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1 Kai Harami

According to me kai is best character in Beyblade.. I know Ryuga is stronger than him but Kai is completely different. He never give up. He always try to be better. He is attitude makes him even better in front of us. He is very hard working intelligent and at the same time he is always clam and Brave.

He is best. I know Tyson has been the world champ and had defeated Kai, and even those opponents whom Kai lost his match to. I am in no way underestimating Tyson. But if Kai fought the way he did with Brooklyn, no one in the world would defeat him. Kai hadn't even recovered from his first battle with Brooklyn and still he made through it. And in the Tyson Kai final battle, Kai,I suppose had a tough match with Boris and Spencer before the battle with Tyson. And we know how powerful can they be, remembering the first season. Kai must be better than Tyson, as he took on two tough opponents alone just before such an important match, and still lost by such a small margin.

We know that Tyson always beat kai in championship match, but he is a true champion a deserving champion.
The way he talk, fight and the true attitude of kai makes him a legend.
I think that Tyson is extraordinary but kai is legendary beyblader.
I never found a beyblader like him in any series but one person is a bit similar to him, he is shu in beyblade burst.
Sometime I wonder what will happen if kai battle against Tyson with black dranzer in finals.
I want to see kai winning the world championship.
But it is not possible in next season as I had already read it kai lost against Tyson in Japanese championship.
But please bring them back in anime and also in India.

Kai is the coolest anime character ever. His attitude, rudeness, toughness, determination, skill, abilty, training methods etc everything about him is just perfect. To be honest he is the main reason I watched Beyblade, he was extremely fun to watch. He should have been the world champion. All the other Beyblade series' sucks compared to the original. So just bring back the blade breakers and if you do please just make kai the world champion, because he deserves it more than tyson. Kai is the best period.

2 Tyson Granger

My role model is Tyson Granger. Even though it is just an anime his pressure holding character is just col. Even though kai is the leader of bladebreakers Tyson Granger holds the responsibility of bladebreakers. His character of hardworking and the way he expresses himself is just impressive. He is also a funny guy. He has more self confidence than anyone and everyone too accept him better than anyone, this is the biggest thing. Also the way he behave with everyone is really very nice. And best friend and partner phantom dragoon also looks great. And of course he is 3 times world champion and finally he challenged BEGA with a superb justice 5 match. In that final he played with Brooklyn ( the match went on like it was very very impossible to beat Brooklyn) and at last it ended in draw and they became friends.

I know people like the main characters but its not always that the main characters are the best. We can take an example of Tyson, I'm not saying he's bad but people like Kai more than Tyson and see the difference in votes:-

Kai - 33% &
Tyson - 13%
And in comments:-

Kai - 92 comments &
Tyson - 25 comments

This proves that Kai is a legend and will always be the best.

So so so sorry to Tyson lovers and Kai haters.

I think Tyson is the best character. He always helps the others, never left someone specialy his friends in problem. I know that sometimes he is being crazy but he also has a good nature and a good side. But kai never has a better side. Naturally he left someone in problem and vanish. The time of first World championship he left his team, when they will going to face the Demolition Boys... So then how he get the position of No. 1

Anyone thinks any ordinary blader can take on TYSON!... Think again... Man!.. He just turned GOD in the Beyblade series... you should remember that Jingka gets almost beaten up in every battle... Its just his fighting spirit that keeps him going.. But TYSON is a whole different level.. Also, Jingka could never win against Ryuga (by himself alone... He required the aid of his friends).. But TYSON took KAI, BROOKLYN, GARLAND, ZEO, GORDO, and hell lots of bladers by himself..

3 Ray Kon

Ray makes my childhood. He shaped the type of characters I like. I can't let go of him decades later.
Is he the best written character? Debatable, Takao/Tyson is. But is his design the most memorable? Oh heck yes, I liked him at my first glance and there's no other character that compares to his aesthetic to this day. Cat-like features, long hair that goes unnoticed at first glance, Chinese clothes and the Yin Yang symbol. An intense but calm personality and a fast and powerful playstyle matching the visual aesthetic. That's my first anime crush for you!

The way he goes on to challenge himself each and every time in trying to bring out the best in him is really inspiring. His love for the game and true sportsman spirit is another aspect worth mentioning. He is the coolest of the lot and never someone to lose his calm

The character of Ray is much ignored if compared to Tyson or Kai. But each of the few episodes which makes a focus on Ray has made me fall in love with him. He is really awesome as a blader, as a friend, as a hero...

Ray has the most epic battles in the entire series and his Driger takes him to victory through almost every match he's in. His speed and attacks truly make Ray one of the tops.

4 Max Tate

Perfectly rated beyblader. Great Defensive and Offensive techniques combined with his Intelligence would give a tough time to any beyblader

I thinks MAX TATE is most skilled beyblader.He is not most powerful but his skills makes his opponents to come on knees. What he did with his skilled battling against Kai and Tyson in season 3 world championship you all know very well.

Max is the only player in bba who never loses hope. He is strong enough to defeat daichi and ray with gravity control and aqua shield.

Max is cute. But the best is the best which is Kai.

