Best Korean Dramas


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Boys Before Flower
First drama I ever watched, loved this series! Jun Pyo was totally amazing, a great group of guys as F4. Plenty of funny, romantic, cool moments to keep you watching tillage very end!
I cried through most of it although the main actress could have been better I still loved it Lee MinHo was really good in it! I fell in love with this including Personal Taste
I just got done watching all of the episodes and I have to say, this was really good! :) It is the first South Korean show that I have watched and I really didn't know what to expect but the show was actually amazing!
I saw this series and its very awesome. The actor and actress acting was mind blowing.
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2Secret Garden
Just wow... Chemistry between the leads are so amazing...
I was totally hooked from starting to the end.
Its the best drama ever... Its maks you laugh (lot), cry, makes you smile like a idiot at very romantic gestures by the leads...
I'm sure all people who had watch this will definitely get mesmerised by charismatic eyes of ha ji won... God! Shes damn good!
I can guarantee that you will never regret watching it. At end of it you will be surely rooting for the lead to get together in the real life...
What an acting guys... They have totally nailed it..!
Great story.. Great script... Great scenes... And yes great ending!
Different story, the plot flows easily and the characters really have nice chemistry.
Never really had good taste at dramas but when I accidentally watched this one and was patient for about 2 min, I was addicted immediately and finished the whole season in two days, Great script, great Story, Amazing Acting!, props to the actors and everyone that helped out, and over all that it is the best drama I have ever seen, and will ever see.
Wow... super story & acting. really appreciate hyun bin's acting. he really had a style. Best drama ever.
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3You're Beautiful
One name: Jang Geun Suk
Love this drama forever... It can't be beated up by any other dramas.. LOVE ALL THE LEADS!
I really like YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL... The concept and even the characters.. Especially Tae Kyung and Jeremy...
I just love this drama... I saw this drama 20 times
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4Full House
Love this drama. I love the the main characters. I hope that they will be real couples in real life.
Really love this drama! Such a beautiful story with great actor and actress. It's funny yet also kinda have its own sad moment. What's best from this drama is that it really have the heartwarming feeling. This drama is probably the only drama that I wouldn't want to skip any moment of watching it even though I watched it many time before. It's my first korean drama and so far still make it one of my top list even though I watched so many other drama after that
It's a good drama. I love it really. And everything about it and stuff. To be honest, I though Dream High was going to be an option I only chose this because it was the top-picked so yeah.
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5The Heirs
The Heirs is an on going show. It's one of the most popular show this year, thanks to the profusion of accomplished cast members and the strong plot line. The script is written by Secret Garden's screen writer, and it features abundance of talented cast such as Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, the main characters. In the latest episode, it ranked really high, more than 20%. And this shows popularity keeps on increasing each week. Even before the show starts, tons of fans are waiting for this upcoming drama. The Heirs is seriously such a good drama, I'm sure it's one of the best. You wouldn't have any regret watching it. Plus, it's addictive, too!
I seriously think the Heirs is the best Korean drama. It may seem kind of awkward at first, but then the story keeps on getting better and better. And the way it ends is so beautiful. UGH... I couldn't get over this drama. All of the casts are very talented and well-known (upcoming actors/actresses). It's definitely one of the best drama in 2013 (their ratings are really good too! ). The chemistry between the main characters Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) and Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye). This drama is perf and really worth watching.
Even though this drama is new this year, it's really worth watching! It has a very interesting plot line and has abundance of talented casts. And Lee Min Ho is there. The show is still running now.
It's fantastic.. Specially Park Shin Hye sooo good.. Lee min ho got 2nd place.. It's so imotional drama which I ever watched... I Love both Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang.. <3,..
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6Playful Kiss
Its one og the best ones I have ever seen. The hilariousness of oh ha ni obsession with beuk sung jo and the way that their relationship builds is great. You definitely get a lot of laughs from this drama. Oh ha ni and beak sung jo.
Too good.. Must watch it.
This is one of my favorite korean dramas that I had ever seem. Super funny!
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7My Love from Another Star
I love it! I really like the story. The actors are good, and I'm in love with kim so-hyun
This is shows how a person can changes one another. It shows powerful and intense emotion to others. Which made me love the series more. This is one of my top #1 K-Drama, I love the cast. Very great actress. I like the fact it made me cry, laugh, and it brought me excitement. I am a big fan of them now! The theme is very meaningful that can teach others about life. I've watched this many times, I been replaying it too. MUST WATCH, YOU'll NEVER REGRET IT.
This is an awesome K-Drama! It is actually my first time to get addicted to such thing. I so love the acting skill of Kim so-Hyun. He's a brilliant actor. On the other hand, Jun Ji-Hyun is so pretty and I can't even believe that she's already in her 30's. I love her role and she portrayed it very well. Most of all, the story is fun and at the same time heart touching. Although I'm not that satisfied with the ending because for me, I really can't consider it as a happy ending, I realized that the message of the story is so meaningful.
It is one of the best Korean dramas I've ever watched. The story is unique and different from other dramas. And I am obsessed with characters. Specially Do min joon
(Kim so Hyun), Choi song yi (jun ji hyun) They make an adorable couple. Hoping for a another drama series from them. I still can remember the funny way she says "sorry". So much in love with them.
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8My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
Shin Min Ah is the most beautiful actress
Its very different from what you watch everyday. Shin min ah is truly awesome. Her face is so addictive. Watch it and you'll agree with me.
Amazing drama that make me happy
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9Rooftop Prince
Rooftop prince is my favorite one and I can not wipe out from my head. Whenever I watch that drama, I have a feeling of something that still left in my heart.
Rooftop Prince is one of my Favourite K-Drama! Its funny & the storyline is really good
Best korean drama I had watched~~
This drama it sooo amazing the plot is too good if you miss this out I don't think you will find anything as special
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10Coffee Prince
One of the best Kdramas ever. They say it's also one of the most watchable Korean dramas. Gong Yoo was amazing in it.
It completely different from usual dramas, It's Just Unique and Beautiful.. So Beautiful :3 I cried and Smiled like a fool during the show.. I'd watch it over and over.. :o
It was too good to be true
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The Contenders

