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August Burns Red
The best metal band that I've ever heard... Their vocals have great range and clarity, their guitarists are very talented, and their drummer is probably the most skilled I have heard. On top of that, their lyrics are the most moving of any metal band. All those who agree with me, help bring ABR to the top of this list.
Best band ever. Them and For Today
One of the best "Christian metal" and "metalcore" bands that I've heard. The riffs and breakdowns just set them apart. Quality lyrics and music.
[Newest]They're just as sick live. If he sees you pointing your camera at him he'll point to you when he's screaming lol

2The Devil Wears Prada
they describe my entire philosophy in their songs. amazing band! most underrated because of their sound. their message is amazing, but not everybody can tolerate the screaming. i love the passion though!
i love the devil wears prada! and for me they're the best (melodic) metal band. i love how they play, mike's screams, guitar riffs, everything. this band fits my soul.
best of them all! vocals and music are unparrelled in amy band besides maybe stryper or demon hunter.
[newest]i love them my brother likes skillet i don't he can shut up about them.

3For Today
For Today is the best lyrically, and musically! They are always challenging me in my walk with God, and they are always encouraging me. Their music never fails to uplift the Lord. Plus, they are actually metal. I love Skillet, but Skillet isn't a metal band!
This band isn't just amazing but they include God in every song and they never stray away from what they believe in no matter what.
I honestly have never heard better lyrics in any other band I've listened to. Mattie Montgomery crafts songs of amazing depth and meaning and it's just such a great experience to listen to For Today

4Demon Hunter
I love metal because it calms me down. I find myself concentrating on all the different parts of the song other than the wailing and squawking. 'Collapsing' is definitely my favourite Demon Hunter and Metal song of all time. The only problem I face is trying to explain to my, non-metal fan, friends, their album covers.
This IS the greatest Christian metal band out there. Sure they have made better songs in the past, and yet that's what should set them apart from all the others. They are inspiring and instrumentally they are awesome. Alongside Oh, Sleeper they should be at the top.
My favorite Christian Metal band ever. Their newest album, True Defiance, has some of the best songs they have, like Dead Flowers, Tomorrow Never Comes, and Crucifix.
[Newest]Demon Hunter is the best metal band in general

5As I Lay Dying
AS I LAY DYING should be right at the top, but I feel that this band is best among all metalcore bands. The songs that it creates are full of Jesus's ideologies but the meanings are so deep and beautiful!
And the music quality is beyond extraordinaire!
Just have to say that vengeance rising should not be on here. The band is now satanic. I don't care if they used to be Christian, they're not a Christian band. Skilled is not metal any way you twist it. And August Burns Red should be way up here.
Best of them all. I truly enjoy the message and the way they show the power of christ in the lyrics that tim puts into his songs and the rest of the band
[Newest]As I Lay Dying deserves the top they're songs go very deep.

Skillet is my favorite band in the world and I admire everything that they do. They should be number one. John Cooper can wail and Jen Ledger can drum amazing for someone so young and her voice is like an angel. Korey Cooper knows how to wail on the keyboards and guitar and as for Seth Morison, you are an amazing guitarist. I love Skillet. I have everything they have ever made from the first album in 1996 Skillet to the last album Awake 2009 and am getting the new one that is coming out in April or March.
Best Band ever! Their songs are awesome and christian orientated. Feel in love with the ban first time I heard Awake and Alive. Then I heard Monster and every song is as good as the last. Awesome!
Their simply the best. Tell me how many bands has 10-15 great songs as skillet. Awake and alive. Monster. Hero. Falling inside the black. Whispers in the dark. Yours to hold. Lucy. Dead inside. Comatose. The older I get. The last night. Live free or let me die. Rebirthing. Never surrender. Its not me its you. The list never ends. Simply greatt
[Newest]Skillet's an amazing band, but they aren't really metal.

Awesome band... and excellent sound, up until "Until We Have Faces". But to be honest, they're not a metal band (you've got Let Go and a few harder songs) but they're pretty much hard rock. Don't confuse the two... but for their effort and unique sound, I think they should go up on this list!

