Greatest Michael Jackson Music Videos

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1 Thriller

I AM IN LOVE WITH MICHAEL JACKSON. No joke I bet all you other ladies are too. I even would've taken him after he got surgery he was always hot. His smile so cute.. His voice so soft... His eyes full of joy and talent... I don't care what anybody says about Michael Jackson. I will love you forever Michael Jackson. You will always be in my heart. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Any real fan knows that all of that fake crap is not true. And even if it was, that shouldn't affect the way that you love his music. Thank you for reading this and have a nice day! I will see you soon, Michael Joseph Jackson.
I'm pouring out my heart hear and I'm only 12 but it doesn't matter Michael was great.
Love you Michael, XOXOXOXO.

2 Smooth Criminal

Why do I think this is the best video? Because this video drags you into the action. The set, the dancing, this video is a mini movie. It is amazing!

That lean...
I've always wanted to do the lean...
Still can't...
But I'm getting there...

Thriller is the most Iconic Music Video of All Time but Smooth Criminal is the most polished, perfected and choreographed Music video of All Time

3 Earth Song

So emotional and powerful.. Love the wind and lightening in it..

Easily the most epic most emotional videos ever.

4 Black or White

You can actually find most of these videos on a DVD called "Number Ones". I like the home alone kid dressed as a rapper

One of my favorite songs from MJ. The video was no less impressive and interesting. Michael looks so cool here

5 Ghost

I love this MJ song and video... He had amazing dancing and acting involved in this video and song... He was beautiful... xo love him xo miss him xo

6 Remember the Time

I really love this music video. It talks about ancient Egypt which is one of the most fascinating ancient Histories, plus Michael looks sexy.

I really love his outfit in this video! And the way he moves!

7 Bad

I love the story, visuals, and the choreography! the story line is great and Michael's acting is on point. The change in color from back and white to color as soon as the music starts. I get chills watching this video because it's so bad ass!

I love the way he moves to the music and sounds!

Directed by Martin Scorsese. Enough said.

8 Beat it

That Costume design. I absolutely love that jacket. I want one so bad. It looks so motocrossy, and that dance. Man that dance. Absolutely phenomenal video. Plus Michael got real gang members for the video, so those gangs were real!

Michael made a badass move by including real gang members, Crips and Blood, they are rivals.

My favourite by MJ and the dance in the end never fails to impress me till this day. Michael Jackson makes his dancers look like ametuers!

9 You Rock My World

In my opinion I think this is one of michaels best songs and the music video should be number 1

10 They Don't Care About Us

I don't know about voting for this because this is the only video I've seen by mj but its very unique!

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11 Billie Jean

I like the video. I wish he did the Moonwalk in it...

12 Scream

."Thriller" changed everything, "Bad" was the best song to video match.
"Smooth Criminal" was the best choreographed video . However "Scream" in my humble opinion over time may be remembered as the best Michael Jackson video ever. Okay ...why. The other videos are
products of their time. Why did they go out of their way to make a video about the future in Black and White? I am watching Scream in 2017 and it does not look old or dated . I cannot say the same about the other Michael Jackson videos' The Scream video and the statement it makes is about the Jackson family and the Jackson dynasty . It is a family reunion of sorts . It is also a passing of the torch from big brother to little sister. The Scream video was something they wanted to last..

13 Who Is It

Really very touching song. I Love It Very Much! I love all of the Michael Jackson songs, but, this is one of the greatest songs. Really amazing. Just have no more words but these that "This Song Makes Me Cry, all of the times I hear it! Love you MJ!

Has a piece of every successful music video Michael has done, rolled into one piece.

14 Leave Me Alone
15 Man in the Mirror
16 Speed Demon

I've always loved this one. Remember how the first five minutes featured Michael running through like a studio or something and he ran onto a movie set and the director was like "I asked for a bad guy and they gave me Michael Jackson!"? I loved that, that was hilarious to me for some reason.

17 Blood On the Dance Floor

I love the song and dance like Michael!

18 They Don't Care About Us (Prison Version)

History On Film DVD is what made this video popular, it was never noticed before.

19 In The Closet

It's one of my favorite music videos.

20 Childhood
21 The Way You Make Me Feel

My favorite! The interactions are fantastic.

22 Jam

This video is great. Michael Jackson teaches Michael Jordan how to dance and Michael Jordon teaches Michael Jackson how to play basketball. This video was art

23 Stranger In Moscow
24 One More Chance
25 Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
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