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61 The Miracle - Queen The Miracle - Queen

Come its queen also he was dying at the time so that makes it even more important

62 Little Me - Little Mix

Very powerful message for young girls in today's glamour driven society

This song has girl empowerment all over it

It makes me cry every time I listen to it

63 Good Feeling - Flo Rida Good Feeling - Flo Rida

Title says it all... A song that gives you a good feeling! Perfect!

Listen to this one almost daily

64 Beautiful Day - U2 Beautiful Day - U2 V 1 Comment
65 Don't Stop Believing Don't Stop Believing V 1 Comment
66 Out of the Woods Out of the Woods
67 Make It Stop - Rise Against Make It Stop - Rise Against

Don't yo know that the message in the song is happening in the real life, why is so low rated, my god...

68 Relax, Take It Easy - Mika Relax, Take It Easy - Mika

...there isn't anything you can do while in a bad situation, just relax and take it easy and ride through the tough times with a positive attitude.

This is an amazing, inspiring song!

69 Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

No matter how bad the past treated us, the future is still pure and ours to decide.

70 Make You Feel My Love - Adele Make You Feel My Love - Adele
71 Try - Pink Try - Pink
72 Let It Go - Idina Menzel Let It Go - Idina Menzel

This song. Reminds. Me. Of. Maria. So. I. Need. To. Let. It. Go. Of. Things.

73 Lose Yourself - Eminem Lose Yourself - Eminem

The most positive part of the song is the spoken intro and chorus. The rest of the song is just crap.

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74 Beautiful - Eminem Beautiful - Eminem

I have to admit it's more positive than any other Eminem song. Put this above lose yourself

75 Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw Live Like You Were Dying - Tim McGraw

Super song with super message. This song shows us how we should live our lives

76 I Can See Clearly Now - Jonny Nash I Can See Clearly Now - Jonny Nash V 1 Comment
77 I Believe - Carrie Newcomer I Believe - Carrie Newcomer
78 Titanium - David Guetta Titanium - David Guetta
79 F******' Perfect - Pink V 1 Comment
80 One Love - Bob Marley One Love - Bob Marley

This song remind me,that the greatest thing is to love each other, look out for each other, be happy for each other, just treat people the way you would like to be treated

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