Best Followers In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The Top Ten

Serana is the best follower because she continues to progress until level fifty, she constantly learns new spells, she has very good starting gear, and the best part is she can't die so you don't have to worry about carrying all of their stuff
One of those characters you can really build a relationship with, much like Aela, because of all the time you will spend with her doing Dawnguard quests. Combat wise she casts the same spells as most vampires, and her raise thrall spell is strong enough to work on trolls and such in high levels. She has very high sneak and light armor, I even read that she is capable of doing a silent roll but I have not confirmed this yet.
Best follower. She's the type I'd fall in love with in a heart beat. Plus she's the most interesting. Aela may give her blood to make you a werewolf but apparently she will only do it once. After your cured your screwed if you wanted to go back. Serana on the other hand can change you to a vampire lord again and again after you have cured yourself. (She can bite me any day is all I got to say. ) and if your an archer she can make your eleven arrows even stronger. If not, it's something to consider. Last but not least she actually has a story. Now don't get me wrong I thought Aela was hot. But she did not have no story besides to be part of a few quests and send you off to kill a few silver hands.
[Newest]Two word's vampire follower
More comments about Serana

Super strong in destruction and can wear heavy armor and be efficient with it. He is also one of the two khajiit's in the game so he is also unique.

He also has a mustache
Maybe J'zargo can have the staff when you are done with its
J'zargo has the lowest levels of spells of all mage followers... that having been said on many board why NOT to use him, I found a simple approach to fix it! Since he will level all the way with you, give him very high staffs, he won't run out of charges as a follower. You should see him with double fireball blasters! Double BOOM. He's like a machine gun that way. Also this seems to keep him back out of the front line a bit more as he has distance and is very accurate with it.
[Newest]I like him but I wish he would use better spells.

3Aela the Huntress
Who else could have first place?
Aela is good looking, strong and just a great character.

She deserves the top place due mainly to the fact that she
Is one of the only plot based followers and she gives you
Her blood so that you may become a werewolf.

There is no-one better to have at your side.
She lets you become a werewolf.
Can any of the other people in the list do that?
No? Didn't think so.
Aela. She kills a giant on your first visit to Whiterun near the Hanningbrew Meadery. While giants aren't that difficult, it is kinda badass. Did I say she was a werewolf? A werewolf. More badass-ed-ness right there my friends. She is a valiant, honorable companion. She can kill with a bow like nobody's business. And if you give her some enchanted weapons like a sword or some waraxes... Woah. Aela is my all-time follower. Bar none.
[Newest]Good attitude, great archer, even better boobs!

... Its Marcurio! He's the best mage NPC in the game bar none. I mean, why wouldn't you want someone who can blast enemies with two-three spells in less than a second? I guess if you were also a mage he would be kill-stealing, but regardless. 500 gold and you broke the game =D
Marcurio is my husband and he makes a great follower he killed a dragon in under 10 seconds.
Lol its insane how quickly he cam kill things I am still standing true to marcurio even after 1500 hours of gameplay... I'm writing this 2015, by the way. People still reading this skyrim=best game ever

If I see a nasty cat, I'll feed its corpse to my pet rat! Also, a good follower to have if you are a sneaking type, as unlike others he doesn't blow your cover as easily.
If you killed cicero, you failed the darkbrotherhood storyline, who doesn't want an insane jester folowing them around saying "stab you, stab you, stab you. "
I think cicero is the best follower if you are a sneaky type. he has very high light armor, one-handed, and a very good archery skill. plus the stuff he will say... But the only downside is his armor has no armor rating so unless you give him different armor his light armor skill will go to waste:(
[Newest]My second favourite follower, Marcurio being the first

6Mjoll the Lioness
Mjoll the Lioness is in my opinion the best all around follower. She's versatile with almost anything you give her whether it be one-handed, two-handed, or even staves. She has a lot of inventory space, high health, high attack power, and above all things, she's literally invincible. When she can be downed, but she can never be out.
Probably the only wholly nice character in all of Skyrim. I never tire of her stories, plus she's essential, so no stray ice storms will take her out.
A powerful tank.
'enough Said.
[Newest]She is so pretty and cool at the same time! I want her as a follower so bad!