11Heartstrings (You've Fallen for Me)
Love it. Lee shin am in love with you. I cried when they broke up. Felt very bad for lee shin. I loved every songs of this drama
It has an uplifting aura. Also because I feel like the main characters and the story line gives off an anime-like vibe into it. Not to mention the fact that the main characters have an amazing chemistry.
I love this one, because of there story and also the different background songs :))
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12City Hunter
Although it kind of just goes on and on, it's still really exciting! If it were to be cropped down a bit more, it would be PERFECT! There's so much ACTION, love, and it's just so exciting. It's not like all those other dramas that make me cringe just as another cliche aegyo character appears and lee min ho is so good looking!
Lee min ho is really amazing... :-)
This drama is the best
I really love this drama. lee min ho looks perfect in here
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13Personal Taste
I loved Lee Min Ho in this series. The story and humour makes this series interesting to watch.
Is it just me or this drama is just spot on. I tend to like dramas when the main female is not too pretty, not too perfect. If you have the same taste then go for it, pretty sure you'll love it
I love it, it's verry wonderful and funny and has a very beautifull songs songs
Oh! Aigoo! Lee Min Ho so handsome and funny in this drama! You must watch it!
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14Jewel In The Palace
This is the best korean drama I ever seen. It, s love story is superb too and han-hyo-joo is acting as the dong yi. I can't believe I watched this historical korean drama about 4 times.
Same director/ producer as Dong Yi
This drama was really the best...I normally don't watch historical dramas but this one was great
This is the best historical drama ever.
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15Dream High
Dream High contains comedy, romance, and a lot of beautifully presented songs and dance shows and it's also very meaningful.

