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Be My Escape
Great song. I'm a Christian but I usually am not fond of Christian songs, so, as you can imagine, I was hesitant to try out this new band A friend had recommended to me. But I was pleasantly surprised. I love this band and this is my favorite song they have. I love how the lyrics in their songs can be seen as talking about God or just a normal situation in life. Great music, lyrics, beat, ideas and stories, everything. I'll never get tired of this band or this song.
! What a song I mean you can go on listening I never get bored! The best!
I love this song listen to it... The video is very nice!
Possibly the most famous Relient K song. The first I heard from an album other than Anatomy. It got me completely hooked on Relient K!


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This may not be one of their most upbeat songs, but I will argue that it is without question their most powerful piece. I still remember crying after listening to this song for the first time and it still makes me tear up a bit. But even as sad as the story of the character presented is, it still leaves a message of hope and a better future.

In short, this is a truly uplifting yet tragically beautiful piece that certainly deserves a lot more recognition.
Really?! It's this far down? This is one of the best pieces of writing of all time! Theissen sat down and wrote a completely original and beautiful piece of art in which he describes the life of a man that never happened. I defy even the best of song writers to come up with such an in depth story of victory. Not only is it a creative masterpiece, but it is one of the best stories of finding victory despite a lifetime of failure, which is the true beauty of the grace of Jesus Christ.
Oh my goodness... This song is a massive, 11-minute masterpiece by THE BEST band ever. The music is amazing, and the lyrics, while they tell a tragic story, gives the listener the truth that regardless of who you are or what you've done, God will ALWAYS love you and take you in.
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3Who I Am Hates Who I've Been
Great message yet great music. It's energetic and fun.
This is a song which has everythin' in its best. Great message great music great lyrics n ufcourse great singers 2. This song is relient k's team in its best. It should be the top one in this list
I love this song. It's great for when you are sad, and very famous also. It has an awesome music video!


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4When I Go Down
I could fall asleep to this song. Matt has an amazing voice and this song really shows it off. Definitely there best chill song.
It's very good song that gonna make you feel realize that you are sad but then your gonna feel better at the last...
This song made me cry..
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Candlelight is basically a guys song dedicated to a girl who he finds to be truly magnificent. To me this is one of Relient K's top ten songs. It also makes a great Valentines day song
This is their best song. It's so catchy.
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6Faking My Own Suicide
Underrated song. It's about a guy who wants to fake his own suicide to make his girlfriend realise how much she really loved him. Unique, fresh, and pleasing to hear!
I'm not sure if it is talking about a girl or not, but the first time I hear this I thought it was talking about Jesus. Either way it's an amazing song!
This song has a touching story and is much more than the average love song. It should be top five at least.
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7Devastation and Reform
It surely deserves something better than no. 12! It has amazing guitars and superb words to it! I would, if I could, put it in the top 6 for sure!
A place in the top 5 is what this song truly deserves! Come on people! VOTE for this amazing song! I just can't get it out of my head! That's how great it is!
This song just has a great beat that gets you moving
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8Pressing On
So there are those songs that run in your head all day and you hate them after two days. This song has been in my head for nearly two years and I cannot get enough of it. I just can't press past this song
Man, this must be the most popular song. This song has been on a couple of shows. Plus the acoustic version is killer.
definitely the BEST relient k song, whenever I feel down this song makes my day!
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9Must Have Done Something Right
"We should get jerseys, 'cause we make a good team. " Cheesy, but incredibly catchy and adorable!

This is literally the most adorable song I have ever heard. It makes me sad that it's this far down on the list!
This song are one of those songs that make you say, " oh my gosh this sounds familiar! ' even if youve never heard it this is one of my most favorite songs from them, I love it
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10The One I'm Waiting For
Energy and passion shine on this song more than any other Relient K song. It's an amazing upbeat song, perfect to kick off MMHMM.
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The Contenders

11Forget and Not Slow Down
Lyrically and musically, their best song. It's one of the most original songs ever written, and the "i could spend my life just trying to sift through, what I could have done better but what good do what ifs do? " is maybe the most wisdom ever put into 2 lines. Cheers, RK.
I'd rather forget and not slow down, than gather regret for the things I can't change now! This song is amazing, wonderful and stunning! It deserves a place in the top 5!


Easily one of their best choruses! Makes me sing out loud every time I here it... And come on that post bridge build with the harmonies... Epic
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12Which to Bury; Us or the Hatchet
An energizing song. Full of emotion. The chorus was amazing. The way the he sang it was just so right. One of their best, no doubt. It should be at least higher on the list.
I love this song! The way he wants his message to go across is just so amazing! Definitely one of my favorite songs by relient K.
Look up the acoustic version of this song. I believe that it is by far their best song. Also curl up and die should be in the top ten. The song is so deep.
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13Curl Up and Die
I can't tell you how many nights this song has helped me through, this is definitely one of my top 5 picks :) the lyrics are just so deep, without being corny... Just like all their songs LOVE RELIENT K
Peeps who really wana know whats top ten of relient k song. Trust me, this belongs up there. Fantastic and unique melody. Its those song where you hope you can listen to when it is raining and you decided to walk down the street with it.
Really Creepy. Sends Chills Up My Spine): But in a Way it Is Kind Of Beautiful
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14Give Until There's Nothing Left Listen to sample

15Let It All Out
This is a beautiful song Its like a prayer. I used to listen to it instead of sleeping..i loved this song that much. Must be higher in this list. "I celebrate the day" is another beautiful song that should be higher.
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16I So Hate Consequences
This is is what got me hooked on Relient K, I love this song and band so much, it is so relatable and if you have not heard this I highly suggest you listen to this song I personally guarantee that you will at a bare minimun like this song
One of the best songs ever. I love it!