7Dark Brotherhood Initiate
Levels up with you as you progress, has very high sneak, and she's very strong to boot. How can you beat her? Plus she's hot.
There are 2 initiates... A hot babe and an annoying dude. Both very strong though, and sneaky.
Devilish with dual weapons, tag teams well with a housecarl. The only follower you can add in the game that allows you 2 human followers. A quick and agile follower that can cross ground quickly and tie up enemies allowing you to join in OR hit from range. I like Lydia/J'zargo with this guy.

I mean come on, that ASS!
It's funny how much she hates me and she still does everything I tell her.
The first house-carl gained.
She says she will carry your burdens and that is waht she should be used for.
[Newest]Poor Lydia :), I abused her by loading her down all the time. She Died while I was killing a Blood Dragon..

With his restoration, Belrand is one tough follower to kill.
Always great to have him following you.
I needed a new follower after Lydia ran away (she didn't like J'Zargos falme cloak). Randomly I found Belrand in a tavern and thought "Why the hell not. Look at his epic hair." After a while I actually watched him fight (in a stupid outfit with antlers and stuff). He dominated everything plus he had an epic wolf companion. Obviously I crafted him an epic sword and gave it to him. That's how he transformed from "random guy" to "epic guy". Best follower ever.
"Do I get to keep it? Nah just kidding! "
[Newest]I have armed him with an assortment of staffs, a few magic weapons, and armor that enhances his magic abilities he cast snow storm often and has impeccable aim with the staffs. I even gave him boots that make him walk on water.

10Uthegerd the Unbroken
A very strong companion you can gain quickly.
You just have to beat her up.
I have been using her for a long time and she never dies. She is a great follower because she can use a bow and uses melee weapons. Great all around follower for low and high levels.
So far she's been a sturdy companion. Guess what's said about her here, is quite true. She is quite strong indeed.

The Contenders

She's been my companion for most of my play through Skyrim, she's a superb archer, plus she sneaks, goes hand to hand and has true moments of sarcastic brilliance.
Can't believe she isn't higher on this list, mostly because, you can carry her through Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild without questions. Once she levels at 30, there are others, but for the low game, no one is better if you're the sneaky kind.
"I do not envy those creatures that make a home in such cold and dark places as this. "

Great follower. He tanks like a boss. Just whoop his ass and he'll die 4 you.

13Farkas & Vilkas
Farkas is good for the archer type who like to hit from far away or for the kind of stealthy people who don't level up their health. Even for the cowards who like to hang back and have other people do the work. Vilkas is a total jerk sometimes, but he's pretty sweet, sometimes. Vilkas is kind of the same, but his styles are a bit different from Farkas'.
Hard to decide between the twins.
If only you could have both at once...
These guys are awesome! Way better than any on this list.
[Newest]Love Farkas. He is a beast with two-handed weapons, and he is perfect for my archer character. Plus, he doesn't talk too much so long as you don't have a high bounty.

Derkeethus: The bows shooting, dual weilding, sneaky Argonian that likes caves.
Can't die, plus he's a sweetie when you speak to him.
Proficient in block, one handed, and archery, which archery being his best skill
He is the only argonian follower and has been at my side for the entire game he also is great with a bow and the two ebony axes I gave him
[Newest]Derkeethus can't come out the cave for me


Eric is funny as a companion! I never tire of him and he's BAD with a sword and shield
Give him dragonbone and laugh as he dies... greenhorn

Meeko is a no-brainer. He counts as a pet, which means you can use him & another humanoid follower. This poor pup's master died & left him alone in the world. He'll follow you anywhere & risk his life to attack dragons. Plus that adorable face!
I just love having dogs in Skyrim. He is always there beside the player and occasionally barking, very cute. He is loyal and a pretty good fighter, because he will keep off the enimies until you can get to them.
That bloody dog jumped at the enemy at the very same moment I shoot my lighting spell. What can I do with a pile of ashes?

Not only strong, but he never complains about anything. He gladly follows you and has a great range of dialogue. My #1
He is so cute and cunning and protects you at all costs. I've become so attached to this follower that I don't want a new one. Once he died by my own hand by accident that I committed suicide so the mission would restart.
He's like a retarded little brother who does whatever you say and is super strong... My favorite by far

He is a solid fighter with both the sword and bow. A plus about him is that if you marry him, he is pretty much immortal. The only way to kill him is to accidentally attack him during battle.
He destroys everything and dominates everyone! Plus he knows more than any of the other followers about dwarven ruins and caves. He is easily the strongest and most intelligent
Equip him well with best heavy armor and quality swords. He can be totally awesome.

