Best Male Frontmen


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The Top Ten

Freddie Mercury (Queen)
Once you've seen freddie on stage performing, you are enticed by him and you feel every little emotion that he feels. No one, i repeat NO ONE can or has ever portray the mood of a song like freddie could. He is a legend, and all legends should be admired and praised for what they've accomplished. Even Mike Meyers commented on Freddie by saying 'This is a god who walks as man.' R.I.P. Freddie, we'll never forget...
Freddie Mercury was a remarkable phaenomenon. He sang in various octaves using all his effort. He had a falsetto which could make a deaf person able to hear again. He performed in a unique way using all possible space on stage, making crowds of thousands attendants staring at him for hours. He gained the fans with his personality and despite the fact that he was homosexual he lead a rock band (a classic str8 dream) in such a success that never ever found in other "str8" frontmen. And that says a lot about who deserves the title.


Why is this guy not at the top? He had more stage presence in one hair of his iconic moustache than Jon and the rest of Bon Jovi has combined (and I happen to like Bon Jovi)! His voice and the way it just blended with the instruments of the other band members, the songwriting, the stage theatrics... it all combined to make one heck of a frontman. If you need proof that he's better than Gackt (and I like him/Malice Mizer too) and Jon Bon Jovi, watch Queen's performance at Live Aid.


[Newest]Freddie all the way to one!
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2Lauri Ylonen
because it is an excellent songwriter and singer! has one of the most privileged voices and talent fills the air. He has lent his voice to other groups successfully and even composed for a movie. One of the personalities who earns more money in Finland and that has contributed most to the Finnish econimia. Definitely deserves this job!


We vote him because he has such a beautiful voice and when he write a song, he puts all his feelings and open his heart and in combination with the rest of the guys of the band (Aki, Pauli and Eero)they create the best band in this world: THE RASMUS!



he's the best singer and most beautiful so funny and also great person with AKI EERO and PAULI are thes best band THE RASMUS 4ever and after vote for him RASMUSER@S :D he will win I know =)

[Newest]My admiration for this gorgeous man! Great songwriter, singer and person.

3Tom Chaplin (Keane)
Tom's one of the best nowadays Frontmen! For me he's unique! He's a brilliant singer, with such a powerful and stunning vocal range. His Live performances are awesome and magical, his voice sounds exactly as on the records, perhaps even more amazing, as he sings with so much passion and gives his all heart & soul on stage. He's genuine and so very sincere, doesn't hide any emotion and creates with the crowd such an unique bond of complicity and also something even more rare, I believe - a bond of love! Not forgetting that he can sing with the same flawlessness an energetic rock tune or a heavenly ballad - his voice comes directly from heaven, for sure!
Tom's voice is one of the most beautiful, pure and powerful I've ever heard. He is able to brilliantly sing all kinds of songs, to reach the hardes notes, to sound even better live that on records, which is TRULY something nowadays, and to sing for a whole room without even needing a microphone. As if that wasn't enough, he has an incredible stage presence and an amazing way of really connecting with the crowd and of making you feel that you are an important part of the moment.
Tom Chaplin is, in my opinion, the male Adele. No, I don't at all mean that he looks like her or something like that, but his voice is flawless, powerful, and almost indescribable. I truly believe he has one of the best voices of the decade. Aside from is voice, Tom is a fantastic live performer, still hitting every note on stage, and to top it off, he has enormous stage-presence.
[Newest]I can say just one thing: I love TomÂ's voice with all my heart and all my soul! R.
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4Kurt Cobain (nirvana)
R.I. p mr cobain grunge will live forever we all miss you and we know your watching dave from heaven
kurt is the voice of my generation!He spoke his heart and mind out and not for selling records to these trendyasses!! He is the voice of those who suffers in this terrible world of violence and prejudice!


Kurt Cobain had something that so many others try to imitate. As I type this he is placed at #18, but will always be #1 to me. Love you forever Kurt xo
[Newest]Kurt cobain I really admire you!