I think it is one of the best korean drama ever made.
This drama is so inspiring! The OST is amazing and so are the actors/actresses. This made me so jealous of everyone's talent. IU, Suzy, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, and JYP are so talented in music, and Kim so Hyun is an amazing actor and all-around talented!
It is just perfect. so funny and inspiring and amazing.
I really enjoyed watching that drama, it's funny, different, cute...
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16A Gentleman's Dignity
It is the best double meaning korean drama I have ever seen..! Really enjoyed watching it! There should be more shows like this...! Oppaa... :D "mi hari" ws cute..! :D
It is really the best K-Drama ever! Unlike other K-Drama, this drama seriously give full attention to romance. If we just overlook the age factor then you WILL surely ENJOY it much! It really should have been in the top ten list!
The best kdrama.. I even loves the ost. Laughed so much and great ending
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17To the Beautiful You
The plot, the scenes, the actors JUST PERFECT!
They were both active in this drama... And this is the very best drama id ever seen among the other korean drama's...
My favorite drama. I really loved the plot although a girl probably couldn't pretend to be a guy for very long in real life, it was still an amazing drama and I couldn't stop watching it!
I love this serial. it is one of my favourite serial in Korea
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18I Hear Your Voice
Very well developed and (thoroughly) thought of plot; great actors/actresses that gave amazing performances & a unique storyline that makes you desperate to watch the episodes that follow! I recommend this drama to those who are just starting to watch kdramas & those who want a kdrama to compare to all the other (top) kdramas!
This is the best drama ever. I love this couple. They are so cute together. The storyline is fast and can't be predicted as other korean drama. Just love it love it
This is the best written, best acted, best directed, and most entertaining korean drama that I have ever watched.
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19Princess Hour
Awesome drama...I would like to recommend this to every korean drama watcher...seriously, definitely worth watching
IT is so good because even though its an arranged marriage but still they make it up.
Best korean drama ever. I've watched it 10 times already and never get tired of it.
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2049 Days
It was amazing! I loved the story line the feelings and simply the lesion it teaches you. I usually don't cry but this drama made me cry. I fell in love with ji hyun. In life it's easy to talk about death and how we wonder what would happen if we die, who would care and whatnot. But this drama taught me how special life is and can be. How people can be. And it made me appreciate life a lot more. It's simply an amazing drama. MUST WATCH IT
WOW AN AWESOME DRAMA best Korean drama ever though the end was quite sad this drama taught me a big lesson about what life really is and how important it is. The story line is perfect and all the characters are great. After watching this drama I fell in love with Jung Ill Woo. And LEE Yo Won unni did a great job. I usually don't cry when watching dramas but this made me cry through out the drama. This is one of the must watch dramas
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21Love Rain
The most beautiful korean drama that I have ever watched. The chemistry between geun suk and yoona is amazing.
Because of this series I become addicted to Korean Dramas and it's still the best for me. Actually I already watched it four times now and not tired of watching it all over again
Love the character of Yoona!
Why this is here? This should b in top5.. Best Korean drama I have ever watched:-)
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22My Lovely Sam Soon
Absolutely, at the edge of your seat drama. Never get tired of watching it.
Not your average skinny, petite, and innocent Korean gal; Sam Soon is a single, feisty, and a bit overweight woman that grows a loving relationship with her mischeivious and handsome lover. Of course there is also lots of drama with exes, mothers, jobs, and love squares.
The best Korean comedy drama...Love it so much...
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23Master's Sun
Nice story to watch..storyline different from others..
It was interesting the whole way through and I can see it as being one of my favourite dramas for 2013! Just watch it and you'll love it!
This should be in the TOP 5 if not the best drama of 2013! Great chemistry between lead actors. Cool storyline and totally engaging romance - horror mysteries in each episode! Loved it!
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24Moon Embracing the Sun
Its an addicting drama
The chemestry is very unique and touching.
If you watched my love from another star, then you better watch this drama... It will make you agree that KIM so HYUN is a really good actor... You will even try to watch his other dramas/movies because his acting is so addictive...
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25Gu Family Book
The best of all and you know what made her the best than any other drama is that sad ending that showed the love that was between kc and yw
Suzy was awesome and my hero choi jin words left he is amazing although his role is father.He is an amazing actor.
Best Korean drama ever! The chemistry between Lee Seunggi and Suzy really impressive! Romance, action, comedy, family's love all in one!
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26Sassy Girl Choonhyang
Best korean drama in the history of korean dramas! This couple is absolutely adorable & I've never cried this much in my entire life (Don't worry it's a happy ending)
