Best Justin Timberlake Songs

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Obviously best one in the 20/20... & have you seen the video? Gosh... It's breathtaking... Jt has made a serious comeback... The lyrics are too very catchy; especially the chorus "I don't want to lose you now. I'm looking right at the other half of me. "
The best song to be released by JT since What Goes Around Come Around but also one of the best lyrics he has ever produced. The only song that got me excited for his whole 20/20 Experience. Amazingly brilliant song.
Best song since What goes around
[Newest]Mirrors is the best Justin Timberlake song!
More comments about Mirrors

2What Goes Around... Comes Around
Beautiful... Awesome... Wonderful... Amazing... Excellent... Marvelous... Cool... Fantastic... It's all about this song
Yes, this song is awesome. It is so well produced with so many fantastic hooks. The lyrics are great, too. It is the complete package and the gold standard for what pop songs should be like.
this is really one of the best songs I have ever listened to... after listening to this I was kinda addicted to it and cudn't stop listenin... <3 Justin Timberlake!
[Newest]The best Justin timberlake song ever.

3Cry Me a River
Come on, this has to be top of the list... This was his first song and it was a HUGE hit, number 1 across the world. Bieber has yet to achieve anything close to that!
This song is so addictive than others... Awesome lyrics and music... I think this must be JT's best still date...
this song has great music, deserves to be on the top
[Newest]:) love him so much

2013 and I'm listening this song
Come here girl
Go ahead, be gone with it
Come to the back
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead, be gone with it
Drinks on me
Go ahead, be gone with it
Let me see what you're working with
Go ahead, be gone with it
Look at those hips
Go ahead, be gone with it
You make me smile
Go ahead, be gone with it
Go ahead child
Go ahead, be gone with it
And get your sexy on
This is his coolest song ever. It was the greatest song at its time and I one of the most popular songs of all time. The chorus is the best bit of the song


This song is EPIC! Its really catchy and the way timberlake sings it is really cool. In my opinion this should be the best song of his. And if you have a look at the video, you can definitely say "yeah baby! That's a sexy back "
[Newest]Awesome beat, catchy and did I mention awesome!

5My Love
I'd loved this song a lot, it gets me more energetic after listening it... I've listen many songs of Justin Timberlake & also love all other songs of JT!
Justin is my favorite pop musician
Another Fantastic Beat From Mr. Timberlake... And We Never Get Tired Of That Laughter In The Song

T.I. is best rapper justin is best pop singer junto are best grup my love great song and Dead and gone
[Newest]Most played song in my itunes playlist

6Suit & Tie
Newer then old songs but it will be in top 10 in no time that's what I think. Thumbs up if you think that too. Latter guys its dbss.
This should be at least number five guys... It has a rediculously amazing beat, and every time I hear it I want to dance. Gosh I love him. <3<3<3<3 I also love the music video for it. I think Jay-Z's part is pretty cool.
Unique sound! Love it!
[Newest]My #1! Sexy beat, a nice tune, and an awesome Jay-Z verse.

7Rock Your Body
I Got Addicted To This Song Just After Listening To The First Few Seconds... Makes You Wanna Just Get Up And Dance!

I love blasting this song in my car and pissing people off. It's so much fun!
This song was in a Matrix Reloaded parody for the MTV Movie Awards 2003 its also a good song


[Newest]I love this song! This is definitely the best!

8Not a Bad Thing
The song is has a very laid back sound but also has some meaning to it. Extremely useful song to sing to your crush. For sure, it's the best song from his 20/20 Experience Part 2 album.
Amazing song! His new single that's going places
The best song from 20/20 Vision part 2 for sure!
[Newest]Ohh come on... this have to be on the top of the list

9Summer Love
This song is the very best. Everyone experiences it and its just so sweet. I love JT forever because of this song. This song introduced me to him and it is still my fave!!
Very Long Song But Doesn't Let Go Of Your Attention For Even A Second... Very Catchy Tune I Must Say!

