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121Dreams Money Can Buy

Amazing flow and lyricism from drake on this track. Very under rated song, easily one of his best. Killing it on every verse. This should be in the top ten in my opinion.

The beat in this song is so calm, smooth and soothing it makes you so relaxed. I love the background beat in this song! This is a beautiful piece by Drake and deserves a much higher place.

Unique beat, dreamy feel, real verses, great production.

This is drakes best song to date by far!

Wasn't even on the album and got no video though..

122Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) (Remix)

This should be in the top ten like for real you guys are missing out. The best part of it is that there's a female and tough side to it and ahh its just a collision of awesomeness!


Underrated song! My favorite song of his. The melody and harmony in this song is awesome together with the beat. And the girl who sings the chorus is awesome!

1249AM In Dallas

I think I have listened to every song and I really think this or Lord knows is his best song he has composed. Where is Lord knows on this list?

This is Drakes best song, he's actually angry in this song, when Drake is angry he's one of the best rappers

125Say What's Real

Listen, listen, listen! One of his best

Why are you reading this? GO LISTEN TO THIS SONG

No way! This is one of Drakes best!

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My Favorite of his Songs, Needs to be #1

Beat switch is sick, flow is smooth, and the storytelling is amazing. "Yeah, I remember how I went to Louis V with Haf'/
Watched them spread ten thousand dollars on the glass/
I never ever thought I'd see that in my life
/Now I'm in the East cause my boys are gettin' right, man" is one of the most memorable lines in drake's career.

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127Child's Play

My favourite song by Drake. Should be number one!

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128Put It Down
129I'm Still Fly

Amazing song just listen to it great chorus

130A Night Off

Nice, slow, makes you think about good things when your high


I Loved This Song for Weeks After I First Heard It

This needs to be wayy higher, one of the best beats by 40. There's something so timeless about this song, definitely a highlight from IYRTITL

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132Used ToV2 Comments
133Fake Love

,One of his best man this song speak to you

136Little BitV1 Comment
137For Free
138Still Got It
139Yamaha Mama
140Where Were You

A really beautiful and moving track

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