Top Ten Best Songs from Musicals

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The Top Ten

Defying Gravity - Wicked
I love WICKED, but I just saw it in Germany in Oberhausen and without Lucy Scherer and Willemijn Verkaik, but I bought the CD from Stuttgart with them and I like their performances and voices. I like musicals a lot, but I can't visit them often and I just had been in The Lion King in Hamburg, Jesus Christ Superstar in Tecklenburg and the next summer I will visit Marie Antoinette. But Wicked is the best musical I've ever seen and I think Willemijn is a little bit better than her Elphaba-associates all over the world and Lucy Scherer is wonderful, she looks great and her voice is unbelievable (Do you know her version of "Heigeliebt" or "Popular" in English? WOW). Now Lucy Scherer is in Stuttgart in "Rebecca". Who don't see Wicked, is a very poor, poor person. You must see it.

Thank you!

But sorry for my English
This song is perfect. It really shows how Elphaba has become her own person, how she is on her was to becoming the "Wicked" Witch of the West. It is such an empowering song, and it sounds amazing as well.
Amazing, the musical contributes to the emotional lyrics which are just out standing! Kerry Ellis was an amazing in it!
[Newest]I love this song evenly with Popular, What is this Feeling? , I'm Not that Girl, No Good Deed, As Long as You're Mine, For Good, and... You know what, let's just throw every Wicked song in here!

2One Day More - Les Miserables
I played in the pit on my school's production of Les Mis and nothing brought more emotion to me than this song. This song and The Confrontation were the two songs I took the time to learn all the words to, and I still remember this as the epic ending to the first act, leaving me even more satisfied than the finale of the second act.
Every song from les mis is amazing so all of them should be in the top ten! This song is particularly good because all of the cast is involved in singing it which makes it so powerful and emotional.
Wow, enough said. Fantastic piece, great harmonics, powerful and emotional. Just great
[Newest]Great inspiring strong song

3Seasons of Love - Rent
This is a heartfelt and serious song and the melody is so catchy.
Rent is honestly the best musical I have ever seen and this song in particular is just fabulous
One of the best songs from the best musical (of all time? )
[Newest]Daylights, Sunsets, Midnights and Cups of Coffee!

4On My Own - Les Miserables
On My Own is one of the greatest songs from any musical ever! When you can hear the pure tragedy in Eponine's voice, well, let's just say, your eyes become Niagara Falls. Samantha Barks. That's all that needs to be said.
On My Own has the same exact melody as I Dreamed a Dream. On My Own has such a great sound quality. The Broadway Actors and Actresses do a great job expressing emotion and true feelings, this song is truly inspiring.
On My Own is one of those songs that everyone can relate to. The raw emotion of the song makes it definitely my favourite from Les Miserables and my all time favourite musical song too. Frances Ruffelle's version is my favourite but Samantha Barks is really good too.
[Newest]I have no words for this. On My Own is a beautiful, heartfelt solo that expresses Eponine's raw heartbreak.

5The Music of the Night - Phantom of the Opera
There's just something about this song... I'm a musician, composer, and singer... And this just so beautiful to me. The pain, the sorrow, the beauty... The melody, everything about it. The story of a man who writes the wonders only music can tell in the dead of night because no one will care enough to listen to it, despite the fact that it's perfection... It's a twisted lullaby, and it's perfect.
This song speaks to me like no other. Every time I listen to it, I swear, I get these crazy chills. Phantom of the Opera is one of my absolute favorite musicals of all time and it's mainly because of the fantastic songs in the production. This has always been my favorite song because it has that chilling sweet tone to it. Love you Phantom!
The perfect song for Phantom to sing to Christine. The way the song is written allows for many different interpretations which have ranged from more commanding and down to business Phantoms to the more traditional seducing and mysterious Phantom, portrayed well by Michael Crawford and Ramin Karimloo most notably. Overall, this is the perfect song to fit the scene, and is amazing in all aspects.
[Newest]Oh guys this is the best songs of all the time.

