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The Top Ten

Close to the Edge
Listening to this track in the car with my girlfriend today.
Listening silently thinking about jesus.
The organs kick in.
She yells 'wow, this is awesome'.
I nod my head.
Mutter divine
I say that this is just as much of a masterpiece as Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway To Heaven. It has an amazing sound, great lyrics, and it tells a story. How did this work of art become so underrated?!
This is one of the greatest prog song I've ever heard; is just perfect my dear!
[Newest]Best prog rock song ever

Amazing music. Incredible acoustic guitar intro!
I never get bored of listening this astral suite. Yes' best short song.
Great Classic touch, Great Vocals, Great Instruments, Great Great Great Great.
YES make this #1 this song has a GREAT keyboard part, great bass, great intro, great vocals great everything!
[Newest]Great composition and not all over the place.

3The Gates of Delirium
The crescendo in this song is unrivaled. I get near-orgasmic goosebumps every time. Thi is my all time favorite song by Yes, perhaps my all time favorite song period.
What a masterpiece. This song is so musical, so beautiful... It's impossible to match. So much emotion, so much music... the melodies, the harmonies... they engage you completely, and leave you with an amazing feeling...
The most beautiful moment in the entire Yes catalog is the "Soon" section of this song coming right after all the craziness of Steve Howe and Patrick Moraz and Chris Squire and Alan White. It comes as a nice, refreshing turn of events.
[Newest]An amazing song but I hate the end "Soon"

4And You and I
And You And I is the single most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. I want it played at my wedding, my funeral and all the best bits inbetween. It literally brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it, and to this day remains so powerful, so emotional to me, that listening to it gives me chills.
Absolute raw power. Listened to this for the first time the night my cat who I loved died. Brought me to tears. Such an amazing song, before I'd heard this song, I'd heard ones like "yours is no disgrace" etc but I was still unsure. I'm a massive prog fan and after I heard this I thought "it's official, I'm a yes fan! "
This was the first Yes song I heard and got me into one of my favorite bands. Close to the Edge is definitely one of the best albums ever made and this should be absolutely be above Owner of a Lonely Heart in terms of greater song.
[Newest]It's the song that introduced me to Yes, and I've loved them ever since. Wish I could play Wakeman's opening on my keyboard.

5Heart of the Sunrise
Sitting at an outdoor theater a few years back - open air and Jon Anderson singing Heart of the Sunrise as it was echoing in the wind - life didn't get any better than that. It was beautiful... and made this my favorite.
Hard to pick between so many songs that all evoke fond memories, but this is one of the most poignant songs written. Great change of pace and the way the song comes full circle to the end make this a masterpiece. This was the band at its greatest, its zenith.
Heart of the sunrise? I think you mean the heart of Yes. Some bands have no heart but Yes has enough for the whole world.
[Newest]Heart of the Sunrise is the best song in the world.

That is all.

6Starship Trooper
This is one of the greatest rock songs of all time, it is a timeless classic and is most certainly my favorite YES song. It is impossible not to love this song.
Being a fan of one, if not the greatest band, this still stands out amongst many fantastic tracks. I wish the quality of Groups like this were still around!
I'm addicted to this extraordinary song


[Newest]Best flange effect... Ever

7Owner of a Lonely Heart
Classic song of the 80's my favorite from yes! Enjoy listen this awesome song fantastic! Amazing
Owner os a lonely heart is one of the best songs of this
Wonderful group. It was a big hit in the 80's
Wonderful #5 in Yes's History, Change's 1

"Awaken" is the first song I heard that actually transplanted my brain out of my physical location. I remember that night vividly, as a teenager, lying on my bed, listening to this in the dark, and having the cyclical nature of the harmony (especially the central passage featuring the church organ and harp) spin my head around in way that could only be called lovingly intoxicating. Still gives me goosebumps every time I give it a serious listen. It's difficult to imagine a song inspiring more awe than this.
This is their second best song... Gates of Delirium still surpasses this by a little bit. The live version on K2A is one of the better live Yes songs out there
Fan for 40 Years and now choose one? I love Roundabout, Close to the Edge and The Gates but this one is like a warm shower on a cold day.
[Newest]I think this beats Close to the Edge...

9Long Distance Runaround
Pretty good track, but why is this above South side of the sky and Siberian khatru, it's not a masterpiece or something.

10Siberian Khatru
Simply the best song of all time! Amazing lyrics, rythim and everything. Greatest keyboard solo ever, really well made song!
Great song, should be in the top 5
For me this song is the best of Yes, the live version in the Yessongs is my favourit

The Contenders

11South Side of the Sky
Haha great when you're favorite is second to last. The Prophet is one of my favorites too, and it's not even on here.
Come on. Owner of a lonely heart above this?

12I've Seen All Good People
The current song I'm listening to by Yes is always my favorite. A band that has been with me from the very beginning. Epic.
Song brings back great memories.. but my ultimate favorite is the song about chess and I can't remember it..
Such a well written relaxing song. Beautiful!
[Newest]I hate this song so much.

