Top 10 Best Secondhand Serenade Songs

Here goes the greatest of all the Seconhand Serenade songs....
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1 Fall for You

This song is so beautiful. His voice is truly amazing. Every time I here it, I just... Find a need to run to my bathroom and put my eyeliner on. I have never felt this way about any song before. Thank you Secondhand Serenade, for inspiring me to eat tomatoes.

The rhythm of this song is just amazing. Takes my breathe away! Good to listen when your feeling very heartbroken. One of the songs that helped me though the bad points of my life.

A beautiful song... Makes one feel wanted... Really a wonderful song. It touches the heart and it is sung beautifully too. Your angry and your boyfriend dedicates this to you.. What more do you need to reconcile?

2 Your Call

This is a great song... Its really nice to listen to when your kinda stressed or troubled cause it's so relaxing... I wish I could sing this to a special someone but...

This is a great song. That every time I listen to it, it reminds me of someone. You can easily understand the message once you listen to it carefully.

Nice tone, great lyrics, beautyful music. I mean this song is the combination between 3 things above. I like the how they sing the last course, Oh My My My! How did he do it?

3 Awake

I had difficulty in choosing the #1 spot, and that is against "fall for you" and "awake". But I just put awake at #2 because Fall for you leads awake in terms of vocal performance. Still, no wonder awake is a very good song.

I really like secondhand serenade and their songs are beautiful but I would want awake in no. 2 because it deserved to be in no. 2... And there is nothing to say about fall for you because it is their best song... The lead singers voice sounds a lot like chester bennigton of linkin park... But linkin park is more of nu metal... I like linkin park too...

4 Stay Close, Don't Go

I love the lyrics...

Just drives me away...

I'm not not the only one for you, but you're the only one for me. --- I'm dead

Awesome chorus fell in love with this song when I heard it for the first time

5 Like a Knife

A song that made me popular when I played and sang it! That's just enough for it to be in the top five! Those verses and bridge chorus everything pave a path to the heart and make us feel the extremity of emotions, the chills. Wonderful!

This song captivates the hearts of every romantic and everyone out there who's been hurt by the one they love. It's such an overwhelming song. The hardest of hearts could empathize with this song. It's a beautiful song.

This is a hauntingly beautiful song- full of raw emotion. It became my favourite song after a couple of plays.

6 It's Not Over

This is a nice song and very important word for me because this is my situation now thanks for second hand serenade because you came into my life you're the one love you guys...

It's a really awesome song. I love it so much! It has a ton of meeting and it's almost heartbreaking the way it gives you hope yet sadness.

Its too good.. Lyrics are very good

7 Vulnerable

This song just makes me happy... and sad at the same time and I guess anyone who has really listened to this song knows the meaning of that. I just love the rhythm and the way it is asking please, let me be ANYTHING for you.

This song shouldn't be 6th! Its not the best but still top 4 I guess. This song implies a lot to heartbroken people now adays. Like when they break up with you, they still are happy whereas you are as emo as emo can get

The most beautiful song I've ever hear.. It deserves to stand at top 3 I think.

8 Stranger

What a good love song, very like to hear that song again and again all the time. Nice vocal and music. I also love the lyrics, very beautiful words and meaning in this song. One of my favorite song I've ever heard.

One of the best song I've ever heard. Awesome vocal, great music, and especially have a nice lyrics. And I'm also addicted to this song everyday!

This song is one of my favorite songs
Ever! Love you secondhand serenade

9 A Twist in My Story

just amazing... have no words to describe this songs... great lyrics!
"So you see, this world doesn't matter to me
I'll give up all I had just to breathe
The same air as you till the day that I die
I can't take my eyes off of you"

Perfect song, Almost as good as your call.

One of my favorite songs ever and may be the best Secondhand Serenade song

10 Goodbye

This song gave me the courage to let go.. Now I'm happier in my life.. Thanks to this song which gave me strength to move on...

this is the longest of all tracks composed by John Vesely, If I'm not mistaken. The composition is good, especially the guitar plucking.

The Contenders
11 Why

I chose to vote for this song because it helps me when I'm feeling down. It expresses all the emotion I'm feeling. Especially when it has to do with my love. We somehow hurt each other, but always stick it through. That's how it is. I don't Why we do it. We just do.

This song is the reason humanity is alive. This song is the epitome of angelic. I have never cried to a song, but this song easily destroyed my inner demon. How can this not be 1st? Darn

Best song that probably will make you fell down to the sad within on your past. It's pretty good with some piano voices, make it sounds good and perfect!

12 Maybe

Seriously? 28? This must be the most underrated song of secondhand serenade... I fell in love with this song the 1st time I heard it!

I can't believe the rating is so low. When I heard it I loved it and put it on repeat.

What! I was expecting this song under top 10.. This song is so beautiful

13 Never Too Late

This deserves WAY further than it is. This needs to be at least top 10. If not top 3. This song is amazing. The vocals are amazing, the slow tune, the piano. Everything is just perfect. Get this to the top! If you've never listened to this song then do it now! THIS IS AMAZING!

Just vote this song! Just hear it! Its never too late to hear this song... Such great lyrics!

Listen to this song if you really love John Vesely... This is just great! Love this song!

14 Half Alive

Love this one, I just hope you'll vote for this! Just click the listen to sample button and then vote! Don't forget to post a comment! Let's get this to at least top 10 guys!

I don't get why this is so far below..
I usually listen to this song over and over without even getting bored. I love eveything about this song, especially the Lyrics

15 Something More

Just amazing new Song. And I think this is great and must be another ssh best song in his album

16 I Hate This Song

One of the best vocal performance from John vesely. I just love the way how he sung it.

17 You & I
18 Broken
19 Suppose
20 Hear Me Now
21 Is There Anybody Out There?

How is this song at the bottom of the list? It is a beautiful song full of truthful lyrics with meaning that many people an relate to. If you have not heard this song, I highly suggest listening to it. You won't be disappointed.

22 So Long

The right song to listen!... Unique and original... Not heart broken lyric this time... Listen to know the worth of the song

23 Take Me With U

This song is beautiful... It describes 'love' perfectly
For me, it's a tie between Fall For You and Take Me With you for number 1!

This is so beautiful song, made me remember someone in the past :')
This song is the eyewitness of our love story..

24 Pretend

This song should be more high... Listen to this song if you love SS... It's a very meaningful and sad song... Made me cry... "I can't face the truth"

A brutal truth. Sad but beautiful.

25 Nightmares

This song should be in the top 3! "Nightmares is definitely one of Secondhand Serenade's best songs!

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