5 Kyoya Tategami

Kyoya is just great lol how could you not like him? He may be rude and uninterested towards many people, but he's got the spirit of a true blader. He was introduced as an antagonist in the first season, but I love how he stayed humble and honest with himself, and instead of getting mad at others and turning evil, he decided to work on himself and grow his own strength. He's got some real integrity, and I respect him lots for how much he has accomplished. He also has one of the best bonds with is bey, they really feel like a team.

I really like kyouya beyblade it is so powerful and cool. I started liking kyouya when I got a free beyblade by one of my friends. It was a fake fang leone but I thought it was a rock leone. I then one day felt bored at home so I searched up rock leone vs _____I saw those 2 scars under his eyes I immediately new he was my favorite character.When I saw how he fought I was amazed of his skill and how he fights like a true blader. He may have been a beast in some of the show but even then I still liked him. When I realized that I had a fang leone not a rock leone I have been searching for a REAL rock leone. Luckily I found a brand new rock leone with his string launcher on a website. Last I like that kyouya can use all his power to help him win a beyblade battle and how he shoots in the air like storm Pegasus tips upside down and does his tornado move.I love every single move he has and how his voice go perfectly with his appearance.P.S kyouya is the best!

Kyoya is edgy, rude, and a complete BEAST! He is my hands down favorite character, and I say he might just be the strongest there is. He would of gone to the finals of battle bladers if he had fought Ryuga in the 2nd round instead of the semi's. The Dark Power beat Kyoya, not Ryuga. He is the king of beast, tornadoes, and the best beyblade character of them ALL.

He is the best blader who actually uses his own power, and doesn't steal others' power, nor does he need the help of his 'friends' *cough, cough; ryuga, gingka, and rago; cough, cough*. Plus he beat everyone he battled except for rago, gingka, and ryuga, but I bet that he beat gingka in the last battle, and with some effort, he could beat ryuga as well.

6 Daichi Sumeragi

Go Daichi! Claim that Tyson is yours and you two belong together! You love Tyson and Tyson loves you! No Hilary or Kai! Uke Tyson belongs to Seme Daichi!

So hyper cote for him.

He is least experienced beyblader of g-revolution but His power level were greater than world champion Tyson in 1st episode of season 3😤. Is not it a very thing for a small and very less experienced beyblader? He losed that match due to low skill level. He is known for speed, strength and great stamina beyblader. As a kid he beat Rick Anderson.

7 Kenny

Come on boys every team needs mastermind and who would be Tyson without his friend Kenny. He is absolutely one of the requirements in the series.

Every team needs a strategy maker. If he would not been in team, the would not been able to make their way to finals in their first attempt.also they would not been able to win for the first time without him

Brains of the group

8 Zeo Zagart

Zeo is cool, I really like him and I would like to see him as a character in G-Revolution too.

9 Hilary Tachibana

I love you, Hilary. You are so beautiful and cute. I know she is not in the list cause she is not a blader. Anyways Lots of Love for Kai and Hilary. Kai and Hilary suit the most...

I love Hilary but not when she is with Kai. How she can have a crush on him? She is suited to Tyson most. There pairing is better than Kai and Hilary!

In spite of not being a beyblader, hilary is really useful. She is smart, intuitive and a great strategist.

Hillary is a pretty girl in Beyblade...

10 Tsubasa

Tsubasa is an amazing Beyblader who uses an awesome battle style. He even looks awesome. He definitely rocks the stadium. His eagle is awesome with its amazing special move, Shining Tornado Buster. TSUBASA RULES!

He is the bomb because:

A. His hair is awesome

B. His voice is normal sounding.

C. Purple is the best color.

D. He is calm cool and collected.

E. He overcomes the dark side with Ryuga's help.

Tsubasa is so epic. He is calm and fights cleanly (unlike ryuga). He has a dark side he tries to contain.

I like his character ark a lot. Its cool seeing a calm collected character undergo the dark power.

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11 Ryuga

Ryuga is in a league of his own. Just look at how he lives his life. He was a real blader, always striving to get better, I love that he was confident but never cocky. He trusted his own strength and the strength of his bey, but he also knew that he hasn't reached the top, he could always get stronger. Ryuga was fearsome and incredibly strong, and he overcame the dark power all by himself. Respect.

I love kai but ryuga is the boss there is no blader better than him he such a cool character in metal series he is the Dragon Emperor means his ldrago is the king of all the other dragon beys like dragoon, strata and dragonis how cool is this and he has the power to destroy the world! while kai can only destroy glaciers.

The Dragon Emperor is the best. Why did Sakyo Kuroyami have to be his successor cause I don't like Sakyo. Never mind, Ryuga rocks with L Drago Destructor. He beat Gingka, Kyoya and Yuki easily without even using his best moves and he was the closest to beating Rago all by himself, not like Gingka who had help from everyone.

Ryuga he is best compared to any other blader he battles his own style I'm a fan of kai but in front of dragon emperor power no one can stand againt him... how can anyone say that tyson ginga or any other blader can beat him on one on one clean battle Ryuga should be number 1 admit it guys because you are talking about RYUGA

12 Gingka Hagane

Gingka has so much plot armor, but he is the main character, and his battles are amazing. He's a good person at heart, and he was my role model growing up, a lot of my morals came from this guy right here, so he's pretty great for sure. He got a little too much favoritism throughout the series, but he has a strong mindset when it comes to beyblading, and his battles always give me goosebumps. He'll always be the top blader for me.