Very nice couple in this drama :) Love it.
Best memorable korean movie ever! Both played so well. There is a beautiful romance and sweet ending in its comedy. Recommended!
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27My Girl
The best ever. Perfect story, characters, and actors.
Can be very comical and dramatic at the same time. The actors was able to execute so well that you'd feel for them.
Awesome story with unbelievable twists. A perfect portrayal of emotions by the actors coupled with heart-touching dialogues. Just too good!
I know its a drama done almost ten years ago but I watched it just a week ago and I have to say it was amazing. I was laughing the whole time and really liked the characters especially Ju Yoo Rin. Well done!
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28Nice Guy (Innocent Man)
It's really worth watching! Best performance & best series! The chemistry of the leading man and her leading lady is undeniably great & perfect match!
Best dramatically drama I ever had! You must watch this drama. its really really worth it! This drama will make you feel up and down. after you watching 1 episode, you can't stop yourself to watch the next episode. so, prepare yourself!
Oh my gosh! This drama was so good. It gave me a break from all the other cliche dramas of aegyo love which made me want to cringe. This drama gives a kind of messed up quality in a way that is so romantic! Oh my gosh the ending! ~perfectt
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Amazing love story... And Lee Min Ho!
Romantic, funny, exciting. Great love story. My favorite drama. Love the symbolism of the melting ice. All the characters were fun to watch, even the bad guys. Epic ending. This drama is for all the hopeless romantics. I was hooked on Lee Minh Ho after this.
The best drama I ever watched... The love between leads touches all the hearts and the songs are really amazing... The feelings are well transformed through the songs... It's the best romantic historical exciting drama I ever watched... Thumbs up!
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30Stairway to Heaven
Not going to be a spoiler, but we all know how melodrama ends.
This is such a good, heartwarming and also sad drama to watch.with all the good soundtrack added on the drama, you'll definitely cry for sure
I didn't think I'd ever like a drama from the early decades, but this one is an exception. Although the ending was, for me, unexpected, but it suites the theme of the drama.
I think this drama better than in the list.. This very good drama.. It make me cry a lot.. So I love this drama..
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31Reply 1997
Hands down the best KDrama I've ever watched, and I have watched more dramas than I can count. Looking forward for other dramas like this, with a more real character and story that anyone can relate to.
One of the best k-dramas out there. Realistic & original premise (hard to come by in k-dramas), believable and endearing characters, great script and portrayal by the cast. Great balance of humour and romantic elements. To top it all off, you get to listen to the cast speak in a Busan accent - love it.
The story line is rather cliche, about childhood love and friendship, but the plot is amazing, seo in guk and jeong eun ji have a really great chemistry, and they are amazing. The comedy scenes are very natural
My absolute all time favourite drama! Very fun and highly recommend.
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32That Winter, The Wind Blows
Very good acting by the lead characters, especially the female lead. She is also very pretty. There is very good chemistry between the lead characters. Even the supporting cast, even the cameo roles, acted very well. The story is unusual, yet it was well presented and heart-rending. I'm surprised it's not in the top ten in terms of acting.
A very good story played by some amazing actors, its just fantastic especially with kim bum in it, love it love it love it
Amazing concept and beautifully shoot. The chemistry is great and it is the best melodramas I have ever seen with the most heart moving soundtrack.
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33Missing You (I Miss You)
I think this one deserves to be at least part of top 10.. It made me cry an ocean.. Like seriously..
Amazing drama with amazing actors and actresses. all the songs on the soundtrack are so beautiful... and I might be micky yoochun biased but BEST DRAMA EVER.
I love this story. Time passed but love is endless... Han Jung Woo and Lee so Yeon
One of the best k drama's I watched. The leads are amazing. it will definitely make you cry a lot
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34Winter Sonata
The best Korean Drama ever. It's the one that made me start watching Korean drama. I'm never tired of watching it and each time it touches my heart as if it is the first time. Great story, great actors the definition of a perfect drama
Best Story Ever. I watched all 20 episodes in just 2 days. I too surprised to see it's ranking. One who really wants to understand what LOVE is? Then this is the Story which tells you about love, passion, affection, sacrifice and still the Happy Ending. Just Love this Drama.
Still #1 & tops all!
Love the story... One of my best Korean drama ever.
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35Queen In-hyun's Man
Excellent story line, excellent lead, excellent chemistry between the leads, excellent ending and above all no stupidity (Each of the characters just did the same thing a reasonable person would have done in that situation). In one word it is a perfect drama.
I love yoo in na..
Simple it's more original than boys before flowers, more romantic than the heirs and more tender than my lovely sam son and playfull kiss.

