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81 Brooklyn We Go Hard
82 Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) Blueprint (Momma Loves Me)
83 Tom Ford Tom Ford
84 Supa Ugly
85 Blueprint 2 Blueprint 2
86 Lost Lost

great rap with brilliant vocals form chris martin just one of the best amazing !

87 Deja Vu Deja Vu
88 This Can't Be Life This Can't Be Life

Most powerful song by jigger, when going throw tough times. Jb khoza

V 1 Comment
89 Glory

Hell of a song to wright for his daughter

90 Kingdom Come Kingdom Come
91 Wishing On a Star V 1 Comment
92 Dope Man Dope Man

This song reflects on how Jay-Z escaped prison time. The combination of a great beat and the voice of a news reporter makes this song epic.

93 Beach Chair Beach Chair
94 History History
95 The Streets The Streets
96 Ignorant S**t Ignorant S**t

Sickest jay z song ever. Encapsulates Jay to the fullest.

97 So Ambitious So Ambitious
98 Hate Hate
99 Come and Get Me Come and Get Me
100 Best of Me

If you actually like all of jay z and not his new stuff you will love this song, his flow is impeccable. Just absolutely incredible. Can't knock the hustle and pretty much all of reasonable doubt are the next best

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