5Jared Leto
He deserves the first place!
If you have ever seen one of their concerts you now what I'm talking about.
He is inspiration for many echelons around the world, not only him also Tomo and Shannon.
And his voice? Well just two words can describe it pure perfection same kind of voice on the records an in concerts.. He just deserves to win because he does there is no other way
One amazingly talented individual. He seriously has no competition with these others. His vibe, energy and overall compassion for music is flawless.
He is insanely talented you have no idea what this man is capable of. He cares about the echelon an the environment, animals, less-fortunate people. He is more than just a pretty face.
[Newest]Charismatic... With one of the most amazing voices I've ever heard.

6Robert Plant
Robert is deffinetly the best frontman of all time. With his beautiful, unique voice, his charisma and his undeniable ability to put on a wonderful show and interpret the Led Zeppelin songs with such passion that you would think he's singing them for the very first time, he is truly a ROCK GOD.
With his long golden hair and bare chest, on stage he portrayed the image of a rock god.Robert Plant is deifinitlely one of the best singers ever.He should be on #1.
Undoubtedly Robert plant is the no. 1 front man of all time nobody even comes near him! How he can be at no. 8?

7Ville Valo (HIM)
Beautiful man, beautiful singer/songwriter and the man is intelligent which is very refreshing in a lead singer of a band. He knows what he wants and wont compromise on his standards. VERY underestimated songwriter, his songs can bring me to tears, make me scream and smile, and his music is the only thing that gets me through the day at times when I need something that will bring me out of my depths of despair cause he has been there too, its like he senses what us fans feel too. Hey I could go on forever praising this wonderful man, but unless you listen to him and HIM yourself you will never understand what I'm talking about... In our eyes he is NUMBER ONE!
Ville Valo's ability to be the best at everything that the lead singer and songwriter should be he can provoke the emotion of the song with his gestures and mannerisms on stage and in music videos. Ville's vocal range is also one of his many talents he mainly is a baritone singer but he can hit high notes as well which is an amazing feat to accomplice.
Ville Valo is witty, charismatic and just someone who you can relate to on one level or another. He bears his heart and feelings in his music and lyrics and allows you to peer into the deep ends of his soul in the songs. His voice is magnificent in the range that it can cover, and he is a rare talent that you get very very rarely specially in these times.
[Newest]The best songwriter in the last two decades... not exaggerating!
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8James Hetfield
Why isn't James #1? He has the loudest strongest metal voice out of anyone(listen to... And Justice for all). He can do soft rock like its what he's been doing for ever(listen to nothing else matters). And he can do all this while doing some off the Fastest and greatest rifts know to any man.
he should be higher, but 8 is ok, he is an awesome performer, he can play and entertain at the same time! the only thing that I don't like is the abandonment of the aggresive stage presence now "you better sing along.. or you are in F****** TROUBLE" has turned into "sing along if you know the words" sad ( I want to write sad but true, but thats just a kliche :P )


Agreed! Hetfield should be number one! He is a Legend of thrash unlike anyone else on the list... Except freddie to a legend.. But anyway
How is he 8? And behind all these people? Like who is the number one? And bon jovi sucks! And people vote jackson, why? Right he died! If he didn't he wouldn't be in that spot, or in the top ten.
[Newest]James isn't #1 ( no one is better than freddy mercury. ) but he is still one of the greats

9Michael Jackson
The best child/male frontman ever.. all because when you see him with his band called the jackson 5, it always send you smiling with fascination and adoration... all because he is so young and so cute but he can pull up a voice that's so far from his age, he dances like an expert even at 7... he can already groove like that of James Brown's and many other influences by just merely looking and observing them plus with an age not more than 10