This is a really good song, and I think it should at least get in the top ten.
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17The Best Thing
Finishing the list off on a light mood... "This is the best thing, the best thing that could be happening, and I think you would agree the best thing is that it's happening to you and me! "

This song is the Best Thing that ever happened to Relient K! Definitely should be in the top ten instead of Devestation and Reform.
The piano is awesome on this song
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It's my, my trademark move
To turn my back on you
It's my, my trademark move
To realize I should improve

Enough said. Awesome song.
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19Sadie Hawkins Dance
Great song. Should be no 2 not no 24
So classic, an amazing. One of my favourite songs in the world (Other Relient k songs running up)
Great song. Upbeat and has a pretty entertaining story that's told through out the song.
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20For the Moments I Feel Faint
Great song expressing the Christian part of the band!
Great song expressing the Christian part of the band!
Great song expressing the Christian part of the band!
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21(If You Want It)
Best lyrical work of relient k hands down.
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22More Than Useless
The first song I've ever heard from them, and it will forever be my favorite of favorites. it makes me happy.
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23Life After Death and Taxes Listen to sample

24Jefferson Aero Plane Listen to sample

25I Need You
Definitely a great song, you will love it!

Listen to sample

26I Celebrate the Day Listen to sample

27Savannah Listen to sample

28Bite My Tongue
This song just sounds so amazing... I can't believe it's down so low! :'(


This song is amazing!
Love it 2 bits
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29My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend Listen to sample

I cannot believe this song was ranked 17!?
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31Getting Into You
This song really stands for my baptism mindset. It's so pretty and just perfectly describes why I continue to be a Christian - "Because I've got to be; you're essential to survive. I'm gonna love you with my life"
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32Softer to Me
One of the more serious, mature songs on their first CD. A great song!

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33In Love With the 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom) Listen to sample

34High of 75
This song is so catchy and bright! Love this song because of its chord progression!
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35Pleading the Fifth (A Cappella) Listen to sample

36This Is the End Listen to sample

37Forward Motion
This deserves higher - such a good song!
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38I Am Understood?
Great song, great message!

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39My Girlfriend Listen to sample

40The Lining Is Silver Listen to sample

They sing it with Owl city I think, that combination is super cool


I wished Mathiew Thiessen and Owl City did more songs together!

42Silly Shoes

43This Week the Trend Listen to sample

Ever just love a song but don't know why? That's what Gibberish is like.
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4512 Days of Christmas Listen to sample

Even though the new album is pretty different I still love this song. Is so much fun to listen to :D
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47Therapy Listen to sample

48Sahara Listen to sample

49So I Hate Consequences
One of the 3 most catchy songs in my opinion init
How is this this low? I LOVE IT
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50Down In Flames Listen to sample

51College Kids
Someone please save us, us college kids!
What my parents told me is what I did
They said go to school and be a college kid
But in the end I question why I did

Who doesn't love this song, totally needs to be higher on this list than just No.48, vote to get this higher on the list dudes!
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52You'll Always Be My Best Friend Listen to sample

53That's My Jam
Tribute to all 90's bands and artist...two thubs up!

54I Don't Need a Soul Listen to sample

55Collapsible Lung
This song redeems what would have otherwise been a completely mediocre album.
Listen to sample

56Failure to Excommunicate Listen to sample

57Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry Listen to sample

58Less Is More Listen to sample

59Maybe It's Maybelline Listen to sample

60May the Horse Be With You Listen to sample

61Hoopes I Did It Again Listen to sample

62My Way or the Highway Listen to sample

63I'm Taking You With Me Listen to sample

64The Vinyl Countdown Listen to sample

65For the Band Listen to sample

66We're Nothing Without You

67No Reaction Listen to sample

68Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead or Dying Listen to sample

69Wake Up Call Listen to sample

70Hello McFly Listen to sample

71Falling Out
This is my favourite song ever! One of the best rock ballads you could possibly listen to, why isn't it higher on this list No.61? Come on people this song needs to be in the top 25 or 30 songs from Relient K AT LEAST! Vote for this awesome song people!
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72The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Listen to sample

73Operation Listen to sample

74I'm Lion-O Listen to sample

75What Have You Been Doing Lately? Listen to sample

76Staples Listen to sample

77Breakdown Listen to sample

78The Rest Is Up to You Listen to sample

79Between You and Me Listen to sample

80Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Listen to sample

81Sleigh Ride Listen to sample

82Angels We Have Heard On High Listen to sample

83Deck the Halls Listen to sample

84Silent Night / Away in the Manger Listen to sample

85I'm Getting Nuttin' for Christmas Listen to sample

86We Wish You a Merry Christmas Listen to sample

87Santa Claus is Thumbing to Town Listen to sample

88Handel's Messiah Listen to sample

89Auld Lang Syne Listen to sample

90Good King Wenceslas Listen to sample

91Silver Bells

92Over It Listen to sample

93Don't Blink
Great song, Great Message, and an accidental Doctor Who Reference
Listen to sample

94Merry Christmas, Here's to Many More
I don't know how this song isn't even on the list. Relient K has so many songs all of which are great so it's next to impossible to choose one. But I'm surprised this isn't even in the Top Ten or even Top 20! It isn't even on the list which surprised me the most. Just listen to it, trust me. The best seasonal song by Relient K yet, and one of their best songs of all time.
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95Come Right Out and Say It Listen to sample

96Crayons Can Melt On Us for All I Care Listen to sample

97Everything Will Be Listen to sample

98K Car Listen to sample

99Charles In Charge Listen to sample

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