Also because never appears the very used theme " the love triangle", there's an ex-boyfriend but never excels in the relationship of the protagonists, rather he dedicates to make the funniest scenes.
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36Flower Boy Next Door
I'm addicted with FBND! I have watched it over and over again, but never get bored.
Love Yoon Si Yoon n Park Shin Hye...Both have a great chemistry! Best couple :)
Enrique is so adorable...miss the floWer boys; Jin Rak, Dong Hoon, Watanabe, Tae Joon...
Nice drama to watch.. Was a little less in content but chemistry between the lead pair is good.. And a new and different story for a romantic drama
The story was not typical so it's exciting to watch. Yoon Si Yoon is very cute!
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37Endless Love
It was really a good drama. It gives a lot of expression and even brings a lot of emotion. True love do exist in this drama.
Its truley amazing awesome drama...

38Shining Inheritance
Its a great drama, I love it
Worth watching.. Love it
It's a very good drama.
My all time favorite:-)
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39Princess' Man
I enjoyed watching princess man with both the story line and good actors
I really like this drama
I watched more than 100 dramas and the best Korean drama that made me addict was princess man
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Love love love the main actor
One of my favorite melodramas. Very addicting.
The best story line ever and the lead actress is so skilled, you better watch it!
Awesome. I just watched it. GREAT
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41The King 2 Hearts
This drama is the IT. It was so fun watching this drama. Very good!
A very good drama. It was fun to watch it.
Wah! I was addicted to this korean drama for weeks! Lee Jae Ha and Gim Hang A! I love them! :D people must watch this! It made me cry and laugh.. :D
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42Sad Love Story
The title says it all.. If you want real drama where you cry from the start to the end then this is a must watch
This is the first drama I watched. It touched my heart. I love it. A must watch this one
Love Love this drama.
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43Mary Stayed Out All NIght
I watched this so many times! My absolute favorite!
Watched this drama. Music, songs was too good.
I watched this because I'm an eel (fan of jang geun suk) but then, I finished this because the story is really good. the love triangle and all. this is one great production and is worth watching. I didn't expeect it to be the best but really, this is the BEST

44Dream High 2
I love dream high but season 1 sorry...
It's really good drama oone of the best I have seen although the ending was not has I was thinking it will be.
Really really great drama love JB and Kang Sora. LOOOVE G-MINOOR from Jung Jin Woon. There'saa lotof funny scenes. I rrecommend it.
Sorry for my English

45Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal
So good, I fell in love with the characters
Joong ki and yoo chun
Love the main & whole cast and story line. I'm in Honolulu Hawaii watch it every so often 5 times.
It is really great. great cast and characters
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46Jang Ok-jung, Living by Love
BEST DRAMA SHOULD BE AT THE TOP 10 RECOMMEND TO WATCH! If you like the moon that embraces the sun then you will definitely like this drama.
This drama is great
This k-drama realize me that even the nice person can be a evil one, and even the evil person can be a nice one just for love.
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47Lie to Me
I absolutely love it... love the storyline and actors... I could feel each and every moment along with the lead pair
Really I can't express it in words. excellent love story... please watch everyone... definitely everyone will enjoy
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48Cunning Single Lady
You can simple love this drama. Pretty sure you will put this in your drama list...
Very funny drama! Must watch.


49Two Weeks
Lee Joon Gi is an amazing actor I have pretty much watched all his dramas/movies and I like them all.
His fighting skills are the best and I really really like his expressions he can make so many different ones. I like his smile
One of the best drama I seen! I love it!
Awesome suspese thriller! Has many twists & turns.
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50School 2013
Lee jong suk and kim woo bin are handsome. I love the two boys. :
One of the best dramas I've ever watched. I'll never get over it! Friendship overload!
It's a beautiful movie shows intense friendship and problems in teenage lives. It was beautifully done. Heartfelt and touchy. it's the first time I ve seen such a wonderful realistic drama with a strong story line. I love kim woo bin and Lee jong suk. They've done a great job.
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Shark is the best Kdrama I've ever watched, I can't stop thinking about it and the actors are so brilliant. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin just a perfect match. Love them so damn much!

Its a really good! Gong yoo is awesome! Its a treate for all the gong yoo fans!
One of my all-time favorites. Loved it up until the (hated) puzzling end. The actors were well cast and did a convincing job. Will definitely watch it again.
I love leeminjung ehh! H!
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53Empress Ki
The best historical romance drama in the world!
I personally blame this show for igniting my new found Koreon Drama addiction. Much better acting and writing then some of the regurgitated drivel we get here in the states. Love it!
One of my favorite Korean Drama as if you cannot wait to watch the next episode. The actors were amazing specially Ha Ji Won. LOVE IT.. Highly recommended.
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54Yuhee the Witch
This is the ONE of my Favorite Korean Movies!
I can't believe this is number 46. it should be closer to #10. Not my all time favorite but very high on the list.