6A Little Priest - Sweeney Todd
Awesome song, I love it, couldn't get it out of my head after listening just once. I love Helena's voice. Even if you haven't seen the musical you get what their doing to the customers. It's definitely my favourite musical next to The Phantom of the Opera.
Lovely play AND my school friend was in it... THE, Victor Garber. We were in grade school, lovely family Is there any way I could email Victor, have tried with little sucess... Perhaps, you could help.
Jane E Messer..519-9155121. Thank you so very much.
I just love this song so much. When I first discovered the musical I listened to this over and over and over. Don't shot me people but I prefer the film version with Johnny and Helena

7And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going - Dreamgirls
One of the most powerful ballads I believe ever written it is purely beautiful from start to finish... depending how it is performed of course :) in other words Jennifer Holliday performing this = PURE GOLD
This is my absolute favorite songs!
Jeniffer hudson rocks this song with passion and pain in her voice. The song fills my body with goose pimples and brings a tear to my eye every time I hear the song, love love love it!

8I Dreamed a Dream - Les Miserables
This song is the pivotal moment from where you are questioning whether the musical is good or not. This song shows it will be great.
This is a beautiful song
[Newest]Amazing sang this inna comp and won with it! Xxx

9Anthem - Chess
Passionate, rousing and a patriotic song that stirs up emotions in all my body. Brilliant!
I will not stop voting for this song until it reaches its rightful place as number 1.


Heart rending song. The choir I belong to sang it at our last show. Amazing feeling and amazing reception from the audience.

10He Lives In You - Lion King
Great song telling the story of however you lose someone they live on in your memory where they will remain, especially a family member as many people will say they look like you. Hence the words he lives in you.
Wow I really love this song and lion king. I have to say that lion king is the best movie ever. He lives in you is also probably the most exciting son and farther kind of moment that I love. Thanks
This is a great song because it shows if one of your relatives die then there still here but in you
[Newest]I love it so much

The Contenders

11(Ya Got) Trouble - Music Man
The way that he spins every sentence off of the last is just wonderful, the tune is fantastic, the words are humorous, and overall I think (ya got) trouble is an amazing song and definitely one of the top 10
It's unfair to try to speculate the "best" numbers of all time. Having said that, "Trouble" must be in the conversation. It's brilliant, upbeat, and Robert Preston's delivery is impeccable.
Shipoopi is better, but everything from the Music Man is superb.

12Popular - Wicked
Popular is an awesome song!
Popular should definally be more popular than this
It's a fun upbeat song! What's not to love. I am auditioning for a play and this is the perfect song.
[Newest]This should be the most popular song on the list. It's awesome

13Think of Me - Phantom of the Opera
YESYESYES! LOVE THIS SONG! It's an amazing song! THe background music is wonderful, and it is filled with so much emotion! I tear up just hearing the background music! Her voice is wonderful, and it brings joy to my soul!
If you have a high voice this song would be perfect- just don't sing it Carlotta way!
This song is simply powerful and gut-wrenching.
Wishing You Were Soomehow Here Again is as good.
But then again, I just love Phantom of the Opera.
[Newest]Can't believe it isn't in the top 10

14The Phantom of the Opera - Phantom of the Opera

The exchange between The Phantom and Christine during this duet is exquisite. Christine is terrified of this man in a mask and yet so...entranced.
Sing once again with me, our strange duet. My power over you grows stronger yet.
Christine is falling in love and is powerless tn resist. It's just beautiful the way this song grabs at your heart. Wonderful!


A beautifully intrinsic piece, this song carries itself like a machine, especially with the bass line. It has a haunting beauty that no other song has, particularly when Christine starts vocalizing. This is no ordinary pop ballad that one finds in any musical. The Phantom of the Opera is a different type of music: a type that makes any in-depth description laborious to think about as one can never stop thinking of this song's wonder.
Why isn't it in the top 10 this is the best song

15All That Jazz - Chicago
Very sexy. I've never seen the musical but I own the score. Yes, very sexy indeed.


Love this musical! Amazing song!
This needs to be higher on the list. Best song ever.
[Newest]Very awesome and jazzy theme!

16The Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Love rocky horror!
I know it all off by heart! Its amazing!
now I can't get it out of my head!
Fantastic song, even better musical
I remember
doing the time warp!

