Best Chess Pieces

The Top Ten
1 Queen

Yes. Here's why the queen is better than the king.
1. She can move ANY direction. Forward, Sideways, Backwards, Front Left Diagonal, Back Left Diagonal, Front Right Diagonal, Back Right Diagonal.
2. Unlike the king, you don't have to worry about her getting captured for 2 reasons.
2A. The game doesn't depend on her.
2B. Get a Pawn to the other side of the board, turn that sucker into a queen.
Knights are VERY close, but the queen is better.

Sure, it may be the most powerful, but a player should develop all of their weaker pieces (knights, bishops then rooks) before attacking with their queen.

Can move in any direction, easily the best. Just make sure not to lose her, you will have a harder time. Or will you? Promote a pawn and you will be all good.

2 Knight

They can be very dangerous to the opponent in closed positions because, it jumps into unexpected squares the opponent had not calculated.

Use and keep alive for higher chances of winning. They have good moves, and if you lose them there will be another, and if you lose that you shouldve promoted at least one pawn, preferably to Knight or queen.

The Knight can get an insane amount of checks, it also can threaten and protect many pieces, due to how long it can stay away from enemy pieces and protect at the same time.

3 Rook

Rooks are sneaky. If used with the Knights, they can be a devious pair. Yes, the Queen is the most powerful but after my grandchildren kicked my butt...fair and square...on too many occasions, they were ready to play a game minus a major piece starting with the Queen.

Rooks aren't so dangerous and are more fun to play with. Your opponent's queen has great danger against you and your opponent's queen can be very annoying to you. However, rooks are a fun piece ton play with.

Powerful piece, can move any way side ways and forwards. It's useful, but the rook usually stays in the corners for a long time, due to how long it takes to get them out.

4 King

King should be 1st! Your whole game depends on it. Checkmate happens when your KING can't move and is in check. Sure, the queen will do the attacking, but the king is what you need to play with. If the king is this low, the pawn can become a queen. Can it become a king, NO! The king is the piece that you lose with, but you need it to play chess.

Essential to the game, but near useless in battle. It can be used to capture the other team's pawns in the endgame but other than that it isn't that useful in battle.

King should be above pawn. It is a very powerful piece in the end game

5 Bishop

Bobby Fischer's favorite piece was the light squared bishop. Its control over so many squares has allowed it to win several endgames.

It should be ahead of the Knight. Everyone knows that Bishops are worth more than Knights in open positions, and they're better than knights overall.

Bishops are sneaky and quick pieces, at the start of the game, bishops should be ready for the action, bishops also are extremely powerful when used correctly, you can take lots of pieces with a bishop, while usually staying away from enemy pieces.

Bishop's are definitely the best piece, there fast, quick and can get many pieces very quickly. Extremely good and useful.

6 Pawn

I personaly like this piece for the fact that they are useful in the opening stages in the game the middle and end game especially when you can promote them into a queen its really the only piece you can rely on when you loose your queen.

There a lots of flaws. The only good thing is the hight number of pawns on the board, the fact that you can promote them to stronger pieces like Knights or queens and their usefulness in the endgame. Not that great, but you depend on it if an important piece is lost.

The importance of promoting pawns should not be overlooked.