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Chuggaaconroy is a YouTuber who makes video game walkthroughs called "Let's Plays". These are Chuggaaconroy's ten best Let's Plays as voted by visitors like you.
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1 Let's Play Super Mario Sunshine

Very entertaining and had some very strange facts that just happen to also be interesting. Even though he is only talking about a video game he manages to never become awkward and always has something to talk about, even though he is talking to his self.
Really good LPer

This was my favorite LP of all time. I've loved the game since I was a kid and it only makes it better bringing back old memories and watching my favorite lper. This is very informative and very entertaining. It will keep you wanting to watch it over and over again!

While being easily his most FUN LP, I feel Wind Waker was a bit more informative. However, this was so fun, you'd watch it just for the fun.

Informative: 75%
Entertaining: 100%

My first LP done by him in 2011. Made me love my already favourite game of all time even more! One of the most entertaining series out there!

2 Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I watched this Let's Play over and over... Chuggaaconroy made me love The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker... I wish he would create more Let's Plays of The Legend of Zelda series. And yes, I know that Wind Waker is his favorite, but I would still love to see more of tloz.

This was informative and entertaining. It actually helps you while keeping you genuinely entertained. This is easily chuggaaconroy's best.

Informative: 95%
Entertaining: 95%

I personally love this LP. With all the funny moments, what's not to like? And Mr. Chuggaa, if you ever read this I just want to say thank you for all that you've helped me with when I was being bullied. This LP and all other LPs really cheered me up. So thank you.

I feel as if this is Chugga's magnum opus in terms of lps. It was highly informative, funny, and got me interested in the game. Chugga, I'm a big fan and hope you make brilliant let's plays for years and years to come.

3 Let's Play Super Luigi Galaxy

I thought it was funny and informative at the same time. Way to go Chuggaa! I am mostly a fan of funniness and he rocked it!

I think it was a great lp to do I liked and I hope you do to! Now I must go to the land of windows xp!

4 Let's Play Pikmin

The part where he is out is about losing all of those pikmin was so funny! He is all like! WHAAT?!?! Then when he called Steve the Trooper and then there was a whole fan group about it!

This was a short, but fun, LP. It was incredibly helpful while still being highly entertaining ( I LOVED the part in which he thought he lost 95 pikmin at sunset).

Best ever! Only 18 episodes wasn't that bad because he helped me beat Pikmin.

This was just straight fun. It was also pretty informative.

Also, it's short so you'd probably watch it over and over again ;)

Informative: 60%
Entertaining: 75%

5 Let's Play Paper Mario

This was my first Chuggaaconroy Let's Play, and it made me love him. It's funny, informative, and his voices for the characters is downright hilarious. Even to this day, it's the only Paper Mario Let's Play that I watch.

It was evenly balanced between informative and fun. It just was like a toned down version Wind Waker.

Informative: 80%
Entertaining: 80%

I liked chuggaa do it because I love paper Mario too. I was dying to get that game and now I have it and I beat it thanks to chuggaa its very fun the only thing I disagree is that when you get the firworks scene the screen sits there

6 Let's Play Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

I LOVE his love for the game. He's so passionate about it, and that really got me involved too.

This was more informative than fun, but great for anyone actually NEEDING a walkthrough.

Informative: 100%
Entertaining: 75%

Easily my favorite Paper Mario game, all thanks to Chuggaaconroy.

7 Let's Play Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

I've watched many LPs of this game, and chuggaas was by far the best. It was hilarious just listening to the things he had to say and when the moments were supposed to be emotional, he was silent and let the viewers experience it themselves. Not only was it very entertaining, it was the only LP that showed each character in the depth that the game had intended them to be viewed. He never skipped texts and was always explaining why he was going places and doing things rather than just doing them because he knew how to clear the game. As my buddies in Canada would say, ya killed it there eh bud!

This LP is still super entertaining while also informative. I love how he doesn't really reveal what's next (for example, he doesn't run into clock town the first day and tell you about the moon, if you've never played you discover it when "he does" after he talks to the mayor). First LP I've ever watched and it got me hooked. Not as entertaining as Wind Waker but still awesome.

I love how he showed every detail that could possibly happen in each scenario. It added a lot of depth to this LP. I also loved that he didn't just go off and doing things because he knows, he let the viewer experience the game just like it is intended. He allows the viewer to discover things just as he does.

I watched this walk through as I played the game and as I progressed I felt right at home with him playing along side me, he has great oppinions around every Corrner that he's not afraid to share them. He's very informative but doesn't give away what to do but simply guides you through it. A great LP and I will start watching more.

8 Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles

The Xenoblade Chronicles series inspired lots of viewers to play the game. Once... An overlooked Rpg... Now its even on the new Smash and is getting its way to having a sequel (Well, its not exactly related). The way he describes everything going on with the vast world to go through is amazing! The story has multiple twists through it creating tension after every one of his videos! Although not everybody likes this Let's Play it definitely has some great moments. Chuggaaconroy put a lot of effort into this series, and it was definitely worth it.

At first, I didn't want anything to do with this game. It looked like some sort of typical stupid, slow, possibly shooter game that was overlooked for good reason. But then, everything changed when The Fire Nation attacked, I mean, I go tired and decided to give it a shot. Now it's my one of my favorite games of all-time, up with Pokemon, Sonic Unleashed, Okami, and Mario Party, all but one being lets plays Chugga has done on TRG or on his solo channel. Yeah, Chugga basically is the person who got me into video games in the first place.