13Yours Is No Disgrace
This song needs to be in the top 5!
The beat. Perfect song

14Does It Really Happen?

15Perpetual Change
Definitely their best. Listen to the studio version off the Yes Album, though. The anthemic keyboard intro, the bluesy countryfied Chet Atkins-like playing courtesy of Steve Howe at certain parts, the awe-inspiring lyrics, the vocal part at the beginning kind of reminds me of a Christmas song and that's interesting as well, and then it's a totally bizarre progfest til the end!
Where is this. The highlight of the first Yessongs Disc to me, this is an underrated masterpiece.

I'm really not sure why people don't appreciate Tales From Topographic Oceans as much as any other Yes album. This song is really, really good (however, not as good as "The Revealing Science of God" in my opinion). Songs from this album are meant for serious listening. "Ritual" is an absolutely wonderful song that takes focus and patience to enjoy.
If you have heard and seen this live, unforgettable.

17Tempus Fugit
Machine Messiah, and some song about camera. Drama is an album that marks the end of the seventies. Awesome travel music. Feels like a soundtrack to arriving in a new country alone.

So many changes in a song about changes seems very fitting and interesting. Changes in time signature, too. Way too much talent in this song. I'm not a hardcore Yes fan, but this can't be #14.
Awesome song I love the melody and the guitars from this song.
Although the intro is pretty good, the riff is mind blowing.

19Into the Lens
Memories, how they fade so fast
Look back, there is no escape.

I love this song at it shows amazing quality of the instruments and blends with the voice. I recommend this song to every Yes fan c:

20Going for the One
I remember hearing this the summer it came out (1977) and it blew me away. It is elevated a billion times with headphones. If you have not played this song LOUDLY with headphones, you are doing yourself a disservice. Since that day and to this day, it has been my favorite song. It is the tune by which all other music is judged, for me.

21Mood for a Day


23Wonderous Stories
I can't believe this song doesn't even appear in the top 41 songs! In my opinion this is the best song ever! :)

24Sound Chaser
Absolutely the most phenomenal intro to any song ever. When the vocals come in, it becomes pure bliss.
No Yes production comes close to Sound Chaser, by far their best, hands down, period.
Steve Howe's guitar solo is GREAT!

25The Revealing Science of God
One of the most underrated Yes songs from an underrated Yes album. Amazing intro by Rick Wakeman and powerful lyrics by Jon Anderson as well as brilliant guitaring by Steve Howe and introducing Alan White, a great successor to Bill Bufford

26Endless Dream

I just can't believe this is so low... I just love this song, it's lyrics are beautiful and the sound is beautiful.


28On the Silent Wings of Freedom
Squire's big fat slobberingly greasy bass lines... WGSOMM!

29Leave It
Great Song and a Great Music Video - original video released on MTV on I believe an April Fool's Day with several consecutive plays of slightly different versions of the video with more movement increasingly displayed. A true work of Genius!


Only old songs in the top 10. The new YES rocks!
Just listened to the Three released versions of this song (Album, Single Remix & Accapella)... Loved it then & Love it still.

30Time and a Word

31Don't Kill the Whale

32It Can Happen
84 Germany live version was amazing!
The instrumental beginning to this song is magical
One of the most underrated Yes song ever.

Where is this song? It was on the greatest hits, and is an awesome instrumental by Yes!

34Future Times

This song leads one to the deepest trenches of imagination and bliss.

36Machine Messiah
It is the most heavy Yes song ever! The end is so heavy


My favorite yes song...


This is Classic Yes having fun and just rocking out.
This is Classic Yes having fun and just rocking out.

39Give Love Each Day

40Hold On
Its awesome should be in top 10!

41Lift Me Up
A great 80's montage song. Powerful song to keep you motivated.
This song had been my favourite, definitely Amazing

42Shoot High, Aim Low
Early Yes vs. Later Yes, I really don't know - but what I do know is that this song deserves, no demands to be in the Top #10! Come on?!
Excellent song that got lost!
Are you guys serious? This is #48?


44The Game
One of the best yes songs of the 21st century


45We Have Heaven

46Release, Release
One of my favorite songs from a very underrated album Tormato

47Circus On Heaven
A nice Yessong from an album not many know of.

48Homeworld (The Ladder)


50Shock to the System

51Our Song

52To Be Over

53The Ancient / Giants Under the Sun

54The Man You Always Wanted Me to Be

55We Agree
Amazing song, very good orchestration, very good compose and sublime lyrics

56The More We Live - Let Go
Not a top ten but deserves to be somewhere on this list

57The Fish

58Mind Drive

59Beyond and Before

60To Ascend

61Fly from Here
25 minutes of flawless music, all building up to the ending with one last beautiful burst of genius. Brilliant.

62City of Love


64Where Will You Be

65In the Presence Of

66Love Will Find a Way

67Five Per Cent for Nothing

68Rhythm of Love

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