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Best rap song ever drake's verse has great attitude, kanye just beats the crap out of the beat, lil wayne's verse is great, and eminem's verse is good and even spits a diss on the other three rappers "these bozo's think I'ma spit this slow F*** no go for broke"
epic song
The first time I heard this song, I thought it was annoying. I couldn't even get through the whole song! Then I heard eminem was in it so I gave it another shot. It s one of those songs that you have to listen to a few times to like it. The only problem with this song is that... Wait what problem? I want this forever manye!
This is the best song of Drake. I think the remix with Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem make this song what it is along with Drake. The best is awesome and you can listen to this song forever.
This song wasnt just Drake, I think West, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and Drake all together make work to make it Drakes best song with I'm On One in second, and Gonnoreah in third
Drake was okay
Kanye was better
Wayne was okay
And unfortunately for them eminem brought along slim shady for the ride and he killed it
A few of the best trappers out there. This song is definitely the best Drake song out. If you haven't heard this song you are missing out.
Eminem is best amazing and fast in this song. Lil wayne
Totally boss song... Kanye, and weezy kttp it coming... Eminem just keeping doing your thing... Great song from the beginning to end
I will just put it straight it great and the best rap song going! The combination is good as well! I fell in love with this song!

Wow just wow all I gotta say really. Lil wayne, kayne west and eminem make the song even better. Just an all round amazing song!
This song definitely lived up to its massive hype
Possibly one of the best rap songs I've heard. Bonus points for Eminem, and Lil Wayne and Kanye weren't bad either.
This song makes me appreciate Drake and Eminem and Lil Wayne and Kanye something I don't normally think about
mann dis song is damm gud... waitin eagerly for his nxt album... I juss love his voice.. keep going man
Not even close! Maybe 7 or 8, but common not first... this doesn't mkae much sense to me to be honest
It's a great song but nothing if Eminem wasn't in it all did good but Eminem stole the show from all.
Best Hip Hop Song Ever. Period!
Awesome Lyrics. I never get tired listening to this song.
This song is amazing. So is the movie it was made for. The cover flow is also pretty cool
The best song you will ever and I mean ever hear in your life. Period. Truth. Sup.
great song.. these four of em really rocks
They are all great in their own way in their own way. I like even Lil Wayne here
Hey am your fan I love you so much
Your song is so nice n I like your song
This song is amazing feels like hip hop is alive with this song.
Drake your the best rapper I really like the song Forever.
I used to listen to this everyday I still know the lyrics.

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