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81The Witcher

This series had the best rpg storyline and graphics so far (graphics in part 2 are even better! ). I can't believe this game is rated so low, most games above aren't even rpg's.

Quite possibly one of the best RPGs of all time. The story is great and the gameplay mechanics are pretty much very good as well. Long playtime and it pulls you into its story. I both enjoyed this one and its sequel.

Best game of the year when it came out. It created the new benchmark RPG's were measured against.

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82The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Wind waker is like the baby son of ocarina of time. No other game could have had a baby this bloody awesome except maybe ff7 but I don't think he's the father. Definitely my second favorite Zelda game

83Pokemon Colosseum
84Batman: Arkham Origins
85Final Fantasy X-2V1 Comment
86Diablo III

One of the games I can play with the SO.

I think it's awesome. Best new game I've played in years.

Amazing Story line, Fantastic Graphics and Awesome Game-play.
If that's not enough, You can actually MAKE MONEY from this game.
You can sell the items you get from drops for either in game gold or real money!

Game of the Year!

87Legend Of Legaia

A short RPG, but it really has the story be one of the best. It's battle system is unique, the characters are likable, even though you don't get much of a back story for any of them. But even though it's short, it's still a great game.

Incredible RPG! A great battle system, with great characters! For those of you who enjoyed the final fantasy series!

88Final Fantasy V
90Batman: Arkham City
91Saga Frontier
92Castlevania: Symphony of The Night
93Pokemon HeartgoldV1 Comment
94Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction

Great game. You get to blow up or steal anything!

95The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter
96Pokemon Platinum

Arcanum is the best rpg! Large party, great monsters is really good. Arcanum is old, but there is a fascinating scenario. arcanumu play will not regret it

Amazing, especially for it's time, makes me think if it were remade today with modern graphics, it would lose a lot of it's charm.

As far as single player RPGs go, this is the most open ended RPG I've ever played. Requires more thought than you normally expect in video games, which is the beautiful part of the game. Also had one of the better endings! Definitely'n top five quality!

98Sword of Mana
99Lord of the Rings Third Age
100Legend of the Dragoon

To bad the graphics arent that good compared to newer games but I loved this game when it was new.

One of the best RPG I've played and also awesome storyline. Also, long enough so you can play thoroughly

This was such a great game. This was the game that got me into rpgs. In my opinion this game is just as good as ff7, if not even better. This game definitely deserves to be up there along with other great rpgs!

my favorite fighting style

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