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21I'm Illy

The fact that this song isn't on the AT ALL is a problem. I'm illy is 1 of the coldest songs T.I. has ever made. it's definitely top 10!

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22You Ain't Missin Nothin

Are you kidding me? 31? Should be in top 5. My 3rd favorite song by him after whatever you like and live your life - John802

This is the another best one from T.I. from his new album which was released in the year 2012

This Song is Featured By Lil Wayne (Young Money) Both Of Them Perfoermed so well and this is my favourite Hip-Hop song

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25Got Your Back

Awesome Song and Lyrics! Valentino Blouses, Summer Houses Cash Check! AWESOME! I Love It and its Video!? T.I. 's Looking' great.

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26Ride Wit Me
28Front Back
29Hell of a Life

24's only 28? Come on! This has the most gangster feel to it.

Such a great song, when T.I. was a good real rapper.

31Castle Walls

This is an awesome song. Look a little deeper then scratching the surface and you realize how much is put into this song. It's a truly great song and deserves to be higher on this list. Truly shows his pain but is still a great song.

The song is fantastic, T. I is always doing it and making me think music is simple, I just can't stop listening to his music.

I love the song cause I would've never guessed ti would've never work with Christina Aguilera

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32We Takin' Over
33Get Back Up
34On Top of the World

This really makes the message clear.

35My Type
36Why You Wanna

Amazing song love the lyrics definitely one of T. I. Best hope to hear more like it

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37Wonderful Life

Wow, this should be higher. It's another emotional R.I.P. hip hop song & it's a great one with awesome raping by T.I. & a good hook by Akon.

38Da Dopeman

Any song with Eminem in it is going to be great

40G' S***
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