His voice is just unique and make me feel loved when I was alone. Many people don't understand him and judge because they believe everything they read in magazines. He was an amazing artist and person, and also have a really special place in my heart
I'll never forget you Mike
Michael Jackson... oh ya... The best frontman... he knew how to get a crowd interested in what he had to offer... his sex appeal, his genuine love for the stage and giving his 100 effort in every show. He was a leader and a genius showman for sure... RIP love xo him forever


[Newest]Liked him better when he was black

10Mick Jagger
I think Jagger should be number 1. I know others wouldn't agree because some prefer Freddie Mercury, Robert Plant, James Brown etc and that's understandable. But Mick is still surely top 5 in that scenario. But Jared Leto? Come on people!
Who even is he?
Oh come on this man has twice (or more) the charisma of jared leto, the confidence of freddie mercury and a very very very very unique voice
He should be number one. He owns the stage and gives the best performance I have ever seen - over and over again.
[Newest]Mick jagger one of the best most creative and entertaining frontmen ever.

The Contenders

11Axl Rose
Axl Rose is the frontman of the most dangerous band in the world. He sings, plays piano, rant about what is happening in his life, he controls the audience to see if there is somebody that will get hurt. Many people think that he is dumb, but they are just hypocrites unlike Axl who is very real in his action and words. He didn't fake any single thing that he did.


Is the best frontman easily. He shows a lot of passion on stage and is the heart of GnR.
1. Axl Rose
2. Freddie Mercury(R. I. P)
3. Steven Tyler
4. Jon Bon Jovi
5. Kurt Cobain(R. I. P)


Axl Rose Is Without A Doubt Rocks Greatest Frontman. It ia a disgrace and insult to rock to see jared leto bon jovi etc at ther top of this list


[Newest]Axl! He is the real one! Wild, he is painfully honest! A rockstar badass!

12Chester Bennington
Theres no competing with Chester's screaming and singing, truly the best.


Chester is simply amazing in all ways! His voice is a true reflection of this...Rock on!!!
Hands down the best voice in rock!

13Serj Tankian (System of a Down)
Pure genius. No one has better lyrics. His voice is up and down the scales. Simply amazing. Soothing songs like Aerials or songs like Chop Suey! where he pours his heart out in the end. The best.
Hes a songwriter, singer, multi-intrumentalist, poet, political activist. etc.


This guy is insane, probably the best singer in the 21st century
[Newest]He sings with such feeling and passion.

Absolutely great frontman, one of the best ever, he is perfect connection the largest emotions, awesome timbre of voice, great passion, peaceful messages, sense of humour and great charisma
He is awesome, not only does he have a great voice but also he has done loads of work regarding Africa and peace in Ireland.
Epicness pervades his every character, from his voice to his stage presence.
[Newest]Should be top 5.

15Morten Harket
Morten is the best male voice on earth, he deserves the first place. He gives wings to a song. Let one of the vocalist in the list here sing an a-ha song, maybe "Summer Moved On" or "Hunting High And Low", I'm sure they all will fail. A-ha songs are so difficult and complicated to sing and Morten is so perfect in giving this songs a soul
Morten might not be a big entertainer, but he has an unique voice and that "special something" that blows you away
He was, is and will always be the number 1. He is the best male voice on earth. Freddie Mercury and Morten should be number 1 in this list because both have an amazing vocal range and so much emotion in their voices. By the way, Morten is also the most beautiful men/singer.
[Newest]No one is able to sing like Morten Harket! No need other words!

16Jon Bon Jovi
Damn, he may not be as musically talented as many other singers are, but he can put on one hell of a show
One of the few rockers who actually got better looking with age. Wow.
Jon is the best frontman ever! He rocks the stadium with 70.000 fans and all have a great party. And he make that you think he is singing only for you. He is amazing!

