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The Top Ten

Boys Over Flowers
First drama I ever watched, loved this series! Jun Pyo was totally amazing, a great group of guys as F4. Plenty of funny, romantic, cool moments to keep you watching tillage very end!
It was the only drama I watch twice, I never watch anything twice although they might be really good but I never watched them twice except for this drama it is really awesome
I cried through most of it although the main actress could have been better I still loved it Lee MinHo was really good in it! I fell in love with this including Personal Taste
I just got done watching all of the episodes and I have to say, this was really good! :) It is the first South Korean show that I have watched and I really didn't know what to expect but the show was actually amazing!
[Newest]This wasn't a surprising first haha definitely deserves its title
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2Secret Garden
Just wow... Chemistry between the leads are so amazing...
I was totally hooked from starting to the end.
It's the best drama ever... Its maks you laugh (lot), cry, makes you smile like a idiot at very romantic gestures by the leads...
I'm sure all people who had watch this will definitely get mesmerised by charismatic eyes of ha ji won... God! Shes damn good!
I can guarantee that you will never regret watching it. At end of it you will be surely rooting for the lead to get together in the real life...
What an acting guys... They have totally nailed it.. !
Great story.. Great script... Great scenes... And yes great ending!
Never really had good taste at dramas but when I accidentally watched this one and was patient for about 2 min, I was addicted immediately and finished the whole season in two days, Great script, great Story, Amazing Acting!, props to the actors and everyone that helped out, and over all that it is the best drama I have ever seen, and will ever see.
Different story, the plot flows easily and the characters really have nice chemistry.
[Newest]Superb casting, everything you could ask for is in it.
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3My Love from Another Star
I love it! I really like the story. The actors are good, and I'm in love with kim so-hyun
This is shows how a person can changes one another. It shows powerful and intense emotion to others. Which made me love the series more. This is one of my top #1 K-Drama, I love the cast. Very great actress. I like the fact it made me cry, laugh, and it brought me excitement. I am a big fan of them now! The theme is very meaningful that can teach others about life. I've watched this many times, I been replaying it too. MUST WATCH, YOU'll NEVER REGRET IT.
This is an awesome K-Drama! It is actually my first time to get addicted to such thing. I so love the acting skill of Kim so-Hyun. He's a brilliant actor. On the other hand, Jun Ji-Hyun is so pretty and I can't even believe that she's already in her 30's. I love her role and she portrayed it very well. Most of all, the story is fun and at the same time heart touching. Although I'm not that satisfied with the ending because for me, I really can't consider it as a happy ending, I realized that the message of the story is so meaningful.
[Newest]Just awesome. The stop is really good.
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4You're Beautiful
One name: Jang Geun Suk
Love this drama forever... It can't be beated up by any other dramas.. LOVE ALL THE LEADS!
I really like YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL... The concept and even the characters.. Especially Tae Kyung and Jeremy...
[Newest]It's just superb... ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„jang geun suk and park shin hye were amazing
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5The Heirs
The Heirs is an on going show. It's one of the most popular show this year, thanks to the profusion of accomplished cast members and the strong plot line. The script is written by Secret Garden's screen writer, and it features abundance of talented cast such as Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, the main characters. In the latest episode, it ranked really high, more than 20%. And this shows popularity keeps on increasing each week. Even before the show starts, tons of fans are waiting for this upcoming drama. The Heirs is seriously such a good drama, I'm sure it's one of the best. You wouldn't have any regret watching it. Plus, it's addictive, too!
I seriously think the Heirs is the best Korean drama. It may seem kind of awkward at first, but then the story keeps on getting better and better. And the way it ends is so beautiful. UGH... I couldn't get over this drama. All of the casts are very talented and well-known (upcoming actors/actresses). It's definitely one of the best drama in 2013 (their ratings are really good too! ). The chemistry between the main characters Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). This drama is perf and really worth watching.
Even though this drama is new this year, it's really worth watching! It has a very interesting plot line and has abundance of talented casts. And Lee Min Ho is there. The show is still running now.
[Newest]I loved it... Lee Min Ho is simply amazing and so were the other actors... The story played accordingly
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6Playful Kiss
Its one og the best ones I have ever seen. The hilariousness of oh ha ni obsession with beuk sung jo and the way that their relationship builds is great. You definitely get a lot of laughs from this drama. Oh ha ni and beak sung jo.
This is one of my favorite korean dramas that I had ever seem. Super funny!
Too good.. Must watch it.
[Newest]This is honestly the best k-drama out there! It really focus's on the romance and is just a wonderful drama!

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7I Hear Your Voice
This is the best drama ever. I love this couple. They are so cute together. The storyline is fast and can't be predicted as other korean drama. Just love it love it
Very well developed and (thoroughly) thought of plot; great actors/actresses that gave amazing performances & a unique storyline that makes you desperate to watch the episodes that follow! I recommend this drama to those who are just starting to watch kdramas & those who want a kdrama to compare to all the other (top) kdramas!
This is the best written, best acted, best directed, and most entertaining korean drama that I have ever watched.
[Newest]Best acted, unpredictable. Love it.
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8Full House
Love this drama. I love the the main characters. I hope that they will be real couples in real life.
Really love this drama! Such a beautiful story with great actor and actress. It's funny yet also kinda have its own sad moment. What's best from this drama is that it really have the heartwarming feeling. This drama is probably the only drama that I wouldn't want to skip any moment of watching it even though I watched it many time before. It's my first korean drama and so far still make it one of my top list even though I watched so many other drama after that
It's a good drama. I love it really. And everything about it and stuff. To be honest, I though Dream High was going to be an option I only chose this because it was the top-picked so yeah.
[Newest]One of the legendary actors and actress
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9Rooftop Prince
Rooftop prince is my favorite one and I can not wipe out from my head. Whenever I watch that drama, I have a feeling of something that still left in my heart.
Rooftop Prince is one of my Favourite K-Drama! Its funny & the storyline is really good
Best korean drama I had watched~~
[Newest]This movie has a very good plot and beautiful characters.