55When a Man Loves
A more realistic drama and an excellent male leading actor
I agree this drama is more realistic and not as far-fetched as others. In other words, it is a drama that does not create any unnecessary drama. Highly recommended.
Just amazing drama, the way it describes how a man is learning to love, and how love can make people change... I 100% recomend this drama!
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56Inspiring Generations
Kim Hyun Joong was totally amazing... and the show is amazing and interesting.. we need to get it higher


We need to get this so much higher.. it's a new drama but it's so god
I loved the drama but was flustered by the pain he had to go thru. I felt everything he felt. Why is this so low on the list. Maybe because word hasn't gotten around. I think it will soar up to the top 10.
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57You Who Came from the Star
Perfect for starting k-dramas... Hero and heroine are eye candies... Just can't resist staring at them. Superb comedy between male and female leads... Beautifully captured expressions of love, pain and loss... Excellent storyline. A must watch. On my list always. It always lifts up my mood every I see...
Good looking actors and great chemistry... But what steals the show is the amazing story. cheon song yi, the lead actress us just adorable in every frame and do min Jon, the lead actor is super cute... An enjoyable watch
It's an historical drama with the young and talented actor Kim so Hyun... So many tears and happiness. I've loved typical Court dresses.
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58Dong Yi
Best korean drama I ever watched.
The of the dong yi character
This was great, and if you liked DOng YI Yi San is a must see, same writers and a really great series
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59Arang and the Magistrate
Must watch, I loved it
This is the wonderful drama that I watch ever
My favorite drama with my best actor lee jun ki and best actress shin min ah
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60Cinderella's Sister
If you want something different that has nothing to do with the cliches you know, this is your drama. It'll get you out of the usual "submissive, innocent and weak Cinderella" pattern and introduce you to a modern independent and strong woman who wants to prove herself in the world and make a difference
Chun jung myung 😍

61Bridal Mask
Lee gangto is awesome

62The Greatest Love
The greatest love is one of, if not the best Korean dramas I have watched. It made you angry, it made you cry, and it even made you laugh. It is a little cheesy at times, but what korean drama isn't. The actors and actresses were wonderful. The ending was beautiful.
One of the best acted dramas I've ever seen. The characters felt REAL and while it was a bit over the top in places it didn't matter. I laughed and cried and just FELT for all of the characters. A definite must watch! I can't believe it's so low on the list.
This is too funny. Must watch it!
It's a delightful to watch, One of my favorite. So funny and I can easilly laughed
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63Emergency Couple
Really funny! One of the best rom com! Better watch it!
It's new but it's really good...
The most interesting medical-romance drama! The plot was amazing and Jihyo&Jinhyuk's romance is just great!
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64Shut Up Flower Boy Band
All the guys are hot!
This is one of my favorites... And I say this because I cried for 30 minutes straight. It's that good. It's emotional and very music-driven. Makes you wanna cry because these boys really get away from their terrible lives through the music that they play.
This drama is my absolute favourite. The story is good and the drama moves at a fast pace. No conflicts are dragged on forever. I loved this drama partially because of how realistic the conflicts and characters R. It also helps that all of the actors are attractive and the music is amazing.
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65I'm Sorry, I Love You
One of if not the most amazing korean drama I have ever seen, It truely made me feel Bipolar I cried, I laughed, I got angry etc. I TRUELY TRUELY recommend you seeing this drama you won't regret it.
The best drama ever
This is seriously my favorite! I've watched a lot of kdramas, but none of them made me feel so touched, inspired and sad. I'm Sorry I Love You is truly amazing and will definitely make you cry! The music is beautiful and sad too T-T
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Best drama series ^^

67City Hall
Best show I have ever watched!
Good Series! Liked the chemistry between the two :-)
Great story line. Not so sweet but at the same time makes you experience so much emotions
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68A Love to Kill
The story is really beautiful
Cried a river on this one!

