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21Moon Boots

This is the best script song ever! Second page? Really? Lyrics sound vocals bass drums just perfect - thetromboneninja

This is so underrated! Guys? Vote for this amazing song!

This song is just pure genius. so upbeat and lyrically intelligent, it demonstrates the bands attitude towards making it to the top. It's a possititve song and helps keep me in a good mood. definitely one of the bands best songs.

22This = Love

So GOD. Its amazing, and I think that once you listen tot his song you get the feel of what love is. I was super confused about love and then once I hear it, I was like 'Woah, that is'. The meaning is so deep and everything has such a powerful meaning! Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL SONG!

Emotions? Check. Meaningful lyrics? Check. MORE THAN ENOUGH of the hot Danny O'Donoghue? Check. Why isn't anyone voting for this?

If you want to relieve stress - listen to this song.
If you want a song that expresses a core value of love - listen to this song.
If you just want to listen to some cool rock music - listen to this song.
If you are just bored - listen to this song.
This song is just plain awesome. No words can describe its beauty.

This should be higher up at least top 5

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Most of the other songs above are cool too but millionaires is better than songs like exit wound or if you see kay and more... So I say that millionaires should be at no. 13 or somethin... Believe me this is also a cool song... The script is awesome and actually to tell the truth almost all of their songs are pretty... My favourite is for the first time... My list:
For the first time
Man who can't be moved
Then the rest... So the script is like 1 of my favorite bands and is ther in my everyday playlist and I'm pretty sure they are cool for you too... The script rocks

Millionaires and For The First Time are the best songs by The Script, in my opinion. But then again, all of The Script songs are amazing.

The bridge if this song is amazing! I love the song as a whole, it's got so muc going for it. It gets better nearer the end in my opinion!

This Song.. is so damn Amazing! I'm in love with this band now! So very much

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24Walk Away
25Long Gone and Moved On

The best song ever on earth... Sighh I just love Script. This song touches each and every soul assured. I bet anyone who listens to this song will be besotted by it

I can't believe this song is # 23! I love almost all of Script's songs but this one is definitely in the top 10. The melody is great and the lyrics are imaginative.

Best melody of all Script songs.

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26The End Where I Begin

Very inspirational! One of the best I've heard!

Amazing song! Best song in the FIFA 10 soundtrack. One of my favorite songs of all time.

In my honest opinion, this is easily one of their best, if not just below Breakeven. The most amazing song ever, the guitar riff, the lyrics, everything about this song is pure genius. Should be in number 1 or 2!

The most amazing song you'll ever need. enough said

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"My colors come alive when I collide with you"? If the lyrics of this song don't get to you, I don't know what will. So poetic and beautiful with a great sound to back it up. Truly a beautiful song.

Too much awesomeness in one song

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28If You See Kay

I love the word play! And the message rocks.. I love danny! :))
More power to THE SCRIPT!

This should be higher up, I'm obsessed with If You See Kay...

This song is too low! People should listen to it

Awesome song!

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29Give the Love Around

Great song! Gives a very good social message.. Amazing music too.. Really a masterpiece.

All songs of The Script were perfect! I listened to the most famous and to the not-so-famous ones of their songs, but this one got the throne for my most favorite The Script song! :D

30Live Like We're Dying

Wow, if there was ever a song to describe time, and how we need to spend it, It's this song.

This song is great and the name explains what we should do... 'live like we're dying' we don't have forever

Wow.. This song should be their album title. I mean, wow men! This song is like.. "looking' at the hands of time weve been given here". It's so amazing.. Focuses on living with no regrets =D
This song fits to the saying "if you succeed, then its good, I you fail, then its experience". =D

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31You Won't Feel a Thing

It's not the best of their songs, but it is one of their big hits. I'm not usually good at remembering the names of songs, when I read this one I immediately new what song it was. This should be much, much higher.

I listened to this song like a million times, but I still love it.
This song has so much meaning, it should be rated much higher.
Please listen to this song, listen to the lycris

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Probably the most underrated song by The Script. :/ Hurricanes is an asset. It deserves more. A lot more!

Like thunder and lightning, put into one, together we make the perfect storm. Awesome song, should be higher.

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33Man On a Wire

Seriously 35th? I feel this deserves much better please listen to this song and vote for this song it's the best

Best song from No Doing Without Silence in my opinion. Should at least be in the top 20

It is one of theirs best. Do watch the video and listen the song too. I would certainly rate it 4 out of 5.

Must be in top 10.

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34Fall for Anything

Best song ever, unfortunately the last "solo" is too short...
But the text is so true, you really think in his shoes.
I really really really recommend you listening to this song, the script did everything right by writing it!

This is my favorite song in the entire world

One of the Realistic songs that had ever been written by The Script...Ok now none cares about realism...

35Bullet From a Gun

WHAT? I canne' believe that when I found this it were at the very bottom. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? >:U but then again you still like the script so 'sall good But anyhoo, this song is amazing. See my heart? Twas broken. See this song? Now 'tis fixed. Ah, the script:')

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36No Good In Goodbye

Don't know to much of this band but just heard this song men should be on 1st place

You definitely have to listen to this beautiful track. My ratings: 4 out of 5

This song just hits you in your heart...

One of the Best song by them

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37Never Seen Anything "Quite Like You"

Beautiful, simple, lovely romantic song

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38Hail Rain or Sunshine

Beautiful, catchy lyrics. Full of meaning.
Ravishing vocals.
Alluring music.
Formula to a = Perfect song - sryanbruen

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39th?!? Come on this at least deserves a place in the top 10! Soft, captivating, and epic, you just need to listening to this to truly get taste for the script! Gotta love this tune

One of the best songs the script have ever released... deserves to be top 10 - one of the most underrated songs of all time!

Their best song since for the first time.

The reason this isn't even in the top ten is because no one knows this song. It's my favorite. - Rezerise

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40Paint the Town Green

I love this song. It has a 'lift your spirit' kind of theme. Whenever I hear this song, no matter if I'm sad or depressed, it really picks someone up.

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