10My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
Shin Min Ah is the most beautiful actress
Its very different from what you watch everyday. Shin min ah is truly awesome. Her face is so addictive. Watch it and you'll agree with me.
Amazing drama that make me happy
[Newest]Such an awesome drama

The Contenders

11Coffee Prince
One of the best Kdramas ever. They say it's also one of the most watchable Korean dramas. Gong Yoo was amazing in it.
It completely different from usual dramas, It's Just Unique and Beautiful.. So Beautiful :3 I cried and Smiled like a fool during the show.. I'd watch it over and over.. :o
It was too good to be true
[Newest]My most favorite so far

12Master's Sun
Nice story to watch..storyline different from others..
The best Korean drama ever! The chemistry between the leads is sizzling hot, you can see their chemistry on and off-screen and at one point, I even thought they were truly dating - they seem like in their own small world of love - a definite definite must see! The story is also unique: a girl who sees ghosts finds that touching a certain chaebol would make them disappear, so they begin a bumpy ride of self-healing and falling in love. At first I avoided this drama because of the ghosts, but after I finally decided to give it a try, the romance part sweetened a lot the horror part and the ghosts become less scary after episode 3- so even if you are not very fond of horror stories, the ones in this drama are pretty mild and can be watched by everyone - CONCLUSION: you will really REALLY regret it if you do not watch Master's Sun - this drama should be in the top 5 of your list, afterall it was the best drama of 2013, in my opinion
It was interesting the whole way through and I can see it as being one of my favourite dramas for 2013! Just watch it and you'll love it!
[Newest]Best drama ever! Never miss this

13Heartstrings (You've Fallen for Me)
Love it. Lee shin am in love with you. I cried when they broke up. Felt very bad for lee shin. I loved every songs of this drama
I love it if both of them being a real couple in real life... So sweet...
It has an uplifting aura. Also because I feel like the main characters and the story line gives off an anime-like vibe into it. Not to mention the fact that the main characters have an amazing chemistry.
I love this one, because of there story and also the different background songs :))
[Newest]Lee shin you are the best

14City Hunter
Although it kind of just goes on and on, it's still really exciting! If it were to be cropped down a bit more, it would be PERFECT! There's so much ACTION, love, and it's just so exciting. It's not like all those other dramas that make me cringe just as another cliche aegyo character appears and lee min ho is so good looking!
Lee min ho is really amazing... :-)
This drama is the best
[Newest]The best part of this drama is LEE MIN HO..

Just love it..
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15Prime Minister and I
I love this really.. the prime minister's children are so cute.. and I love snsd yoona
Because of snsd hyoyeon I watched I'm yoona

16Boys Over Flowers
First drama with Lee Min Ho for me. Instant fist love! There is nothing I did not like in this drama. I laughed, cried, and could not wait for next episode! If love like that happen in real life - wouldn't life be wonderful?! Min Ho - I said it, and I will say it again - YOU are a STAR!
Superb drama.. A must watch for every drama fan!
It was my first Korean drama. Love lee min ho. superb acting done by him. this show made me fall in love with Korean dramas, and now I am continuously increasing the list.
[Newest]I wish this happened to me in real life.. Ya Know

17To the Beautiful You
The plot, the scenes, the actors JUST PERFECT!
They were both active in this drama... And this is the very best drama id ever seen among the other korean drama's...
My favorite drama. I really loved the plot although a girl probably couldn't pretend to be a guy for very long in real life, it was still an amazing drama and I couldn't stop watching it!
[Newest]This is the first one that I ever saw and is simply the best. I've seen many but nothing like it have come across as of now. Now I feel like I want to watch it again.

18Emergency Couple
Really funny! One of the best rom com! Better watch it!
I watched it by accident really, and I'm not regretting it! It was funny, it was cute, it was a medical drama bringing you hope in renewal of love and learning from mistakes. It was another drama that deserves thumbs up from me!
It's new but it's really good...
[Newest]This is one of the best k drama I ever watched... Seriously good

19Angel Eyes
Heart warming love story, the two leads has undeniable chemistry. This one is going to be one of my all times Korean drama list.
Love love love it! Great acting, I cried at so many scenes... Great sound tracks
Absolutely riveted me to my chair!
[Newest]I still can't get over this. The best Korean drama I've so far watched... I love the actor very much!

20Dream High
Dream High contains comedy, romance, and a lot of beautifully presented songs and dance shows and it's also very meaningful.

I think it is one of the best korean drama ever made.
This drama is so inspiring! The OST is amazing and so are the actors/actresses. This made me so jealous of everyone's talent. IU, Suzy, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, and JYP are so talented in music, and Kim so Hyun is an amazing actor and all-around talented!
It is just perfect. so funny and inspiring and amazing.
[Newest]A taste of high school in Korea

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