P.S. Their BEST sound was on their first two albums -- they've gotten too pop-like from there in my humble opinion. I hope the 2015 one cleans that up and restores their classic sound.
Just hear to them and you will realise. It should be at least top 3. Definitely a more deserving band. They have the most emotive and dark sound ever heard. Yet melodious. A great combo of anger and melody. Hear lost, let go and fight inside and you will understand.
You didn't listen to this I suppose. Not just the best christian metal band but its the..., beyond words man
[Newest]This is the best Christian band ever! All their albums are awesome! (except for release the panic)

Tourniquet's musical composure and aggressive thrash style surpasses all Christian metal bands. The heavy but cleaner vocals communicates the message more clearly, and the clever, metaphorical lyrics always broadens my knowledge on what the bible has to say about things. Grab a dictionary for those medical terms though; it can get pretty brutal
Laugh out loud at the current top 2. Tourniquet is easily the most talented Christian band ever and one of the very few that can compete with secular bands. Their first three albums are as good as the best releases by the big 4 thrash metal bands.
Tourniquet is a very technical progressive band, they prove that religious status doesn't impinge on how good a band's music is. Other great Chritian bands that need to be in the top ten are Antestor, Extol, Believer, Theocracy, Virgin Black etc. There are a number of really exceptional bands that are Christian.
[Newest]Only one band that mentioned the name of JESUS

Underoath at 20? They should be number one. They changed the christian metal scene into what it is today.
I'm sorry, this page is not accurate. I agree with the first two, seeing as As I lay Dying, Devil Wears Prada and Underoath have all been debated among many as being the best Christian metal bands out there. But Stryper, Tournaquet and Demon Hunter don't even deserve to be on this list. Sorry.

No band is more technical or progressive than stryper. I am a fan of all metal, not just christian, and these guys have blown me away since the 80's with their incredible guitar work and unbelievable vocals. Over the years they have only gotten better; the album "murder by pride" is on my top ten lists of greatest albums of all time of any music style, nudging out their previous album "reborn". Hey Stryper, thanks for SPECTACULAR music, keep rocking, I will keep listening.
I accepted the Lord as my Savior when I was 10 years old. I have been a die-hard Stryper fan since 1985. I found that Stryper music allowed me to express myself as a Christian to my head banging friends.
Strong Music, Strong Message and Still relevant after 30 years of Ministry, Stryper is by far the Best Christian Heavy Metal Band ever.
[Newest]The first Christian Metal band to really make it big. Without Stryper, there probably would not be anywhere near as many Christian metal bands as there are and they would not get the attention that they do.

The Contenders

11Oh, Sleeper
This band is one of the best Christian bands I've listened to. The lyrics are awesome and Micah's screaming is very clear yet aggressive as Shane's clean vocals will blow you away.
Sick band! I'm a fan of both Oh Sleeper and The Devil Wears Prada and I have to say Oh Sleeper's music is way better The Devil Wears Prada. And as for vocals, Micah beats Mike!
Oh sleeper destroys! Means to believe is so powerful! Wayy better than The Devil Wears Prada with their nonstop auto tune clean vocals ABR and Oh, Sleeper are the top too in my opinion and where is For Today they should replace skillet in this list and The Color Morale should replace Demon Hunter
[Newest]Oh sleeper is the best love it so much. Skillet is NOT a metal band

12Betraying The Martyrs
The band's style is a mixture of different aspects from multiple sub-genres of extreme metal. The band takes the breakdowns, blast beats, and low growls that are main elements in deathcore. They supplement them with clean vocals, choruses, and programming that are key parts in metalcore and post-hardcore bands. They also occasionally blend odd time signatures that exist in progressive metal. Keyboards are also used to mimic the orchestral elements that reside in symphonic metal. However, deathcore elements within their music are the most predominant features.
BETRAYING THE MARTYRS is a 6 piece Metal/Hardcore band from Paris, France with a new and refreshing attitude to modern metal that is certain to take the music scene by storm.
They have been my favorite band for five years, and I can't get over their songs, they are so good!

