Top 10 Best Assassin's Creed Villains

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1 Rodrigo Borgia

He is the best villain. He got Ezio's father and two brothers executed. He planned the assassinations of both Giuliano Medici and the Doge of Venice. He became the Pope just to gain access to the staff (one of the Pieces of Eden) and the vault. He was just brutal and evil in general. He even killed one of his main allies for failing him.

There is really no question that it is Rodrigo Borgia. Not only the best AC villain but also the biggest villain from the series in real history.

Rodrigo was so calculating. He even knew when Ezio would show up. Definitely No. 1, not your average video game villain.

2 Haytham Kenway

How is Haytham not higher on this list? He is such an interesting character and proved that Templars did not have to be mustache-twirling caricatures of villains.

Haytham was a very good character to play as, but he was a very bad father. He is a pretty cool player.

The only Templar that actually had a human side to him and was actually developed.

3 Cesare Borgia

He killed his father. He killed Mario. He had Monteriggioni attacked. He kidnapped Sofia, and he thought he was indestructible. "No man can murder me." Best line in the game.

If Cross's role in the consoles had been as compelling as it was in the comics, his place as a top villain would have been solidified.

A disgrace to the order. Nonetheless, he was awesome.

4 Robert De Sable
5 Daniel Cross

A really compelling villain in the comics, but the game did not develop him at all.

6 Prince Ahmet
7 Warren Vidic
8 Al Mualim
9 Tarik Barleti
10 Manuel Palaiologos
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11 Shay Cormac

Most complex character of the Templars.

He has to be number one. He alone destroyed the whole Colonial Brotherhood.

12 Charles Lee Charles Lee is a character in the video game "Assassin's Creed III," developed by Ubisoft. He is based on the real historical figure of the same name and serves as one of the game's primary antagonists. In the game, Charles Lee is a high-ranking member of the Templar Order, seeking control over the... read more

Almost from the start of Assassin's Creed 3, Charles Lee is the guy that Connor looks for years in order to kill him and take revenge for destroying his village and his mother's loss.

13 Crawford Starrick

He actually cares about his allies. He is shown grieving about a loss. A quality that makes him more human than most other characters in the series.

14 Shahkulu

A Templar henchman that pulled Ezio out of an assassination sync and killed a bunch of peasants for no reason. He does not talk at all. Could be a mute.

15 Bartholomew Roberts

He is the only adversary in the series who did not belong to either side and was also a big threat to both the Assassins and the Templar. He was a loose cannon, and that made him stand out from the other villains. That made him more interesting and memorable.

16 Dante Moro
17 Vieri de' Pazzi

He was a great villain in the AC 2 game!

18 Thomas Hickey

A man who ironically did not give a damn about the Templar ideology.

19 Deimos
20 Julien du Casse
21 Uberto Alberti
22 Kleon the Everyman
23 Maxwell Roth
24 John Pitcairn
25 Silas Thatcher
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