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61Pink Froid

One of the most well produced Infected Mushroom songs. Very good Pink Floyd tribute, that electric guitar is phenomenal and gets so emotional. Definitely a touching song and as a new one, I hope becomes a classic in coming years,

62Acid Killer

I think that this is the most underrated Infected Mushroom song. Anyways, it's my favourite.

63Frog Machine

I just had to add this song. The trance ending to this song is simply amazing

I guess it is my favorite song from I'm, but it could have been Sa'eed, Cities of The Future, Stretched, Dracul, Nothing Comes Easy, Becoming Insane, Bust a Move, Meduzz. I just love the way they added the effects similar to frogs. The final crescendo is just awesome.

64Mush Mushi
66Nerd On MushroomsV1 Comment
68Lo Ra

This song is possibly the best of IM's hidden tracks, the guitar is so fresh and intense. The guitar is so intense and awesome. You'd be kidding this list if you didn't check this song out.

69Serve My Thirst
70Rise Up

2nd best song after Heavyweight

71Poquito Mas

AWESOME MUSIC! Best of I'm I have heard till now!

72Drum N' Bassa
75Red Filter
78She Zoremet
80Zoan Zound

This song makes me smile.

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