17All I Ask of You - Phantom of the Opera
I can't believe that this is any higher up this is way more amazing than annie of defying gravity. Any thing from phantom of the opera is great!
Phatom has the most amazing goosebump giving music and this song is just another example of it

18Seventy Six Trombones - Music Man

19Summer Nights - Grease
I love this song! I dream about it in my sleep! It's the best song in Grease, in my opinion, as well as an awesome song. I am really happy with it. Also, I think this should be of a much higher ranking =P. Anyway, this was just a really nice song, especially because it included the Thunder birds and the Pink Ladies. It just shows what high school kids can be like, you know?
It's such an amazing song, so real and unique. I know it's kinda weird because my mum used to listen this song when she was a kid, but I can't do nothing but love that song! And what an amazing movie of course!
It's the best ever. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John sing the most beautiful duet for such a great musical.
[Newest]It's my favourite, I sing it with my brother all the time.

20I Belong to Me - Elisabeth
This is theone with the best message to women ever

21I'm Here - The Color Purple

22I'll Make a Man out of You - Mulan
Love this sing, its so empowering and fun!

23I Am Changing - Dreamgirls

24For Good - Wicked
This song is truly stunning! The thought of never seeing your best friend again is chilling, the lyrics represent the understanding of friendship, listen to it if you haven't.
I wish this song was higher. If you really listen to the words, the meaning, and relate it to your life, I promise it will make you cry.
Such a relatable song! Glinda and elphaba seem hard to relate to but they're not. I think of my friend every time I listen to this song. The lyrics are just beautiful. I especially love glinda's verse

25A Little Fall of Rain - Les Miserables
I love this song! Eponine and Marius sing a lovely duet, and it is obviously extremely heartfelt. This should be much higher on the list than it is!
I can't stop crying when heard this song - this love story
Great song with so much emotions

26La Vie Boheme - Rent

27You Can't Stop the Beat - Hairspray

28Come What May - Moulin Rouge
This song is absolutely true to my heart. I love every piece of Moulin Rouge. I watch it about twice a week. This song is about the love they share and like Christain said its to remind them of that love even when things get rough. No matter what they love each other and at the end of the day love is what gives us hope that tomorrow will be better.
Wouldn't we all love to have a secret song? To know that whatever circumstances may seem to be, a snatch of melody can reassure us of undying love.

29Empty Chairs at Empty Tables - Les Miserables
Agreed this song should be in the top ten without any question. I still get chills every time I listen to the song. The dynamics are incredible! 10/10

30Do Re Mi - The Sound of Music
The song do re mi is a good song from the sound of music I hope there will be a another the sound of music
Moast fun and amazing song for anyone! I hope you love it as much as I do!

31It's Your Wedding Day - Wedding Singer

32Maybe - Annie
I love this song because it has a good reason in the lyrics. It is all about dreaming and that one day it might come true. Also Annie is a wonderful hart warming film with humor and seriousness. It is a great film for all ages. WELL DONE! 10/10
I love maybe I was in annie and my friend was the lead so its really important to me it such a strong meaning its this girl with no hope and is asking for help
As a former orphan, I identified with this song as a little kid. You can really feel Annie's pain and longing for a mom and dad. Very emotional.


[Newest]Love this song. Have been in Annie so I love it

33Any Dream Will Do - Joseph
Simple but very uplifting! What a wonderful lyrics and melody!

34Cell Block Tango - Chicago
He had it coming huh I still wonder what the uh uh one says
Amazing musical, amazing song
Very easy to play for me

35What Is This Feeling - Wicked
Love this song! I think if it was in the most fun Broadway songs, it would be #2. (Behind Popular, of coarse. )
This is so catchy! How is it not higher?

36Memory - Cats
I think this is one of the most amazing musical songs ever and deserves a higher place, I find it a very emotional and meaningful song
I heard Jackie Evancho sing this when she was age 9... I sure hope she sings it again now that she is older, because she'll knock it out of the park for sure.
Astonishing, this song is Should be in the top ten, it is too incredible to be this low on ratings!

37Let the Sunshine In - Hair

38On the Street Where You Live - My Fair Lady
Most perfect song ever!

39Tomorrow - Annie
The sun will come out tomorrow...

40Superstar - Jesus Christ Superstar

41Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Lion King

42Sun and Moon - Miss Saigon

43That's How You Know - Enchanted

44Do You Hear the People Sing? - Les Miserables
This is like, the anthem to the French Revolution. Revolution in general. How is that not awesome?
This song has some special memories and meanings to me and it makes me so emotionals

45The Winner Takes It All - Mamma Mia

46The Wizard and I - Wicked

47White Boys - Hair

48Greased Lightnin' - Grease

49Close Every Door - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

50Honey Honey - Mamma Mia

51Roxie - Chicago
Great beat, catchy tune, hilarious lyrics, jazzy accompaniment- Oh, and did I mention that it's a blast to perform? It's Roxie's grand old ego-fest with a fun little dance routine to go with it. What's not to love?