13Thousand Foot Krutch
I love them and you can understand what they are saying and it's all about GOD.
I LOVE TFK! They're not a metal band so much as they are a hard rock/alternative rock band, but if that genre has a list, they should be at the top. AMAZING BAND!
TFK is less hard than august burns red or demon hunter, but it still deserves to be in the top ten. they are harder than skillet, and skillet is up there. not cool people.

14Becoming the Archetype
Even after several line-up changes this band keeps pushing the limits Progressive Christian Death-metal genre. They aren't afraid to experiment with different sounds with their albums evolving in different ways every time. Most importantly, you can feel the pure fervor for God displayed in energetic, all-out musicianship.

15Living Sacrifice
Epic times ten. Tourniquet, living sacrifice, and strong arm before a dirtbike race. Real metal that gets you pumped and lets you feel the power of god with there lyrics and sound.
Living Sacrifice is Stellar! Been listening to them since they first hit the scene.
A great band, killer music and great lyrics.

Hands down best Christian Power Metal band out there. All three albums are amazing, and Matt Smith's singing, songwriting, and lyrics are second to none. "I Am" off As the World Bleeds is without a doubt the most epic song ever written.
Awesome Epic Power-Prog with the very best lyrics I have ever heard. This band is so good that I have met non Christians who admit that Mirror of Souls is a masterpiece. The only other Christian Metal band that comes close is Tourniquet.
Heavy, melodic and has some of the best song writing that I have ever heard. The lyrics are always very thought provoking and the music is so good that it can stand up against the very best of secular power metal.
[Newest]Listen to "I Am" and then get hooked on this God-glorifying band!

Jesus is very Happy when Disciple releases a new album. These guys are a Force for The LORD!
Listen to Outlaws by disciple.. Just amazing.. And By God is their best metal song.. Followed by scars remain.
Seen them three times and will again soon.

Only 16th place? It makes me sad to see bands like The Devil Wears Prada and August Burns Red (neither of which are metal) in the top two spots, while one of the most recognized Black Metal bands - in both the Christian and secular world - are not even in the top ten.
This band cleared the way for Christians in the Black scene while enduring death threats and assaults. Seriously people, more respect for a good band.
Without question the best Christian metal band of all time, in my opinion. These guys strike a near perfect balance of absolute ferocity and introspection-promoting melody I've ever heard; secular and Christian alike. And where is A Hill to Die Upon? There really should be separate lists for metal and the rest of the "core" stuff.

19Memphis May Fire
This is easily one of my favorite Christian metal bands. There is great vocals and great instrumentation from everyone else. Plus, Matty Mullins is really a good man of God who even last year (2014) came out with a Christian pop solo career!

20I, the Breather
Their lyrics are right on with what being a Christian bands should be singing about.

21Impending Doom
Impending doom is the best christian metal band. As I have a music band too.
Wow no seriously this list is bogus. This band should be top ten
Amazing I live impending dooms new album especially!

22Vengeance Rising
Vengeance was a great band! Their first two albums were among the best two metal albums ever produced! It's a shame about Roger and all, but it still doesn't change the fact of how good they were. Farkas was one the best guitarists I have ever heard and the same for Glen on the drums.
The band that first made Christian Metal extreme.

By far the best Christian thrash band of all time and they have a new album coming out next month with the
Legends Jayson Sherlock on drums, Mike Phillips on guitar, Manny on bass and the man Jimmy.

Crazy good clean vocals with great lyrics that praise Christ! The guitar is pretty technical and they have a good blend of heavy and clean tunes.
I love blessthefall better than Miley Cyrus or jennifer lopez because the band blessthefall are acually made it up like Christian and they talk about their music and they always talk about God and religion and Jesus Christ also. I've acually heard of the band blessthefal I think years ago and they always write about something Christianity. I've known alittle bit of songs of blessthefall that I've heardis like "Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted and 40 days and others and I love it because it's awesome! My favorite blessthefall band member I like is Beau Bokan! Beau Bokan is an excellent lead singer of the band blessthefall because his voice is awesome and he is so cute!



Best band out there not just in the Christian category, sick instrumentals, best vocalist. It deserves the number one spot here by far listen to their latest project 'between the stars'. It sold pretty well, and did well on billboard 200. not to mention how good the past albums are, just incredible.