People who think that Gingka should be number 1 are dumb. No one gave permission to keep him at 11 it were the people's votes. And there's only one person who deserves the no. 1 position and that is Kai Kai and only Kai.

The reason why Ginga/Gingka is my favorite is because he taught me how to be a good person. I look up to him as a role model of some sorts, alongside with the Yu-Gi-Oh characters. Seriously, this guy's pretty underrated.

Ginga has the best Beyblade in the world which is called as Pegasus. There are three types of Pegasus.

They are Storm Pegasus, Cosmic Pegasus and Galaxy Pegasus

13 Tala Valkov

He is the badass from Russia! Novae tog is the coolest attack in the whole show!

I just love his eyes. He's a very good blader, I feel like he and the Blitzkrieg boys have been watered down in g rev

Tala is the badass from Russia. He is the cooler blader in season 1 and G-revolution. Should be top 10 at least

Deserves more screen time and can give a good fight to garland, anime is wrong. T

14 Valt Aoi

Valt is the best Blader and Character of all the Beyblade series and he should've stayed champion in the Beyblade Burst Turbo and GT and keep blading and one last thing I made My own beyblade, defeated every opponent of mine and wish to be added to the Beyblade series so I can beat every one in their from all the Beyblade Series.

Valt is the Best Blader ever.
He taught me the meaning of Hardwork, patience, self confidence and true friendship.
He never gives up.
He is really really awesome.

I Aiger Akabane the most. He should be at at number 1 or 2 not at number 40. So Sad.

Valt is happy and always knows what to do I bet he'll destroy Pegasus with rush launch he is my favorite character so far.

Seriously what is wrong with you guys Valt is clearly the most legendary beyblader am I right?!?!

15 Garland Siebald
16 Brooklyn

Brooklyn is the best because he beat Kai, who had years of training, hard work, and passion, with his basic training, and he doesn't even practice, for God's sake. When Kai beat Brooklyn, he had to give it his all, and he lost; his blade was broken into pieces. When Brooklyn came back with rage, Tyson was kicked all around the stadium until his friends helped him by giving the power of their BitBeasts to Tyson's blade, and still, he could only draw with Brooklyn. Brooklyn is a natural blader and a genius. Period.

I have to say Brooklyn is powerful than Kai and it has been proved by him this also proves that Tyson is more powerful than Kai as he defeated Brooklyn.

Kai made him to learn what is beyblading spirit because of kai he became a true blader. So I like Brooklyn and his bit beast zeus beautiful.

He is wrong information about Brooklyn that he killed kai. Kai was live become strongest beyblader of time even surpass Tyson but I not kai is at now no1 is ryuga

17 Mariah Wong

Best female Beyblade character ever! Mariah and Ray forever!

18 Shu Kurenai

I love him because he was cool calm handsome and sweet. His beyblade is so powerful.

I love him. He is so cool and a great bladder. He should be #1 on this list!

I just love the Beyblade Burst series character!

Nice, cute and handsome. He deserves his place.

19 Free de la Hoya

Free is a lone wolf with makes him quit plus one of the top 4 ranking him the fourth strongest blader but if you take away Aida the number three.

Why he is at 23rd rank he deserves no.1 I'm very unsatisfied and unhappy to see him at rank 23rd please give him the rank he deserves rank 1st.

In my opinion Free Delahoya is the strongest beyblade character.

Must be on top 5. Otherwise nice and careful.

20 Kenta Yumiya

Great character development, funny, and an amazing addition to the show!

Should've been #1

21 Yu Tendo

I wish they would have upgraded his skills throughout the series more, but he's a great guy. He's still a kid so he can be very immature and sometimes annoying, but he's also very smart and witty, and really just enjoys beyblading. He's not afraid to be himself, and he never doubts his own strength which I love

He is totally awesome.

He should number one

22 Ozuma

Ozuma is the most Awesome character in the whole beyblade show. His voice, his personality, his blade, his bit-best. Everithing is perfect!

Ozuma is the most awesome Beyblader! He defeated Tyson many times and in the final battle it was a tie.his awesome personality made Beyblader season 2 so much fun! He also helped in teaching tyson many important lessons which made him a better Beyblader!

Ozuma is the coolest Beyblade character. He is a badass with a Nice voice. Love his personality.

All the times tyson lost in v force it was against ozuma also he is such a badass.

23 Lui Shirosagi

Lui is really cool

24 Nile

Wish we got to see more of his full strength, but he's very chill. Seems harsh at times, but he's got real skill

He is calm cool and collected. He is tough and smart. He is also quite a mystery!

He's a powerful champion unbeaten. So cool and so mysterious!

25 Madoka Amano

Madoka is very sweet and loyal, always ready to help!

Me: Oh no my Bey is broken!
Madoka: Don't worry, I'll fix it!
Me: Thanks.

My fave character!

I would let her pipe.

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