17Matt Bellamy (Muse)
Matt bellamy is by far the most diverse, orginal musician of the 21st century as his guitar and piano skills are off the charts.

but muse have become the best live show in the world in the last ten years though they would never admit it.

if you don't believe it watch the live performances of plug in baby, newborn and knights of cydonia


He plays the guitar like a god, plays piano that is actually mosh-worthy, sings like an angel and is an overall amazing human being!
matt bellamy makes everyones life better, so he should be number one


18Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Agreed. This list is bogus. It;s all about popularity. Saw him live, he was jumpin all over the place. Put on a truly awesome show


Has one of the greatest and most powerful voices in rock n' roll history, and he still has it even in his later years.
No one else runs around like this guy and still sings perfect

19David Lee Roth
One of the greatest frontmen and entertainers of all time, no one can do a show as 'Diamond' David Lee Roth! Split leaps, kicks, and his one and only voice is what a real Heavy metal frontman is made of! Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the originall, the one and only: David Lee Roth!
David Lee Roth got the crowd going evertime he put on a live show doing high flying ariel spin kicks doing and split leap off the drum stage.
This man is legendary when it comes to performance live.


I was going to vote for Freddie Mercury, but when I saw David Lee Roth at number 23, I had no choice. He had everything needed to be an exceptional frontman. Why so low? Let's get him in the top ten please, where he rightfully belongs.

20Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison is a very sexy, creative frontman. I love it when I would watch clips of The Doors performing live and would see Jim wearing black boots and tight, sexy leather pants. He also makes me melt when I would hear him say one of his poems and would hear him sing
The original bad boy of rock and roll. Jagger changed his whole persona after seeing Morrison. I remember the Stones on Ed Sullivan in their little sailor suits. This is where Jagger didn't have the balls to sing the original lyrics to a Rolling Stones song. "Let's spend some time together? " That was great Mick.
Anyone who has studied rock music will agree that Jim Morrison was the first (and still one of the best) "frontmen" - as we now know the term.

21Billie Joe Armstrong
This man is a genius. His songwriting is brilliant, he's a fantastic singer and guitarist, but most of all he is the best showman I have ever seen. He has a way of holding an audience in the palm of his hand, with a lot of sexuality, a lot of fun and a whole load of talent!
Are you kidding me?
He deserves to be higher!
I saw them live and he has a very good live voice!

And those energy *___*

Jared Leto is awesome, the same as Matt Tuck, Gerard way and Kurt Cobain... It's a hard choice!
Absolutely Amazing! Especiallly at live performances!

Billie has so much energy and passion, and he's great at interacting and involving the fans!
[Newest]He really deserves 2 be much higher...

22Steve Perry (Journey)
Steve Perry is the most amazing singer I have ever heard, and he is responsible for co-writing many timeless hits. Journey is well known for their long and strenuous tours. Perry was able to not only sing every night, but each night he reached heights which most singers can only dream of. Along with his seemingly endless range, Steve Perry was capable of singing with such emotion so as to give life to each song. He raised the bar for live performances, singing each song with near perfection, and usually better than the studio versions. To not appreciate what Perry has done is a sad thing.
Ok I am going to say right now, any spot other than top 3 is a plain insult to this guy. There are few frontman that have ever lived that had as much vocal range as Perry. The guy was an amazing vocalist to say the least.
Stellar vocals and so sexy! He can kill any song.

I thought I'd "seen it all" and there came Gackt Diabolos Tour and the LIVE HORSE RIDING! I don't think there are any currently live shows as professionally and elegantly put together as Gackt's these days.
Japanese and korean audiences are REALLY lucky to be able to witness his shows.
He just should be far the first ever!
Gackt is best frontmen, singer, compocer, musician and like a person forever.


There was an amateur band, then Gackt and Malice Mizer, then an amateur-like band again...
[Newest]his voice is awesome)))
Hope he'll be the best))
wish good luck to other guys))

24Paul McCartney
I love the Beatles, but they don't have a front. All of them were equal in that way. Paul wasn't the frontman. John wasn't the frontman.