Prophetic, See an BELIEVE cast your thoughts don't be deceived wonder about the last Blast. Take your vac or grab your back pack, drink clean water BOW TO THE ONLY FATHER. Seek the meek or hells fire, Place your name grab your fame hate for Jesus is to BLAME.
They aren't really metal anymore, but they still sound better than every band above them. How are they 26?
Amazing band.. They should be on the top ten.

Believer's first 3 albums are unmatched in their quality and originality combining technical thrash, classical, and opera influences.

29Wolves at the Gate
I went to a show specifically for them, and the number of people that had heard of them was disappointing. Personally one of my top favourites! Great vocals, instruments, and a powerful message. I remember after one song Steve stopped and gave a short message to the crowd about the Lord's grace. The response was amazing! It also happened to be Nick's birthday, and everyone discovered what horrible singers they were when they weren't screaming...
Wolves at the gate is the best! They are really awesome guys! Everyone should listen to them!
One of the best metalcore bands out there, sick that they are christian too!
[Newest]So good! Especially the lyrics!

Death metal from Australia that is recognized as excellent even in the secular Death Metal scene.
Best Christian Extreme Metal Band Ever!

31Haste the Day
Are you kidding for today should be 1 not only does there music sound great but there lyrics amaze me they do not suck
Seriously only 32! If for today (who suck) made it in the to 10 then these guys definitely need to be in the top 10

Classic metal mixed with the great message? Rex Carroll shred? Sounds best to me.
Rex - Guitar Hero!

33MyChildren MyBride
This is such a good band! POWERFUL vocals all around

34War of Ages
War of Ages has only gotten better since their early albums. They should be #1 on any list of Metal-core bands, and most lists of metal bands in general. As I Lay Dying has a few songs that compare, but War of Ages is simply the best.
Saw them twice, and these are some great musicians - as well as people!

35Love and Death
Brian is truly talented and the music and lyrics are just powerful and moving to the soul. The songs are just blessing and motivating, and on top of that, the band is excellent and wonderful. Looking forward to their second album.
They may just be starting out but Brian "Head" Welch has had plenty of experience. I believe that we will see these guys at the top in a few years. Keep rocking Love and Death!
Korn's Brian 'Head' Welch doing Christian metal is what got me into Christian music. my favourite song by love and death has to be "Chemicals" when I first heard it I instantly fell in love with this band. If you don't know them I highly recommend you look them up!

People, do any of you try new bands? Everyone here is claiming that the band they listen to is the best, when actually the band isn't even metal and should be in this list in the first place. Give this band a try. Also, mortification needs some votes, crimson moonlight, crimson thorn. Come on people, are you really metal fans?

37Fit For A King
Much more metal than say, skillet, and better all around than most on the list in my humble opinion. Just found them and I am blown away!
Should be way higher on this list, truly an amazing band


Quite awesome! My number 1 of all Christian metal bands.
[Newest]Really, really great band with a powerful message! They're even better live!

38Immortal Souls
Immortal souls should be higher on the list


Go listen to 'Jekyll and Hyde'. RIGHT NOW. ALL OF YOU.

41Crimson Moonlight

Neoclassical Power Metal from Sweden

43Mirror of Dead Faces

44Golden Resurrection
Christian melodic power metal, they released 2 albums with... Deep Christian lyrics with high technical power riffs and amazing vocal
Wanna hear some Yngwie malmsteen like guitar solos and riffs? You should give this a try. plus lyrics are so Christ-centered.

45The Color Morale
Favorite band! Absolutely epically AMAZING! Incredible lyrics! (technically not Christian anymore though.. I still believe they are) Garrett Rapp is so humble and down to earth as well.
They have moving lyrics and and amazing sound

46Shadows of Paragon
Some of the heaviest and most inspiring Christian metal out there. Deserve to be higher on this list
INSANE christian black metal. Deserve to be at least in the top ten.
Awesome band! So much of the Power of God'nJesus the love of Jesus behind this band! Very Real'n Honest lyrics... Give any Secular Blackmetal band a run for their money! Should be in the Top 5 of ANY Extreme Metal list, OR any Christian Metal list!