Great song. I can't complain about it1
[Newest]Very nice song. listen to it everyday

10Like I Love You
A classic song, still listen to this in 2011, Pop music isn't the same anymore. It's all crap electro stuff. What happened to the good stuff like this. We need JT back!
Freakishly awesome!
Listen to it every now and then
One of the best songs ever!
His best song and one of the Neptunes best ever songs.

The Contenders

11Dead and Gone
Very emotional song, mainly because of the superbly song chorus by Justin Timberlake. Love this song, should be up there!
Come on! This song deserves at least top 5! Very good song


I listen to this song every night I love or so much. It's should be my funeral song. I know that seems really weird but I don't care because it is probably the best song I have ever read from justin timberlake. He is my saviour and all for my hero. He is amazing and really cute. He is great at his music.
[Newest]Awesome song it has to be up at least no.5

12Take Back the Night
His latest song! Trust me, It's one of his best, It is fantastic, Just listen to it once and take my word you'll love it, Justin Timberlake brings back the old school music in this one, This guy is super!
Its one of his best latest songs. It's amazing! He sounds even greater in this song, with fantastic music & a catchy beat. I could listen to it on repeat forever. It makes you want to dance! Its hard to sit still when it comes on.


This song should be number 3.
My rankings
Suit and Tie

Probably the best song from his new album, especially the chorus gets you hooked to it
The best song... I just keep humming that song...
This should be at least in the top 5! Lyrics are fantastic and the video is crazy! #TKO
In my opinion this song is the hope of the 2020e pt. 2 to become no. 1 hit because its better than take back the night
[Newest]Great song! Great Video!

144 Minutes
Excellent song. Surely should be in the top 10...

15Ayo Technology
I love the beat...

16Tunnel Vision
Though the video is weird, the song is so good! Must be in top 10
This is the 2nd best song from 20-20, it's hardcore, Sexy, Elegant, & Super fun... Has Got to be top 5.
The most beautiful eat I have ever heard. Great job by JT and Timbaland.

Be Sure To Listen To The Version Which Includes The "Think That She Knows Interlude"... Mindblowing!

How is this not in the top 10? Songs like carry out and ayo technology that are on the top 10 are no match to this. The beat is amazing, his vocals and specially the last bit where it slows down is amazing. This deserves top 5 so vote it please
My best part is the last minute or two, I think she knows. the music just gets to you.
[Newest]I think that she knows part is classic and lovely need to be in top 10

18Pusher Love Girl
I'm addicted to this amazing song
This the best of his songs

19Strawberry Bubblegum
Mellow mellow mellow mellow mellow mellow day

20Blue Ocean Floor
Why doesn't anyone know about this song. Its really good, maybe not number 1 but certainly in the top ten.
Such a cinematic song a hidden gem
This song like MIRRORS is a heart song from the album because of it sound it shines

"On That Sunny Day I Never Thought I'd Meet Such A Beautiful Girl Walkin' Down The Street.. With Those Bright Brown Eyes And Tears Comin' Down" JT gets Us in the Mood Before We Know It!

I love this song its amazing why isn't it number 1? I love this, tunnel vision rock your body best x
Why isn't this song in top 5!

22Give It To Me
I really like this song, it's got an awesome beat and I still listen to it to this day. Justin Timberlake's bit is the best part of the song!

23Until the End of Time
This song reminds me when I graduate from elementary school.

This song is one of the bests Justin has wrote, and is the best in 20/20 part 2
Royal sounds...
Epic lyrics...
... And of course the Ad Lib...
It just 'tears me apart... '

Everything is perfect in this song...
Just leaves you stunned...
One of the best <3 <3
I used to listen to it 5 hours a day

25Spaceship Coupe

26Love Never Felt So Good
This Should Be In The Front!