Master level destruction trainer, blasts away most enemies with dual thunderbolts and can heal herself in battle. Plus she's essential so you can never kill her by mistake.

Since he's only your follower after you complete the Companions Questline, he's useful to keep around to get Radiant Quests -- some of which will be dragon hunts.
Put some heavy armour on Vilkas and give him a powerful greatsword and he will become one powerful tank! Plus he is a werewolf!

Faendal is weak and dies really quickly don't have him as a follower
Murdered him the first playthrough 0/10 -IGN

The little Riekling... Amazing due to the fact he is an animal follower and can still equip armor, (with the ninth mask from Labyrinthian, you'll be seeing a lot of helping spectral dragon priests).

Erandur is the best it just depends on what kind of things you give him, he is awesome with staffs and pretty good with two handed weapons
The guy is purely a redemption and who doesn't love a good Redemption story. Plus He has a pretty good armor stat for a mage he's great with one-handed weapons and he uses magic he's a triple threat and he makes a great blade trust me I've seen him kill dragons single handedly.
Does anything you ask him, fights with any weapons effectively, and tells you interesting things about the cities you visit.

25Aranea Ienith
I once forgot to pause my game when I went downstairs to eat...
When I came back, I realized Aranea was no where to be found, so I spent a while looking around, and found her standing in the middle of a bandit fort
A dragon was dead by her side and so were at least 9 bandits.
This is one of the best mages in the game... She could use expert level conjuration and destruction spells along with dual wielding staves.
I accidentally attacked her once and she made me fly- only complaint I have is her low magicka capabilities... Sheesh.
You really have to enchant magicka regeneration or give her staves because she lasts about as long as I do in bed.
Not the best, not the worst.
Though you have to give up the black star for her.
Although she's one of the top 3 Mage followers... Not worth the black star
[Newest]Cannot believe she isn't higher... likely because a lot of players go for the Dark Brotherhood and/or Thieves Guild and she will blast you for that. Just wait till your done and go get her and she will follow through all the rest, like a BOSS.

She's one tough mage... I gave her some smithed up dual enchanted forsworn armor items and stole her crappy hide armor and now she can carry even more than I can. I like her "I smell blood" comment.
She's been my follower for like 30 levels, she's simply awesome!
She conjures a flame atronach, will use most armor or weapon you give her including staves. Plus she has a cool, creepy eye!

I love Stenvar so much, I married him. I feel guilty when I do a quest that replaces him with a different follower! It's annoying when he dies though because I have to go back to my last save, I'd be lost without him and he carries all my stuff! I give him any cool staffs I get because my aim's crap and he's great with them. He did once randomly attack a guard outside Whiterun, then he said "Well this is a fine mess you've gotten me into," and I nearly died of shock because it's the only time he's said something different! Oh, and occasionally he kills my horse, not figured out why yet...
Definitely my favorite follower, plus he's my husband in game so I get the Lover's Comfort bonus when we stay at an inn. Anyways, what girl wouldn't want to travel with a guy that looks as good as he does in ebony armor?
My favorite even though he can be killed, I had named my Character Ragnar and happened upon him in Windhelm and he has followed me for so long I call him my the brother to my Nord character and take him with me on every mission. Ragnar and Stenvar the brother assassins we are not the cheapest but we are a means to an end, I like to pretend that the companion missions are given to us upon request from the people who knows the job will be done. plus we are both decked out in full daedric armor, who wouldn't want us?

Put her in some forsworn armour, 'enough said.

I've tried other followers and they either got killed or didn't live up to their bad-ass reputation. Faendal on the other hand has been with me all the way. I gave him an ebony bow and a 90 glass arrows and he literally became a sniper for me. I added an ebony axe and an elf shield and he killed almost any melee opponent that charged him. My only beef is his high morality, which prevented him from picking pockets or opening Expert chests, but I forgive him for that since he has saved me so many times.
Kind and law abiding, but never reports you. doesn't talk much so he doesn't distract. Teaches you archery for free. Never retreats from battle. Good at using most weapons, distracts enemies, and is a good sneak. Also one of the first followers you can have.
I've had him as a follower since level 1. Now I'm level 64 and he still kicks ass! Just give him a dragon bone bow and some arrows and he'll kill a legendary dragon for you. Can you beat him?
[Newest]Foendal : best follower ever

30Ghorbash the Iron Hand
In my game he is my follower he kicks ass totally give him a two handed weapon and heavy armour and he is almost indestructible. He is also good with a bow so I really like him
Lirally kicks ass, I got attack by two dragons nexts to some little town me and the villages killed one and then turned around BOOM the dragon is dead thanks to him
He is my favorite follower and the only male Orc follower

All around badass with very good armor and spells but is also a warrior and she's beautiful!

