Top Ten Best Pop Ballads


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The Top Ten

Purple Rain - Prince
Cor blimey.. What a song...

2Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant

3Shape of My Heart - Backstreet Boys
Quite simply, this song is a beautiful composition. No matter what people say, BSB is the greatest boyband ever. It's just a fact.
When it came out, everybody was singing it. Such a beautiful, unforgettable song. A classic from the best pop group ever.
This is such a great song that everybody can enjoy. Even the people that are not fans like it. They have a lot of ballad that are good but this one is really good.


[Newest]Nothing but one word. Great.

4New York State of Mind - Billy Joel
I love this one

5Someone Like You - Adele
This song just gives you an insight to Adele's painful past, she sings with such pain and grace. The thing which makes me love it is because she wrote it. AMAZING
It's a great song, by a great singer-songwriter. It reminds me of a song I wrote for my ex-girlfriend.
My absolute favorite song. So inspirational and heart-felt. Adele is a true music icon.

6Feel - Robbie Williams
One of the most meaningful songs ever written
<3 My favourite song since I was only 5! :')
He sings with such deep emotion and his voice is sexy and beautiful
[Newest]I love Robbie Williams

7Lately - Stevie Wonder

8You're Still The One - Shania Twain
WOW! There's so many great songs on this list. But this beautiful ballad comes from one of the best female singers of all time. It deserves recognition for being the lead single of one the best selling albums of all time!

Also, Mum walked down the aisle to this song, so it's very special in our family.
Shania for the win!
Where is she now? She needs a comeback! Come on guys!
She never fails to give REAL music!
Amazing voice, cute singer, perfect song
[Newest]This song is amazing and great to sing or put on an album

9Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
One of the best songs ever, no doubt! Kelly's vocals are perfect, lyrics are touching, and instrumentals are superb.
Amazing song makes me cry every time she is a beautiful singer and a beautiful woman
Best Song Ever! So meaningful. A wonderful Ballad.
[Newest]I love this song

10Angels - Robbie Williams

The Contenders

11Listen - Beyonce
If You Ever Need To Move On From The Past This The BEST BALLAD FOR YOU! SO INSPIRATIONAL
Beyonce, girl, that song is unreal. Amazing vocals and words. I'm doing a project for english class. And that's my song!
I love this song so much
Such powerfull vocals - Beyonce sings this song live on oprah and wow, its amazing.


[Newest]It speaks the truth of moving on and becoming something new.

12This Woman's Work - Kate Bush

13Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

14I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
Best pop ballad song ever!
Simply the best! Just listen to feel it!
Its the best of the pop ballads I am single aw
[Newest]I love this ballad...

15Take My Breath Away - Berlin
The Legendary Romantic song of Top Gun, one of the soundtrack ever released


16Take a Bow - Madonna
God only knows how Listen is infront of this!

Take a bow has been named by many organizations as one of the best ballads ever. It's beautiful

Madonna vocals are warm and strong.

Madonna does the best ballads to me, even though she doesn't have the fifth octave like Mariah who cares?

Crazy for you, Liver to tell, Spanish eyes, Rain, Take a bow, Power of goodbye. The list goes on and on. Madonna is the Queen of pop but also the Queen of pop ballads.

All hail her majesty MADONNA.
One of the best ballads of all time. Madonna is such an underrated and underestimated ballad artist.
Madonna with a sweet and mature voice in a lovely song about love
Madonna The Queen of Pop rocks on this sweet ballad! Everybody save The Queen

17My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

18Looking In - Mariah Carey

19I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

20Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler

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