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121 Puppy Love
122 Hit and Run

Hit and run known like "criminals run the world"

This song is just so fun and playful!

As for me, its her best song ever!

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123 JFK

I love this song, her voice is just incredible

124 I Can Fly I Can Fly

Very good song and this is not sad! I know I know it is Lana but believe it is not a sad song!

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125 True Love On the Side

One of my favourite unreleased songs by her, listen to the full leak on Soundcloud. I love the rock vibe, and how free how voice sounds.

126 Swan Song Swan Song
127 Gangsta Boy

Love that song one of my favorite song listin to this song you won't regret it

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128 Put the Radio On

Wow, surprised this isn't even on the list. It's a beautiful song and I really like it, although there isn't a good version on YouTube to listen to it. You can listen on the website picosong if you search for it, you wont regret it, its an amazing song.

129 You, Mister
130 Oh Say Can You See?

Stunning, essential Lana/ Liszt. Love then blend of acoustic songwriter meets jazzy Jessica rabbit, such a beautiful song. Better than yayo in my opinion, much more dynamic

131 Daddy Issues

One Of my favorite songs by her wich you can Dance too in a club :D
Good Bass for sure! :D

132 Motel 6
133 I'm Indebted to You
134 Making Out

Its perfect! Ill taking drugs doing shots making out in parking lots for you lana

135 You're Gonna Love Me
136 Moi Je Joue
137 Golden Grill
138 Break the Cycle
139 Resistance
140 Behind Closed Doors
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