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41Wheels of Fire

God! Why wasn't this even on top ten!? This is one of their greatest songs! The bike start... That chorus *. *! Wheels of Fire Rise! m/ - joaocarvalho

Joaocarvalho is dead on! This is na awesome song and desearves to be in the top tem!

42Return of the Warlord

This was the return of manowar! This song kicked ass!

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43Hymn of The Immortal Warriors
44Gods of War

Why is this song so low on this list? It's one of the most truly EPIC songs I have ever heard!

The chorus gives me chills. LOVE IT! - 906389

45Gates of ValhallaV1 Comment
46Dawn of Battle

Shocked to see this classic so far down but I'm sure it will rise up from the chaos and it will rise up from the grave and reach the top ten... See what I did there - wolphert

"By the total damination of the world at my command" sounds good

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48Hail to England

Amazing song. Don't know why it's only at 50.

49Guyana (Cult of the Damned)

Very good (but also rather tragic) classic from Manowar. Surprised not one has voted for this one yet

Why isn't this at least a little higher personally my favourite manowar songs

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50Achilles, Agony and Ecstasy In 8 Parts

This should be a top ten as well.

51Blow Your Speakers
52The Lord of Steel
53El Gringo
54March for Revenge

Really emotionally powerful song. About as good if not better than Battle Hymn - CRJ

55The Demon's Whip
56The Fight for Freedom

Sure, they are all good songs, but by the metal gods how did you miss Outlaw?
"Outlaw, outlaw, outlaw ride! Into the west, a gun by your side! Hell and glory, and honour and pride! A gun will decide where the Outlaws ride!

60Loki God of Fire

Best song ever not only for kings Manowar.
I dare you if stop repeating this song less than million times

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