27Don't Hold the Wall
I like the Middle Eastern kind of background in the song. It's really cool and I love listening to it. It's very underrated right now, but it will soon be on lists and lists of his best songs! :D
That is my favorite song I love it
Catchy as tune
And JT is 'the best ever'

28Holy Grail
It is just awesome.
This song is ALL about fame and I just LOVE IT!
Great beat recommend this to anyone this should be at least top3
[Newest]I love this song and it should be at least in the top 5

29D*** In A Box
Not composed by Justin Timberlake, but when put with the video, definitely his best work. His vocals are perfect for the part.
Need I Say More... A SMASH SaturdayNightLive -HIT! *P.S You Should Check Out The Video Too (Frikin Funny! )

Funniest song Evs funny video and great vocals as well

30I'm Lovin' It
WHAT!? McDonalds anyone? This is the theme song for McDonalds, it's actually a pretty good song too... listen to the full song.

31Losing My Way
I recommend You pay More Attention To The Lyrics Here Than Anything Else... Very Moving...

This is one of my favourite song by JT. It didn't really make headlines but for me who bought the album I love it. Very emotional and relatable. Keep losing my way.
Need to be in the top 10... This song is so touchy and makes me cry...

32The Way I Are

33Let the Groove Get In
Just makes you wanna dance!
This song is sooo catchy

34Carry Out
This is a brilliant song cool beat and music everything is perfect Justin must get back to his music business
I have just begun to be his fan
Probably the sexiest video of all time... Actually it can't be since Sexyback is on here... But yea good song.

He didn't even sing this song! Why is it on the list?
This obviously one of his top songs. the beat is catchy and it has true meaning.


37Dress On
SUCH a hot song.
This song should be definitely in top 10 it's beats vocals are simply mindblowing.. And the best part it blows your mind :P

38Where Is the Love?
I think everyone has forgot JT was featured with Furgie in the Black eyed peas Where is the love? He was amazing and that should be in the list.

39Love Dealer
Esmee Denters is really hot in the video on this! Oh, and JT is his usual brilliant self.
I really love this song. It's so fresh and catchy! The chemistry between Justin and Esmée on it is awesome (especially in the music-video). Can't wait to hear more from this girl even she's not signed to his label anymore. It should be on Top 10!

40That Girl
Why is this so underrated? It had great vocals and use of instrumental.
Can't believe this song is so underrated, it has a nice r&b feel and fun to dance to.
This song is very good with an R&B mix to it

41(Oh No) What You Got

I died hearing this, JT is a Muderer!

43Future Sex Love Sound
This is one of the greatest songs! Absolutely love the lyrics!
Sexiest song of all time.
Better than summer love

44Let Me Talk to You

45Sexy Ladies
This song is bad with a funky beat to it, he should've made a video to this I rekon it would've been recognised as one of his best! I like walking to this when I'm around 'sexy ladies'

46Drink You Away
One of his best songs ever
By far his best song. Definitely shows off his voice. Lovee it!

47Electric Lady
Electric isn't my all time favourite song (that's my love),
But it is underrated. The beat is sick and his voice sounds perfect!


Anyone who's heard it? I guess not.
Bonus from 20/20 2

I died of laughter when I was listening to this song

49Gimme What I Don't Know (I Want)
'Sounds are calm when we become the animals, that were made in the jungle' JT gets us in mood Before we even notice... Oh! Its an amazing song
This reminds me of some night passed with my friend! One of his best by far

50Body Count
This should be first it's impossible to find another song like this
This song is very underrated ;(


51Only When I Walk Away
I don't know why this is in the 50s

52Pair of Wings
It's such a moving and catchy slow song his voice goes so well with it
Such a moving and catchy song his voice goes so well with it
This is so moving and catchy it goes so well with JT's voice. He is a fabulous singer and I love him.

53Last Night
One of the best from justified

54Good Foot

55If I Talk

56True Blood
Amazing song just a little scary

57Cabaret (Feat. Drake)
This song is the best of the top! Love the second part in the song at 3 minutes never listened something similar! :D
Coolest song ever. I definitely agree it's like Suit & Tie part 2.
Best JT song... And how the heck is it #46? 46? Seriously. It's like Suit and Tie but the rap is a bit better and the style is kickbutt

58Five Hundred Miles


60Never Again

61Boutique In Heaven

62You Should Be Dancing

Best song ever. I don't know y it is so underrated. Honestly I think it should be in top 10.

64Love Sex Magic

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