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1Seymour Duncan

You want pro sound? HiFi in a pick up? That's Seymour Duncan for you. I have the Blackout AHB-3 and its natural accurate pick up is what I wanted for death metal

They look swish have a great sound producing a good clean tone and harmonic. Produces a range of styles from the Vintage fifties gig to a thrashing metal sound. This pick up is great for all styles. I definitely wouldn't trade this for anything else. It works well with all guitar types. It may be fairly expensive but it is worth every penny.
Great great great pickup!

Great tone, sustain, and harmonic. Perfect blend of bass and treble. Handmade ensures quality control of an already great product.

Just have one word, SOLID sound.

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brutal, yet gentle. They are quiet and smooth,, everything you need for your own tone,, the name says it all, EMG

I love this pickup..
kirk hammett's use this brands..
aind I like to modify my pickup with this brand pickup...
the sound so good and clean...

There's a reason the emg pickups are the most popular brand out there, they're awesome! You'll get as much distortion as you'll ever want!

I have an ESp ltd ex 360 explorer with EMG 81 and EMG 60. It's a beast

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I been using manny pickups, like: Seymoour, Fender, Gibson, Lacer, Emg and Di marzio, this ones, never lay me down, from jazz to rock, they have taste, color and tone, for anything, I uses the Breed set, paf pro and and one of the firts super distorsion pick, the I find in a Les Paul standart, in the 80ths, and boys, sound great yet.

The best... not handmade, but the best so far, sometimes we look for the best pickup, there is not best, just what we like, and dimarzio I think give better quality, despite the fact every one of this brands are really comercial.

I put a set of these on my '69 LP Custom fret-less wonder back in the 80's. I don't remember the model names. One is the hot wired model, the other is a split coil. I had them wired to run out of phase and split the coil, making for amazing tonal combination and quality. I don't play that guitar much anymore but when I do they are still hot and defined in tone.

Dimarzio has made guitars sound better from day one of the company's inception. The word that best describes a Dimarzio-loaded guitar is, "Balls".

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Bareknuckle is the best pickup brand ever made. Try one. They're worth the price. 10 billion times better than SD in my opinion. - ananikangel

There's a reason they're hard to find. They don't release them until they're perfect. Great pickup company, never heard a poor one. Also, another reason they don't come stock in many guitars. Gotta pay for the top boutique quality, but that's what you get out of BareKnuckles.

These are supposed to be the BEST!
I don't get it, there's even companies on here that don't even specialize in pickups and they're higher up on the list!

By far the best with that real custom feel

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5Gibson P90

My Les Paul special has these and they are amazing. The beautiful thing about these is when I'm playing through my les Paul I can still get some similar tones to my Strat too. You can really play any song with p90s and have it sound amazing.

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6Lindy Fralin

I just discovered these pickups in as another guy was playing his strat thru my old Fender amp. He has the 43 steele pole pickups that are really hot. We ended up doing switches of my strat and his. Mine has Dimarzio 409/404/403 single coil humbuckers. I ordered a set of the fralin pickups the next day. This guy also says the capacitor on the tone circuit of the guitar can be switched to an old style rolled copper I think-but that it makes significant difference and takes out harshness. FYI

I love Lindy Fralin pickups they are some of the best out there in my humble opinion

Use Fralin pickups on my custom Epiphone Wildkat and it sound fantastic!

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A very good sound, I have an RX350 with AH1-AS1-AH2 pups an sounds great, little noisy but nobody is perfect, good ones!

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All Fender pickups sound great. Outstanding sustain, clarity, and tone. They're also very versatile.

What?! Fender pickups are the real deal pickup shop, and nobody has voted for them... This is insanity!

Alnico V it's the best
After a lot of experiments this is the base.

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They don't add or subtract anything from what your guitar normally sounds like. Best example: put your ear up to the body of your guitar and play, that's what they're gonna sound like. Personally though, I think they're a brilliant product!

Q-tuners are the world's first guitar and bass pickups being powered by neodymium magnets. The ultimate Hi-Fi sound.

Q-tuners produce hands down the brightest sound on the planet. Neodymium rules.

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The Charlie Christian pickup is highly warm and dynamic. It's not too high or too low in frequency, and gives off a horn like resonance. These are the pickups of the future.

Best all-around no-nonsense originals and replicas.

Lollar's single coil sets are amazing!

Amazing sound & quality!

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11Ron Ellis
12Bill Lawrence

These pickups start where most blade pickups leave off they have crisper highs than most and have focused mids and tight bass

Have a set of keystones in my tele and my friend is always impressed when I put the switch to out of phaze and play Metal rhythms. Versatile would be an understatement.

L500 humbuckers rock. The ones from late seventies and early eighties...

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13Gibson T500

Fantastic in my Les Paul junior and melody maker. Kicks butt. Have vintage Dimarzio suoer distortion from 1978 and the 500T smokes it. Great for melodic metal and classic rock. Great over tones. Ceramic are legends.

14Golden Age

These get a very meaty sound and seem to be well constructed with even a bit of felt dampening on the rear of them.

I had a set of Rockfield Fat Ass in a Dean V. The quality of the tones were pretty close to what was coming out of a 1988 Gibson SG with EMG 81/85 active set. They are all I use now.


Lace should be way higher on this list! Their pickups sound fantastic, come in a variety of styles, and are affordable. Guitarists who use these awesome pickups include guys from Mastodon, High on Fire, Red Fang, King Crimson, Dimmu Borgir, EYEHATEGOD, Neurosis, and many more... enough said.

Red, Silver, Blue set in my strat. Compare the clarity and tone head to head with any pickups. And for a good price too. Boom.

Lace Sensors in particular are very close to the original original geaybottom Stratocaster pickup sounds only enhanced.

17Harmonic Design
18Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson all the way. Have them in my Strat and they sound the best out of the 10 or so electrics I own.

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The best ever I know for the powerful combinaion between dynamic actions.

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