47The Revamp
Its a christian metal band. Just founded Last year, they are revolving the whole thing.

48The Crucified
Take a listen and they will smash all the bands that sound the same here.
The Crucified, both albums Pillars and the Self Titled should be up in the top ten
Killer band hands down!

49Seventh Avenue
The best and most melodic power Metal ever, with an amazing feeling for making Harmonies Should be Top 3

50In the Midst of Lions
Best Christian metal band I have ever heard besides for today this band should be number 1 with the songs, Herod's Demise, an. Offering, The Machine and the whole shadows album
No way you they are this low down. People need to look up more stuff. Dig and you will find great bands better then the top ten here. This band put out great metal
"The Machine" is one of my top favourite songs. Beautifully brutal vocals and a powerful message!

51Jacob's Dream
Should be in top 20

52Onward to Olympas

53A Bullet for Pretty Boy
Completely amazing! Their music has incredible clear/unclear vocals and lyrics, but the biggest thing that sets them apart is the musicality; every song is beautifully complex and rich with guitars, choirs, drums, and an organ (on I Will Destroy the Wisdom of the Wise).

54The Overseer

55The Showdown

Sadly but not surprisingly, Trouble is not on this list! From the eighties thru early 2000’s Trouble has been making and influencing some of the greatest heavy metal ever. There is a reason bands like Tourniquet and players like Dave Grohl consider them a major influence. From Psalm 9 to Run to the light, you’ll find some of the greatest down tuned heavy riffs and blistering guitars of all time. Know your roots people!

57Eternal Decision
The year is 1997, they come out with their debut album that is so good, it bests master of puppets from unchristian band Metallica! The bands power chords and guitar solos r second to none. They are very Christ centered, though their last album not as good is only a testament of the very high bar they set on their first. I have all 3 studio albums and listen to them every day! Second to none, if you like old Metallica, give these guys a shot...
Christian thrash metal that is really good.
Awesome band, way underrated

58My Heart to Fear

59Fall of Goliath
Great Christian metal band! Great melody and great lyrics, love the worship that goes along with it.

How in the crap was this band not on this list?
They should be in the top 10.. Or top 3 in my opinion..

61Temple of Blood

There new album is excellent. Some of the best Christian metal I have heard for a long time.


64Barren Cross
80s metal in a similar vein as Judas Priest and Iron Maiden.

One of the best how are they not higher on this list!


67Rage of Angels


69Maylene and the Sons of Disaster
Love them! Great music

70All That Remains
All that remains is not a chtistian band!



Overcome from Mesa AZ in the late 90sin was one of the best bands with the most clear Christian message. Please all young Christians please look up their first full length album "When Beauty Dies" they came out when tooth and nail solid state took off. I seen these guys live with Strongarm and Stretch Arm Strong... The best show I've evwr seen.

This power trio hit the scene in the mid and late 90s. They were one of Tooth n Nail solid states best bands. After breaking up a few members went on to form Further Seems Forever and Shai Hulud.

75Abandon All Ships

76Where the Ocean Meets the Sky

77Hope for the Dying
Exordium is the best album, it's like 1 giant song with the smooth changes between every song, the power in the lyrics, and the talent in the music

78Six Feet Deep
Just look them up and you will see how good they are.
Love this band, hardcore though, not metal

79Trust Divided
They are probably one of the best unsigned bands I have heard. They are amazing but nobody really knows about them. Every one of their songs blow me away! Please check these guys out! You will not be disappointed.

80The Seeking

81Metal Nobre

82Dark Lay Still


84One Bad Pig

85Woe of Tyrants

86Inhale Exhale
If you don't listen to them... You're doing something wrong. Brilliant band, one of my tops!

87The Great Commission

88Saviour Machine

89Soul Embraced
Not the best list. These guys are awesome part of living sacrifice lineup. Which is the greatest Christian metal band of all time.

90Veni Domine


92Galactic Cowboys

Oldskool metal. really back to basic, but in a very good way!
Easy listening music, good lyrics. let's plunder hell and populate Heaven right now!

94Sacred Warrior


96Virgin Black

97Majestic Vanguard
One of the most underrated Christian metal bands. A band with a Great message.




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