Xenoblade, as of the moment I am writing this is my favorite let's play made by Chuggaaconroy. It's one of my favorites not only because of the game, but Chuggaa does an amazing job on being informative yet entertaining. Though some may argue that this isn't one of the best, he inspired me to play this game and inspired many others. It doesn't matter that he's been sick a lot during the series, he's always thorough and entertaining. This let's play is a gem.

This playthrough persuaded me to get into the Xenoblade franchise by purchasing Xenoblade Chronicles X and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 which happens to be my favourite game of all time. Because of this, I would say thank you to Chugga for this wonderful playthrough and making me discover this franchise and my overall favourite. (By the way, the video that introduced Riki caught my attention and started to watch despite not being interested before. So, Nopon for the win baby! )

9 Let's Play Okami

Though he's not the BEST at Okami (don't worry chuggaa, you still rock), he seemed to know the game pretty well. It was fun, but also serious, which he usually is not (which is a good thing, in this case).

Informative: 75%
Entertaining: 55%

Besides Okami being an excellent game, Chugga keeps it informative and extremely interesting and funny. He also made me realize how epic this game truly is

Really amazing, and he explained all the mythology and fokelore behind the characters.

Yea! Dang! Providing the locations of all those beads looks... just... blagh!

10 Let's Play Luigi's Mansion

I really liked this one, becuase trhye game is interesting, chuggaaconroy is ONE of my favorite lets players, and he's just so funny to me on that game lets play.

Brilliant very short and fun I always find myself coming back to it very well done as well

The Contenders
11 Let's Play Pikmin 2

This lets play deserves a lot more then people have it be because of how long it is. I could watch pikmin over and over again!

A;though I liked his LP of the original Pikmin a bit more, this one was longer, and more hilarious freakouts, and was an excellent walkthrough. Easily one of my favorites.

This game is excellent and chuggaaconroy is so fun in this one.

12 Let's Play Pokemon Emerald Version

This was one of the greatest LPs I've ever watched! It made me love Pokemon even more than I already did, which is a lot! It was very informative, but it managed to stay extremely entertaining! If you haven't seen this yet, I strongly encourage to watch it!

This LP is great. It is not only hands down my most watched LP, but my favorite. It is informative, funny, and just overall, amazing. It makes me want to go watch it again. In fact I will. So, if you haven't seen this LP go watch it now.

Best LP I have ever seen. Informative, funny, and just over all awesome. I could watch it over and over again.

Totally that is how I found Chuggaaconroy!

13 Let's Play Animal Crossing: New Leaf

How is this not in the top 10?

14 Let's Play Super Mario 64

This was the first chuggaaconroy ever. I came across by accident while I was looking for differences between the two games. It got me to LOVE him. You should also watch him play with therunnawayguys.

It was way too funny and I was watching a Jwittz play this game. Only thing is he sucked.

15 Let's Play Mother 3

My favorite LP of his atm. It might stay as my favorite forever, but this LP was amazing. I never really watched his EarthBound LP and only watched part of his EarthBound Zero LP to help in certain areas, but this I watched all the way through, and it is truly an amazing LP he made. It was especially good for 2008-2009 standards, and even holds up today.

Easily Chugga's best. Not only was it funny and informative, at the ending with all the voice acting was an excellent touch. He also hid the spoilers well, so if someone watched this lp without playing the game, it wouldn't be ruined for them.

Informative: 100%
Entertaining: 95%

This was truly one of his best lets plays. I cried, I laughed, it was just wonderful. In my personal opinion:

Informative: 100%
Entertaining: 100%

Even he said It was his best. I loved it.

By far his best. The amount of work on Chugga's part is incredible. Chugga takes pretty much any game, and makes it look good, but I know so much about mother 3 now that I could practically review it.

16 Let's Play Earthbound

His first LP, and for his first, it was good.

Informative: 55%
Entertaining: 50%

17 Let's Play Kirby's Epic Yarn

His very first Kirby LP. It was both through and, at times, very funny. I highly enjoyed watching this. Now if only he had done 2-Player, it might have been better.

Informative: 90%
Entertaining: 60%

18 Let's Play Pokemon Crystal

It was amazing to watch

19 Let's Play Kid Icarus: Uprising

Honestly, this lp needs more love. Even though this isn't THE best, It's still my favorite. Also kind of biased, though, for the game itself (second favorite franchise after Fire Emblem, which Chugga needs to play! ) and the fact that he also ships Piridi! Very informative AND entertaining (Have you watched it? ) and I give it 10/10

20 Let's Play Super Paper Mario

Ah, Super Paper Mario... While his other Paper Mario LPs were better, I still really enjoyed this one. It was pretty funny and very informative, and his tricks really helped me beat the game. Watch it.

21 Let's Play Sonic Colors
22 Let's Play Pokemon Platinum

Definitely one of Emile's best Pokemon let's plays. Compared to his other Pokemon L.P.s, Platinum has a wide variety of information that I didn't know about, guest appearance were a blast (I legit squealed when Marriland appeared for a battle or two) and the lp has his best party of Pokemon. A bit of a flaw, but some of his jokes don't hit bullseyes like they used to. While the emotion side were heavy, they were rare. Can anyone name me one time he squealed like a fanboy in this LP?

23 Let's Play Number 31: Pokémon Platinum
24 Let's Play Pokemon Black and White

Poor Haywire... really needed to become part of the spotlight, didn't she?

25 Let's Play Pokémon Colosseum
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