. Then as you progress, ot just gets creepier and creepier. The last line sent chills up my spine and left me in a confused state.
When you look back at shows you watched as a child, you have to admit some of the stuff you watched was just plain weird. Candle Cove is a tale of a nostalgia trip that takes an unexpected supernatural turn. Adding to its creepy factor, Candle Cove is written in a believable, yet creative format.
I think it's a freaky story about children watched that!
I never seen it but it must be scary.
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50Click Reload
Clickreload is one of my favorite creepypastas because is a REAL website. Still waiting for the old man and the flash of bright green light.

This is a truly horrifying pasta. Simply because of how real the situation can be. One of the worst things that could happen to a person.
Terrifying because it could happen to anyone...

52The Seedeater
The story's pretty scary, so is the picture, good creepyasta.
The seedeater eats kids! Need I say more.
Why is this guy at the bottom? He's so cool! He's way better than all the popular ones. First off, this ones actually scary. He wasn't ruined by the fangirls, and secondly. Everyone thinks Masky and Hoody are Creepypasta's. Their NOT.

This is just a funny parody of people always using the term, Hyper-Realistic.


Don't look at the picture! It's worse than Jeff, Squidward's suicide, and Luna game combined! Unlike the other creepypasta, this one is... hyper-realistic.

Um... Is This a Creepypasta?

This one is slightly different to your average Creepy pasta.
I had trouble looking at my ceiling for a while... I also hoped that I wouldn't hear the window blinds smack against the window... *shutter*


56Kingdom Hearts: Cathedral Glitch


58The .GIF
Very good Creepypasta, it's like, just awesome, and that's the Creeypasta that made me like MrCreepypasta, also the pic it's not the scariest, but it give me chills
I'm not having a nice day you know... suicide!

59The Strangest Security Tape I've Ever Seen
It's actually so creepy but very interesting
Not scary but very interested CP
It's a little creepy but mostly really weird and interesting. Time loops...

60God's Mouth
After I heard this Creepypasta I couldn't take being in small rooms for fear of being claughsterphobic.

61The Sniper
Should have more credit since its very original and has very unsettling details when describing The Sniper and how he kills people
One of the best I've read.

I saw a particular picture of him 2 times. The first, it started to rain and I freaked out thinking that it was him walking around. The second, while I was doing my homework and the others were asleep, I clearly heard someone toying with some keys.
Every time I see the image, I hear noises.

63Jeff the Killer vs Slenderman
One of the best stories I think as it is two of the best creepypastas (in my Opinion) fightng each other, great one to listen to at night as well, might not get to sleep, just watch out...
Come its slenderman vs jeff the killer its going to be a draw
While it didn't manage to catch my vote, this pasta is downright thrilling, making you cheer fu*k yeah! Rather than hell no! Though the ending does kinda suck...

64Lavender Town Song Conspiracy
Lavander Town has certainly earned the tons of Creepypastas written about it. It's truly chilling, and the song has given me a headache every time I hear it. If you listen to the missing beats, you will hear the truly unverving music at the end that haunts me in my dreams.
Forget the music one, that's just science. Just don't read the one about Buried Alive before you go to bed.


65Dating Game
This creepypasta is longer, but does not disappoint. Sometimes it may be a little cliche, and the ending and results of the actions that take place have an obvious conclusion. However, the feeling of this story and the characters are fairly detailed. It may not be the absolute best, but FAR better than some of the other pastas on this list.
That is so feaking creepy I definitely want to see this in the top ten! I just read it and I am sure to have nightmares I can just see the glowing green eyes now
Oh my god! This is the creepiest ever! Better than any of the other creepypasta especially the bit where she gouges the mans eye out while he is still alive
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66The Truth About Ed, Edd, N Eddy
A very creepy (yet convincing) look at the truth behind one of Cartoon Network's best shows. The creepy thing, it makes so much sense!
It is a creepypasta so deal with it.

67The Showers

68Pokemon Creepy Black
Meh. Not really that scary.

69Obey the Walrus
This thing is so disturbing it will haunt you for a while and then you'll never want to watch that video again ):
It's so unnatural.. It really made me feel uneasy.
I honestly couldn't even watch the whole thing. I have seen and read a lot of creepypastas, and this one really got to me.

70Hetalia 23.5
I love hetalia and I love italy so it very heartbreaking but its still one of the best creepypastas I've read
I couldn't watch Hetalia for MONTHS after I read this. I couldn't belive the rest of Axis turned on Italy like that... :(
This scared me for life... They shouldn't have done that

71Super Mario 64: Damned
One of the best pastas ever on one of the best games ever.
A prime example of why "cliches" don't matter.

72Hypno's Lullaby
Oh come on, no love for this creepypasta? I shiver every time I hear the lullaby.

73The Crawlspace

74Unbranded Laptop
This story freaked me out a little. I keep on thinking about It the whole night trust me you should read it
Not svårt, bit creepy as hell! I hated but on the same time loved the cuting/torturing part! But I would give it a 8/10
This story gave me. Nightmare's

75The Pocket
The title picture alone is enough to make the nightmares visit for weeks. It was very gory but kept within the proper bounds. And as if the initial tale didn't make one feel uneasy enough, MrCreepypasta's video version of it kicked the horror into full throttle.