25Roger Daltrey
Roger is really underrated on this list along with sting, eddie vedder, dave grohl, billy corgan, jim morrison and steven tyler.
Roger Daltrey is the best frontman of all time.. The very best voice. See Woodstock - See Me, Feel Me. You will agree. No contest!
Roger has a way better band and voice then anyone, easily should be in the top 5!

26Thom Yorke
The Greates Frontman of all time. He has deep and thoughtfull lyrics. No one puts more emotion into music like Thom.
Why so low? Radiohead>every band in this list and who voted for chester bennington? The frontman of linkin park is mike shinoda

27Danny O'Donoghue

28Brandon Flowers (The Killers)
Number 10!?
He should be number 1!
And who the hell is gackt!?


Great song writer and singer. There is no one like him performance wise yesterday, today or tomorrow.
It was tough to decide between Brandon and James Hetfield, but my vote goes to Brandon...


[Newest]Why isn't he number 1? He can sing any song and is amazing live :(

29Chris Martin

30Anthony Kiedis
Anthony has his own style he is best funky vocalist ever his rock his energy his charisma he is simply the best of all time
he is the absolute best frontman of all time. he is an amazing person and singer and is so high energy!
he'sso good at entertaing the crowd and talking and is such a good singer


[Newest]Such a great singer- can't be ignored.

31Matt Tuck (bullet for my valentine)
OMFG! matt should be in the top 3 4 sure. listen to the scream aim fire album. that shows off his singing voice and his guitar work!


Good looking and talented...

32Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters)
Should be top 5. Amazing talent. Everything he touches turns to gold. He also seems to love his fans and we all love him back!
Best there is in my opinion. Very entertaining. Every show is different and he brings everybody in. Doesn't matter if it's 1000 or 60 000 people. Legend!
the best front man of all time by far, just an amazing guy with amazing talent, amazes me that he's not in the top 10


33Eddie Vedder
Passion and Emotion pretty much describes what he brings to the table. Seeing some of these rankings shows the average 'age' to be young. I'm not old, but respect what has come before. Seeing some of this shows that people really haven't listened to a ton of music that are voting.
the best frontmen ever
vocals- 500%
given to the fans 135468798%
just the best

34Hyde (L'Arc-en-Ciel)
best frontman, one of the craziest performer, a multi-instrumentalist, a very cool person, a great lyrist (his lyrics are beyond deep blue sea), a heartrob even if he has a wife, he rocks the stage with his amazing vocals and also he has a great sense of humour that the audience love.


He can SING so beautifully, He knows how to rocks with guitar, He always able to amaze us with ballad performance till rock music. He is capable to WRITE songs, He has been a LEGEND till now. I believe there's no other frontman like that... EVER!
lyrics that touch the heart or make the blood run in excitement, voice that quakes whether high or really low, looks that can make even guys swoon -- he's the best frontman EVER.
[Newest]HYDE is amazing! I love his voice and his songs are really touching! he is the greatest frontman ever!

35Steven Tyler
Should be at number one, this is absolutely ridiculous, jared leto? Whats with the obsession of him? Jonathan davis? Influential on metal but not for his stage presence, at 64 steven tyler is still enertaining crowds, look at videos of him in the 80's and he was in his late 30's early 40's, without him there is no axl rose or energetic glam frontmen, he knows how to enertain a crowd, plus aerosmith is amazing, so stoked to see them on tour this summer
One voice and crazy ass flips and jumps on stage that will never be forgotten!
Axl rose is steven tylers love child which he is ashamed of how can he be above the deom on screamin

36Adam Levine
Come on people he should be higher up!

37Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy is arguabley the greatest and Eddie Vedder, chester from linkin park, sting, and jon bon jovi are ahead of him? Ugh that makes my stomach hurt knowing theres people who believe that


Ozzy should definitely be higher on the list
who else bites the heads off live animals on stage

38Jacoby Shaddix
Jacoby is just an amazing frontman, despite the fact that he's aging, he still gives all the enegergy he could, he has an amazing voice, he's an awesome songwriter and hr makes me laugh my ass of in concert and interviews... But still I prefer the old jacoby :c

39Bon Scott
Are you actually joking...17th? Wow, people don't know true talent when they see it, this man could scream, this man knew how to live the rock lifestyle, he knew how to write, he knew how to write a song and by god... HE KNEW HOW TO SING! He deserves at least top 5, along with, Freddie Mercury, Robert plant, Jim Morrison and Mick Jagger!
Bon Scott is the best frontman, he had a great voice, he brought plenty of energy, and he put on a show. Some of these singers just stand there at the microphone and shake their ass.


Bon Scott was a true frontman of rock n roll as well as Brian Johnson. Jim Morrison was great too, him and Bon went too soon RIP


[Newest]Bon Scott is THE reason I started listening to rock and have loved it ever since. He is one of a kind no one else like him ever!

40Elvis Presley
Elvis deserves way more than to be where he is. He wasn't called the "World's Greatest Entertainer for nothing" and he's been dead for 34 years and he's still making more money than a large percentage of the people on here.

41David Bowie

42Rivers Cuomo

43Trent Reznor (nine inch nails)
Tren is the voice of the depressed genius. He is amazing live and in the studio and his persona is an inspiration to many.
trent reznor is on this list because he is the only member of NIN who is responsible for their success.


44Marko Saaresto (Poets of the Fall)

Listen to Carnival of Rust.

45Ryan Tedder

46Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)

47M. Shadows (Avenged Sevenfold)
One of the few frontmen along with Corey Taylor Johnathon Davis, and David Draiman whose voice sounds the exact same as it does in the studio, as on the set.
Effortless power from a vocal range with such perfect timbre that it melts your face!

This man is not only a great singer but he also has one hell of a stage presence.
Not a note is ever off and he makes many vocal legends look like amateurs.
Please excuse me while I wipe the drool from my lip. If a man can get any more amazing, please let me know.
[Newest]To sum my opinion up with one word: PERFECTION!

48Jarvis Cocker
If you have never seen jarvis in action, you have really missed something unique!
Need to see this guy live to understsnd. Or YouTube one of their music videos. The guy is full of energy and very caramstic.

49Bradley Nowell

50David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)

51John Lennon
John was a great man, who just wanted peace, and he was a great frontman. What is wrong with you people? He wrote many Beatles songs, and he had a great solo career also. He is in hall of fame. 48th place, really?
John was a Great musician and personality. He was a fighter. He was a fire. He was a bright. He was a TRUE! And he always live in my heart and hearts of many other people.
John Lennon was a great songwriter, possibly the best ever, but was he really the Beatles' frontman? The four of them were about equal partners.


52Paul Stanley
Why so low? I have no idea! Paul Stanley #1 no doubt about it! The charismatic, sexy, charming, talented, energetic, upbeat front man of KISS! A living rock legend. His wailing vocals are sub par and are like that of none other! He's pushing 60 for heaven's sake! BUT he can put on better shows than anyone or any other band I've ever seen, when you go to see a KISS concert you know you did the right thing with your money! Paul Stanley's uncanny ability to go from high range vocals to low is magnificent! As a front man he does more than just sing! He plays rhythm guitar as well as song writing! HE is the heart and soul of KISS. His singing will knock your sock off! Just listen to Love gun, or any other KISS song and you'll see what I'm talkin' about! And boy do the women go CRAZY over this hunk of a man!
He should be #1!
He really gets the crowd to interact, he even "flies" to the audience at one point in the show! THE best singer to DATE! His voice is SO cool!
He can really sing! And a great entertainer!
I can't believe he's so low in this list! Should definitely be #1! Nearly 60 years old and still sexy as hell! One of the greatest, and certainly most unique voices around!