Talos is the best follower but he is so weak he always died can't take a single bandit
He is really good with his Nordic Army, he tends to fall a lot.
Very good warrior in one hand combat and can summon a nord hero army with a thousand soldiers can be found in sovengarde after beating main campaign

33Brelyna Maryon
She's a conjurer. Is that not enough?
She is such a boss, she summons atronachs and familiars, uses wards, does massive damage with flames and sparks, and even occasionally heals.
Amazing follower that conjures familiars and flame atronachs. Oh, and she also can kill a dragon priest in seconds.

Good follower for low level up to 20 level, I give him good amour, weapon but also stuborn and haste to kill enemies
I like sven because is you give him good enough weapons, he will be very useful in battle
Because he is a bard

Fiery dragon hunter and marksman who hails from Morrowind. She is quite adept in Light Armor and Block, making her a good tank against challenging enemies. Her unique voice and dialogue options suits her personality perfectly. A must-have follower.
She's a real firebrand and very passionate about riding Skyrim of dragons. An ideal companion for the Dragonborn.

36Teldryn Sero
I love him, doesn't blow my cover, and is an amazing fighter.
Why is Teldryn only 37? He's awesome!


He is a great companion, but he died in the barrows while I was fighting Ahzidal! Sure was a great companion until then.

Hard to believe she's not on this list. Was a wonderful replacement of Lydia. She is sweeter, doesn't get lost or blew my cover nearly as much. And she can actually manage kills. Besides, I'm not a mage bit it's nice having one at my side.
I'm with Illia and found her very cooperative. Her aim is so good that I could just watch her kill my enemies with no problem at all.
Illia is awesome, she has great Frost Spells, and does absurd damage. Too bad she's bugged as hell.

You can get him very early on in the game, and even though I am not sure as to how high his level goes, I know for sure that he makes extremely good use of heavy armour and weapons, and if you're the "Warrior type", having Golldir along side you, both rushing into combat with your weapons drawn is something of a UNIQUE experience:))
You get to help him save his ancestors from a necromancer, and he has a lot of perks which many other followers don't have.
Level up to 30... He can use bow, one/two handed weapons and heavy armor plus he can't die

Invincible while essential dog. Annoying and bad for stealth, but can kill anyone and never die
I miss Barbas, wish I'd never given him back now but his constant barking and nudging really started winding me up.
Barbas is basically your LIFE insurance. Literaly

My first dog in the game, though his lifespan is low he's really cute and he risks anything for U.

41Huskies from Dawnguard
Stronger than other dogs. Also, they are huskies...
They can't die unless you accidentally kill them.

Onmund is great, some great destruction magic and not afraid to get stuck in
His spells are awesome and this guy helps a lot.. Really useful for his magic abilities

A dark elf expert in destruction magic and in conjuration, can be found in tel mithryn after destroying the ash guardian

44Steadfast Dwarven Sphere
Really great follower but you can only get him if you have the dragonborn DLC he is a good companion for levels 10-50


I have had Iona from Riften for most of my game. She beasts most bandit camps before I can even reach them. She has a pretty good carry weight and and is one of the quieter followers (I hate talkative companions like Mjoll and Lydia). She has also never glitched on me.

47Jordis the Sword-Maiden


49Dremora Kynval
Well if you're a master in conjuration like me you'd get the dead thrall spell from Phinis Gestor in the college of winterhold after completing a quest that becomes available when you reach 100 in conjuration.
After that just do the daedric quest of Dagon and you'll eventually turn up at his shrine and get the daedric artifact which is mehunes razor.
After you finish the quest Dagon will summon a couple of dremora kynvals that you'll kill and then you could use the dead thrall spell to make one of them a permanent follower.
If you have twin souls you could dead thrall both of them and have 2 op followers.
If you've already finished the daedric quest before don't worry just head over to the shrine and you'll find a dremora kynval there that you could kill.


51Roggi Knot-Beard

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