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Ramin Karimloo
Ramin is totally the best! Well, maybe that's because I haven't seen Michael Crawford yet. Anyways, Ramin has that seductive touch, even with a hideous face, something that the Phantom SHOULD have. His voice is incredible as well, angelic, and a little demon-like scary when offended, like Phantom. His acting is also off the charts! He can shift from abusive to soft, from angelic to mean. He is totally BADASS. Plus, his voice fits the role perfectly, something that has a hypnotic quality that can actually bend the listener to his will- another noticeable characteristic of the Phantom. He is without a doubt the best so far. Scratch everything I've said- Ramin is Phantom. :))
Ramin truly brings the Phantom to life. His voice is powerful and raw and really captures the sadness, anger, and misery that the Phantom feels, yet it is also soothing and caring when it needs to be. His acting is also superb. In the 25th anniversary of the show, everything from Ramin's Italian accent during The Point of No Return to the subtle twitching of his fingers made the show memorable. For me, there is no other Phantom but Ramin Karimloo.
Ramin Karimloo is the best Phantom (or Eric, which ever you'd prefer). His voice is the voice of the Phantom, angelic and most importantly memorising. His movement of the Phantom was perfect and also memorising. Not only is he a fabulous singer he is an incredibly good actor, this was shown through is works in Phantom and Love Never Dies. Ramin is the best of the best and will continue to be the best Phantom there is.

2Michael Crawford
I saw him first, and no one else comes close to his riveting, heart rending portrayal. He didn't just play the phantom, he WAS the phantom.
First is always best, you cannot beat this guy! Male vocalists like Ramin Karimloo are a dime a dozen, but Michael is one of a kind!
The very first Phantom. Michael Crawford set a very high bar for the likes of Ramin Karimloo (he's my second choice) to follow.


[Newest]Most phantoms sound hard and in charge his voice is Mello and soothing

3John Owen Jones
One of the most beautiful voices to ever play the Phantom - no one can compare to him in theatricality.
In think everybody in the theatre stopped breathing when he hit "that note". Amazing!
Best phantom by far.

4Colm Wilkinson
The first and the one with the most beautiful voice
Easily the best. That voice!
First to ever portray the Phantom at ALW's Sydmonton festival and easily the best.

5Hugh Panaro
He's the first and only Phantom that I've seen on Broadway, ans his voice is just fantastic. He nearly brought me to tears when he sang The Music of the Night. I think that he's so much better than Ramin Karimloo, Michael Crawford, and Colm Wilkonson. He also portrays the Phantom with perfect wit and sarcasm.
In my opion he is really good and made a standout performance

6Anthony Warlow
Sublime. His portrayal absorbs you into the performance with power and strength along with softness and emotion. The word brilliant isn't strong enough.
I have heard others but know one else comes close to Anthony Warlow
The ultimate phantom of the opera!

7John Cudia
He was my first Raoul and second phantom. So awesome. God bless john

8Robert Guillaume

9Anthony Crivello

10Brent Barrett

The Contenders

11Norm Lewis

12Gary Mauer
The most underrated phantom. His clarity is stunning and his highest notes seem effortless. I get chills every time.

13Cooper Grodin
Cooper Grodin's Phantom is not only sexy, but tortured as he sings and acts out his love for Christine whom he needs for his music. Cooper's voice in "Music of the Night", and duets with Christine on "Point of Return", and "Angel of Music", knocked me out of my seat! He plays Phantom with a feeling and depth that reach right into your heart so you find yourself rooting for him to get the girl. His performance is that heart rendering and touching.
I just saw Cooper Grodin in Boston on Opening Night, and his voice truly took my breath away. There is this velvety nuance in his voice that strikes a chord with me. I have scoured the other recorded versions of this musical, and as wonderful as the other Phantoms have been, I truly prefer Grodin's voice over the rest.
Phantom for the West End Production. Saw him in Chicago. Cooper is marvelous! Especially impressed since he stepped in after the original Phantom left the production. I fell in love with his voice right after "Music of the Night." Truly portrays the "Angel of Music" perfectly.
[Newest]One of the best Phantoms I have seen! And I've seen this play 14 times. So touching and yet so forceful. Touched my heart throughout his performance! His voice and his range were beautiful! Brought me to tears!

14Peter Karrie

15Ben Lewis

16Davis Gaines
Davis Gaines if by far my favorite phantom. His voice is perfect for the roll and is stunning. Wish I could have been there to see it/

17Rob Guest

18Earl Carpenter
Guys, you are putting everyone else first mainly for their voice. Earl really gets into the essence of the character. He is so gently with every Christine he plays, it is beautiful.

19Peter Jöback
He's the all time best with emotion and pation plus he as an amazing voice in all he uplayed all the phantoms at the 25th anniversary grand finally, also he had the only voice that popped out when they all sung together.

20Gerard Butler
He was the phantom, his eyes showed the pain and loneliness that the phantom felt of being an outcast for his looks, and the love he felt for Christine, his voice was amazing, its not perfect but that's good. It made me feel the pain and sorrow of the phantom and he made me feel like I was in the movie
I think that Gerard Butler showed when he was singing that he really loved Christine.
His voice was soft and beautiful and his eyes showed pain and his love for Christine

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