Seriously, The Pocket deserves AT LEAST as much attention as The Rake, Jeff, and Slenderman!

76Midnight Train

77Rap Rat
This story.
My GOD. It scared me for about 3 days.
This pasta is creepiest I've read. I couldn't sleep for nights due to this story. I kept waking up at 3:00 in the morning and couldn't sleep until 4:30 due to the ending. But all in all it was pretty good. :D
Imagine is operation did the same thing!
Ehp, I don't even wanna read it. I heard how scary it is, and I don't want to experience it. Maybe I do, actually.
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78The Smiling Cat

79Come Follow Me
There is no words to describe this pasta. But, lets just say I very do think this pasta should be in the top ten. I don't think I have read anything more horrifying then this story. So I think you should totally read this story, but I warn you it may give you nightmares.
A very thrilling Pokemon creepypasta. Was fun to read.
So freaky... I couldn't sleep...

80The Portraits
Shocking ending, scared the hell out of me
Only #99? I've read Squidward's Suicide, Slenderman, Jeff, and all the likes, none of which are remotely phasing to me. However, The Portraits is the one and only pasta to haunt me to this day. *shivers*

81Gateway of the Mind
Really creepy and one of the first and most disturbing I've read. It deseves to be in the top 10
This Creepypasta Could Exist! And It's Terrifying, A Man Hears The Devils Telling Him About Hell and The End Of The World

82The Seven Deadly Sins
I cried on this story. And it was in the class.


84Doug's Real Life
Very creepy, very weird, yet awesome ending.


Its another Rake creepypasta but this one is my favorite because its crazy and has a great ending

A lost episode of regular show.
! That video IS RARE you KNOW!
Hello Everyone Iam KatnToastyMomo I've Made Steam
So If Anyone Wants Any Game Just Post And I Swear
I Will Give You The Game As Fast As I Could
Which Will Be Only Mere Minutes
It Will Be A Giveaway So Write Down Your Steam Profile
And Thanks For Reading

87The Clown the Paint and the Turbines

88Easter Egg - Snow on Mt. Silver

89Hey Arnold Lost Episode

90Gloomy Sunday the Hungarian Suicide Song
Gloomy Sunday is an actual song and most people who heard it did commit suicide. I've heard the song myself and it is certainly a depressing song. I've never read the creepypasta but I can tell you all the documentaries and such about it surely scared the hell out of me
The story and the song is creepy

91Who Was Conversing With Me On the Cellular Phone?

92Red Mist
Its for those who know this creepypasta and forgot to put it up but yea its a spongebob creepypasta. Now to me I thought that this creepypasta story is similar to squidward suicide. Now red mist is about squidward playing is clairinet and then a red mist comes and turns his eyes blood shot red and when he go into the concert a red mist comes out of his clairinet and everyone boos and there eyes are blood shot red and then he stares at you and crys and commet suicide. THAT IS THE MOST DISTURBING CREEPYPASTA EVER! Acually this is the first creepypasta I knew and it is beyond hell creepy. The photo trys to make me not sleep and if you look at this photo long enough you will never think or look at squidward the same way again. And that's why its creepy and awesome.
My first creepypasta I read. So its a spongebob creepypasta. Its about squidward playing his clairenet and then a red mist appeared and turn his eyes bloodshot red and then as soon as he go to his concert the red mist come out of his clairinet and turn there eyes blood shot red and they bood and squidward weeping softy staring at you he got a gun and shoot himself in the mouth and blood is everywhere and the episode ends.
Who wants to have a staring contest with Squidward?
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93SCP 087-B
A.K.A., The staircase.This creepy pasta is just very scary.I heard too many rumours saying that if you go down long staircases you will see a pair of red eyes and a big smile, kind of like smile dog's.I mean, yea.They even made a game about it.And believe me, I was so scared hell, I didn't EVEN WANTED TO GO DOWN OR UP THE STAIRS ALONE.This creature is actually made from people.It was made from a company named "SCP Secure Contain Protect".And believe me, this place is HUGE.That creature broke out of its cell and haunted the staircases of that 1957, a worker in there was told to ceck the sewers in the basement.After 5 hours waiting, he never came back.Many of my friends didn't believe me at first, but then...they all had encounters with it.So what is this creature? An allie? An enemy? A type of alien copied by human kind? We have yet to known.And well as for me, I'm still running...
The hell?! Why is it only 107th? I mean, this one isn't the most scary SCP creepypasta, but I think it is far better than this sexy psycho for emo teens named Jeff! (Oh, and search "SCP Foundation" on internet, you won't be sorry^^)
Umm just to be a smart@ss umm scp 087-b isn't a creepypasta it's a scp

( )? ( ) dumb butt

94The Statue


96The Devil Game


98Abandon Lonliness
I love this one, especially if you have read the pasta and you may have watched the hack on YouTube too, lonliness and Leaf. It's so sweet yet unerving to me...
It's not scary, but it chills you... I made a remix of it.

99Everybody Hates Chris Lost Episode
I was sorely disappointed in this creepypasta. Not only was it generic as heck but the show that was chosen could never be scary or have a scary scenario and it was short this pasta was just bad from the title's name
Not very scary but really creepy. If your sensitive to scary things don't read. It just puts the images in your head, y'know?


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