53Gerard Way
Definitely needs to be higher up in the list! The way he performs with such energy and enthusiasm is amazing. LONG LIVE My Chemical Romance!
You people should see how the crowd reacts to him every moment that he is on stage. Its magical. No one else like him in the music industry.
Gerard Way is an incredible artist with an unique voice, he gives so much emotion through his songs and we all LOVE his sassiness! He deserves to be in top 10 of this list, cause he is a pretty good frontman of an amazing band and he shows it every single time when he is on stage with his great energy!
[Newest]Energetic and Unique Voice with emotion. enough said.

54Jonathan Davis (korn)

55Dani Filth

56Sting (The Police, solo)

57Benjamin Burnley
Ben's voice is absolutely incredible and his songwriting ability is top notch.

58Layne Staley
He captured everyone in audience with his power voice and vocal abilities. He may not have been flamboyant as some of the others on this list, but he didn't need to be... His presence said it all. RIP Layne
Layne is GOD.
Kurt is great too, but Layne had much more of an impact. AIC FOREVER.
greatest rock voice of all time its an insult to even speak of Kurt Cobain in the same voice
[Newest]Amazing artist... Love watch some of the concert videos on YouTube. His power and stage presence was great. RIP

59Michael Hutchence
I really can't believe he is so far down the list. If we are truly talking a band which is a some of its parts he should be top 10. Great voice, charisma and sex appeal. Songwriter, etc are not necessary. These are different skills and should not be lumped in. He took INXS songs to another level. Bono, doesn't touch him. No matter how much he might try he has absolutely no sex appeal. This is an absolute must. Being a musical genius is not necessary. All the best - Jagger, Scott, Plant, Morrison, Keidis - have this in common. A lot of these entries are self-concious and fashionable. Liam Gallagher, Jared Leto - get real. Elvis, Jackson and Springsteen are solo performers really not integral to a band.
Come on #42 you've got to be joking... Michael Hutchence was one of the greatest male front men of all time. Definite top 10 material!
Bottom line is that he was one of the best front men ever. YES HE WAS SEXY, YES HE COULD MOVE LIKE A Mf! But the best is that he seemed so humble. He seemed like a really great guy.
[Newest]Beautiful Bad Boy. Gotta Love him

60Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace)
I love this band He is great one best of the rock vocalist in recent years. He would be in my top 10 of all time

61Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)

62Corey Taylor
I love Corey Taylor! Slipknot Stonesour. Two hit bands at the same time. Talk about not wasting your talent. He busts his ASS to make his music. One of the front men of all time.
Best Frontman ever... both SlipKnoT and Stone Sour...


63Liam Gallagher
The best singer of all time. His voice is pure magic as is his style. The singer of the best band ever! LIAM GALLAGHER SHOULD BE NUMBER 1!
As far as frontmen go, he was one of the best, the very definition of what a rockstar is.
You can't have more charisma as a frontman than this GOD!


[Newest]Is amazing and his voice are spectacular

64Arnel Pineda
JOURNEY's new Frontman AP brings a new JRNY feel..
great energy! big voice! big heart!
so humble, very impressive..
he deserves to be on the list.
he's proven himself with the band.
they Rock every concert venue..
75 sold out tours 2008,
Platinum REVELATION album,
what a feat! all in ONE year!
what more this 2009..
really, AP's very promising!


65Hideto Matsumoto

66Zack De La Roca
he is amazing and a great live performer

67Maynard James Keenan (tool & a perfect circle)
i think he needs more credit. he has one of the best, if not THE best voices that fans of progressive rock and metal have ever heard, and you are just deaf if you can't realize that.
maynard could easily be in the top spot. he has one of the greatest voices the world has ever heard, if not THE greatest.
the way he moves on stage, really gets you in the mood. and a haunting voice


[Newest]Amazing! Need to see them live to appreciate Tool and front man Maynard.

68Sid Vicious
No way. I had to vote to register an opinion, but next to Johnny Rotten he was just a wannabe. His performance of My Way is laughable.
Sid, we hardly knew ya

69Kyo (D'erlanger)
a great vocalist and frontman of bands D'ERLANGER, DIE IN CRIES and BUG. He was with hide of X-JAPAN in the band YOKOSUKA SAVER TIGER as a vocalist.


70Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)
Love them or hate them (Music), Dave Gahan is by far one of the best frontmen. His stage persona is heavily influenced by Elvis, Mick Jagger, Freddy Mercury and Prince. He sings awesome, dances great & keeps the fans involved in the concert. Watch any live performance and you will understand why. His stage presence ranks with Mick Jagger and Jim Morrison.
No other band has stayed at the top of their game for as long or with the same level of consistency as Depeche Mode. This is in no small part due to the man who has out sung out gyrated out partied and ultimately outlasted everyone of his peers. Dave Gahan.
Why? Great voice, even after 30 years, charisma and his live performances. Without him, we would never know such a band like Depeche Mode.
[Newest]Come on man, are you for real? This man deserves at least the top 10... Let's be serious, please!

71Angus Young
Although he doesn't sing, Angus is practically the man up front and the image of AC/DC.

72Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit)
Fred Durst is truly a hero to us all


73Sakurai Atsushi

74Nate Ruess

75Brian Johnson (AC/DC)

76Chris Cornell
Dude, just listen to Slaves and Bulldozers, or anything by Soundgarden and you will realise that Chris is the greatest frontman ever.
Indeed, he is good... a lot


Sexy as Muk. And Jared Leto, I guess. Actually scratch that, Cornell is in his very own category. Right up there with bassist Zach Longhi.

77Howlin' Pelle Almqvist (The Hives)
he is so amazing! and energetic.

pretty much pelle is god.

78Kyo (Dir en grey)

79Rob Halford
Come on how is fred durst ahead of this man? Halford has more talent in his pinky than durst has in his entire body!

80Gene Simmons

81Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)
Attitude and skill. Vicious guitarist!

82Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects)
Wonderful Voice, very enjoyable to hear the passion he puts into his lyrics.


84Jason Wade
Jason wade is a very beautiful singer, and he has the most amazing voice out of all male voices I've ever heard^. ^
Unappreciated by hipster and angsty teens, Jason Wade is the closest thing to Kurt Cobain since Kurt Cobain, and he does it without ripping off grunge like Chad Kroeger.
He writes most of the songs of Lifehouse which most of us could relate. He's just so real.

85Rob Zombie

86Phil Anselmo
He is awesome and during live shows he would let fans get on stage and do stage dives and in a few cases he let fans challenge him to singing contest you don't belive there are videoes on youtube if youd like to check
He is the toughest frontman ever.

87Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Lovage, Fantômas, The Dillinger Escape Plan, and Peeping Tom)
Superb vocalist and composer, underrated though!
Have you counted all the bands this man has lead? Have you felt the quality of them all? Overall, with this man, you get the most and the best. Quality and cuantity all in one man.

88Alexi Laiho
He can doing a solo with sings!

89Phil Lynott
Great frontman and a rarity as he was a bassist... and a great one at that!

90Alice Cooper

91Kelly Jones

92Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins)

93Brad Mates (Emerson Drive)
Brad, has a great voice and puts on a great stage show.

94Jim Dandy
THE original charismatic front man of rock. Jim Dandy was the pioneer for guys like David Lee Roth, Axl Rose and Jesse James Dupree.

Why is toshi all the way down in this list he should at least be in the top 20's he is amazing. A voice that makes everybody feel the song and makes you want to listen to it all day! His voice can hit every note amazingly his voice is powerful! If anyone comes down further on this list vote for toshi or post it on Facebook so other people or x Japan fans can vote for him!

96Syd Barrett
The most bright person of 60-s surely

97James LaBrie
Great range and singing much better than many of the guys up here.


98Bret Michaels
Bret should be in the top ten, not only does he have a great voice but he puts on a great show


99Eric Adams (Manowar)

100Myles Kennedy

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