69King of Baking, Kim Takgu
I love this drama, I started to watching it by my self for an half an hour. Next thing you know my husband is watching it with me. The first episode finished, I started second episode. At that time my 7 and 8 year old kids were watching it with me. I love the the love the main actor had for his mother and the talent for baking.
Love, love, love Yoon Si Yoon in this drama! So going to miss you while you are away in the military!
Funny and has depth too... Probably one of the best
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70Pretty Man
Best drama of the all Korean drama
Good drama fun and full of life
At first, I thought this is a boring Korean drama but gladly, I was wrong. The twist is at the end and once you finished watching it you'll recall all the happenings and the flashbacks will keep rushing into your mind and then you'll figure how it ended up like it is. I love the lesson that this story portrays and if you read this and agree with my comment, Thumbs up for you!

71Prime Minister and I
Yoona and lee bumso oh the best at all!

72Horse Doctor
It is the best drama I have ever saw
Can keep out my eyes... Very interesting drama

If you are really corny you won't probably like it at the beggining but it is really amazing! The plot is well written and the acting is believable. If you are looking for something different to watch definitely this should be your first choice
This should be the best action film in the world and neither iris 2 or James bond can beat Iris.
Exiting like hell! This drama is so damn epic, full of suspens and action scenes. The twist and turns are planned well and never stops surprising me. Fuul of love, betrayal, actions and even politics.
The best action movie ever. Should be #1 on the list.
More comments about Iris


75He Who Can't Marry
This was actually an excellent watch. More of an adult drama than the usual fluffy kind. Worth spending your time on. Loved all the actors. Had some good laughs.
Loved this romantic comedy... Laughed, laughed, laughed...
Love you jin r the best

76Autumn in My Heart
Sad but lovely, will remain in heart forever
This movie made me think bout it even after a week of completing it... Really a awesome drama...
Male. Leader is the best
More comments about Autumn in My Heart

77Good Doctor
Best motivation Korean drama, full of life lesson, this is the most different Korean drama that I have watched, since the main actor here is handicap who is super genius but in the same time have a feeling to love the girl,
It thought about how we have to be in this world, as part of human being,
Joowon did an excellent job with his role in this drama! At times his character Sion was so cute that he had me literally jumping around in excitement. Love the drama as a whole
Loved the drama as it taught me many life lessons, and the whole plot was wonderful. Joowon was really into character as well, so he deserves a praise.
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78Thank You
I can't believe this drama isn't in the list. It is the most heart warming drama I've ever watched. Jang hyuk really did a great job portraying his character and it has a lot of moral value. I just love it.
Great storyline, awesome casts, great Music, peaceful island as a film spot. can't find a melodrama more realistic n more romantic than this one. A Must watch Drama!

79Scent of a Woman
A sad, beautiful romantic korean drama ever.
I usually do not watch Korean drama. but this one is super. sad yet romantic. full of emotions. I cried a lot though.
I am so feel when watch this drama :'(

80Queen Seon Duk
This story is exceptional on many levels. I've seen it twice, and it's one of the most captivating television series I've watched. The heroes of the story are very inspiring, and the dialogue raises a lot of interesting questions about the reasons behind common government policies, and the people who benefit from them. Highly recommended for anyone, and a good change of pace for K-drama fans who are a bit tired of storylines that focus too heavily on romance.
The best among the best
You should really watch this! Its inspiring to the max. and I think this is good for people with responsibilities like me, a scholar. Furtheremore, I think this is good in knowing what a good leader must have/ characteristics. This is also a glimpse of Korean history.
More comments about Queen Seon Duk

The greatest of all
This is the best Korean drama I've ever seen. Great story, inspiring characters. Jumong is exceptional and the 2 ladies seo so no and yesoya for their love and sacrifices are both commendable. This is the only drama that made my non-kdrama-watcher father watch until early morning. It took me months to watch another drama because I can't move on from its effect on me. This really moved me.
I loved the story and the acting

This is the best drama. The plot is well written and the characters are awesome!
I personally love it.
One of my favorite dramas, I still can't get over it. The actors were amazing, including Yong Junhyung from B2ST (his acting debut). The chemistry between the main couple was great, the characters were interesting and had me crying, laughing and left missing them so hard. Very recommended to watch!
I like this drama because it takes real high school student's story. And anyone who love drama and music, should watch it.
More comments about Monstar

83You're the Best, Lee Soon-shin
I just love this drama because it has love in it and IU
Love IU and the drama is great too

84You're All Surrounded
The story line has a lot of depth and is very well rounded. The actions is very well paced, enough so that it's a big part of the story but in a way that complements the emotional aspect of the characters. The characters are VERY well developed and it's different in that instead of just wanting the two leads to get together I also genuinely was interested in both of their separate story lines. The background characters are all well developed as well. Great drama, and coming from someone who's seen a lot of them I'm being completely honest when I say that if you watch it there's no way you won't love it.
I've never seen such a thing in my life. The main actor is LEE SEUNG GEE oppa. It. S areally interesting action drama. I like UH so SUN very much.
Good story! Lee Seung Gi is an Amazing Actor as always! I Will forever love him and support him until the end! Oppa! Your so cute! Fighting!
More comments about You're All Surrounded

85Boys Over Flower
Superb drama.. A must watch for every drama fan!
It so nice! Lee min ho... I love you!