52Mijn Leven is van Mij - Elisabeth

53Someone Else's Story - Chess

54I Know Him So Well - Chess
I just love this song so much. Always makes me so emotional. This should definitely be high up on the list. I've never seen the show but I can still understand the context of the song and it's just beautiful.
Love this song, genuine talent

55Stars - Les Miserables
It captures the determination of someone who is only doing what he thinks is write. how is this not in the top 15 at least!?

56One Short Day - Wicked

57My Body - The Life

58Uncle F**** - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

59Fame - Fame
I did this musical at my school. I got the role of Goody. I got such great memories from the musical! One of the best was when at the end of every show, we would belt out this song. It is pure genius.

60Maybe This Time - Cabaret
Its so damn sweet, I can still their eyes in the dim light. Stunning

61America - West Side Story
I love this song

62I Am So Proud - Mikado

63Circle of Life - Lion King
This astonishing masterpiece opens one of the biggest musicals around, it showcases outstanding use of voice and dynamics, while truly embodying an African tribal theme throughout. A top ten contender for sure at the very least
The lion king is one of my favorites ever

64Show Me - My Fair Lady

65Epiphany - Sweeney Todd
Best song in the whole musical. I certainly think it should be in Tue top 50, in my opinion but that's just what I think. This was an amazingly written song and the way that the emotion comes out in this song is just delectable. I would love to see it sail to the you ten, it would make my life complete.

66Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray

67Something's Coming - West Side Story

68Honestly Sincere - Bye Bye Birdie

69Don't Rain On My Parade - Funny Girl

70Red and Black - Les Miserables

71Like No Man I've Ever Seen - Tarzan

72It's All Over - Dreamgirls

73Singin' In the Rain - Singin' In the Rain

74Angel of Music - Phantom of the Opera

75If I Were a Rich Man - Fiddler On the Roof
The most iconic song of this musical. I was tevye in a production of fiddler and everybody cheered when I sang it

76Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say) - Jesus Christ Superstar
Number 1 greatest musical song ever.
THE best song in the musical. BEST musical of all time. Best song in ANY musical at all. TED NEELEY for the win!

77Rent - Rent

78One Hand, One Heart - West Side Story

79Over the Rainbow - The Wizard of Oz
Historically the best ever

80Joanna (Reprise) - Sweeney Todd
The movie rendition of this song sounds so nice. Really impressed by Johnny debs performance simply stunning if you ask me

81Home - Beauty and the Beast
How is this not in the top 10, absolutely great
I agree my favrioute songs of this year certainly

82I'm Super (Thanks for Asking) - South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.

83Three Little Maids From School Are We - Mikado

84The Sound of Music - The Sound of Music

85Secret of Survival - The Wind in the Willows
A very chilling villain song. "It's our secret of survival in this very nasty world. Now you see us, now you don't. Now you hear us, now you won't. "
The message in this song is actually true. Everyone's out for themselves and no one else.

86Anything Goes - Anything Goes

87Maria - West Side Story
Beautiful ode to young love, and unexpectedly heartbreaking, Bernstein is the king...

88America, F*** Yeah! - Team America
This song from Team America World Police is so full of testosterone, gays will want to become straight and stay straight.

89I Just Can't Wait to Be King - Lion King
I did a dance to this song

90Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again - Phantom of the Opera
Such an amazing and emotional song. I love it!

91Cool - West Side Story

92What You Own - Rent

93Old Man River - Showboat

94Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors

95Confrontation - Jekyll and Hyde
Check out Anthony Warlow's Recording of this on youtube and judge for yourself. This objectively belongs in the top ten.

96Mr. Toad - The Wind in the Willows
The Army all saluted as they marched along the road.
Was it the King or the President? No it was Mr. Toad!

97Friends Is What We Is - The Wind In the Willows

98Jack's Obsession - Nightmare Before Christmas

99Thank You Very Much - Scrooge

100High Flying, Adored - Evita

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