86Big Thing

87Doctor Stranger
This drama is so good! It's funny, sad and everything else all at the same time! It's a must watch
It is such an elegant drama. I just love it. I really love the character of Dr Park Hoon. Lee Jong Suk has done a great job.
I LOVE THIS DRAMA! <3 it's so beautifulll and ost too

88Skip Beat
I love donghae oppa... ^^
My favorite Korean drama

89Can You Hear My Heart
A real drama that shows the true feeling of a family.. Loved all the character and it has a heart warming sweet ending.. A MUST WATCH ONE..
Hello everybody
This drama is one of my favorite dramas I have seen.
It's a wonderful drama with a comedy and sadness moments 😊☺️
I hope you will enjoy with watching the drama, like I did. 😊
I love this drama, is a heart warming story about family. I smile every time I remember this drama.
More comments about Can You Hear My Heart

90Ms Panda and Mr Hedgehog
This is very romantic drama... ^^
Everyone should watch this...
I didn't liked Pandas Charakter...
She was annoying

91Cruel City
Amazing Drama! This drama really is so good! I just can't stop watching it the moment you stop. It's very well prepared. There is romance, action, tragedy and little bits of comedy. It also a very warm drama too. There are lots of surprises. It very well prepared and acted! Really has to be WATCHED! You guys will regret it if you don't! I am 200% sure about that. So if I was able to convince even one person go to drama fever and search this drama!
Seriously I don't know why people don't know about this, this is the best drama of 2013! Honestly! It's so crazy good! The leading man is amazing and I promise that you will fall inlove with this drama! I watched when it aired and I still can't forget about it, every time I think about it I feel sad because it finished, this is THE BEST DRAMA EVER!
Just ausome, unlike any other drama I've seen, truly amazing!

92The Birth of a Family
Kim Jin Woo as Lee so Ho, he is so cute!

93Chuno (Slave Hunters)
Can't believe this isn't already on the list, one of my all time favorites
This drama is amazing...
One of my favorites!
More comments about Chuno (Slave Hunters)

94Cheongdam-dong Alice
Number 72? No it's not at the top of my list but this drama has the romance like the others but it has intelligence also. Every girl thinking of getting rich by the coat tails of a guy needs to see this. I'm from Chicago and we're critical of things in general but this was a good drama.
I mean, I'm quite mad the fact that the girl is living her life and using someone else's luck to improve life, but I still love it anyway
This drama should be no3 or5 it's really good!
More comments about Cheongdam-dong Alice

95Coffee House

96The Equator Man

97Romance in Pasta
I really liked this drama it had a different taste

98Women of the Sun
Shin Do Young is an announcer who instigates the jealously of all women around her because of her superior looks, great abilities, and great background. But Do Young has a deep, dark secret. She was actually abandoned at an orphanage when she was young but luckily she was adopted by a nice couple. The couple were unable to have their own children but were surprised when their biological daughter was born. Do Young, afraid that her parents would no longer love her anymore abandoned her 5 year old little sister, Ji Young, at a train station. Years have passed and Do Young meets a joyful girl, Sa Wol, who becomes her personal shopper. What happens when Do Young's terrible misdeed is revealed and that Sa Wol is actually the sister she abandoned at the train station all those years ago?

99A Hundred Year Legacy
This is a great serial! How is it so low on this list?!
Come on guys! πŸ™Œ Vote! Actually it IS a good story... No wait... It's a FANTASTIC story! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘‘
It is also called "Hundred years inheritance"
Please watch it it reaally funny but not to much good story but it's reallyyy funny

100The World That They Live In
I really like this drama.. Its a very cute drama as well as it tells about the life of Korean drama directors...I enjoyed it
Hyun bin and song really make a cute pair together
Hyun bin is really a good actor
Well, I like the actress! That's all

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